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  • It would be awesome if any time we created a new topic or answered someone’s post, we got an automatic email letting us know that, so we don’t have to check all the time.

    agree would b cool

    well as u can c ur automatic alerts r here

    but I need to go into my profile and topics I created to get them. Would be great if I just got an email when someone posted in my created post.

    WiltldnrUSA – stop the presses, I didn’t realize what you meant until I just posted on someone elses’ post and saw the checkbox. Did you make this happen???? How wonderful for everyone!! Thanks!


    no u did by ur suggestion

    i’m just a little poster

    i just noticed it

    however, it is not working 100%

    it is working intermittently just like the diet 🙂

    thanks 4 the suggestion

    Thanks for your help, so far today I have received two notifications about people posting to my posts. It’s great!! Glad they listened!

    How long have you been on this diet and how much have you lost? I have been on it since August 28th and have lost 4 pounds. I put a few back on over Labor Day Weekend, but I’m back on track now! The first day I lost 3 pounds and was wowed!!


    again u r the one that suggested it
    so thanks 2 u

    since march loss 26+- lbs

    congrats on ur lbs!

    nope nothing in my email
    even all the replies 2day ugh

    wow 26 plus pounds that is wonderful!! Congratulations!!! That is strange. Are you sure you are hitting the submit button after the notify me?


    I have an idea that the small check box might have changed? I’d love it if I didn’t have to check it after every post I make but if I check it once, that it stays checked for every subsequent post in a particular thread.
    THen if you don’t want notifications anymore you can uncheck it.
    So per thread rather than per post.

    I quite often forget to check that little box then am not notified when someone answers.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Hey Speedy

    I thought about you over this Yuletide – did yours go alright? Don’t elaborate if you don’t want to.

    HI Precious BooBoo, Well Christmas was OK. If I’m honest, well it was just OK. Many have, I know, lonely Christmases when surrounded by family lol! So my dog and I had an OK time. Watched lots of television! But that’s OK 🙂 THe weather was very good, cold, dry and sunny so we walked on the beach on Boxing Day. THat was nice.
    My pre Christmas blood tests gave me things to think about. I wrote about that on USA’s Reversing Type 2 thread. Started taking a diuretic 🙁 But at least the 27 times a day going to the loo has worn off ! 😉
    Have you managed to Fast over Christmas? I’m struggling a bit so starting again on 1st. I sound very Ba Humbug!
    Hope you are OK? xx

    Hello Speedy

    (Sorry Dimples0523 for going OT on your thread but I’m sure you will cut me some slack)

    I’m pleased you have a dog to keep you company and give you lots of unconditional love; as you mention lots of people are lonely at Xmas even when surrounded by family and friends and lots of others are loney because they are quite literally alone or they’ve lost a loved one and Xmas and New Year is just torture.

    Going for a long walk on Boxing Day is what me and my husband did but we don’t have our PreciousBooBoo now so we were minus a lovely, loving furry friend.

    Xmas can be the best of times and the worst of times; I always feel really sorry for anyone who has cause to be feeling sad or alone at Xmas because it is, quite literally, rammed down our necks from early November right until the day itself. All the adverts are usually filled to the brim with estaticly happy families; and if you don’t have that in your life then you are going to feel bad. It’s a constant reminder and it’s only two days when it comes down to it.

    I love Xmas but I’ve had many dreadful ones too like most people; I’ve learned to enjoy them while I can!

    I don’t know about your blood tests but there are things you should be congratulating yourself on at the end of this year; in an incredibly difficult year you took back your power and decided to start fast dieting.
    And as far as I know; you have lost a considerable amount of weight – so be pleased about that.

    Don’t worry about struggling a bit with the fasting; eating and drinking are a natural comforting thing to do when things are stressful.
    Hell – I eat and drink whether I’m happy or sad!

    Get back on the wagon with the rest of us tomorrow!
    Boy I hope it’s a big old wagon!

    I hope the coming year is good for you and your pooch

    Ah thank you for your good wishes Precious BooBoo.
    You are right – back on the wagon is the way to go.

    It’s also bee interesting to watch. I’ve eaten too many thing I really didn’t actually enjoy, it’s just tradition. Also how quickly you can revert to old habits. So an over indulgent Christmas can also give insights! That’s what I ‘ve decided to do anyway 🙂
    I wish you an excellent New Year as well. xx

    Hey Speedy!

    Well you got through it and now we are nearly into just normal days again. So a large amount of the emotional Xmas/New Year torture goes away.

    You are so right about many foods being eaten for traditions sake; there are only two of us and the amount of foodstuffs we buy is just ridiculous.
    But you are conditioned to think ‘Oh, someone might call in unexpectedly and I have to have something nice to give them’.
    And if they don’t; you HAVE to eat them (!) because it would be way to wasteful to throw them out….
    I am physically incapable of throwing out perfectly good food; I think it’s an age thing with me.

    We could really have gotten by with just a nice Xmas dinner with all the trimmings; I seem to remember saying all this last year though but when I’m Xmas food shopping I think ‘Oh it’s only once a year; go for it!’

    Start your New Year by not giving yourself too hard a time and being more kind and congratulatory to yourself.
    I bet your husband is watching over you and willing you on. I would also like to bet he wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.

    What a lovely message Precious BooBoo. Thank you.
    Am feeling rather proud today because although I haven;t fasted as I intended, There is a half box of Quality street that I threw away (yes!) that is still in the rubbish box! Maybe it’s disgusting to even consider taking them out! But they are still there.

    New Years day here has been wet and damp and chilly. But a few nice films on tonight so these holidays will soon really be over! That rhythm of normal daily routine, although there is no real reason I can’t keep that up over holidays, still it seems to fall apart what with shops being closed and usual programmes not on television. I see how fragile routines can be.

    Last year I wrote some messages to myself in my email calendar – don’t get January blues – go out and walk! That sort of thing. So with luck all will be back on schedule tomorrow 🙂
    Thank you again for your kind message.

    i think you can get an automatic alert? i just joined now, and ticked a box that said “alert me when i get a reply” they send an email to let you know. Im still trying to figure out how this all works. Ive just posted something but not had any replies yet.

    Starting the 5-2 diet tomorrow- do you have any tips. i want to loose about 3.5 stone.


    Hey Mia36

    My first tip would be read the book Michael and Mimi wrote; it gives you all the information you need to start but also explains the science behind it all in such a user friendly understandable way.

    Second tip would be, apart from posting already as you have done; look back at many of the posts on this site. You can learn loads just by reading the comments and the responses given.
    It’s nice to be informed ‘personally’ but you can get so much motivation from looking back at what has already been said – well I do.
    Good luck with your first week!

    Hello again Speedy – Wow chucking out Quality Street choclates – where abouts do you live in Holland?

    I have a funny story about chucking something in a bin then taking it out and eating it! Yes disgusting!

    I had had some sort of row with my then partner (now husband) cannot remember what is was about but it was Valentines Day and he had bought me one of those huge cookies in a box.
    I remember clearly; he came into our bedroom early on the day with a square box held high and I thought ‘Bloody Hell; he’s bought me a pizza for Valentines Day…..scowl…..’

    As I say I cannot remember why I chucked the cookie (in it’s box) in the rubbish bin but it went in with the card I had bought him!

    I can’t remember when we took it out but we did and very nice it tasted too! I said I was physically incapable of throwing out perfectly good food!!

    You are right to feel proud of yourself – you’ve just got through an extremely difficult time.
    Well done

    Hi Mia,
    To lose quite a bit of weight – as I am trying to do, I think you have to be aware that 5:2 is not really, primarily a weightloss diet. You do lose weight of course but it can be quite slow. To lose at about a kilo a week – as I am trying to do – generally, I ‘d say you should try to eat healthy but low carb in ‘feast’ days. It’s also probably easier to fast after eating low carb the day before.
    I’ve lost 17 kilos about 2.5 stone (excluding Christmas!!!) in 4 months fairly easily.
    I’d also say decide in advace on which days you are going to fast as leaving the decision up to yourself on the day itself can mean you (like me) end up, mid afternoon deciding to fast tomorrow and tomorrow and tommorrow …
    This is just personal but I’d try faasting with water only for 36 hours. I know the book says 5-600 cals is OK – and I’m sure it is but when you want to lose quite a bit, I think that will break your fast and slow down weightloss. But that is just my personal preffference because for me eating at all makes it difficult to stop but it’s easier to have a day when I don’t have to think at all about food – if your circumstances allow of course. Precious BooBoo is right about the wealth of info on the other forums. Good Luck 🙂

    Precious BooBoo it was that or gobble them down! Waste I know, but better in the bin than on my bottom! xx

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