Depressed and hungry

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Depressed and hungry

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  • It’s only my third fast today, but this one has been a little different than the last two. I am SO GRUMPY. Irritable and very down. I’ve been on antidepressants for a couple of years now, but it’s been a while since I’ve had mood swings like this. I need to lose about half my body weight, so I have a really long way to go, and losing the weight is almost certainly going to help with my depression. I’m not sure what my point is, I think I just need someone to listen to my whining so I can stop taking it out on my poor husband!

    Congratulations for making it to day 3! I just did my first day yesterday and am planning day 2 tomorrow. Are you exercising as well as fasting? I hate running but do it semi-regularly because it makes me feel so good afterwards. I find yoga great for my mood too – Im planning to do that on one of my fast days each week if possible. 🙂

    Ellie, I find some fast days easier than others but generally by around 5pm I’d say I’m a pretty horrible person to be adound on any type of fast day!

    I too am feeling a bit up and down about weight loss – its a slow and sometimes impossible looking task, isn’t it? But you’ll get there! If there is one thing I know is that the 5:2 really does help you lose weight, I’ve lost 2st this way.

    Hang in there!

    P.s. and this is my outlook at the end of a long fast day!

    Thanks guys. Already feeling a bit better. I’m so glad I found this forum – just hearing other people talk about their experience really takes the edge off.

    And DaisyDid – no I’m not exercising. I’m trying to walk more, but it’s taking all my effort to settle into the fasting first. You’re totally right though, incorporating exercise into my life can only help me with my weight loss and mood!


    You can e me if you need to, we both have around the same to lose. I was on antidepressants for a while as well, don’t worry if you just want to vent I found that the most helpful tool, I’ve sent myself so many vents over the years, if Big Brother was watching he would dismiss me as one hell of a crazy and at this point in my life I really don’t care what he thinks 🙂 actually anyone can e me just bear with me on replies as I’m suppose to look busy at work in the day!!


    Hi Ellie, I could barely stand up by the end of the day when I first started fasting. I was grumpy, exhausted, cold, irritable, with a headache. The good news is, it does get a lot easier – your body gets used to it – and I am not one of these chipper people who looks forward to fasting days or anything like that, but it does get more bearable. If you have a lot of weight to loose, have you made a chart or something to count yourself down on? You’ll need to focus on ‘one pound at a time’ to stay focused. I made one on my computer and have it stuck to the inside of my tea & coffee cupboard. It does help – instead of looking at the end goal (which seems a long way off), I’m always just aiming for the next number down. Also a nice idea is to have a jar with ‘pounds lost’ on it and then you add a coin to the jar each time you loose a pound and then buy yourself something nice (I also have a note to myself that says ‘You are not a dog. Do not reward yourself with food’, so the something nice should be something like a manicure, not a cake!). Keep us posted on your progress! Good luck! 🙂

    First fast day yesterday – good to hear how everyone getting on – hope tomorrow goes well for everyone having a fast day :)))

    Can you distract from your depression for while?

    I’ve been doing the fast diet for a month now. I’m very happy with the results, cm’s off my waiste and down about 4 kilos. There’s just one thing though…. I’m super grumpy and irritable on my fast days!! My poor children! I’ve been fasting until about 1 or 2, then I have about half my calories then, and snack through them until evening. By the afternoon I am SO irritable! I’m a very happy positive person, so this is very strange for me.
    Has anyone had a similar experience? Does this pass as time goes on? Has any one found when they are eating on fast days improves their moods? I have a fast day in two days and I’m going to try half my calories for breakfast and half in the evening. Im just thinking maybe getting some food in me may help with mood. I’m so worried though that I’ll be more hungry during the day if I start it off with food.

    I’m really desperate for some answers and solutions! Thanks ahead of time!

    I locate some quick days simpler than others yet by and large by around 5pm I’d say I’m an entirely terrible individual to be adound on a quick day!

    I too am fondling a bit and down about weight reduction – its a moderate and once in a while unthinkable looking assignment, would it say it isn’t? Be that as it may, you’ll arrive! On the off chance that there is one thing I know is that the 5:2 truly helps you get more fit, I’ve lost 2st along these lines.

    The unusual thing about the brain is that it can only run on glucose. Your muscles and other organs can break down complex sugars to use as energy but if your blood glucose gets low your brain function becomes somewhat erratic. Low blood sugar generally leads to a depressed state. Failure to address it can sometimes lead to weeping and depression that doesn’t really seem to have a source. Continued reduction of blood sugar can lead extreme anxiety, hallucinations and then a coma. So yes, depression can accompany a need for food but it should lift after you have eaten. For the most rapid relief a sugared drink will get in your system the fastest but always follow it up with some carbs and proteins to avoid a follow-on slump. If this is a frequent occurrence I would have it checked by a doctor to determine the cause.

    Acute anxiety really destroys my appetite but the general feeling of sadness that is depression is more likely to cause me to comfort eat.

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