Add exercise calories to fast day allowance?

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Add exercise calories to fast day allowance?

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  • Hi everyone,
    I’ve just joined. A crucial question for me is:
    On a fast day am I allowed to add my exercise calories to my total calorie allowance of 500?
    Like, if I tally up 200 cals on a short run can I then eat 700 cals instead of 500?
    If not, why not? Is there a secret to the 500? 🙂

    The calorie limit on fast days is twofold: 1. health benefits from giving your body a break, 2. weight loss. Increasing calories to compensate will begin to mess with #1, and will only slow the rate at which you lose weight.

    For me, the beauty of this way of eating is finding a 500-calorie (or lower) routine that I can stick with and not even thinking about, “if I go for a run, then I can have x.”

    On fast days, I try to think about food as little as possible. (After a few weeks, grocery shopping and cooking were doable, but meal planning is still a bad idea after 4 months.). Ultimately you’ll need to decide what works for you. Good luck!

    Thanks Katkins 🙂

    I’ve tried various ways with the fast and for now (after 5 months) I find i eat all my fast calories at lunchtime which gives me enough in the tank to slow jog for an hour after work. Once home I have a small stash of bath bombs and such and have a long soak, as I often feel cold on the fast days and enjoy a bath as a treat. For me this works and hopefully you’ll find what works for you.

    Thanks Belhelviegal,
    I too get cold on fast days!
    And I do it the other way round from you, save its all up to the evening, but then, yes, have that bath! I find exercise on an empty stomach really kicks the body into doing something, ie letting go of that fat!
    Best wishes

    I exercise on my fast days, and don’t add the calories burned to my allowable consumption – found that helped with sticking to the 500cal rather than thinking i could have a bit extra due to exercise done.

    500 comes from 25% of the average TDEE for women. TDEE already includes exercise, so no, don’t add exercise calories to the 500.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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