24 hours fasting?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I know you are supposed to do a 36 hours fasting but I was wondering if 24 hours works as well?

    I am a student and my social life can be a bit hectic. The fasting I have been doing is the following: I have f.ex my last normal meal on Sunday 7 pm. On Monday I don’t eat all day (just lots of water and tea) until 7 pm. Then I will have a normal meal again so not one of 500 kcal.

    I have been doing this because I find it very difficult to count the calories, plus I will stay hungry after eating only 500 kcal. Besides that I have an active social life and I would like to be able to just eat a “normal” meal with friends and maybe even consume some alcohol starting from 7 pm (so if I have been fasting on a Monday until 7 om I still want to have the opportunity to go to a restaurant or cafe with friends).

    Is this okay or am I doing it all wrong? I eat healthily on the non-fast days (I am vegan).

    Thank you!

    Weight loss is achieved by calorie restriction so if you are considering eating normally and drinking alcohol it is unlikely that you’ll lose weight even if you have fasted all day.
    I’m sorry to say that if you want to lose weight the fact is that you have to commit to it, make some sacrifices and exercise some willpower.

    Hi Jamilla

    In order for 5.2 to work you can only have 500 calories 2 days of the week otherwise you are not doing 5.2 at all. You can find plenty of recipes online for dinners that are less than 500 calories and quick and easy to make. Just pick 2 nights when you are not going out and plan those as your fast days. Once you get used to it you will find it very easy to follow.

    Good luck

    Wishful thinking on your part, Jamilla. If you’re only doing this twice a week I’d wager there’s not even a weekly calorie deficit and it certainly couldn’t be considered any effective form of 5:2. I eat 200 calories every other day and eat normally (plus plenty of booze) every other day and I’m lucky if I shift a pound a week.

    I know it isn’t really the 5/2 diet but I have read about other types of fasting like the eat stop eat, the 16/8 etc. It isn’t necessarily about weight loss, more about the benefits in general. I am just wondering if you also get some health benefits from fasting 24 hours without eating even if you break the fast after 24 hours. Because you have still been fasting for 24 hour straight so shouldn’t that have some effect?

    Pot-bellied Heron, I will definitely take less calories in. I will have a normal meal after the 24 hours fasting but that doesn’t mean I wil eat a lot more. I still skipped breakfast, lunch and snacks so let’s say 1200 kcal. Besides that, I am vegan and my eating habits are pretty healthy. It is not that I will drink a lot of alcohol and eat junkfood at the end of the fasting, it is more that I am wondering if it is still effective if I end the fasting after “only” 24 hours with – maybe, occasionally – a dinner at a restaurant or with friends and a glass of wine.

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