Calorie count in 5-2 recipes

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Calorie count in 5-2 recipes

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  • I use the fasting day recipes in the 5-2 book, but there are two of us. Are the recipes and their calorie counts for one person? If so, can I just double the amounts when cooking for two? When I do, it seems like an enormous amount of food.

    I’m not sure which recipe book you’re using. Amazon have 3 books of recipes for one person on their website. Those might suit you better. Alternatively just add up the calories for the ingredients of a recipe in your book. Just google “cals for 100g…..” for each ingredient.
    What you eat is mostly far more important than how much you eat. For example 100g chips are 312 cals. 100g courgette chips are 17 cals!

    If you are talking about this book , there are several sections with recipes. One is the 500 cal section for women, another is the 600 cal for men, and a third section has recipes that are for multiple people. Each recipe in the multiple section tells you for how many it is for. If you are talking the section that is either the 500 or 600 cal, they are all for one person, so you could just double the amounts to make them for two.

    One of my books is by Michael Mosely and Mimi Spencer (like yours) and has a recipe called Skinny Spag Bol. The recipe produces 4 portions and each portion has 180 calories in it. Hope that helps.

    It is better to differentiate between the two recipes … because perhaps one of you is eating more than the other.

    One quibble I had with the recipes in Michael & Mimi’s original book is that amounts are [to me] nonspecific. “One zucchini’ is called for. How big is that??? I had to rewrite and quantify some of their recipes to get the calories correct. Also, they say that 1 Tbsp of olive oil = 40 calories. Au contraire: one TEASPOON = 40 calories. maybe a proofreading error, but still….

    Now, as an eager foodie, I have many dozen recipes for Fast Days: breakfasts and dinners. I find the website Calorie King to be a good source for food values of raw ingredients.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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