failed. again.

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  • today i had again failed. this time in record time – by 1 pm. usually i make it until about 10pm before i just cave. but i honestly don’t understand how everyone else seems to manage this. i mean, i am RAVENOUS the entire time. Last night I had a reasonable, healthy dinner, went to bed a few hours later. woke up at 4 am hungry. drank some water and went back to bed. by 9 am i was starving. ate 90 calories of watermelon. still starving. about 45 minutes later had 110 calories of a homemade broccoli soup. about an hour later had 50 calories of a kale salad (which is a LOT of kale, marinated overnight in lemon juice with garlic). by 1 pm i totally cracked.
    I’m veggie but not vegan so some days i’ll start off with a hard boiled egg, in hopes the protein will tide me over, but it’s really rare for me to make it through a day on 500 calories. at best i’ll make it through on about 700 but often i just completely bomb and then binge. i’m pretty disciplined in other parts of my life – why can’t I do this?

    You CAN do this. I know it. It is hard – we all struggle with it, but it is possible. Try maybe 2 small meals rather than grazing a bit during the day? I have breakfast, then just water/black coffee/green tea until dinner and that gets me through. I do want to eat of course, but I just rush about at home doing housework and don’t go in the kitchen! You will get there. Keep going!

    roosandwombats, Hi hope you are well. Do you mind a bit of support from an old f**t?.
    Firstly, I lost count of the number of negative comments you make in your posting. In fact the first word you use is “Failed”. Then it goes on and on with negative words and comments.
    The reason you cannot do this is that you mentally set yourself up to fail and then act out your thoughts.
    Turn this around and think small positive thoughts. You are already ahead in the positives because you want to do this.
    Keep a diary, record your day with your experiences and thoughts. I hope other posters pick up on your thoughts because I am sure they can help.
    In short, be positive, accept it is achievable, that taking small steps during the day is a positive in reaching your daily 5:2 goal and reward yourself with a pat on the back.
    Could you post again if you read this with only positive comments and keep us posted on your progress?.
    Good luck.

    Dont give up – its a matter of finding what works for you. If it has to be 700 calories then stay at 700 till you get used to it then reduce some calories little by little. Remember 700 twice a week is better than the huge amount you were eating in the past. 700 is a start.

    Have two eggs instead of one maybe time your meals out I have my non fast dinner then dont eat again until 12pm the fast day then again at dinner time. Drink lots of water I also find drinking warm liquids help ALOT green tea and black tea work wonders.

    Dont give in, take measurements as well.

    roosandwombats what is your fast day plan when does it run to and from?

    Perhaps you need to tweek the times a bit to cover your low points. Everybody on the forum fasts between different times some do 2pm-2pm other like me do evening to evening.

    My fast runs from 6.30pm, skipping breakfast, eating lunch around 12.30 and then dinner before 6.00pm. Ideally i love to be able not to eat but haven’t got there yet. I also have some emergency veg in my bag such as a handful of mange tout/sugar snap peas.

    Failing that have a drink of water or a hot drink and get busy.

    You haven’t failed you just haven’t found the way that suits you yet so play around with it. Try not to think too much about what you are doing.Try not to be too consumed by it all remember its only one day, you won’t fall off this mortal coil because you haven’t eaten and it takes more than one day of really fasting for your body to go into starvation mode. Tomorrow you can eat normally.

    Good luck for your next fast day.


    I think that Couscous has a point. We can all sabotage ourselves, even though we aren’t trying to. Here is one way to think about 5:2: We are eating a small breakfast, skipping lunch and eating a small dinner. Doesn’t sound so hard that way does it?

    Roosandwombat, maybe you need to set yourself a different goal. Instead of worrying about how much you eat, you need to train your body to go for longer periods of time without food than you do now. On your normal eating days write down the times and places that you eat. I bet you are a “grazer”. That is someone who eats small amounts through out the day. Not unusual as for years we were all told that eating that way would help us lose weight.

    I drive a lot in my job and it is awfully easy to have snacks sitting on the passenger seat next to me, so that I can just reach over there and get something to eat. So now on Fast days, I make sure there is either no food in the car or at least, no food within reach when I’m driving. I still sometimes eat in the car on my eating days but not nearly as much or as often.

    Good luck you can do this but you might have to work your way up to a full Fast day.


    Grazer…I am a grazer too…

    Yesterday I broke my 500 calories down into 50-100 calorie allotments. This is simpler since most foods have nutritional facts and calories per serving on the package or can be looked up on the computer.

    By spreading them throughout the day and keeping busy…and even throwing in two workouts during the day…I found that I wasn’t terribly hungry.

    As for midnight foraging…get some herbal tea or flavored O calorie water.

    Good luck!

    I find the secret is to keep very busy, plan lots of outdoor activities or outings especially places like the countryside/allotment/garden/swimming pool to make sure you are not hanging around anywhere near food or the kitchen, or even take a bath, dye your hair/do your nails etc. Or do a sudoku or crossword. In other words distract yourself, don’t give yourself time to think about food!

    good advice from all. i have been going through a very difficult time lately so self sabotage is quite likely. but i also appreciate the tips offered on how to get through. tomorrow i will try again and focus less on meeting a 500 calories and more on just eating LESS and figuring out what times of day im most likely to cave and how to get through them…

    Hi R&W, I’ve completed 2 fasts now and am going to try to not eat breakfast on fast days, on my food days I normally graze and have done countless small meal diets. I am finding that eating stimulates hunger, but i think the most important thing i have learned so far is that hunger isn’t the disaster I previously thought,I won’t die, just be a bit (or a very lot)uncomfortable.but being busy and away from food helps. We can do any thing for one day, and tomorrow we can feast 😉

    I agree with cal290 – food stimulates my hunger – go figure!! So finally I am listening to my body and not eating breakfast, despite being lectured all my life that this is BAD! – well it isn’t for me and going without has really been the clincher to lasting until lunchtime. I tend to do my fast days at work where ‘distraction’ is much easier and eating isn’t really encouraged except at lunchtime! A few glasses of water or herbal teas later and it’s time to go home. I’m finding that drinking tea or water before I eat really helps. Be kind to yourself along the way – we do tend to ‘return to familiar things in unfamiliar times” so if you’ve been going through tough times it makes sense all of this is really hard. Its all an experiment really on what is best for YOU 🙂

    well, i wish i could say today was easy peasy 🙂 but it was quite difficult. last night i realized i was actually stressing about today and was overeating! so i had to remind myself that the whole reason i’m trying this is to feel BETTER, not more stressed!
    this morning I had a poached egg (my first time eating and making a poached egg!)with some cooked fresh spinach and tomato, followed by some tea. midmorning i had a clementine and kiwi (total calories so far about 200).
    by 1 i was STARVING but, as i had the day off from work, i was out running errands and so on. i was actually getting a haircut when i had such severe hunger pains i was literally doubled over. i finally got a grip and just sipped on some tea. since i had foils in my hair i couldn’t run out of the salon to get something to eat (though I did consider it!). Afterwards i had to go into the sushi place next door and had some more tea and edamame and a summer rool thing (steamed shrimp wrapped up with lettuce and rice noodles in a rice paper wrapper – not fried or anything like that. Just bland and not crazy high in calories) to try to tide myself over. No idea what the calorie count was.
    i had more errands to run so i hopped on the metro but honestly, i felt so nauseous and was having major hunger pains. it was miserable!!!
    when i finally got home i had a cup of homemade soup (100 calories. I had planned to just have some roast veggies for dinner but heated up a small portion of leftovers instead.
    so, it wasn’t an easy day but at least i made it for about 21 hours eating FEWER calories than I usually do, even if i didn’t hit my goal.
    i’m not sure why hunger pains knock me out so much. i tried to make a case that i become hypoglycemic but sadly i’ve shown that that’s not the case (in my field it’s easy for me to check my blood glucose at any time and it is NEVER low!). i’m very stoic with other kinds of pain – i’ve gone 3 days with a broken arm before getting treatment, i fractured an ankle while hiking in the pyrenees and finished the last two days of the hike. growing up i was an athlete and competed at a pretty high level so i’ve played through pain on many occasions. but hunger pains just floor me!!!!

    Hi Rootsandwombats,

    I’ve tried a diet support capsule from Lifeplan to help with the hunger pains, seemed to work for me. It’s called 5:2 fasting support capsules. Good luck.

    Hello Cydney

    I struggle a bit on my fast-days, I find that i am quite hungry by late afternoon. Do these Fating-Support-Capsules really help? Where do you get them from?

    I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know

    Also, I am not losing weight (been on the diet for 4 weeks) Do you think it would help if i did 3 fast-days?


    It my be worth trying to not have breakfast, eating does stimulate digestive juices. Or a bulking agent such as psyllium husks which will soak up water and swell and fool your tummy. Once I’ve started eating my tummy wants more and more. I usually carry rennies anyway so a couple of those help to ease acidy feelings, good luck

    Looking at the ‘5:2 Fasting Support Capsules’ for sale on Amazon, they appear to contain soluble fibre from the root of the Konjac plant (Glucomannan) which I believe is the same stuff as the ‘Zero Noodles’, mentioned in some other postings on this site:

    I have not tried either product and have no idea how helpful they might be in assuaging hunger or aiding weight-loss.

    My own thoughts on these 5:2 Fasting support capsules are that some one in the nether world of the internet is out to make a lot of money on the back of Michael and the 5:2 diet.
    Personally I would not take any such supplement, especially touted on the internet. Ask yourself… do I really need these?. Do I trust such a product found on the internet?. Am I so desperate that I really want to spend money on something that is probably unnecessary for doing the 5:2 diet?.
    Good Luck.

    I had my 2nd fast day yesterday and it was a lot harder than my first day, but I think part of it was some dumb decisions I made in the morning — I actually can get constipated on feast days rather than fast days, and I woke up constipated yesterday and took some Senna, which was a big mistake. I think I was dehydrated yesterday even though I kept the fluids going. I felt lightheaded and cranky (was also hormonal, yeesh!). I can manage my hunger during the day, but after dinner I got completely ravenous to the point where I was in pain. I finally had a bowl of low calorie rice cereal and that did the trick, but busted my 500 calorie count. I’ll keep trying, this is only my first week, and I definitely learned from my mistakes yesterday. I’m really doing the Fast Diet for the health benefits and hoping to loss some body fat. I don’t need to lose much weight and I already keep my calories pretty low (1400/day mostly), so I hope I can see some benefits in my numbers when I go for my checkup later this year. I didn’t think 500 calories would be so hard for me, but it is only my first week. I really want to give this a good try to see if it helps my numbers so I won’t give up, but I’m also don’t want to get in a guilt spiral if I have to go over the 500/day. I’ll keep reading tips and strategies that other folks have and keep at it.

    Rootsandwombats, there are very little calories in cucumber.
    Maybe you can attack your stalking hunger pangs with that? You can eat a lot of it without messing up your “calorie budget” for the day.

    Rootsandwombats, I’m assuming that you’ve checked your TDEE and 500 calories is correct for what you should be aiming for? If not then I’d recommend you do that asap.

    I had no idea about TDEE and was just going by the 500 calories quoted in the documentary for the first 10 months or so. It took me ages to get used to the hunger (which wasn’t really hunger but felt like it) and it turns out that I could probably have easily been having another 100 calories for months and still benefitting from the lifestyle. According to my TDEE I could still be having an extra 60 calories on fastdays if I want, so I don’t bother being particularly rigid and if I feel like I need another piece of fruit I have it.

    If you’re struggling at 500 then I see no problem with hiking up the limit a little bit until you’ve gotten used to it. Then you can bring it back down if needs be. Whatever helps you ‘bed in’ to this lifestyle and stick to it.

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