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  • Hi folks,

    Just wanted to give a little background, I have been on the 5:2 diet since August and lost around 2 stone. This was done purely by diet changes alone with minimal intense exercises, really only casual golf and walks with the dog.

    I shan’t bore you with the mechanics of the golf swing but I have found a lack of strength in my arms for my golf swing, I joined the gym yesterday and will do some cardio and strength training. Has anyone else found issue with loss of strength? Everything else is absolutely excellent in regards to the 5.2 diet however golf is my life so thats the only nag. Seeming to overcome a small plateau which lasted about 2 weeks.

    Hope everyone is have a nice week.



    I have recently returned to Golf after an hiatus of a year or so. I started the fast diet as well as joined a gym in Mid August. My swing is stronger and more controlled then ever which I attribute to my consistant regime of strength, cardio and and some hiit training. I think there is some potential to loose muscle with this diet but I also think that strength is something that will fade naturally if not actively maintained as the body ages regardless of diet.
    Good luck.

    Use it or lose it Chris 😉

    I’ve always been pretty strong and fit (if obese with it) and began to notice a reduction in strength early this year. Like you I had actually done LESS exercise, than I ever used to when I was fat, for the first 18 months on 5:2 and I think that contributed to my loss of strength (it may also have been that a lot of my strength had more to do with my excess bulk and being able to put that behind any lifting etc. as well?). Anyway, I’ve exponentially increased my exercise levels and I’m now in good condition and feeling my old strong self.

    I would caution you to not go mad with the exercise as I’m an odd case but exercise actually stops my weight loss dead. If I were you I’d try to just stick to your normal relaxed walks etc. and just concentrate on improving the supporting musculature of your back & rotator cuffs, if you’re mostly worried about your golf swing. You can look up some targeted exercises for these muscle structures on-line and build them back up that way. Regularly popping down to the local driving range would also be a good way to keep your golf-swing condition in check.

    Best of luck.

    Hi Chris. Your golf comments and weight loss struck a nerve with me. A few months ago, having lost 23 lb I had a lower back problem along with swing problems with my golf. Being a 66 yr old male I naturally was losing muscle strength and fitness was also an issue. I did two things. I went to a local golf pro who basically focused on my swing, timing and rhythm. (Dont try to hit the ball just swing the club). I am now very specific at the driving range with my golf practice. The second thing I did was to seek out a good QUALIFIED Personal trainer. I explained my health and golf issues with her and she came up with a superb fitness programme specific to my needs. She concentrated on inner core strength, building muscle strength and golf specific flexibility exercises.I also worked on my cardiovascular fitness. Now I am lucky enough to be able to have afforded this but Christmas is coming so consider the gift of a personal trainer session. My golf, inner core strength and flexibility, like my overall fitness have improved tremendously.
    Good luck.

    Hi Couscous. Interesting comment about your back problem. I had a lower back problem that was so bad I could not be on my feet or walk for more than about 15 minutes and consequently could not get any exercise. I started doing Tai Chi to get at least some exercise and low and behold a year later My back problem just faded away and last year on vacation in Italy I managed an 8 hour hike through the mountains along the Amalfi coast (with frequent rests along the way).

    Kbooks, thanks for your interesting comments. If you enjoy walking get yourself off to Madeira. There are some fantastic walks of varying difficulty. I have done the “Pico Picos” twice and the views are absolutely fantastic. A few years ago the Daily Telegraph voted it the best scenic walk in the world. I do not know about that but it is worth doing. Go on one of the guided tours. You are taken up into the hills to the first drop off point. It can get very cold so take warm clothing and a camera. On a cautionary note it is a hard walk on man made routes, around 4 – 5 hours. I am 66 yrs old and was with some 70 yr old plus walkers so it can be done.
    I am off to bed.
    Good luck.

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