Awful, just awful first day!

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  • Hi,

    I tried the 5:2 a couple of weeks ago and am really wanting this to work but don’t want to feel like I did last time. I had a small bowl of porridge for breaky, and apple for lunch and a 2 egg omelette with spinach mushrooms, tomatoes and some garlic for dinner. The problem I had was the terrible afternoon I had. I felt like my heart was racing, I had a massive headache and was so cold I had to go to bed to warm up and fell asleep, I was weak and very irritable.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to try this again but without feeling like death? I swore off this way of living as I never want to feel like that again but I really like what I read in the way of health benefits and weight loss.


    It gets easier!

    My first fast day was hard. I had a banana for breakfast, a cup-a-soup and vegetables for lunch and a very light tea.
    I spent the day feeling hungry and a little grumpy, and I went to bed with a headache.
    My headache continued into the following day and I also felt shaky and a little nauseated.

    On my next fasting day I decided to go cold turkey, skipping breakfast and lunch altogether.
    I drank 5-6 mugs of black (decaf) coffee and herbal teas throughout the day, plus water. I then had a much more satisfying tea at around 6.30pm, followed by a mug of warm milk at bedtime.

    It was so much easier! Yes, you do get a few hunger pangs during the day, but it’s nothing that a hot drink won’t sort out. And you soon learn that hunger pangs won’t hurt you!
    I’m keeping well hydrated, so headaches are no longer an issue (touch wood), and I no longer get the shakes. I can exercise on fast days, go for long walks etc.

    The cold feeling – I still get that every fasting day! I wear an extra layer or two, make sure I always have a hot drink to hand, and wrap up warm for bed.

    Give it another shot. Maybe try holding off on your first meal until later on in the day? That way you can plan a much more substantial meal whilst keeping within your 500 calorie limit.
    Drink plenty of fluids, including hot calorie free drinks, and do something to keep your mind active.

    As I said, the hunger pangs will pass. And, if they don’t, just try not to give in to them so soon!
    On the other hand, if you do start to feel shaky or faint like you’re having a blood sugar drop, please have something to eat – a small sandwich or a glass of milk. This way of life is not designed to make you feel ill!

    Best of luck to you. 🙂

    Great response from Clickbeetle.

    Headaches are usually a sign of dehydration, lack of salt or sugar withdrawal.
    Make sure you don’t eat too many processed carbs or sugary stuff the day before, and on your fast day drink plenty and ensure you add salt to your food.

    I find that the longer I put off eating the better, so if it is possible for you to skip breakfast and have some hot soup for lunch you might find it easier. Getting cold at this time of year is an issue, so you need to wear extra clothes and have lots of hot drinks such as herbal teas, and clear broth such as Miso or Bovril, both of which are salty and will help prevent headaches.

    Good luck.

    Thanks, I will have to try not eating for as long as possible I think. I am happy to know I am not alone in feeling the way I was although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone 🙂 I did feel I was drinking enough water as that’s the only thing that was helping me and giving me something to ingest. I will think positive and give this another shot. Thanks for the tips.

    The thing I discovered that really helped was home-made, thick soup. It needs to be thick, because it will stay in your stomach longer and help you feel fuller.

    I’m lucky to have a pressure cooker, so I just make up lots of soup, and freeze individual portions.

    On fast days I would usually have more than one bowl of soup, and I would finish with some herbal tea.

    I bought a variety pack of herbal teas, so I wouldn’t get bored with them.

    The other thing that helped me was chocolate. I’m a stress-eater, and I love chocolate. I broke up a milk chocolate bar into tiny pieces, and put them in the freezer. If I felt stressed, I would get a piece from the freezer and let it dissolve in my mouth. Over the past year, I have gone off milk chocolate and I have found that I really love dark chocolate – so just a small piece at a time will get my happy endorphins going.

    The other thing that helps with the Fast Diet is building up a store of memories about what has worked for you. So, if I started to feel hungry and uncomfortable, I could remember that it happened before, and that I survived and that the answer is probably to have some more herbal tea.

    Good luck!

    I am on my 2nd fast day so I know where you are coming from! Today I have had nothing for breakfast and have just had bowl of home made soup it’s now 1.30. pm. I have got another bowl of soup for later and have just enough calories left over for a health living bar later when I get desperate. Drink lots of fluid keep yourself busy and I am sure we can both do this good luck

    This soup sounds like a good idea, anyone got any good recipes I can make and freeze please?

    I always had lots to eat for my final meal. I’m vegetarian, so I couldn’t have meat for my protein. I worked out that I could have a small quorn fillet, which I panfried in a little olive oil and then I had a mass of steamed veg – cabbage, carrots, french beans, whatever was in season, obviously no potatoes, then I made some onion gravy from granules.

    I started the Fast Diet this time last year, and I remember all too well how it felt, when I was unsure about what to do at the beginning.

    I’m really glad I stuck to it, because I reached my target weight in December last year and I’ve maintained it.

    After the first week, I decided that I did not want to calorie-count, so I didn’t. I worked out what size portions I should have from calorie-counting the first week, and then just went with those portion sizes for my subsequent fast days. I also didn’t use low-fat food – I continued with small amounts of olive oil and full-fat milk for my cooking.

    The diet days became easier as time went on. I found it helped me to have a routine about what food I was going to have. Mine was espresso in the morning, porridge with sunflower seeds and agave syrup about midday, 2 bowls of thick soup mid to late afternoon, quorn and lots of veg in the evening or lots of roast veg and couscous. Herbal tea or water in between. Chamomile tea to knock me out at the end of the day. I went to bed, looking forward to breakfast the next morning, but when the next morning arrived, I never fancied it.

    I get a big of frozen mixed veg from farmfood 170 calories in kilo bag. cook in couple of pints of vegetable stock made with 2 stock cube 6 calories each Add some salt pepper and mixed herbs. Boil till cooked approx 30 Mins then put into liquidised till blended. I get 5 portions out of this. Works out less than 40 calories per portion! You can play about with recipe by adding chicken or ham etc. suitable for home freezing

    Thanks for all the tips, I am giving it another go starting tomorrow and have decided to skip breakfast and see how I go from there. I don’t like herbal tea much ….well not without sugar, but I have bought some and will try to like them 🙂 I have already made some tomato soup at 49 calories per serve so I can eat the whole lot and still be under woohoo.

    Wish me luck

    Herbal tea! Lemon and ginger is my savior. It means I can get a hot and strongly flavored drink but without the cals. I agree that skipping breakfast is the way to go. I have thick veg soup for lunch – normally something like curried parsnip or sweet potato as they contain natural sugars, I add some salt and also a strong flavor to make me feel like I’ve eaten something yummy.
    I bulk my dinners with shredded iceberg lettuce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Fills the place and has a good crunch. I also eat much more veg and a little protein for dinner. Garlic and onion dry fried with a 1 kcal cooking spray with spinach – hot and tasty and very few calories. “Chips” made from sweet potato / parsnip and baked in the oven. “crisps” made of thinly sliced courgette blackened under a hot grill.

    I avoid convenience or processed food + bread on fast days as they use your calories so quickly and leave you feeling empty.

    Yummy, those soups sound really good, where do I find good recipes for thick soups. I will miss my bread roll when I eat my soup but the calorie content is just not worth it.

    Hi ashpashoz

    I make soups from whatever veg I have in the fridge and add frozen veg if needed. To make it thick just put some of it through a blender. This works very well with carrot, butternut and the like. I am lucky in that I can make fresh soup as I need it. Don’t ever let any food go to waste…if you have some lettuce that needs to be used up, put it in the soup for the last minute of cooking, lovely!

    For my last meal on a so called fast day I make sure to eat some good quality protein with a lot of veg. I found this stopped the night time cravings and let me get a good nights sleep.

    Hang in there!

    Hi all, I’m on my first day today and I have to admit that I am really hungry and nearly caved in until I read these comments. I had breakfast at 7am, but wasn’t hungry so I think I may skip breakfast on Thursday. I’m thinking about eating all my calories at lunch time by having pasta arrabiata (which is a tomato based sauce). Pasta always fills me up and I quite often skip dinner when I have a pasta lunch. Can you eat pasta on a fast day?

    Hi Sabrosmar and welcome:

    Many people find that eating one evening meal high in fat/protein works best.

    Carbs make you more hungry, so the fewer you eat (all of the time) the less you will want to eat.

    Here are some tips:

    Good Luck!

    Woohoo, thanks to you all I survived my official first day 🙂 You guys are great!! or maybe I’m just high from having some breakfast haha. I used all your tips and skipped breakfast altogether and found I was no hungrier at lunchtime than I would have been if I had eaten but I was slightly grumpier. I had a bowl of soup at about 2pm and then a baked chicken breast with lots of veg for dinner. I even had some calories left over for a mid afternoon cup of tea with milk and one sugar. I drank plenty and avoided my headache although I did have a head stuffed with cotton wool feeling all day.

    Cant say thanks enough but I have to do it all again tomorrow….booo!

    I’m in the middle of my first day right now! Hunger pangs are starting to settle in as it’s 4.20pm now. I heard that freezing grapes were a good idea and they have reeaally helped get rid of my sweet cravings. I almost caved in too, but reading the comments on here have reignited my willpower! ashpashoz hope your next day goes well! Is exercise recommended on fast days or not? Contemplating whether to do half hour/45min yoga DVD.

    Thanks simcoeluv! My first day on Monday was successful and after my evening meal of quorn chilli and lots of vegetables – I had a smile on my face because it was a sense of achievement. I’ll be doing my next fast day tomorrow. I’m going to try having all my calories at lunch time and see how that goes because after reading the book, it says you should fast for at least 12 hours in between meals if you want health benefits; 12 hours between breakfast and dinner was just too hard me, so will try it this way. So glad I didn’t cave in on Monday thanks to this forum!

    Oooh, don’t know if I could do all my cals in one go at lunchtime, I think I would struggle by dinnertime. I also have oatmeal/porridge everyday for breakfast and I love it but it has not helped me lose any weight at all so I am skipping it on fast days although I will miss my little bowl of comfort on those days but I can make up for that by staying bed for the extra time in the morning 😉

    On my first day (which is today), till now its great. I’ve been in fasting state from yesterday 4pm, till today 12.45 pm (nearly 20 hours) and just had some lunch at 1pm. Morning I went to gym, had 45 min’s of elevated walking on treadmill and some strength training.

    Been taking water, as many others suggested in this forum, constantly. No hunger, no coldness till now. Lets see how it goes further.


    First day fasting for me. I too stuck to eating most of my calories in the evening, just snacking on a low calorie cup o soup and some celery during the day. For dinner, I had masses and masses of lentil and tomato stew (small tin of lentils, tin of chopped tomatoes, courgette, some celery, onion and cumin) which came to <300cal,then I had some yogurt and frozen fruit for dessert (100cal). I didn’t get too hungry during the day because I drank about a gallon of blackberry tea haha

    The stew was so filling and there was so much of it! I’m definitely going to make it again. Maybe try getting high density, low calorie food into your fast day more? I personally find that I need pulses and carbs to feel full, protein alone doesn’t do it for me.

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