Day 1 headache?

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  • Started today after lots of reading and research. Having trouble with weight and health issues post menopause. Stuck to my 500 calories today but had a ripper of a headache this afternoon that lasted for about 5 hours. Hope it’s not going to be a regular thing?

    Hi Edna. It’s the first day for my OH and me and we are both experiencing serious headaches. I have upped my water intake to see if it’s dehydration but I am pleased to say I don’t feel too hungry yet.

    Like others on the site I suspect I will find that no breakfast is better as once I start eating I seem to want more.

    I don’t know the answer for the headaches but I hope they will stop in a week or so once my body gets used to the regime. Hope you do well on this diet.

    hi guys, its quite common to have headaches, after a few weeks things settled down, just make sure your taking on plenty of fluids and take headache pills if needed, keep going xxx

    I experienced the same thing on my first fast day on Monday. I suspected it was due to dehydration so today (my second fast day) I made sure I drank plenty of eater throughout the day, and I had no headaches at all.

    Thank you guys, day 2 tomorrow, will try more water and see how that goes.
    Good luck!

    Yes, drinking lots has been the answer for me too.

    I was always a person who developed a headache if I missed a meal – now I am fasting until the evening without any ill effects, although visiting the loo a lot!

    Yesterday was my first fast day.
    I woke up this morning with terrible headache.

    I was busy at work yesterday which was good but meant I didn’t get a chance to drink as much water as I think I should’ve.

    I als didn’t have my usual coffee hit [as the thought of black coffee doesn’t really do it for me] but I think on Thursday, for my 2nd fast day I am going to see if having my coffee makes a difference.

    @onemanguy I think you have answered yourself. The headache was probably caused by the lack of fluid and especially the lack of caffeine – withdrawal – that your body is used to. There is no reason not to have coffee and it doesn’t have to be black if you don’t like it that way.

    If you drink a lot of coffee , keep going. Just count the calories in any milk or sugar as part of your fast day allowance.

    5:2 is not about denial it’s about fitting in with your life.


    Hi onemanguy
    I have my coffee with just a dash of semi skimmed milk on fast day and have never counted them into my 500 on a fast day. This suits me.
    As everyone says – its your WOL and if it doesn’t fit you, you may find it unsustainable.

    It depends on how much coffee you drink. If it’s just one cup a day then the milk is minimal. If I had semi skimmed milk, even just a dash, in every cup of coffee I could easily rack up 100 calories on a fast day. And obviously sugar would really push them up.


    I have 2 teas and 2 coffees with a splash then drink water+++ and herbal type tea so no milk in that and definitely no sugar in or on anything these days. πŸ™‚


    I’m new here too. I found that I felt a little woozy and head achy the following morning after my first fast day. But like everyone else suggests, it may be dehydration. I gave up coffee years ago because it caused migraines for me, but the withdrawal symptoms were pretty bad, so possinly that too!

    Ive got myself in to the habit of grabbing a glass of water every time I pass the kitchen sink, and it solved it for me.

    I hope your headaches pass, its the one type of pain that turns me into a whingeing baby!


    Recognize that. It’s only my fast day #4, and the first to fast days I had a horrible migraine. I was ready to give the diet one more week, but if the migraines turned up again, I would give it all up.

    And luckily, my head does not hurt this week. (Lost 0,7 kg too πŸ˜‰

    Good luck πŸ™‚

    Hi I’m on my 3rd week I’ve had some headaches too I drink loads of water + black coffee, also felt dizzy this week on my fast days.

    Keep up the good work everyone πŸ™‚

    …realized I already answered this topic πŸ˜‰ how do I delete my post?

    Thanks everyone!

    So I replaced an apple in the morning for my morning coffee [dash of milk and some sweetener]. No headaches at all.

    This is my 4th fast day…it’s so weird that it is soooo easy.

    Feeling great, thinner, focused…and my appetite has changed. I normally see food…want food. Now I’m like “I’m full.”

    Headaches on this programme (trying not to call it a diet) seem to be quite common. Suffering daily, saw doctor, he wasn’t worried unduly. Made a appointment for opticians just to discount it. Adding late carb on night previous to fast day. Drinking maximum especially fruit teas. Also did a review of salt intake since Jan, luckily record each day on fitness pal, it was low so I have increased it to a higher level by adding more prawns and chicken soup. Finally I have taken up Yoga again, twice weekly. If all that doesn’t work I massage temples with lavender oil. I really am covering all bases to get rid of these headaches. Good luck all

    Hi just like to say after my first two weeks into the fast diet,I also developed a migraine but eleven weeks and my first stone in weight loss and drinking water to keep hydrated all is so far ok,by the way I must add I am a coffee drinker and would not give that up.

    I do get a slight headache when I don’t eat much on any day. Probably because of hydration. I was glad to to discover if I took excedrin that has acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffiene combined. It aways worked on headaches that followed my hunger pangs.

    thanks samm might try that if headaches are much of a problem but so far everything is OK

    Hi, I also had my migraine about 9.30pm on first day of fasting I took my tablets and went to bed about 10.30 got to sleep ok. Second fast-day no headache but rumbling tum so went to bed 10pm slept like a log until 4 am not bad for me I do not sleep the whole night anyway. Hope the headaches stop for you. keep going it’s got to be worth it. I have my first weigh Tuesday so I have my fingers crossed.

    Hi, I found after 9 months of 5:2 that my headaches didn’t come from dehydration or anything but from a lack of salt. Considering I don’t eat anything till supper on diet days, I just put a tiny bit of salt on my finger and sucj it up every couple of hours before I have a cup of tea (to wash away the terrible flavour of pure seasalt). I haven’t had a headache since, before they would pop up about 50% of my diet days. Maybe try that if it turns out it’s not a lack of fluids.

    Had a bit of a headache during the night after my first 500cal fast day, but it wasn’t too bad. I put it down to the fact that I only had 1 cup black tea in the morning of my fast day and only herbal teas or water after, so I had a caffeine detox in effect.

    Hi Ms and welcome:

    Could be that, or just dehydration. When you eat less you take in less water from food. If you don’t compensate, you can get a headache. Here is some information that might help as you lose weight with 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Hi All,

    First day fasting and have a horrible headache… πŸ™

    Didn’t eat until 12:30 because it seemed easier than skipping lunch or dinner…headache came in around 10am and hasn’t left (regardless of the 1g aspirin I took), even after having had my 200 cal lunch. For a first day I must say it is a bit discouraging but my mindset is finally (I hope for good) where it needs to be in order to start really doing something about my eating hygiene. I’ve started at 71.8 kg for 158cm so it is definitely time to do something about my weight.

    I have been hydrating excessively since this morning (water and herbal tea)…could it be too much?

    I find that I am feeling hungary (even after lunch) and am obsessing lol…what a way to start lol

    Thanks for reading and would welcome any feedback,


    Hi kfromfrance – I’d definitely agree with a lot of the comments on this thread. Headaches aren’t unusual, and tend to come from a change in hydration, often linked to a dilution of your natural salt levels. I used to get them a lot until I changed my routine to include a cup of miso soup at lunchtime, which sorted it out. Could also try bouillon. Don’t let it put you off – the reason this way of eating is so successful for so many is that you have a lot of flexibility to try different things until you find what works for you. Good luck with day 2!

    @and… exhale, thanks for your feedback πŸ™‚ I hope it will indeed get better and I know I need to feel around for what works best for me. So hoping to see the results short term so that I can be that much more motivated to continue (am not the patient kind in general, need to work on that too lol)
    I will definitely try the miso soup.

    sorry for the “hungry” typo in previous post πŸ˜‰

    I occasionally get headaches when fasting and have found that staying hydrated helps some. If you normally drink coffee and have stopped, it could be caffeine withdrawal. I’ve learned to drink coffee black on fast days and add the cream or milk back in on NFD.

    Happy fasting everyone!

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