Exercise – Gain Water weight

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  • Hi,

    Am sure someone would have posted it here, but, couldn’t find one to my search so I’m asking again.

    So, does exercise (weight resistance) gains more water weight?

    I find that, whenever I do some resistance training, the next 2 days or so, suddenly I see an increase of 1 – 1.5 kg of weight overnight, which am sure, is not that of fat/muscle but water. Just want to reconfirm and get some insights over this.

    This is what I believe I’m experiencing now I’m a 3 day a week runner but have cut right back to mix it up and am now doing kettlebells.

    Last week was my first time and I had serious doms after and saw a weight gain of 3lbs (even after a fast day) it took about another 3-4 days for the weight to go back down again, I believe it was water weight and muscle swelling.

    This week after kettlebells it’s gone up 1lb and no doms as yet, I guess I’m just gonna have to wait for my body to adjust to the kettlebell routine and put up with yo yo-ing for the next few weeks :/

    Muscle repair can lead to water weight gains because of inflammation, I think. I wouldn’t worry about it, though. It’s not a permanent weight gain, and exercise is good for you.

    Thanks for the updates. Finally, after so long time, I’ve heard from someone on this.

    Yes this happens to me Krishna, I’ve only just joined the fast exercise forums, just started HIIT Fat Burner from MMs Fast Exercise book. Which exercises are you doing?

    Hi DeeBStew,

    I just, am doing, 1 – 1.5 hour of walk/jog. Other than this, as of now, I haven’t started any strength/HIIT yet. With just the control of food I am able to lose weight.


    I found running/jogging a really good way to keep the weight off, I think most of my weight problems have started since I had to give up running. But sadly my hips and ankles won’t allow it anymore. It’s a great way to get fit too.:-D

    Krishna, I only joined this forum last week Krishna, I’ve been surfing the forums to try to get some help and advice, I wonder whether people miss posts because there are so many of them. Glad I found yours though….:-D Dee

    Hi Dee,

    Welcome. It’s an awesome forum with great people always sticking around to help each other. You’ll really enjoy being here.

    Most of my weight loss (around 20+ kgs) is not due to low calories but due to Intermittent Fasting and Walking. If you can’t jog/run, walking is the best for you, as with that Walking I was able to reduce pretty good amount of fat.

    All the best 🙂

    Thanks Krishna, I’m still a little restricted with my walking, as I broke my ankle in December (ironically on a walking holiday). It’s still painful and swollen, so cycling is my aerobic exercise at the moment. I am doing physio and will be joining a special ankle physio class as of Monday.


    Oh, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re healing at good speed. Take it slowly, one stretch at a time.

    Thanks Krishna..:-D

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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