Chime in with an Aye if Monday is a fast day

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Chime in with an Aye if Monday is a fast day

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  • Simply reply with an ‘Aye’ if Monday is a fast day for you. If you would like to contribute more, this is what I’d like to know (ie, provide the same info I am providing).

    My last meal was Sunday evening at 18h00.
    My Monday fast-day meal plan is a single 500cal meal at 12h30.
    My next meal will be breakfast Tuesday morning at 6h30.

    If you already know what your food plan is for your fast day, you can share that too – I don’t know yet what will constitute my single meal.

    Good luck on your Monday fast-day!

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday are fast days.

    Supper on Sunday was at 5 pm.
    My Monday fast meal will be about 500 calories at around 5-5:30 PM.
    My next non fast day meal will be dinner on Tuesday around 5-5:30 pm.

    Fast meal will more than likely be low cal soup, portion of salmon, some butter-nut squash and lots of leafy greens with a calorie reduced hot cocoa for dessert.

    Vibe, those are long stretches you have of not eating, I’m guessing you’re not new to this. Enjoy your salmon later today!

    I also fast MWF.

    Finished dinner around 6:30 pm Sunday.

    Swim 5;00 to 6:00 am, and then small breakfast of one egg and some blackberries, totalling about 100 calories.

    Dinner (at approx 6:30 pm) will be 400 calories of chicken and cut up fresh veggies such as cucumber, bell pepper, and tomatoes. It is amazing how much food that is to equal 400 calories.

    Breaking the fast will probably be a small snack before I swim Tuesday morning. I’ll need some energy to swim after the fast day.

    I hope all goes well for those fasting Monday.

    Virginia, your dinner sounds delish.

    I’m think of having a couple of eggs as part of my single meal at lunch time; just need to figure out what to go with it.

    I don’t know how you MWFers do it; two days sounds just fine to me.

    I fast Monday and Thursday. I had a sandwich about 6pm yesterday and nothing other than water and black coffee this morning. I will be having a mixed salad (no meat) about noon and then roast ham with vegetables about 5.30pm. I’ve done a 90 minute workout in the gym this morning and will be going crown green bowling this afternoon.

    Hi Phil,

    On my nonexercise days I put off eating as long as possible and can usually make it to dinner time without eating. There’s something about having those calories around noon and then having to make it to the next morning that I feel would be very challenging for me. Maybe just mentally, anyway.


    Hi ,

    last meal was yesterday at 5pm

    will fast today herbal teas then a cuppa soup at lunchtime roasted veg and cous cous for dinner about 6pm

    I back to back fast so the same Tuesday herbal tea then a cuppa soup tuesday night meal will be homemade soup

    I will break my fast with a meal Wednesday lunctime ive been doing this now since mid January and have lost 21 lb

    the rest of the week I just eat a normal diet and enjoy a few drinks

    Pam, I’m doing Monday and Thursday also, though haven’t worked in the time for gym workouts.

    Virginia; last Thursday was my first day and I did the same thing, a single meal at 12h30, and I did find it difficult in the evening, but I figure I’ll get over that in time. I split the time this way to have two equal chunks of time of fasting.

    Twigglet, I’ve just start so I don’t know if I could do two back to back days, Monday-Thursday seems like an easier way to start. Congrats on the weight loss!

    philplasma ,

    I find it easier to do a 2 day stretch then its all done for the week , You will find the more you get into this way of eating the easier it becomes I find that eating nothing all day keeps my hunger at bay as soon as i start eating the hunger monster is out

    good luck on your journey if I can do this anyone can

    Ya know, I was just thinking about how excited I get when it is time to break the fast and how much more I enjoy the food. Three meals in a day just doesn’t cause the same excitement or enjoyment of each meal.

    I am new to the 5.2 diet but i have indeed choosen to fast Mondays and fridays. sort of before the week end and right after.. So far i have not seen anybody who chose those days.. I will be interested to share my experiences as well as hear from people who are “Ayeing” you

    So your fast day is actually 36 hours day , is that correct?

    Virginia, I am about as far from being a foodie as a person can be. I don’t really derive the same amount of excitement about my first post-fast meal. Perhaps this is what makes it easier for me to give up meals.

    dedelou, I think the reason why people don’t pick Fridays is because often on Fridays there will be lunches out with coworkers, or parties at night, or get togethers to welcome the weekend. If these happen with any regularity, I know I wouldn’t want to be backing out all of the time.

    Yes, my fasting ends up with a 36 hour stretch with my one 500 cal meal right in the middle, at the 18 hour mark.

    What I really meant by that post is I have a greater appreciation for the food I put in my mouth after a fast than when I eat a normal three meals in a day. The food tastes better after the break from it.

    @twigglet – I find that once I eat, my hunger monster wants out too and it screams louder than anything. I think for me it has to do with eating highly processed carbs. I will see this Saturday if the same thing happens when I abstain from eating what I have been on these last 2 Saturdays. I’ll stick to a very low processed carb brunch and see what happens. After all, this is a personal experiment of self and it’s about finding what works for me.

    Cheers to everyone!

    Virginia, I see what you mean – I’ve only so far had one first-meal-after-fast and I didn’t really experience what you are describing. Perhaps I’ll notice it tomorrow morning.

    Vibe, I noticed too that within a few hours of eating at 12h30 that my appetite awoke again, but it just took a glass of water to calm it down.

    I totally agree with you about this being a personal self experiment.

    @Philplama.. Yeah thanks for your comments. I see that and of course it is something i will have to consider as we often go out on Friday.. To be honest i can see starting the fast Thursday after an early and very light dinner.. going through the night , have one meal of 500 to 600 calories on Friday mid-morning and be free to go out and have a regular dinner if i like on Friday evening.. i am sure it might not be considered a the right things in a purist manner but i can see it working for me.. See i don’t want to fast on Thursdays because I am often doing a hard and long bicyle ride and i am trying to figure out to handle exercise an the 5.2 diet

    It is Monday! My fourth Fast day!

    Last meal before fast day was at 18h30. Already I’ve had today’s only food at 12h30, a small piece of pulled-pork pie. Next meal is breakfast tomorrow at 6h30.

    So, two 18 hour fasts separated by a tiny meal.

    I’ve dropped from 69Kg to 68Kg since I started, though weight loss is not my goal in doing the 5.2. I don’t think I should get below 64Kg and I don’t think it will be long before I get there.

    Good luck to all of you Monday fasters!

    Today was a fast day!

    Hi all, love reading these posts. I’m starting after New Years…too may parties to go to still, but will try for Monday and Wednesday fast days if anyone wants to join me!! Good luck all!

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