Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All..
    Chilly start but bright…

    Grandson calling dropping a large toolbox off for Steve surplus to his requirements…he brought him a red metal one on wheels with drawers this one matches and sits on the top…Steve rather excited about it all…he’s a good lad and very thoughtful …Steve gave him lots of his old tools and some of his dads as he wanted imperial tools for his job when he first started…he has lots of lovely tools now….

    Nothing really planned today…except a pub meal out with daughter tonight and SIL..must decide on what I am wearing, strange now on weather change..

    Walking shortly may miss Grandson, he is passing by meeting his friend at Uni in Huddersfield ..

    A late night hope all went well…

    A lovely meet up with friend..50 years is a long time away…still my daughter has done 25 years away, more time away than at home…

    Have a lovely weekend everyone ..whatever you are doing…

    Jean x

    Won 4-1 so worth staying up.Hope there’s not another game tonight 😄.Got to nip out to Tesco now then take Heidi out, will let her choose the route, probably go through my church yard,not that I go very often.My daughter had just had a driving lesson,wish my son would start again.

    Jean- nice that your grandson is so thoughtful! Have a nice meal out tonight…
    Dave- glad you felt it was worth getting up! Why doesn’t your son want to drive? And very well done not putting too much on over your holiday! I can do more damage than that in a weekend 😂
    Nana- lovely to have kept in touch with your friend all these years…does look a lovely country.
    Mel- sounds like you’re having a great holiday! I agree if the kitchen’s not done when you get back then definitely no fasting!
    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!
    Caught up a bit on sleep; mum didn’t stay too late, although she was yawning more than me! (Not our company, I’m sure 😂)
    Did Church prayer morning, got to say hello to some lovely dogs as well as their owners!
    Going for a walk with mum & sis shortly, Xena & Arnie haven’t bern out together for a few weeks. Takeaway tonight, probably just the 2 of us, eldest is definitely still going away, crutches & all, maybe it’ll get him some sympathy from the girls?! Youngest might be going away for a night to London, otherwise he’ll be out with friends. Should be peaceful, but I do miss them!

    Leaving to go out shortly..decided on a long sleeve top..pubs at this time of the year can be cold with no CH on…

    Hope your daughters driving lesson went well..you will have to push your son..everyone needs to drive…

    Enjoy your takeaway tonight…easy kitchen 😂…back to two of you..it’s very strange to get used too…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, had a busy day gardening and feeling it now. Managed a fairly good day calorie wise coming in at 1200 calories.Off to visit grandson and his fiancee in their new home tomorrow.
    Jean hope your meal out was nice.
    Hedgehogs enjoy your takeaway.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Hockey on again, another 3am🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙

    Another late night,5-5 so extra time being played 😮😮😮

    Morning All…
    A quiet morning on here today…..expecting torrential rain but I have missed it on this mornings walk…all the Canada Geese were flying in this morning large flocks, quite a sight, circling about I wondered with the floods they couldn’t be guided in as the river would look different…lovely walking I am definitely seeing the change of season, all new to me…

    The meal was quite nice last night the pub very busy and noisy…nice to catchup with daughter and SIL on an evening, not a thing we do a lot of, we usually meet up in day….

    Nothing doing here today it will get a low food day as we are still full….I might change my wardrobe things about put summer clothes away and get the winter long sleeves out..

    Enjoy looking at the new house and catch up with grandson and fiancé…hope you don’t hurt too much after the gardening….

    Another late night…you must be in bed all morning..😂

    Was your takeaway nice…and a quiet evening in…

    Jean x

    Not in bed all morning 😴💤👀 it was turned 3am again though.Hope there is non tonight😁. Weather mixed,sun and rain.Roast beef and Yorkshire’s tonight 😋😋😋.I will make them and put the mixture in the fridge.Busy week coming up,gym on Monday, Tuesday Denise and I go to bowling club for a learn Spanish taster with lunch thrown in, Wednesday flu Jab and gym,and Friday we go to the hologram show,Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly.

    We did have the torrential rain- the path I walk Xena on was like a river! I was so wet, I think it was the worst walk I’ve ever had! The roads to Church were pretty flooded too, glad we have the 4wd, nice & high up! Takeaway was nice last night, & the chocolate we had afterwards😉.
    Dave- don’t know how you stay awake, we were up until 11.30pm, that was bad enough! I can’t sleep late though, always up early. Enjoy your roast today!
    Jean- glad you enjoyed the meal out, hope you don’t get the rain! Enjoy sorting the clothes, my winter woolies are now out! I love walking when the leaves are changing…unless it’s torrential rain!

    11-30 is my early evening, I worked nights for years so definitely not a morning person.Just been through the churchyard, every time I let Heidi choose the route we end up
    there,she met a toy boy a Labrador who was 13 months old almost as big as her.Both dogs tails were wagging like mad.Got wet too rain,and as soon as we got home the sun came out 🙄.

    Must be Labrador day Heidi met another one,a chocolate lab😄.More her age this one though.

    Evening All…
    Two good walks a bit of drizzle at both for a few minutes…this torrential rain didn’t arrive today…rivers still high so it’s a good job…

    We did a touch of cutting back just to allow the boy sniffing and toilet duties under the bushes and Steve has placed a stick to help him off the grass…😂..a good groom and brush…didn’t manage the clothes sort out that’s for another day…run to the tip and a McDonald’s ice cream for us all..😬

    You look as if you got all our rain…sorry…..hope it’s all gone out to sea and it’s better for your second walk….

    Your show sounds good for Friday……good old music…😀…..a taster in Spanish lessons different…busy week..

    I am fasting tomorrow from now…

    Jean x

    Got a bit wet for our 2nd walk, not as bad as this morning! Xena managed to do a slide & roll chasing her ball & got covered in mud too! Wet clothes/ coats/ dog towels hanging about downstairs, yuk!
    Feel stuffed now, eaten lots! Will fast tomorrow, maybe a couple of 800cal days, then see what damage has been done over this weekend 😂

    Evening everyone,
    A busy day – grandsons place is lovely and they seem very happy which is nice had a couple of hours with them then went to visit daughter and son in law. Daughter has got a very nasty cold and as she suffers badly with Asthma has to be careful. Poppy was zonked out in her crate – son in law had taken her out for a long walk and she’d met a lot of her doggie friends and played with them. Good wise I’ve had a good NFD calorie wise again. Before we left home this morning I prepared a beef casserole and put in our slow cooker. It was very nice with enough left over for another day. Husband went a bit mad with his tomato plants this year I’ve already made eight pounds of red tomato chutney and am now into making green tomato chutney. Found a BBC Good Food recipe where you have to make layers of sliced green tomato,chopped onion with salt and leave overnight before cooking tomorrow.A lot of rain here in the night but had finished by mid day but the temperature has dropped quite a bit. A busy week here also Dave – Cambridge tomorrow morning and chutney making in the afternoon , Tuesday hopefully at home so am planning to make that a FD , then usual Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.We both had our flu jabs a couple of weeks ago and for once my arm didn’t become painful and itchy but we both had aching joints and muscles the next day.
    Jean glad you had a nice time last and also glad you enjoyed your takeaway Hedgehogs .Best of luck to you both on your FDs.
    Nana x

    Evening everyone,
    Second post as first disappeared so sorry if I end up posting twice. Have Had a good NFD day calorie wise before going out today I prepared a beef casserole and put it in our slow cooker and there’s enough left for another day. Husband went a bit mad with his tomato plants this year and I’ve already made eight pounds of red tomato chutney and now have green tomatoes to make chutney with. I found a good recipe and you need to place layers of sliced tomato and chopped onions with salt overnight before cooking the chutney.
    Had a lovely time visiting our grandson a nice p!ace and after that we went to see our daughter and son in law. Daughter has got a very nasty cold and as she suffers badly with Asthma has to be careful.Poppy was zonked out in her crate as the son in law had taken her out for a walk this morning and she met a lot of her doggie friends and played with them for a while.
    Dave a busy week for us also this week Cambridge tomorrow morning and then making the chutney in the afternoon. Tues will be at home so planning on a FD then the usual Weds, Thurs and Fri. We had our flu jabs a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t have any problems with my arm being swollen and painful that I usually do but we both had muscle and joint pain the next.
    Jean glad you had a good evening and Hedgehogs your takeaway was nice. Hope both of your FDs go well tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Hi all
    So sorry to have been awol without explanation for a week. Life got on top of me, and I didn’t expect to not get on the site at all! I just clung on with my finger tips to get through the week, fulfil all my obligations, do a reasonably good job and get to the end of work yesterday. you can tell it was bad cos I had to binge watch 2 weeks worth of strictly at 5am this morning…whizzing through everything but the dancing and the scores!

    So here I am – it’s Monday. The boy and I are off ‘school’ for a week before we go on holiday on Saturday. I have one tiny thing left over from work that I must do later (and a whole load of prep that I’d hope to have done by this point of the year!) but I’m definitely taking proper time off. The last 6 weeks have been unbelievably busy, and ‘down’ time rare.

    I’ll try and catch up with posts later, but right now, it just feels good to be able to touch base with you all. Everyone alright?


    Morning All..

    Our rain has arrived and lots of it…food alerts for York so that means us a bit later in the week…

    Hair colour morning after a walk, then Steve hair cut too…late shower….we were going out later but I think we will push it for tomorrow ..then need to get things together and thought through for packing and off Thursday…

    I don’t mind walking in rain..I find the getting ready and undressed again the chore, drying the boy and mucky feet…hanging of wet clothes….I am wanting something made to hang from the garage ceiling for my coat, trousers and Charlie’s coat, to drip..away from the walls and spiders 😂

    A good visit with your family, hoping your daughter feels better, I suppose the cold season has started…you are busy cooking with your beef casserole and all your chutneys …all stacked up for Christmas etc…we are missing our flu jabs this weekend as away..must book in for them…

    Enjoy your week and Cambridge today..

    A slow down for you this week before going away..are you going to your cottage..enjoy your down time..

    Well walk calls…

    Jean x

    Minols- hope you do get the much deserved break, not easy with everything you have to juggle…
    Nana- a lovely day with family by the sound of it! Have a nice time in Cambridge & enjoy making the chutney! What will you do with it all?
    Jean- busy day for you, makes the FD go quicker! Hope you don’t get too wet today, my stuff still hasn’t dried out! Xena’s lead was still soggy too, yuk!
    We were up early & out, Xena’s jabs were due, we had a long game at the park 1st. She went in okay but was a bit nervous, Sue is lovely & made it all fun! Youngest was late in to work today, but the rotas have been altered by the current team manager, so she’s got the blame & not him! Good as he needs to be making a good impression for the next couple of weeks until the interviews!
    FD & been tempted already- hubby has opened a really nice packet of biscuits 😱 managed to have a little nibble of his rather than a whole one so all okay!

    Nana my dad had an allotment and we used to have well over 100lbs of tomatoes, I used to like the smell in his greenhouse when it was almost 100° he grew everything spuds, cabbage lettuce all veg.Had an early night 1am😄 It’s stopped raining here so will take Heidi out.There is rain about just got a warning on my phone.I caught a spider last night,it’s the biggest I have ever seen in a house,with its leg span it was the size of my palm,if it had thick hairy legs it would have been a tarantula

    Off to gym soon😣took Heidi out and got soaked.Still raining and felt cool outside, Denise is cold all the time so I said put the heating on but she won’t so I have bought a warm blanket to put on her,It’s a Sherpa blanket,may use it myself when she has gone to bed 😄.

    Dave- I have a blanket roo, & a hot water bottle! No-one else feels cold yet! Hope the gym was okay…
    Jean- hope you’ve got your jobs done okay…
    Fasting was going okay until we got back from Xena’s 2nd walk, got suddenly really hungry! Had a bit of dark chocolate, should still be under 800cals. Raining here again, got back just in time!

    Hi all, quick check in. Minols, lovely to hear from you, was just thinking today you have gone quiet! Jean, I was concerned about ‘food’ alerts for York! Took me a minute to work it out.
    Busy day yesterday, drove over to the cousin in Wales to see them (she was the one who was ill so we couldn’t stay). Also wanted to go as our two best friends (Paul’s other cousin’s son and his wife) were staying in their self catering. All went out for Sunday lunch and had a great time. Everyone exclaimed over my weight loss. Very satisfying. Five hour round trip so had a lazy day today. Have to admit eating getting more out of control as the holiday wears on. My usual pattern. Hey ho, nearly wine o’clock!

    An egg and bacon meal tonight..quite enjoyed it….we did go to Hull for over trousers for Steve he got a fleece too…I was giving him grief in him saying he had no clothes for the rain!!…how can you have a caravan and have a dog with no wet weather gear!!

    Charlie’s bumps are up again..elimination now….going back to when they started, some different food treats were bought then and no milk, so restrictions in place, we got a groom Zoom brush wondered if the rubber is no good for him ( used it yesterday)..he is ok and well just bumpy….. back to the little wood yesterday too, ferns?

    100lbs of tomatoes..goodness what a lot!!..potatoes are always nice..Spider oh noooo 😱😱😱😱…all my windows are closed now……we have a blanket each when it gets chilly, always one of us too hot or cold…

    Was you thinking food alerts York…Chocolate 😂…lovely you caught up with everyone yesterday, after it got cancelled and they noticed the weight change 😀…when are you home?….🍷🍷🍷enjoy ..

    Jean x

    Denise and I are polar opposites,she is always cold and I’m always hot,she is now on under 5foot I am over 6 feet, support different football teams, different religions,yet we know each others thoughts 😄.Took Heidi out for her second walk she was giving me a hint, very spooky walking through the churchyard in the dark,the gravestones look like people in the dark.Fast day gone ok had salad, only trouble is hungry again in no time.

    Evening everyone,
    Minols nice to hear from you – sounds like you’re ready for your break.
    Dave a lot of tomatoes – our freezer is bursting at the seams with homemade tomato sauces and whole ones.
    A nice morning in Cambridge – lunch at Bella Italia and then home to finish off making the chutney. Jean the daughter and son in law will be having quite a lot of the chutneys as they’re rather partial to cheese and crackers with chutney. Will keep some back for ourselves to have at Christmas. Rang daughter today and she’s feeling a lot better.
    Mel – how nice to have your weight loss acknowledged.
    Hedgehogs, Jean and Dave well done on your FD my turn tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Fast day again tomorrow,got to get back in the swing.Will get a free lunch at bowling club tomorrow at the learn Spanish class,but I bet it’s a ham or cheese sandwich which I can’t stand so will just have a cuppa,unless it’s tatorash then I will have some.Got the blanket delivered and have it open not tried it yet.Looks very warm and is sooo soft on one side and shearing on the other(never heard of shearing)

    Morning all.
    Soo enjoying being on a break. Had a lovely morning in town with the boy… Sleuthing sims and phones (long drawn out process until he gets a brand new phone at Christmas… Trying to teach him patience, investigation, stages of things!) and then morning tea together and our usual reading in a cafe. Current books still have us in ancient Roman empire but I think we may be on the last of the series.

    And then it was back for the big clean. I’m taking my time… Just the back end of the living space… Sort of dining area which is also where all the long forgotten toys have gathered – now tucked upstairs. If not played with over the next year or so they will quietly disappear! Also trying to get some of the old dog smell out of the carpet… Bicarb down overnight. Didn’t scatter it evenly as I probably should. I’m going to move furniture around today… I like a different look/shape and at least it means I get to the dust bunnies living behind things! As usual, appalled at the bits and pieces we accumulate and keep ‘just in case’… Old phone handset boxes, cables I don’t remember what for… And then there’s the spare car seat B elt and window rubber seal that the OH will find by his space on the sofa this evening… Hoping he’ll find room in the garage!

    Going to try a bit of a Fd day… Try and hold out until schnitzel tonight.


    Morning all!
    Minols- good luck with the cleaning/ clearing out! Hope you find new homes for things! I love your idea of mum & son times reading in cafes…
    Mel- hope the kitchen is going well…lovely that you’ve had the weight loss noticed! Enjoy the rest of the trip, food, wine & walking!
    Dave- hope you have a good lunch & enjoy the spanish class! Heidi obviously doesn’t find the Churchyard spooky, so funny that she keeps wanting to go there!
    Jean- glad that Steve has some suitable clothes! A puzzle with Charlie’s hives, hope you can work out what it is…
    Nana- hope your FD goes well after your nice lunch out!
    Ended up nearer 900 cals than the 800 I’d planned yesterday, hoping for 800 today, but stomach is rumbling alot already! Not too much planned, will keep going to dog training for a little longer.

    Morning All..
    A very bright sunny chilly morning..park walk, might push Steve in the cafe 😂 hopefully do lunch lol….shopping today, a bit of a clean up, small bit of ironing to do ..start a pile of clothes to take away..

    All quiet on the neighbour front they have been away since Thursday…they need to respond by Friday to the solicitor, the way they are probably will make a rude sign to him and us….

    Your chutney sounds delicious, I eat loads shame we are not closer I would be around your house begging lol…I have made it but not been too successful maybe my recipe, my jams and marmalade turn out better…I give them away as too tempting…

    Enjoy your Spanish lesson and hope your lunch is something you like…good luck on the fasting today but lunch??…I don’t fancy walking through grave yard in the dark 😱

    Getting all your housework up to date, things put away , it’s quite satisfying when finished…love the idea of having a cafe time reading with your son, a lovely idea…hope the packing is coming together…

    Enjoy your dog training today…you may find something else to do or have a lazy day…
    The hives are a mystery…hoping cutting the food down will help and stop using the brush which will be a nightmare as he looses so much hair…

    Good luck for today’s fasting..

    Enjoy your day…walking?…when are you home?

    Kay, Cakey….are you both ok…

    Jean x

    Jean- glad the neighbours have been quiet, I hope maybe the letter has scared them! Enjoy lunch if you do stop in the cafe!
    Dog training went well, Xena was pretty good, & there were a record number of dogs so that made it interesting!
    Unfortunately have been extra hungry today…might end up 900cals again! Don’t know where my willpower’s gone…😢

    Had a good day at the bowling,tried curling,they took names for who wants to attend Spanish lessons and sign language.We put our name down for the Spanish lessons.There was lots of sandwiches pork pies fruit, cake.Denise has all but the fruit,I had two tiny beef and salad sandwich,two little triangle’s.

    Evening All..
    A very productive day..a washer full of clothes dried so double ironing…only three things not quite dry…shopping done….put summer clothes away and winter out..some food sorted and in boxes, clothes in piles to pack…No cafe after walk ☹️

    A lovely park walk little Oreo turned up, growing so much, Charlie was playing and running with him..a lovely sight two dally’s running together ..Charlie was filthy, washed him down before getting into the car…

    The letter won’t scare the neighbours they are not that type, the guy used to be in bother with the police when he was younger…glad training went well..sometimes too many dogs…my meal tonight wasn’t a success so only had a bit, Steve said it was fine..I shall loose what’s in the freezer 😂

    A good success at bowling and nice food…when does the Spanish lessons start?

    We are at the hospital blood doctor for checkup tomorrow afternoon….some cleaning to get done too..bedding will be taken back to caravan otherwise too much to fit in car with clothes and food on Thursday….so busy day…

    Jean x

    Fast day blown,had full English breakfast 🙄😟 will do a FD tomorrow,flu Jab and gym tomorrow too.We have to wait and see if enough people want to do Spanish lessons.Awful nights sleep last night,got to bed early and BEFORE MIDNIGHT HH.Not going that early again,there was hockey on so I recorded it.

    Wow, Jean, very busy! We don’t have a drier, luckily got some dried on the line today. Hope all goes well for Steve again tomorrow.
    Dave- Spanish lessons sound good, well done with not eating much at the buffet!
    Nana- how’s your FD been?
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Dinner eaten, I don’t think I’ll watch Bakeoff or it’ll make me hungry!

    Mine all line dried, I don’t have a drier…must admit a few socks and undies on the radiators, finished off a few tee shirts too…

    I think you have had all the two days of heavy rain which we didn’t get…I really could do to get the grass cut but much too wet…

    Fingers crossed you get enough people for your Spanish class…

    Jean x

    Son home from work, stuffed dinner & out again…the closing date has gone for the Team Manager’s job he’s applied for, no interviews but the store manager has signed him up for all the new training courses he’d need to do, so that looks pretty positive!! They’ve been pleased with him as he’s got lots sorted the usual manager has just left, lots of brownie points! A big relief for me, stressy mum that I am 😂

    Evening everyone,
    Sounds as if we’ve been busy washing today. I used to have a combined washer/dryer due to limited space in our kitchen but never used the dryer much – plus the dryer part kept going wrong which meant the washing part was out of action until it was fixed so relaxed it with a washing machine only. Weather was nice and dry and windy so managed to get caught up with all of the washing.
    My FD went right up to right hundred calories due to my husband wanting me to make him some rock cakes as I hadn’t done so for a while and of course I had to have one. Will see what the scales say tomorrow😕
    Dave Spanish class sounds good idea. Hope Flu jab and gym goes well tomorrow also the FD.
    Hedgehogs my mum used to say that you never stop worrying about your children no matter how old they are and it’s true.
    Jean hope Steve gets on alright tomorrow at the hospital.
    Nana x

    Bored with this weather now 😑

    I did washing yesterday too!! Mine has to be dried inside unless I put the airers outside as we dont have a line or rotary drier in our tiny garden.

    HH, all sounding positive with your son at work, fingers crossed.

    Jean, busy day for you. Is it tomorrow you are off?

    Minols, sounds like your break is well needed. Hope you get all the stuff you need to get sorted done this week without too much stress.

    Dave, hope today’s FD goes ok. You have a busy day too. Hope flu jabs dont cause any probs. Staying up later tonight I guess!

    Nana, well done with the chutney production! Ive never made any. Nor jams…I might have to investigate..

    Mel, fantastic that people have noticed your weight loss, thats a great boost. How long before you return home?

    Work for me today, so catch you all later x

    Morning all!
    Kay- you’ve been quiet, we miss you!
    Jean- fingers crossed for today…
    Dave- hope the flu jab’s okay, Mum said her arm was really sore this time which she’d not had before.
    Minols- are you getting there with the last bits to get done? Where are you off to this time?
    Nana- these husbands aren’t very helpful with 5:2, excepting Dave of course 😂 Hope the weigh in is good!
    Mel- can’t remember how long you’re away for, hope you’re still enjoying yourselves!
    Seeing my Homestart family later, have a few jobs to do this morning.
    No fasting for me today!

    Morning All…
    A late start up this morning..the dark mornings are making us wake up later..

    Seem to have a good few things to do today around going to the hospital..

    Fingers crossed for your son to get the job, he works hard he deserves it..enjoy your HS say…

    I am trying to keep away from baking at the moment..if it’s in I eat it!..hope the scales are kind today..

    We are having a low day…fasting while travelling tomorrow…I shall take my scales with me for Friday….

    Jean x

    HH hope your son gets the job and things go well for you and Steve Jean.Had the flu Jab,I met the lady who has 3 dogs always talk to her she said where is Heidi I told her I was going to the doctor’s her dog went mad when it seen me tail wagging and jumping up at me.Not had anything to eat yet but have to eat something before I go to the gym so will have a sandwich.

    Thanks…we don’t know what to expect today with blood due to op and blood transfusion, the platelets could be higher or lower??…better results in next three months…

    Enjoy the gym and careful on your knees..

    Jean x

    Going to take Heidi out before the rain comes I will let her choose the route, I wonder where I will end up⛪.church(Kirk) for Minols😃

    Dave- hope the gym goes well, is it another FD?
    Jean- I guess the results could go either way after the other treatments?
    Homestart family are ill so no visit, don’t want to catch anything! Had a lovely long walk with Xena, we met a chap with a Pointer, they played well but then she decided she’d rather eat mud! The window cleaner came when we got back, she still goes loopy at him, so she’s worn out now!
    Will use the time to catch up on some jobs!

    Suprise, suprise we ended up in n the churchyard 😃.Back from the gym she had a young girl shadowing her for the next 3 months apparently.She was showing off so we got our own back, she’s American so says things differently,or,jelly becomes jello,and turtle becomes tur-dle😯😃she shouted are you watching the clock Dave I I said are we on eastern time or mountain time.She is trying to get me to go back to the park but not much hope of that happening.We all said we will go if the do it in the Bluebell carpark and if it rains we will go in the Bluebell pub😁😋👀

    Evening All..
    Raining for our afternoon walk so all wrapped up…productive day, more or less ready to go tomorrow except for fresh stuff to pack..leaving about 10 must get moving in the morning for walking….

    A delay at the hospital of a hour, it’s about time he organised his appointments he always runs really late…Steves platelets sky high…the doctor said the body will be in trauma so we will wait for it to get better and settle down, so an appointment end of January..hoping they come down by then…we expected it so not too worried…he is in the level zone now to go permanently on chemo tablets..so holding out..🤞

    The pointers are giddy like dallies, similar breed I always think…hope alls still quiet and you have done some jobs…hope the mud eating doesn’t upset her…

    I know what you mean my daughter is called Katie she always gets Kadie from her hubby 😂..It took me a bit to get used to it…

    Jean x

    Jean- hope the blood count settles down for Steve by next time…where is it you’re off to in the caravan? Hope the weather’s better!
    Dave- your class sounds quite a laugh, good idea to eat at the pub!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Eldest safely home from his latest trip, still hobbling well but said he’s had lots of sympathy from the girls with his crutches 😂. Weather okay here so have more washing done & waiting to be ironed…eaten too much probably today- that’s the trouble with me when I’ve fasted for a bit, I make up for it on days ‘off’! Watching carrots boil for their dinner, made the 1st steak pie of the autumn! I’m having salad, didn’t work that out right!!

    HH there are three of us Steve, Stewart and myself,she calls us the naughty corner and warns others to stay away from us😁.all the others are laughing at us,we keep her on her toes.

    Evening everyone, our usual Weds lunchtime meet up with our friends at the pub and have booked our evening Christmas meal there for Fri 20th December. Apparently the pub has quite a few bookings already.I’m booked in for blood doning that afternoon so will have to watch my 🍷intake. Will most probably be driving 🚗. I lost 1l b so am pleased with that. Have stopped having breakfast as I’m never hungry in the morning so I wait until lunchtime i suppose I’m doing 16:8 every day perhaps that’s helped. Other half and son in law are supposed to be going to the cinema tomorrow afternoon to see Ad Astra but son in law wasn’t very well yesterday so if he’s not going to be well enough to go I’ll be going as other half has pre booked the tickets. Fingers crossed son in law will be well enough to go as it’s not a film I’d choose to see.
    Dave like the idea of using a car park with the pub option if the weather is bad. How was your FD ?
    Jean not an unexpected outcome for Steve’s hospital check for you both. Not long to your time away now.
    Have a good evening everyone
    Nana x

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