Busy days are my Fast days

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  • I have two days in my working week that are early starts and completely full and frantic, I almost always pick them as my fast days.

    Yes, I agree. I always make myself busy on fast days and the apart from the day speeding by I just don’t have time to think about food. By the time the day has finished it’s nearly time to prepare the meal and enjoy a well earned meal. I find keeping busy definitely the way to go.

    this inadvertently happened to me last week – i was just slammed at work and thus didn’t even notice that i was “fasting”. unfortunately my work is such that i can’t easily predict when it will be crazy or slow…. but from now on i will try the 2 days that are most likely to be busy.

    Yes me too. The book does say doing your fast day on a slow, rainy wednesday will inevitably drag and feel terrible.

    Yes, I was thinking this all along, but worried that my energy level would drop, which I suppose it does momentarily somewhere during the day, then picks up as one’s body begins burning fat? Good to hear that keeping busy during rush days keeps one’s mind off of eating, and doesn’t seem to affect one’s performance! I can do this – YAY!! I’ll spread the good news. 😉

    Totally agree. Keep as busy as possible. You don’t want to have time to think about how hungry you may be. I exercise as usual and find things to do around the house to keep me distracted. It’s really important. It’s also important to plan your fasting on days where you and the family aren’t going out to eat or spending time together. Choose days where your temptation to cheat will be limited.

    I also use me working days ( monday and thursday) as fasting days. Works perfectly. Prepare my lunch at work, but always arrange that I have the right things with me. And the rest of the day it’s water, water, etc.

    It seems although I am fasting already for the 3rd week, I don’t loose weight. I am in an impasse. I don’t eat chips anymore and also don’t eat after my dinner. Drink a lot of water. Last week I did start doing exercise in the gym. This week I haven’t done extra exercises.
    what’s happening? It’s not really motivating. I do believe in this diet and I’m probably a little bit impatient. The way I eat since I have been on this diet is much less than I used to do. Especially at the crucial times after work and after dinner. I don’t snack anymore and sweets I don’t do anyway. Is my body in a waiting modus for me to go wrong???

    I want to know if I am doing the fastdiet right….this is my 3rd week, but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly

    I have chosen Tuesday and Thursday as my fast days, so yesterday was Wednesday and I had on waking 7.30…orange juice, coffee with semi skimmed milk, and a small bowl of cereal,….lunch time I had cucumber sandwich and a fruit yogurt….then last night 5pm had dinner which was a jacket potato with humus and a couple of tablespoons of baked beans ( I like them cold), then about half an hour after dinner I had a cup of tea with SSKM
    Today is a fast day and I have had on rising 7.30am small glass of orange juice and a coffee with SSKM ( semi skimmed milk)….at lunch time about one o’clock I had a piece of water melon and a yogurt, at about 3 I had a cup of tea with SSKM….then tonight at 5pm I am going to have loose mince, baby potato’s, and green beans

    So my question is ….am I doing it right


    Hi Lolli, There doesn’t seem to be much of a gap between your meals, I understood that the whole point was to try and have at least 12 hours between food so that you are fasting not just reducing your calories.
    I always go at least 22 hours without food on a fast day but that’s just me.


    Give it some time and don’t despair yet (or at all). For some, it can take a little bit, before the body seems to “cooperate”. That’s happened to me a couple of times, and then out if no where, off would come some weight.

    Also, something that REALLY helped me tremendously……weigh yourself less, if you aren’t already. I was chained to my scale in obsession and madness for years, which I am realizing now, was counterproductive, as this played games with my head. Now, the least I will go now in between weighins is a week. Sometimes a lot longer, and happy day! Wish I would have done this loooooong time ago.

    Hi Pally

    Thank you for your reply, surely going from 5pm one night until 5pm the following night is 24 hours is it not
    And doesn’t it say that you can eat on your fast days if you want to, I don’t always I just drink cranberry juice, and water, living in the Canary’s you can’t just turn on the tap and get a drink of water so you have to drink bottled water, I find if I drink too much of it it makes me feel sick so I stick to cranberry mostly
    Sorry I miss led you into thinking that I eat a lunch on my fast days this is not so, if I get really ravenous and the drinks are not doing it for me then I will have a chunk of water melon, sorry I should have made myself clearer, but from what you have said then yes I am doing it right
    Thank you
    Lo x

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