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  • Hi all, new to this so have been doing a bit of research but have got a bit confused as to whether I should be doing the new, revised 800 calorie in take on fast days or stick to the original 500?


    Hi, just joined too!
    Started the beginning of the week and I’m confused too. I was waiting for the book to arrive(the fast diet5:2) & did 800 cal fast Tuesday, as per Google research…Yesterday I did a 500 fast as per the book??
    Not sure what to do next as book was published 2014- is it old data….Does anyone know??

    Hi Cherryj and Bexp – welcome

    The more recent research that Dr MM reviewed showed that you can get a fasting benefit from 800 calories and you don’t need to do the stricter 500/600 that he recommended some years earlier in his first book. However, in the end the decision is still yours.

    If I’m only doing 2 FDs per week I still do 500 calories – for me the reason is my TDEE which is 1600cals if I exercise daily and just 1350 if I don’t. If I cut back to 800calories on just 2 days a week my rate of weight will be pretty pathetic. For someone with a high TDEE, I think you have more freedom to choose 800 cals and can still achieve a credible weight loss. Remember that you need a calorie deficit of 7,700 calories to lose 1 kg of body fat (and I am talking about body fat not body weight, which can be impacted many other things).
    However, I will also mention that I do choose to do 800cal days if I’m doing more than 2 FDs in a week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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