Fasting today – just gone through pain barrier!

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Fasting today – just gone through pain barrier!

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  • It felt harder starting fasting this morning – I don’t know why, could be the darker nights after the clocks went back in the UK last weekend; could be the colder weather; could be only one ‘normal’ day this week in-between my fast days. Anyway, I stuck it out, kept busy and I am now experiencing tremendous euphoria! I don’t eat till about 6pm these days and then have around 450 calories which I am looking forward but not now desperate for.

    All the best, everyone else fasting today. Roll on wonderful breakfast tomorrow!


    congrats annie!

    Hi Annie, yes, heartiest congrats – and hope you are enjoying your brekkie today 🙂
    Have you far to go til you reach your goal?
    It must be hard fasting in the colder climes – lots of low-cal veggie soups must be the go I would think! We at least are heading for summer, first hint of it today, at last 🙂
    Best wishes
    NB Just read your other topic about your dear cat 🙁 I can totally empathise, we have had to make that awful decision a number of times with dogs. Do you have other pets?

    Thank you USA & Sassy for your support. Isn’t it funny – yesterday’s Fast day was so easy. Strange how it varies.

    I am 5.5 lbs from my goal now, having lost about 15 lbs since the start of the year. I know that’s not a lot but I am pleased with it and I feel that I’ve lived a normal life all these months.

    I have now fallen into a relatively easy to manage plan of 2 Fast days, 2 careful days, 2 days of anything goes and an extra day which could be any of those things depending on what I’ve got on. When I say anything goes, I never want to go mad with food now, but I do have whatever I want – a few nice chocolates, a couple of glasses of good wine. I find that quality is important to me now, relishing the taste not gobbling loads of junk.

    All the best,


    You sound like you’ve got it all figured out Annie, good for you! ^^ You’ve really made it a way of life instead of a diet. And any weightloss is weightloss, and you’ll get there no problem. Keep it up!

    Hi again Annie
    As Nika says, you’ve certainly got it well figured out – a very balanced approach.
    Losing a stone is fantastic – I am sure that has made a real difference to you – and how great to only be 5.5lbs from your goal. You know that with this WOE you will get there, doesn’t matter how long it takes.
    I agree that fast days can be so variable – some are almost a breeze, on others the hunger pangs just don’t seem to abate. At least once you have been doing this WOE for a while, you know you can get through them. 🙂
    Quality over quantity every time!
    Best wishes for those last few pounds 🙂

    My body also still reacts differently to fasts, even though I fast every single day. I’m usually not hungry in the sense that I get hunger pangs, but sometimes my energy dwindles. And on some days I can just laugh away snacks they offer me at work and other days I die inside when they eat KFC at the office…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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