Making a comeback after retirement

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Making a comeback after retirement

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  • Making a comeback after retirement

    (am email from a Fast Dieter – reprinted by permission)

    Michael, I saw your programme and then watched again with my husband, we liked the idea and thought it was manageable and about more than just weight. I was 12st and too heavy and I’m now 60, retired and needed to keep fit as well as healthy. My husband was obese at 15st.

    We began doing 2 days in a row at first. I downloaded the Fitness Pal app so I could keep track of calories on the fast days. We had each other as moral support, and we encouraged and commiserated with each other. We began to lose weight steadily. There were weeks at about mid November where we were not visibly losing weight but we noticed the inches disappearing from our waistlines.

    I am now 10st 5lb and my husband is about 13st 11lb. Both of us have reduced waistlines! We decided to split the fast days after about 5 weeks and it is so much easier to deal with the nagging munchies, you just tell yourself that you can have a treat in the morning. It is much better to be busy on a fast day as the thoughts of food are lessened.

    I told some other friends and now have a small group on Facebook, we chat on the group about success rather maintain healthy levels of nutrients, take a daily Sanatogen to supplement any lack that may occur. I was worried about potassium and iron levels as I am a vegetarian. One of the best foods we use is quorn as it is incredibly low in calories.

    We both feel that the diet is extremely effective and manageable. It has changed our outlook on food. We will continue until we have reached our target weights and then probably maintain a 6/1 lifestyle which will enable us to maintain the weight Thank you for the programme. It’s changed our lives for the better.

    You’re so right about the moral support – my partner has started the Fast Diet (at last), and is now hugely committed – and telling me how to do it!!
    If you have any good Quorn recipes, could you post them on the site please? Lots of vegetarians tuning in and I’m gathering top tips. Thanks for your post, and best of luck with your 6:1 Maintenance model (it works for Michael and me)

    Hello, I am also over 60 and overweight. I clocked in after a Christmas visit to the UK at 11st 6lb and with a 35.5 inch waist. Living as I do in very rural North-West Murcia in Southern Spain it is a real benefit not to have to search out reduced calorie ingredients and ready meals. The rural Spanish idea of healthy seems to stretch to a few low fat dairy products and some gluten free bread. I have already lost 4lb and an inch from my waist doing alternative day reduced intake and will change to 5/2 when I get to 10 stone. Thank you for the website tips and hints, every bit of motivation helps.

    Delighted to read a story about older people! I am 69 and female and having read the book feel that I could cope with the diet, and would aim to lose a stone, which has crept on in the last few years and particularly since Christmas.
    Now the snow has gone I am hoping to get back to swimming and most walking. Aim to start the diet tomorrow (Mon) Should be interesting as have intentionally fasted before.
    Hope I am not too old, Michael? I am in pretty good health but would welcome lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

    Well done! I’m female, 68, preparing for my start tomorrow, Monday. In preparation I’ve bought a collection of lovely veggies for a delicious chunky soup to see me through lunch tomorrow and Thursday. Slightly nervous, but looking forward to a noticeable weight loss by April. My biggest challenge will be to go out in the cold for my much-needed exercise.

    Hi, this is my second attempt at the diet. I loved it from the “get go” as our American cousins would say. I lost a stone in just over a month and for reasons I can’t fathom I stopped doing it! Anyway, now into week 3 of second try. It is so doable. I’ve gone from thinking about food every day of my life to not thinking about food!

    Hiya, can anyone tell me how to start a post? Think I’m being thick as cannot figure it out and desperate for some advice…..many thanks!

    Well completed my lst fast on Monday. Went very well really, but got a bit empty at times. Also have husband doing his own mini fast – dramatically cutting lunch down to a piece of toast and fruit. He’s done that before and it has worked. Anyway, day after fast didn’t feel hungry, just pleased that I had done day one! Hope I can do it as it really appeals to me, not having to reduce intake all the time. Roll on tomorrow – dreading it! Its a challenge.

    Hi Everyone. I had decided to weigh myself once a month as I didn’t want to get obsessed with the weight issue so I could focus more on health. However, this morning was my first big weigh in and I have lost 7lb! I’ve also managed to inspire one of my daughters and her husband to do it. I find I look forward to my fast days as the life of my husband and me tends to be around dining out.

    Hi, I’ve completed my 2nd week of the diet and have found the ‘fast days’ quite easy so far. Trouble is, I feel I am undoing all my good work on my non-fast days so no progress re weight loss so far. I’m not gorging but I’m eating ‘what I fancy’!

    Any tips please on how best to eat on my non fast days to ad my progress please??


    I would like the answer to this too, I only picked the book up in Waterstones yesterday by chance as I had gone in to buy a book and they had an offer of get a 2nd book for half price and whilst browsing I came upon what I thought was “yet another” diet book, yawn, done them all lol!! But after a flick through I could see this was entirely different to anything I have ever tried before and I have tried them all from Atkins and every other letter in the alphabet. I haven’t read the whole book as I have been online doing some searching to any negative posts or reviews but thankfully so far haven’t found any. My biggest question seems to be the same as Sam above ^^^^ what to eat on non fast days, I have lived that long with restrictions from no white bread, rice, pasta, low fat this and that, sweeteners etc., that I can’t quite get my head around how a “normal” person eats lol. Would appreciate tips and feedback. Thank you.

    re: eating on non fast days… first of all, I fast on Tue and Thu, 24 hrs no food till a 500 calorie evening meal consisting of lots of leafy greens and veggies, sometimes blended, sometimes a green soup or some oatmeal. On Mon, Wed, and Fri, I use the “crowding out” approach, meaning I load up on nutrient dense foods first, some of them even high in calories and healthy fats. I start with a huge green smoothie in the late morning, sprouted grain toast with coconut oil and tea for lunch if I’m hungry, then beans, soups, salads, quinoa, salsa, avocado slices, etc. for dinner, followed by fresh fruit of some sort. Mostly, I make sure I consume these high nutrient foods before eating anything else, and while it leaves little room for anything else, it also works better mentally… I am not restricting myself from eating things. I’m just choosing the best foods possible. Then on the weekends, I still drink the huge green smoothie, but also allow myself to eat whatever else I want, which mostly means a little meat, coffee with a bit of cream, eggs, potatoes, cheese, chocolate, and wine. But I still take care to eat the freshest and cleanest versions of those foods possible, and to avoid processed foods, refined sugar or carbs, white bread, etc. And no matter what the day, drink lots of water. It works great for me!

    I am 66 years old and have always struggled with my weight. My BMI is 22 which I know is fine but I need to lose fat around my waist and muffin top. I have been on the Fast diet since the programme, have not cheated, eat little on the other days and almost nothing on fast days, exercise every day and have lost no weight and no inches. I am getting very despondent! Any suggestions?

    Hi, I am going to reply to Sam 1 and Nivea first, I am having a very similar ‘reaction’ on non-fast days, however I am trying not to panic and lose heart as I think it is a ‘reaction’ and will settle down when we psychologically realise that this is not just a temporary way of eating eg; its not Easter or Christmas its a new way of eating for as long as we want, and we don’t have to panic eat chocolate and crisps etc, because we think they are going to be taken away and banished for 11 months of each year. But I will keep you posted if there is no change for me next month! I would also like to reply to Evelyn46 in that possibly you may not be eating enough, you say as well as fasting the 2 days you are eating little on the non fast days. Your body may well be hanging on to the fat you have because it feels that it is in starvation mode. I am no expert though maybe someone else can offer you better advice but if I were you I would try to eat normally on the non fast days, you can do this and still be healthy though.

    Hi, am 10 days in with 6lb weight loss. 500 cals on fast days with approx 16-18 overnight fast periods and being watchful on non fast days. So far its been easy. am not a big eater so have been frustrated for years why I was between 14-15 stone and unable to maintain any weight loss. Feel as alert as ever and still walking most days, sleeping better (always a problem) and feeling like this could be the plan for the future. Am 65 with table controlled high BP, which, on taking my daily readings shows a slight drop over the last 6 days…. Have a holiday booked in 6 weeks…and have set a reasonably attainable goal. So you Guys Is it OK to do a 4.3 plan for a couple of weeks to get into my swimmincoz The diet days are not a problem and I manage them with no hunger pains…
    Im not finding this diet hard work and believe this may just be THE ONE – could it be magic?

    I’m getting on for 64 and have been very overweight since I was 40 when a virus kicked the super-fit legs out from under me. I’ve had trouble with an underactive thyroid and gluten intolerance as well as breast cancer, all of which left me feeling exhausted, so I ate lots in a bid to feel more energetic. The reverse effect was my reward. Fasting for two days a week has cleared my head, given me lots of energy and extra time for doing things I like. I’ve also lost several pounds of fat after three weeks on my new regime. I feel optimistic for the first time in ages. The fasting days are pure pleasure and everything tastes astonishingly good.

    Hi. This is my second week of fasting for 2 days a week. I’ve found it not too difficult but today for some reason I have really struggled – just felt really hungry. Had to eat little something at lunch – turkey roll and leafy salad (lemon juice dressing) – also had fish & green veg for dinner and cottage cheese on cracker read for breakfast. I know this isn’t proper dating but it’s the best I can do. Do you think I will lose weight with this 3 light meals a day rather than fasting for longer periods? Thanks

    I am 66 and very overweight. I have an under-active thyroid which is controlled by thyroxine. A year ago (over the Xmas and New Year period!) i started on a 5:2 day diet and lost 1 1/2 stone but the weight loss didn’t continue so I stopped it but kept the weight off. I decided to start again this New Year. I haven’t exercised for years so I have built a 2.2 mile walk into my daily routine. I made a batch of the diet soups and now have a soup for lunch and a restricted calorie meal for dinner. I work in a very cold warehouse so, in order to keep headaches at bay and keep warm, I have adjusted my meals to allow for hot drinks throughout the day; always sticking religiously to 500 cals. I have also increased my fluid intake by drinking at least 1 lt of water a day. I find it easy and dont suffer at all on diet days. But, I have just weighed after 4 weeks and have lost nothing!!! I can’t tell you how depressed I am!What more can I do?

    i’m new to this diet and will be starting this week, i just need to make a few plans to best practice it. i’m excited to try it. i hear a lot of negative comments from people when they hear about this diet, but i think it sounds awesome. i hope to get off the yo yo pattern and really make this a part of my life. i suffer from lyme disease and need to incorporate anti inflammitory foods. any ideas?

    I’m a new member. I’m 68, and I started the fast last week. i first tried the 5:2 diet last year, after watching the Horizon show. I lost 4 kilos, but the most impressive was that my blood pressure lowered enough for me to stop taking medication. But then the holidays came, i stopped the fast and put back the weight I had lost, although my blood pressure numbers are still good. I started the diet again last week and have lost one kilo. I find I don’t get very hungry when on a fast day. My method is to eat nothing in the morning, then around 2:00 in the afternoon I have an egg, fried in a non-stick pan with a slice of low fat ham. Then I’ll have a small meal later in the evening, something like a grilled piece of chicken and some veggies. sometimes I just have a sandwich made from one piece of whole meal bread and one slice of ham with some mustard. It’s surprisingly filling and just about 120 calories!

    Well done with your progress.

    My wife and I started on the 5:2 about 3 weeks ago.
    On the 1st week in January I was 15st 4lbs, last Friday I weight in at 14st 1lb, and that week my weight had dropped 3.6lbs. I won’t expect that every week, in fact on one week I only managed a 0.6 lb drop.
    Today I managed a fairly high paced 50 minute walk 50% uphill walk with know puffing and panting.
    At 68 years old I am delighted with my progress.
    This is such a simple diet to follow. It deserves al the success it’s having.

    Dear Pennybry.
    How depressing indeed. It is absolute rubbish to stick to the rules and not get the benefits. Been there, done, that.
    There are four possibilities, I think.
    You may have lost girth. Do you measure your waist? Or your body may be readjusting itself prior to loss.
    Or you may be miscounting on the fast days. I can only wonder about the hot drinks???
    Or you may be really going for it on the non fast days.
    From your post I doubt the last two so patience may be the only advice. Deepest sympathy.
    Oh, one thought, try 3:4 not 5:2 for a couple of weeks??? worked for me.
    Or you

    Hi all it’s week 3 for me, I’m retired & overweight (obese) don’t admit that often.
    Desperate for this diet to work & off to a good start 1st weigh-in 2lbs loss + 2nd weigh-in 3 loss also feels good for this week. Got holiday coming up so any advice would be appreciated, decided to do the best I can calorie wise on holiday + plenty off walking, prob no fast days if I’m honest, but back on track after.

    Hi Sue.Q – hope this works, I’m not too good with these links. Adjust your fast days if you need to but it is easy to do, you don’t even have to tell people you are doing it. And I haven’t compensated by eating more the next day, if anything I’m eating less. And fast days are alcohol free which I have found surprisingly easy considering our cellar and that I am used to wine with meals. I found from the first week it was easy to swim 5 mornings (including fast days) – you have more energy and really burn fat. Over the first 8 weeks after a 1.5kg drop the first week I either put on a few hundred grams or didn’t lose much, but put on terrific leg muscle. Now after 14 weeks losing about half kg a week. But I find it much easier to just have water for the 24 hours

    Thanks Vicki. Just starting week 4 today + OMG I’ve lost 5lbs this week!!! Must be the extra walking I’m doing so now I’m definitely committed 10lbs in 3 week
    I do agree about not telling anyone I’ve told my hubby
    it’s a healthy plan before the holiday + then more so after, I think the F word would freek most people out.
    My sister knows + she is joining me after the holiday.
    Maybe sometime soon I’ll go swimming again like you
    But not ready yet with so much weight,

    Sorry hadn’t finished ( I’m rubbish with tecno stuff )
    Hope all is going well with you + many thanks for the support. Sue

    hi all I am another one in my late 60′s- very late as I shall be 70 at the end of this year. Love this way of eating and wish I had not poopooed it at the beginning when the book hit the shops. I actually like the feeling hungry sensation on fast days. Iam very heavy- I have 4-5 st to lose – though my waist measurement is 32″ which at 5’4″ is not too bad. (your should see my legs!!!-well not really All my weight seems to be there). I have joined various “slimmimg” clubs about 150 times over 40 years and now I don’t have to ever again. Thanks to a friend and Michael and Mimi I am losing, eating lots and happier around food.

    Hi Lizzie? Well I’m mid sixty with at least 7st to lose maybe more I also wished I’d found it earlier, but we’re there now so let’s get going!!! And beat this together, we’ve only missed about 9 months.
    Good Luck on you’re journey. Sue.

    Exactly Sue Q! Here we are! This is a fast day for me and I enjoy having some yogurt (Dollop of proper Greek style=50cals0 plus some fresh berries and then having a 3 course meal at about 7pm. Tonight it is a little cos lettuce with just the white of a hardboiled egg plus 10g smoked salmon shreds, a little pork with lots of veg and then strawberries and 1 tblespoon single cream. I am very hungry but love the feeling and the anticipation

    My husband and I (sound like the Queen don’t I) are just on our second fast day, I have been doing Weightwatchers, feels like forever, and have slacked off for months, partly attributed to major family issues, but this sounds like a fantastic way to eat. At the moment we are doing three meals, but the middle one is minute, and sticking to the allotted calories, I am planning to track ww points on the five other days, has anyone done this and how did it work?

    ps its lovely to see all the posts from you all, makes me feel like Im part of a community already, I am also in my 60s!!

    Hello, dorsetdoll and welcome – I know nothing of the Weightwatchers (WW) points system but is it based on a 7-days-a-week calorie-restricted daily food allowance to achieve weight loss? If so, I would suggest you do take a little care. Hopefully, the WW plan does educate you well about the calorific values of different foods, which should be very useful in helping you to make good choices. However, as I understand it, the 5:2 approach deliberately rejects DAILY calorie restriction as being unsustainable long-term and more likely to slow down one’s metabolism, thereby reducing one’s capacity to lose weight. I think the 5:2 principle is: two relatively sharp shocks to the metabolism each week but then normal, healthy eating – i.e. taking in enough calories to balance one’s energy expenditure – on each of the other five days. Thus, one achieves an overall calorie deficit over the seven days, with various additional health benefits, but without tipping one’s body into the dread ‘starvation mode’. You already sound pretty savvy so I wish you and your husband every success, especially in finding the best way of working for each of you. It would be good to hear how you get on.

    Hello Jeanius, the weightwatchers plan doesnt count calories, all foods have a points value and you are allocated so many according to what you way, it is all based on healthy eating with plenty of every type of food, no food is banned, you just have to track what you eat, so Im hoping that sticking to those types of foods without actually counting anything will make it happen but if it doesnt Ill abandon it and just try and eat normally on the 5 days, trouble is Im not sure any more what normal is.

    sorry weigh, not way

    Hiya Lizzie & all well I’ve just returned from girls meal out so I drove only drinking soda water ( Kraft move)
    Had swordfish + boiled pots + veg.
    This was a fast day no3 so not to bad I’m doing proper fast day tomorrow. Can’t believe how satisfied I feel on these days amazing, how I wish this was around 20yrs ago boy would have been fit now, never mind no time to waste get on + do it. Sue

    Hi everyone. Have been on the 5:2 for four weeks now and had lost around 2ks, but no loss this week. I wanted to check the way my husband and I are currently managing the fast days and get some advice from more experienced participants if this is correct. We eat dinner on our feed day prior to fast day at 6pm and then have nothing more until 10-11am the following fast day when we have a 200cal breakfast. At 6pm that day we have our 300 cal dinner, then nothing until breakfast at 8am following day. This gives us two fast periods of approx 15 hours till fast day b’fast, followed by approx 22 hours during which we consume our 500cals (husband has 600). We consume our calories in a period of eight hour, leaving 14 hours fasting after 6pm. Is this okay. Love reading all the comments and helpful hints….good luck to all Meg

    Hello, meg.1 – Your schedule sounds very good.  I hope both you and your husband thrive on this new regime and feel well as a result.  Remember, the 5:2 approach is flexible, so your fasting days can be moved around to suit the demands of work, family, health and social engagements when necessary.  On the subject of non-weight loss, I know my own digital scales are often unsure which figure to display some weeks, when on the cusp between two possible weights, but then they happily leap forward (i.e. downward) again a week or two later.  Hopefully, your scales will enjoy surprising you in their own similarly whimsical way.

    Hello everyone well I lost my 1st stone before my holiday ( sooo chuffed)
    I did the best I could while away, also plenty of walks did 10,000 plus steps daily, on my return did fast day & 2 more in week ( this was to repair damage)
    Didn’t weigh-in simply because I knew I must have gained, maybe when I’ve been doing it bit longer I’ll fast while away but not this time, weigh myself in 2days so will let you know, good luck everyone. Sue

    Hi All,

    As a 66 year old, I had been overweight by 10-15 kilos for the past 20 years or so. I had tried various other diets over the years, but found none of them to be sustainable nor particularly effective. I read about the Fast Diet in July this year and it made so much sense that I decided to try it. I started the Fast Diet on 22 July with the support of my wife who was only a couple of kilos over her desired weight. I am 175 centimetres tall and I started at a weight of 87.9kilos on 22 July. I have been absolutely delighted at the regular and consistent weight loss over the weeks since then. After 9 weeks and 4 days on the FD, I am now 10 kilos lighter at 77.9kilos. Now, I only have less than 3 kilos to go until I reach my target weight of around 75 kilos. The great support of my wife in joining me in this endeavour has been invaluable. We do our two fast days a week on Mondays and Thursdays. The great thing is that, when I have reached my target weight, I will reduce my fast days to one day a week and will only go back to 2 days a week if my weight starts to creep up again. I know it works and works well. My great thanks to Dr Michael Mosley for devising this innovative approach to successful weight loss. Now, I can happily play tennis again without damaging my knees or other joints. I now look forward to a longer and healthier retirement. Iain

    You are very inspiring! How is your wife getting on? I also have been doing this since July but haven’t weighed in yet so haven’t got a clue how well, or not, I’m doing! Best of luck getting to your goals.

    Started so well, but now flagging! Like most people in this stream, I am mid-60′s. I started fast-dieting in July, lost a stone but have been on a plateau for about a month. I really want to lose another stone: I have two artificial hips, and will maintain them much better if I watch my weight. I have not really suffered from hunger, but in the last two weeks, have found that I am very tired, lacking in energy and have great difficulty staying asleep at night. Generally, I am not feeling too well, with a lot of headaches and it’s affecting my mood.( I do keep the water content up). On the plus side, I do feel that I have continued to lose inches, and the fast diet has become a way of life. And it’s good to feel that at least two days a week are entirely alcohol free! Not sure what to do now so I may take a break.Thanks for all the stories, they do help.

    Suep, I totally understand about the tiredness. I too find that I get very tired, in particular after a fast day. I do however sleep, even if I wake early, today it was 05:00 which annoyed me because I knew I’d have to wait 3 hours before I could eat (yesterday was a fast day). I’m wondering whether even with keeping the fluid intake up, it is something to do with what we eliminate. The body is after all getting rid of some toxins. I actually think it’s a very good idea to take a break. I did exactly that when I had a very bad cold and chest infection. I continued to be careful with my diet, eating healthily but didn’t fast. It didn’t have a detrimental effect at all. So I’ve decided that I will have one week a month whereby I don’t fast. I’m hoping that by doing this, I might avoid the dreaded plateau. Take care of yourself and let us know how you are. :-)

    “have been on a plateau for about ”

    All of us are on a plateau a majority of the time.

    anainn- thanks for your encouragement. I hadn’t thought of the toxins as a source of headaches. It could also be the lack of sleep as well.

    Thanks ChrissieinBrittany. My wife is also doing well and is within a kilo of her target weight of 55kilos. Like myself, she finds that feeling much better is one of the pleasant effects of intermittent dieting. We have been fortunate that neither of us has suffered the side effects of lack of energy, headaches or sleeplessness that others have reported. I have found the opposite – that I feel re-energised and raring to go on the mornings after fast days and don’t feel particularly hungry either. Good luck with your own journey. We have found that weighing in once a week has given us the incentive to continue with the program. It has now become a way of life. Iaincd

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