Contemplating unsweetened black coffee.

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Contemplating unsweetened black coffee.

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  • *sigh*!!
    Today I wish it wasn’t a fast day. The coffee without milk or sugar just isn’t appealing! What I am keeping in mind is that I just have to get through a few more hours and then I can feel good about having made it to the afternoon, which then motivates me to keep going I think it being ‘that’ time of the month doesn’t help my outlook!!
    I guess other people have days too that they just don’t feel like it?!

    Good luck to everyone, may it be a grand day for all.

    Hi. If it is any help I am also thinking about a black coffee in a similar way today, especially when the banana cake I baked yesterday is just sitting there. (I just posted my intro about gaining in my first week- is it any wonder?) The rain is not helping but I will have to get busy with some work I have been putting off. Roll on this evening and my new boxed set of Ripper Street. It’s the little things…

    Am sitting a Waitrose cafe sipping my complimentary black coffee.
    So hard to turn down the little things shortbread biscuit.
    But I was having a 299 calorie mocha, not realising how bad it was.
    Two things have helped me start to tolerate/enjoy black coffee : Rocket Fuel coffee has added guarana and to me tastes a bit smoother than usual instant ;stevia sweetener is less sweet and so now I can drink black coffee/tea with nothing else added.
    I still miss the free biscuit though 🙁

    Hi, iwant2be…, I have the same problem today. Also, my evening fasting is going to be interrupted by visitors so have postponed it until tomorrow. I really do like to stick to Mon & Thurs but that is the beauty of this lifestyle – if one day falls through, you can always change it. On other diets if I fouled up on one day, would think that’s it, have messed up so forget it. Now, we don’t have to do that. That said, have only changed my fasting day twice in 4 months, so not something I do all the time.

    Candysong, hardly bake any more, but this week am doing some hallowe’en cakes for grandchildren, so that’ll be a test. Do you still have cake on your non fast days? Enjoy Ripper Street, new season starting tonight. Fast well all.

    I have a splash of milk – and count it as 10 cals. Do you think I am undercounting?

    Thanks toms…yes I did have cake on my non-fast days but gained weight so not a good example to follow this week! However, life goes on and I will be bit more sensible this week and hope this yields results. I shall certainly enjoy the new season of RS.
    Sorry Helen, I don’t know about the milk. There is a calorie counter in the book if you have it or the various online ones on other posts.

    ” sipping my complimentary black coffee.”

    Long ago, I became a coffee smeller. Love the coffee scent.

    I found that I didn’t need to drink coffee. The scent was what I was drawn to.

    I can walk into any coffee shop in the world and any coffee grocery aisle in the world and enjoy the scent.

    I then walk away.

    Isn’t this forum fantastic knowing that there are people all around the globe thinking similar thoughts!
    Baking is one of my greatest pleasures but is one I am trying to wean myself off in the interests of fitting my jeans again. Banana cake? It would be calling my name all day and just generally making life more difficult :p
    Regarding the milk, normally I would say ‘sounds about right’ but I am pretty pedantic on fast days, so I would put my cup on the kitchen scales, add my splosh of milk and use the weight to accurately calculate the calories 🙂
    Toms I am also enjoying the WOL – I used to give up if I had a bad day, and then go on to have a few more bad days just to compound the whoopsie. Now I can just add or move a/my fast day if I want. I am also learning that I don’t HAVE to eat every meal – what a revelation!! My metabolism doesn’t slow down and cause me to get fat the next meal I eat. Wowsers.
    Snedger congrats on giving up the free shortbread – I hope you feel very virtuous every time you do so!!

    I actually like plain old coffee so this thread was interesting to me, just chiming in to say that when I drink coffee on a Fast day, it makes me SO hungry. I skip coffee altogether on FD, and I can get through much more of the day b4 I need to eat. (not what you wanted to hear, I know!) My stomach is much happier to go foodless when coffee I don’t drink it in the morning…

    Haha I’m the opposite MitzMom! To be honest, I don’t love coffee anyway. I really only drink it as a social thing (and I enjoy doing this – I know I can, and sometimes do have tea), and to stop myself eating. It takes away my hungry feeling so is my lifesaver on fast days! So does exercise if I puff enough, so have done both this morning in the interests of delaying eating. Almost 2pm so feeling much better than this morning when I was contemplating the coffee.

    I should also say that on non FD I drink coffee with sugar free creamer powder (love the flavor!) and it makes me super hungry then too, not just on FD… coffee=hunger for me!

    Black coffee is great for me. I love it! I’ve been drinking my coffee black, no sugar for years so there’s absolutely no hardship. It staves off any hunger I might have too.

    It has to be REAL coffee though – preferably Italian bland. I have my filter machine on all day so I can just pour a mugful when I want one.

    Funny how we can look at a cup of coffee in different ways, isn’t it 😀

    Isn’t it! I’m getting used to it now, and even generally have it black on my other days too… It still is what keeps me going on fast days :p

    Hi Iwant2Bincontrol, for me I have continued with my usual semi-skimmed milk in tea & coffee. There is only 14 calories in 200ml of tea/coffee with a dash of semi skimmed milk according to the food diary website that I use so if I have 3 cups of tea/coffee during the day that 42 calories thereabouts.

    I prefer to keep my beverages how I like them so on fast days I just eat proportionately fewer calories for my evening meal (I only eat once on my fast day in the evening). I’m not a big tea/coffee drinker anyway just 2 cups of tea in a morning & 1 or 2 cups of coffee midday then sparkly 0 calorie water before & with my 450ish calorie evening meal around 6pm

    In the book it does say that occasionally if the day isn’t going well & you are stressed etc then give in gracefully, accept it wasn’t meant to be a fast day but don’t beat yourself up about it. Life is for living there is always tomorrow.

    Oeh that’s a bit of a dangerous thought for me tho Julie… That’s how the weight crept on with me, I just always said “I’ll start tomorrow!”. So yeah 😛 But that’s just me of course.

    I don’t drink coffee whatsoever! 😀 I hate the stuff. So can’t really contribute about that 😛

    Hi everyone

    I am a black coffee drinker, but am perfectly happy with instant! So not a real coffee drinker then 😀 😀

    My level tsp Moccona black coffee works wonders for me on fast days – keeps hunger at bay and I can feel the caffeine improving my mood 🙂 🙂

    So I guess I am pretty lucky.

    I also drink weak black tea, and love the range of herbal teas that this WOL has helped introduce me to – especially orange and cinnamon, and lemon and ginger. When I am having a difficult fast day, I just keep swapping between the different teas and occasional coffee, and it really helps. Also helps get me thru the morning of every other day given I am on 16:8 as well.

    Enjoy your coffee, or alternative, however you have it! 🙂

    Agree! has to be decent coffee – makes all the difference! I use it to push my hunger at buy – works every time.

    Unsweetened black coffee is the way forward. Get to Wittards and sample some real pleasures. I am on Santos & Java at the moment (three cups on FD’s)… It keeps energy up, facilitates thermogenesis and staves off hunger. What’s not to love … unless you don’t like coffee. Good luck, happy fasting.

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