Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Our dog when I was young used to drink the cat’s milk- he got kidney stones & parents got a telling off from the vets for giving him & the cat milk!
    Dave- how are the holiday plans going? Glad your gym instructor is more sympathetic now!
    Nana- glad hubby has antibiotics, hope they work quickly…
    Mel- you’ve had a varied career in retail & B&B, I’m sure you don’t miss it!
    Jean- might join you fasting tomorrow!
    Had a great visit with my family, did get the little autistic boy to play with me a bit, first time I’d seen him playing. The baby’s crawling now as well, & they both loved the little bag of bits I brought with me, sensory stuff.

    Holiday to Lanzarote booked and paid for,It’s in March so a bit of a wait.Priced up a cruise and stay in June,it’s over £1600 each,it’s our 45 wedding anniversary,so will see how the finances are nearer the time.

    Jean, you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes on the treats. Dont know about milk…I used to give Ellie bio natural yogurt with the live cultures to help her immune system, plus she liked it! Each breed is different and Im sure the best advice you will get is from other Dally owners.

    HH, good that you are making some progress with your HS family.

    Nana, hope your hubby responds to the tablets quickly and starts to feel better soon.

    Dave, make sure you dont learn the Spanish for how to buy bread!!
    I would like to learn Spanish, although not been abroad for a few years, so no incentive to learn and use it.
    You have a holiday booked now, so no excuse!

    Minols, I remember your other dog…..hows your work plans going?

    Annabelle it sounds like you are very aware of what you are eating. I have to admit I do like a bit of meringue though 😏

    Who have I forgotten….sorry page turned!

    Yesterday FD failed. I made dinner and as soon as I hit the kitchen, I started snacking!!
    Weight is way up from last Friday so even with tomorrows FD its not going to be good!

    I tripped over this afternoon and went flying! Ended up grazing both hands, 1 knee, 1 elbow and jarred my back. Why is it the first thing I thought was who saw me and did I look stupid?? That’s more annoying than the fall itself! Lol
    I reckon I’ll be stiff tomorrow and I might have to cover my hand up for work to protect it but I’ll live!

    Kay x

    Hockey tonight,maybe toast 🐽🐽👺👺 late night/early morning 💤💤💤

    Morning All…
    Rain is on its way all day..later green rain!

    Walking then calling at the Vets for flea and worming tablets, weigh in for Charlie.

    Fast day for us…then making an under coat for Charlie for the winter to go under his top coat, including his belly, he is shaking with cold and teeth chattering a few times, winter hasn’t really started yet….

    Hoping hubby is feeling better and the antibiotics are starting to kicking in…Poppy the guard dog, that’s good.

    I will keep him off the milk, he has only had dribs and drabs…you are fasting today with us?

    Good the holiday is booked something to look forward too…a cruise too maybe…

    A mixture of reviews on milk…still they say give yogurt ( is that not milk!). Charlie is such a pack dog he always wants to be included in everything, we are being strong at the moment. At least he is smelling sweeter maybe the tablets have worked on his coat, he looks so much better.
    Hoping you are not too stiff today and with all your grazes, take care at work relax back at home….are you fasting?

    Jean x

    Morning all
    Had a lovely meal out last night, went veggie again.
    Goats cheese, quinoa, grapefruit (it worked) starter
    Chickpea, aubergine and halloumi main
    White chocolate and parsnip blondie with honey ice cream (oops).
    It was all delicious so I thought I would share it with you. Though not sure all of you would appreciate it. 😂
    Supposed to be a FD today but might make it a CFD1200. Not really up to it ☹️.
    Good news about the holiday Dave.
    Jean, that’s your second mention of green rain. Not a clue what you are talking about!? Reminded me I must pick up Jodie’s flea and wormers, thanks!
    HH and Kay – have a good fast day, hope you feel stronger than me today….
    Hi to Minols, Nana (best wishes to Mr Nana) Cakey, Annabelle and all.

    Morning all!
    Kay- poor you, hope you’re not too sore today! Why are we always more worried about our pride?!
    Dave- lovely to have a holiday to look forward to! & you should do something special for your wedding anniversary! Hope the knees are not to stiff today.
    Jean- Charlie has really landed on his feet with you & Steve, he’s a lucky dog…hope your FD goes well!
    Mel- the meal sounded lovely! Would definitely enjoy that, thanks for sharing on a FD 😂😂 I can understand not being in the mood for a FD, I think today will be a struggle!
    Nana- enjoy your day in Ely. Poppy is earning her keep, I’m sure Xena thinks she’s a german shepherd, she’s always on guard!
    Minols- how are you doing? Hope you’re not too busy & a bit warmer- definitely porridge weather!
    Cakey- are you travelling this week? Hope you’ve still had a chance to keep up with the exercise & the weight comes off!
    Annabelle- how are you getting on, have you been okay on nonFDs?
    Absoloutely drenched on our walk this morning! We’ve had some wet ones recently, but this was ridiculous! Managed to stave off comfort food cravings with a hot bath & coffee! Can’t get motivated to do much today, took so long to get warm I don’t want to move 😂.

    On the weather forecast green rain was very heavy torrential rain going into red as higher….looking on line now looks like different areas use different, BBC has changed its weather views so it’s seems to have changed the colours too…so I suppose I am looking at old things when I was at work…no wonder you don’t know what I am talking about….
    When Steve was working green rain meant roof leaks!….so it was a nightmare….

    Sorry your menu wouldn’t be my choice but I am glad it was nice to you…lol

    A dry walk for us..a bit unbelievable ..rain later….hope you are warming up now…

    Charlie has lost 2lbs..what shall we say stopping biscuits and titbits through the day, it works for us all !!

    Jean x

    Mel the only thing on that menu I would have is the Ice cream, wouldn’t even have the chocolate.If I had gone with you it would of been a fast day for me😀.My weather app as all different colours for rain so I know what you mean Jean.HH Heidi was a great guard dog,these days I think you could walk in the house without waking her up 🤪. Just managed a walk without getting wet,my knee is terrible today, very sore.The cardio part of exercise maybe good for me but it’s not good for my knees.Fast day today.

    I am soo hungry 😣😣

    HH let’s have some music, Christmas carols for instance 😀.Have a coffee,do something to take your mind of food.Its very windy here today and cold,think it’s keeping the rain away.

    Spoke too soon,took Heidi out and it started raining 😖my knee is very bad today, while we was out there was a very strong gust of wind and it must have frightened a small black cat,it ran under Heidi’s mouth and jumped up on a wall.How you doing HH?

    Went out with Xena while it was dry to take my mind off the hunger, it tipped it down again! So have 2 sopping wet coats, hats, jeans & boots to get dry, as well as the usual washing 😂 & as the very hungry caterpillar would say- still hungry! Being strong though, it’s only 1 day…
    Poor you & your knees Dave, not good.

    Well FD went on to a CFD, went on to ‘mindful’ and still going! Had a bacon sandwich for lunch. Sigh. Well done today’s fasters. If I don’t stop being affected so much by the weather I will be in trouble. Avoiding an Epic Face Stuffing day though 🍷🍷 might come into effect. Sorry about your knees Dave. Mine were really bad in my fifties but have miraculously become fine in my sixties. Don’t know why.
    Jean, thanks for explanation on green rain! Keep strong HH, you are a better woman than me! 😂

    Evening All…
    Very heavy torrential rain and so cold…I don’t think either of us wanted a walk…if it gets lighter rain later I will take him a short walk…

    Made Charlie his under coat turned out quite well..he wasn’t amused at the trying on and taking off a few times when he was sleeping…only for when the weathers really bad..er like today lol….

    Boiled eggs for tonight with a slice of toast two for Steve….feeling hungry now….

    Hope your knees improve…does the weather effect them?…or just your exercise..?…my big toe is playing up, the trouble is it’s my good one…

    Keep strong…all your walking wet gear..hope it’s dry for tomorrow….weigh in tomorrow for us, I doubt if I have held on to my low weight…

    Ohh a bacon sandwich umm lovely…maybe a better tomorrow??..enjoy your 🍷🍷

    Our Christmas stash is getting big must put a stop to it….

    Food calling…

    Jean x

    I have done well to avoid the goodies I bought for Christmas.I will buy a big round tub of chocolates Denise and Peter can share them,I am making my own tub of chocolates, I can guarantee I will like everyone of them😋😋😋.Up to now I have a bag of caramels and a bag of chocolate eclairs, next will be Ferrero Rochers😀and of course there will be Cadbury dairy milk bar,the bigger the better,I always say I want one as big as the telly 😁💘. Still got the malteser buttons too,but won’t put them in the tub, possiblity get a toblerone too😋😋😋.Any more ideas ?

    We are all different we all have our own favourites..blocks of chocolates for us, chocolate orange, chocolate almonds, Turkish delight, chocolate thins, smarties,…I shall make plain chocolate truffles, also plain chocolate covered date and marzipan sweets….both our favourites

    Goodness sounds a lot…

    Jean x

    Nooo stop the chocolate talk 😂…Dave, we have the same taste in chocolate👍! I do like Lindor too.
    Jean- poor Charlie being woken to try on his coat!
    Mel- I am not a better woman than you; I will probably have an ‘epic face stuffing day’ tomorrow!
    Hope everybody’s knees & toes improve!
    Managed 800cals FD, had hoped for the 500 today but I think given the hunger & the weather it could’ve been worse!
    Not looking forward to tomorrow; can’t believe it’ll be a year since Dad died, will be spending time with Mum, hate seeing her so upset 😢

    HH – will be thinking of you tomorrow. Your poor mum too. Go easy on yourself.

    Thoughts with you all tomorrow,I can’t believe it’s a year…a hard day..hope Mum holds out, it will be upsetting for you all..

    HH good luck for tomorrow,hope you and your mum are ok.I love Lindor too.Jean I like bars of chocolate best and like all of your list except for Turkish delight and marzipan.Drooling now could do with Denise hiding my stash😁. Watching England slaughter Montenegro.

    Evening everyone,
    Goodness all this talk of chocolate my problem is I love all chocolate.
    Dave hope knee improves for you – how are Denises by the way as I seem to remember you saying she suffers with her knees also.
    Hedgehogs will be thinking of you tomorrow .
    Jean an under coat for Charlie he is a lucky boy to be living with you.
    Kay hope you’re recovering from your tumble the other day.
    Mel husband is slightly better today thanks – Drs again tomorrow morning to see if the antibiotics are doing the trick in clearing the infection.
    Well done to those of you who fasted today. Not sure when I’ll do another one – must knuckle down.
    Nana x

    A little bit sore today but not too bad. I finished work early today as there wasnt a lot to do and Im off tomorrow.

    Todays FD ended up being a lowish day instead, so no FDs achieved this week and Im not looking forward to the scales tomorrow. I wont have maintained my low weigh in.
    I will have to plan next week. Its Neils birthday next Saturday and its also the anniversary of the pub opening up and there is a live music, so we will be going up on Saturday night. I will cook on Friday night and I havent yet worked out what to do in the day on Saturday or where to go. This weather is restricting things. Will probably have a meal out somewhere.
    So Im going to need a lean week!

    HH, cant believe its a year since your dad died. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Your mum wont be too good 😢

    Nana, glad your hubby is a bit better. Hopefully the check up tomorrow will show hes definitely on the mend.

    Dave, hope your knees feel better soon. May need to give the gym a miss until they calm down a bit. Do you take anything?

    Jean, an under coat for Charlie sounds just the job, bless him. Last year, I read about vaccinations/flea prevention etc and their possible negative impact in spite of their benefits. If we do get another dog I think I might try natural alternatives first. I didnt give Ellie any of the usual annual treatments in her last year or so, although I would have to read up some more to be sure of doing the best thing with a new dog.

    Dave, I like the idea of putting together your own ‘chocolate tin’ and I like some of your choices too! Although these days I worry too much about my teeth and losing fillings to eat many caramels!
    I might do like Jean does and make some of my own….I do like choccie truffles…

    We should ban chocolate talk until the week before Christmas 😁

    Mel, how did your day finish up? Did you stay at mindful?

    Minols, CW, Endellion and Annabelle…hope you have had a good day, whether FD or NFD.

    Kay x

    Denise had a Knee replacement,that knee is fine now,her other one hurts .The doctor said I need two knee replacements to be out of pain,but will put up with the pain until it becomes unbearable.Weigh-in tomorrow, hopefully I will lose a pound.No hockey tonight so may get to bed before 1am.

    Morning all!
    Thanks for all your thoughts & good wishes…
    Kay- we didn’t vaccinate the boys, hate what they put into vaccines! Would love to not do Xena but as she goes to dog sitters they insist on it so she has to have them. Josie couldn’t have them, same with my sister’s dog as they both had chemo, neither had any problems. I don’t know what the doggy alternatives are, the boys had homeopathy alternatives.
    Dave- how long is the waiting times in your area for knee surgery? Is it worth getting on it in case you get really bad & then you still have to wait months?
    Nana- hope hubby has improved when you go back today.
    Hope everyone is okay & has a good day, & the weigh ins go well…woke up at 5am very hungry! 😬

    Morning All…
    A very rainy start…going to the park shortly he will be up to his arm pits with mud!

    Hair colour later this morning looking quite bad…

    Weigh in today Steve the same…I am up half a pound but it puts me into the next pound so I am 1 lb up.
    Still in wriggle room so ok…..Charlie back to his lowest, 2lbs off, cutting his biscuits out..well that says it all to the nibblers 😂

    Thinking of you…

    Hope the Drs appointment goes well and hubby is on the mend…

    Enjoy your day off and rest up, have some hot baths see if you can ease the stiffness and pain…..I have a lovely truffle recipe if you want it, strangely they don’t seem to put weight on, I use dark choc so you don’t need many ( you can use milk choc)…there are different reviews on flea stuffs, Charlie is on our bed so I need him to be done… I couldn’t have a house of fleas!
    You have a few things to look forward too Pub, meal out and birthday…

    Dave ..
    Good luck on weigh in today..

    No more buying of chocolate now..more than enough, still it carries on into the new year so not too bad.

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Morning all! Hope you’re all well!
    Dave – good luck with the knees…
    Nana – hope your husband keeps improving!
    Kay – a birthday will be fun – it’s nice to have something on the horizon to look forward to.
    Hedgehogs – all the best for today.

    Yesterday was an FD for me. Woke up early and very hungry this morning. I think that’s something to do with ghrelin increasing appetite and alertness when you’re temporarily undereating?
    Anyway, no idea how much I weigh as I haven’t actually got any scales. I’m just hoping for a nice surprise when I go to my parents’ in a few weeks’ time.
    Having friends over for dinner tonight so cooking four veggie curries to enjoy (it might sound generous but all I’m hoping for is lots of leftovers to tide me through the week haha!)

    Good morning,not got weighed yet just had a shower.HH not sure about the waiting time, Denise had hers cancelled once, When she had hers done the doctor said lose three stone and then she could have the operation,which she did.He may say that to me I do not know.Not a fast day today, going to see Denise’s mum,she said if my knee is too bad we won’t go buti don’t want to let her down.I will take Heidi out and see how it feels.

    Weigh in…1lb up, but as expected! So this week, I need to shift 2 in total!! 😨

    Well its finally stopped raining! Not quite as cold either.

    Just put some washing on and sat with a coffee trying to get some inspiration for what to buy Neil for his birthday!!

    Endellion, enjoy your evening and curries!
    Dave, hope your knee feels better soon
    Jean, well done to Steve and Charlie 😀
    HH, thinking of you

    Kay x

    Hallo everyone
    Had a very good day in London on Wednesday, show was very good. Funny and very energetic.
    Had a lovely meal out, don’t know about the calories. Spinach and butternut squash stuffed cannelloni with cheese sauce. Yummy.
    Did a FD Tuesday and Thursday to make up for it. Have not had any great losses so far as I have been eating out a few times but since I started 18 days ago I have lost almost 3 lbs so that equates to about 1lb a week which is fine. Am trying to do an 800 today as weekends always seem to be difficult, don’t know why because when you are retired as I am then all days should be the same.
    I have a doctors appointment next week and hope the steroids will be reduced.
    Do you play hockey or are you a spectator?
    Thank you all for thinking of me. Good luck with all your endeavours.

    Afternoon All…
    Hair done and being processed now…a good walk around the very wet puddly , muddy park we stayed with the proper paths but walked around 4 times, Charlie not too bad washed him down before the car and another wash at home….

    A lovely vegetable soup for lunch, last one in the freezer…anyone who makes soup I put a tablespoon of curry paste into a pan full, it really tastes lovely brings just the flavour out only a hint of curry…

    Have a lovely night with your friends…4 curries sound interesting…

    Hope you can visit MIL..hope your knee soon improves….

    Like me up a pound..we will better next week….what are going to buy Neil…we tend not to bother at our age we buy as and when needed….

    Well done on the 3 lb off best doing it slowly it keeps off better…glad the London trip went well and it was a good show..I agree when retired every days the same, I have to think which day it is 😂

    Off for a shower and get my hair sorted…

    Jean x

    I am similar to you Jean a few ounces up so I have to stop eating too much bred.Another two bags of toffees for my Christmas collection,kinder and walker’s.Was looking at the purple only toffees out of quality street,but if I get them I will have to hide them from Denise, they are her favourite.Lindor are £5 for a small box,so hopefully they may come down in price before Christmas.Will get a large ferero to put in my collection.

    Annabelle- well done 3lbs down, that’s steady, hard to lose weight on steroids. London trip sounded good!
    Dave- we had a bag of Cadburys; Dairy Milk chocolates, caramel & whole nut, my favourites, they were good! The big ferrero rocher, I love them! Hope you’re okay to see MIL.
    Kay- have you decided what to get Neil? Shame about a little bit up, it’ll shift…
    Endellion- can I come for dinner?! Sounds lovely!
    Jean- shame you’re up a little, I am still up a bit after last weekend as well, being non-keto!
    Mel- hope you have a good weekend in Kent.
    Nana- hope hubby’s okay? Is it curry night tonight?
    Not the best day ever, but it’s done…we persuaded mum to play a game rather than sit about dwelling on things, will see her tomorrow too.
    Have a good evening everyone!

    Evening everyone,
    Husband Drs visit was good the antibiotics are working albeit slowly but was advised to keep indoors and stay warm for the next couple of days. So sadly HedgeHogs no usual Friday night Curry and drinks with our friends. Glad your day went as well as it could.
    Annabelle well done on the 3ibs lost.
    Comiserations to those who’ve gained but it’s only a minor setback. At least we all keep going.
    Have a good weekend everyone.
    Nana x

    Mother in law was ok,good job we went nobody been since Monday.I love dairy milk and wholenut,caramel ok.Got four bags of toffees now plus ordered the purple toffees from quality street on Amazon,not told Denise thought or she would nick them all😋😁.Will buy ferrero closer to Xmas.Plus BIG. bar of dairy milk and a big TOBLERONE 😋😋😋.Less than six weeks now🐽🐽🐽.

    Hockey so about 20 minutes to go then bed💤💤💤

    Morning All…
    A drizzly morning…off to the beach and a country park at Cleethorpes 😱..blow the cobwebs off as my mother used to say…a quick morning walk then off…

    Glad the day went as well as a 1st anniversary can go…hope you too can pull back, a pound up and down could just be water weight nothing to worry about…

    Your stash seems to be growing ..I have now stopped 😂

    Glad the tablets are working…best a few days inside and not pickup any other bugs while under the weather.
    Enjoy your few days at home…catch up on jobs?😂

    Have a good weekend everyone…

    Jean x

    Hi all,
    Dave I cannot believe the amount of chocolate you are getting! You really go for it don’t you 😂😂.
    Jean, you are only up the road from us. A group of ladies from the village all go to a hotel for a Christmas lunch in a large hotel on the seafront. We have a lovely meal, can’t remember the name though. Going to Kent on Wednesday. Our friends arrived last night with Kezi the cockerpoo, Jodie’s best friend. So no fast days for a week at least. Will try to keep it reigned in though. 27lb off, 6 to go. Think it will be after Christmas to see that off though.
    Annabelle well done. Keep it up! Endellion, I too would be there to wolf down your veggie curries!
    Anyone fasting today? Paul is cooking tonight, a very rare occurrence with unpredictable results….

    Morning all!
    Mel- hope Paul’s meal is good! Have a good time with your friends!
    Nana- glad hubby is okay, have a lazy weekend!
    Jean- enjoy Cleethorpes!
    Dave- can I come to you for Christmas?! We have celebrations, roses & some stollen so far…but our Dutch friends are coming in a couple of weeks & they always bring goodies!
    Watching Saturday kitchen at the moment; restaurant where my nephew works is supposed to be on, he made the dish they should be showing…not that it would appeal! Xena’s had her walk, a dry one for a change!


    Thinking of you yesterday Hh xx

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves chocolate but I couldn’t be buying it for Christmas already, it wouldn’t last a week! I’ve been trying to switch to dark on the assumption I would eat less. I think it helps a bit.

    No gym since Tuesday due to coughs. I started earlier in the week and H in bed this morning. He never takes to his bed.

    Woof and I had a wet walk this morning and we got absolutely drenched visiting the Lumiere in Durham but it was very good. Wish we could share pictures in here. Was hoping to go back and finish tonight as lots to see but will see how H is.

    Been writing out my meal prep for the week which I do before grocery shopping. Have to admit to googling slimming world recipes as not doing very well with fasting. The recipes do sound tasty and filling but I’ve always had an aversion to the idea of low fat this and that. I prefer to have a little of the good stuff.


    Cakey I’m the same looking for recipes to try just for something different and subscribe to the WW magazine still even though I stopped going years ago. Anyway in this month’s they had a recipe for an Indian omelette which comes in at 230 calories a portion. It’s basically frying some chopped shallots and crushed garlic using Frylight and adding fresh grated ginger, curry powder and some frozen veg then add two eggs per person and finish off under the grill.Husband enjoyed it so will definitely be making it again.
    Some family members attend slimming world and have had some good results and the food they eat sounds good.

    Afternoon All..

    We are back from the coast….a really good 4 hours. We were on the beach and had a good walk at a Country Park…..9 degrees but very comfortable, no wrapping up…called at a cafe for lunch Charlie is now fast asleep…as we were coming back the rain started a very lucky 4 hours.

    So close to you, we went to Browns Cafe, typical seaside cafe but the food was lovely and Charlie could come inside. A busy week with friends and going down to Kent enjoy…Good weight loss for you, I have lost 30lb now but it’s keeping it off and maintaining for me now…hope Paul’s meal hits the spot tonight..

    I enjoy Saturday kitchen and James Martin my favourite chef…I usually forget it’s on…hope the Hotel is on where your nephew works. A good dry walk…

    I eat full fat everything, butter, cream and milk, I feel it’s much better for you. I have done SW and WW you loose it but comes back not quite the way of life as fasting, well for us anyway…..recipes give you ideas. Plain chocolate being so rich you can’t eat as much, my homemade Xmas plain choc truffles made the last couple of years seem to hold the weight gain at bay.

    Hope you both soon feel better..seems to be a few people with bugs about…

    A different recipe…nice when everyone likes it….

    Jean x

    Tesco have £5 Lindor Chocs reduced to £3.50 at the moment.

    Oooo I like them too…


    Thanks Annabelle will check it out.Cakey I have done very well resisting the choccy stash so far.Mel this is the first time I have done this,all the chocolates and toffees,As for dark chocolate I don’t have a problem devouring a very large bar in less than an hour.We usually just get a tin of quality street or similar at Christmas,so this time I can guarantee everything in my tin I will like.Took Heidi out and got soaked so nothing new.Hope for a dry walk next time.She loves being rubbed down with a towel.

    Well done Annabelle I got two boxes 🐽🐽🐽.Not got my favourite yet smarties,but they won’t go in my tub.Managed another walk,dry too, Heidi is limping so maybe the cold is catching up with her too.My knee is feeling better today so that’s a bonus.

    Cakey- shame about you both being ill, hope hubby is well enough to go out again. I love Montezuma’s 100% cocoa plain chocolate, definitely can’t eat as much as that. Sainsburys sell it but haven’t seen it anywhere else. Hope you’re up to the gym next week before you get out the habit. My sis does SW, some of their curry & tagine recipes are lovely.
    Jean- sounds like a lovely day out! Nephew’s arty farty meal was on, he didn’t get in the film though! They use tweezers to dish it all up, tiny things 😂
    Annabelle- good spot on the Lindt!
    Nana- I think that recipe or similar was in the paper today, I do like omelettes…
    Had 2 dry walks today! Went out with mum & sis, think it did mum good to get out, the dogs had great fun together as usual, but couldn’t see Arnie in the bracken as he’s darker than Xena!
    An evening to ourselves, youngest out, eldest has gone to Somerset for a few days, with the new girlfriend who isn’t a girlfriend apparently, think it’s too soon for him to be dating again. The joy of parenthood!

    Glad you got mum out with the dogs and sis was there too, too long a day to mope on your own with past thoughts…
    I watched James Martin on catch up but in and out doing dinner must of missed your nephew hotel. 100% dark chocolate that’s strong, I do 70 or 80 % enough for me…enjoy your quiet evening…how’s hubby’s back any improvement…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Husband is definitely on the mend as he cooked us a delicious chicken curry for our evening meal.
    Sounds like you’re all having a good weekend so far.
    Jean my home has never looked so clean in ages 😃 but enough is enough.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
    Planning on a FD tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Morning All…
    A drizzle start but feels mild….we were wanting to clean the outside of the caravan maybe Monday or Tuesday..unless it dries up a bit…

    Trying for a low day…seem to have eaten a bit more than usual, pudding and wine too…

    Having a cuppa then taking the boy out to the park…

    Glad hubby is improving….and the curry turned out delicious..I don’t think Steve would know were to start with a curry…he can cook but more basic….

    Have a lovely Sunday…

    Jean x

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