2nd fast – help me get through!

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  • I’m so hungry!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But I scoured the internet for a forum, just so I could sign up and make this post. It’s been 8 hours since breakfast and I’m starving!!!! I can’t ask anyone around me for support because if they knew I was on this diet they would just try to talk me out of it.

    Some background. 38/F. 5’3. 160 lbs. Been trying to eat healthier for the past 8 weeks. Lost 8 lbs already. Found the 5:2 diet when I hit a plateau and stopped losing.

    My first fast on Monday went pretty good. I made it at least. I planned on fasting yesterday but lost my nerve. Now, here I am, struggling to ignore the rumbling tummy and urge to eat.

    Somebody give me some encouragement. Please. Tell me it will be worth it. Tell me I can do it. Tell me anything! Thanks!

    Hi, I feel your pain! Suggest you join a thread that’s already going, depending where in the world you are. Have a look at ‘recent threads’ and post on one there. You will get so much support. Best of luck, you can do this!

    Hi grossmansr,
    I totally understand your pain and what you are going through as I was also going through the same process as well but that all changed until I read a book: The Red Tea Detox’ program by Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller.

    The Red Tea Detox program helped me lose 20 kilos in three months which was a remarkable success! I feel so confident, bright and happy whenever I’m meeting up with friends and family.

    To find out more, please view my blog: https://onlyapersonalblog.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/healthy-tea-diet/

    There is also a ‘special offer’ happening at the moment which is included in my blog.
    You will be amazed by it as it will completely change your life!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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