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  • 6 weeks of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, eating well the other days. Went in one belt hole, lost a quarter inch on my belly. Initial weight was 200, last weigh in was 195. Had a blood test and everything came back in the normal range. I’m 43, happy with the blood work but hoping to get rid of more fat. Slow going for me but I actually like the fast days, the rain is letting soon, can’t wait to start biking again.

    Congratulations Runamok! Sounds like good progress so far! It’s easy to see weight loss programs on television and think that our slow and stead isn’t good enough, but if you look at what progress you could make in 6 months based on what you’ve just done in 6 weeks I’ll bet it’ll be a bright future!
    Way to stick with it!

    Yeah I’m ok with the results so far, mostly concerned with my blood work and keeping my triglycerides in check. I like the diet because it’s not to intrusive, and during fast days I can contemplate eating habits and apply and change things on my eating days. Still working things out of course, just gotta get the belly fat in check, thank you for the reply. Cheers.

    Week 7 – another 1/4 inch of my waist, so feeling really excited. I also cut out wheat and bread from my diet completely, upped my dietary fiber, and started to add “probiotic” type food to my diet i.e. Kim chee, yogurt, kefir, miso and sauerkraut. Slow and steady, and more energy than usual.

    Wow! Great progress! Please keep posting your results – very motivating to read.

    Thank you, its been really helpful to try and post here, it keeps me motivated and focused to try and reach my goal.

    In the last two weeks I’ve been excercising on my fast days. I usually do a 24 hour fast from dinner to dinner with my family. So exercising helps put me in the “negative” for calories, so I can eat a small to normal meal, and I don’t have to think about the calories, just eat till I’m satiated and done.

    I also try to bike a minimum of 5 miles per day but working for a goal of 10 a day. Small steps but overall feeling really good going into my 8th week of 5:2.

    Hey Run! How’s the progress?! I am down 3lb of the 15 I need to lose. So 12 to go! I felt hungrier this week than any of the previous.

    Hey LuvThis, still going! Last couple of weeks were really tough, and found that fasting was increasingly difficult, but then came this week and it seemed easy again. Haven’t weighed myself or measured but I seem to be about halfway to bother belt hole and my pants are getting a bit saggy so that’s a good sign!

    Congratulation on the 3lbs! Keep going, you can knock off 12 more in no time, persitance and patience!

    Another 1/2” off the waist! A little under 38”s and I’m very happy because whatever I’m doing is very sustainable for the foreseeable future, my goal as of now is a 36” waist, I am hoping that another 6 months should do it. The only thing I’m not excited about is buying new clothes as of now my pants are starting to get to baggy. Very motivated and happy!!

    Nice work! Always a good reason to buy new clothes – smaller size. Better than the alternative lol.

    I am still at 3 lbs down. I feel like I will break through the barrier this week. Although I hate to admit but I broke my fast today with potato chips. Eek. I followed it with a salad though.

    Nothing wrong with some chips every now and again, as long as it’s not an everyday thing, I think you’re good. It’s just consistency, I’m sure you’ll break through soon, don’t give up and be gentle with yourself, we’re only humans.

    I ate a doughnut the other day in celebration, guilt free!!

    Another 1/2” off the waist, a little under 37.5”, going through a slow phase right now, but I’m upbeat about it, I’ll give myself another year to get rid of the next 3 inches off the waist, but in the short term I would like to hit 36” waist just to be in the “safe” zone. Going in for another blood work and checking weight in the coming weeks, fingers crossed everything is still good.

    Nice progress, Runamok. Good attitude.
    Just nosey: How many calories are you eating on Fast Days? Are you changing what you eat on Slow Days, since you’ve been Fasting? We find that the appetite decreases as time goes on.

    Hi, thank you. I’m not counting calories, but I stopped consuming so much wheat, increased my fruits and veggies and doubled my fiber with psyllium husk. So overall I’m eating less on both days and eating better. My appetite has stayed about the same.

    Congratulations on your progress. It’s good to see how things change as time goes on. Please keep us posted on how your bloods go and on your progress.

    I’m in my 6th week and really enjoying it. The fast days feel relatively easy now. I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 10lbs. I’m expecting my progress to sliw as time goes on, but I’m fine with that. Very excited to reach my goal weight. I have another 35lbs to lose but I’m in no hurry, it will happen in time.

    Great news on the 2 inches! And 10 pounds! Keep it up!

    I finally weighed myself and I’m down to 185, I lost about 15 pounds so far, I’m more concerned with middle inches, but it’s good news all around, still about 3 inches more to go and maybe 8-10 pounds. Just got a foot injury, hope that doesn’t put me off to long. Keep the updates coming!

    Hello everyone!
    I fasted for the first time yesterday. I’m down 1.6 pounds. This is easier than thought! I would like to loose 15 – 20 pounds and try to Improve my LDL numbers. I’ll keep everyone up with my progress.

    That’s great! Keep it up! I’ve had some great results with my bloodwork so far, I’m still working on getting my triglicérides under control, keep us updated.

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