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  • I decided to treat myself to some zero noodles, I have 3 packets. They arent easy to get hold of as I live abroad and have had to ship them in.
    Please can anyone suggest what I can do with them? I really dont want to waste them so need to tried, tested and delicious recipes please

    Hi there Emma

    I am bumping your post as I know a few posters will reply lol, ie Sylvestra, she has some yummy recipes with those!
    sorry am no help as I have not used them yet but keep meaning to!!

    happy cooking 🙂

    I find zero noodles fantastic for this diet!

    On fast days I eat a packet for lunch with a tomato and even get to enjoy spag bol in the evening with them.

    I have found that you can eat the noodles as pasta too – it is just like angel hair.

    For the bolognese I use quorn mince, tinned tomatoes, onions, mushrooms (optional) stock cube and a sprinkle of parmensan cheese which comes in at 230 cals.

    In my experience, I have found some zero noodles to be better tasting than others, the ones we get currently are shipped in from California and have a very soft texture, others I have tried have been a bit on the crunchy side.

    The brand is Shirakiku white noodle 198g (7oz) – have a shop around to see where you can get them the cheapest. Rather than searching for zero noodles, which will take you to all the really expensive sites, search for yam noodles or the brand mentioned above.

    i have found two products here in australia that use Konjac roots as there ingredient
    they both have around 10 clas per 100 grams
    1 changs super low cal noodles
    2 slendier Konac noodle

    i find them in the gluten free rea of the super market
    happy fasting

    hi @emmap – just use the noodles in exactly the same way you’d use any others.

    I like them in stir fries, as pasta with chilli or bolognese (newto5-2’s recipe sounds good) and I’ve had them as salad.
    I’ve heard you can fry them too but I’ve never tried that. Maybe someone has and can tell us if it works.

    Just make sure you rinse them really well as they do smell a bit strange when you open the packet. I put them in a sieve and pour boiling water over them then rinse them in cold water.

    I would eat them as chili most often.

    Spaghetti. With no sugar added tomato sauce,and chunky mushrooms, onions, garlic, and spinach.

    Chili with about ten red beans

    With stevia and pieces of dried fruit , five dried cherries quartered, 5 almonds halved.

    As a dark chocolate powder cacao, with a pat of real butter. Stevia to sweeten.

    Noodles stirred in as tiny bits mixed into a healthy hummus.

    On low cal bread mixed with kale, onions and Serrano peppers with just a thin film of cheese spread on the breads.

    Cram cooked into a hamburger patty press with seasoned tomato paste and reduce top with pizza cheese and olives. Serve with spinach leaves on bottom as pizza finger food. Heavy on the herbs.

    Cut into bits, put into a pumpkin pudding. Using low calorie or zero calorie syrup with 5 raisins.

    Mixed with oatmeal and raisins heavy on the cinnamon and 1 pat of real butter.

    Blended with orange or lemon pith 1 okra pod , add small amount of rinsed pickle relish , add dab of cream cheese and/or olive oil. To eat with fish instead of tarter. Blend in 1 Serrano pepper if you dare.

    thanks for all those lovely ideas.
    I have bought the new fast diet book and become a bit addicted to the chickpea curry in a hurry with half a bag of zero noodles mmm lovely.
    newto5-2 your chilli recipe sounds lovely I’m gonna give it a try. Veg mince is definitley a fast day friend.
    thanks everyone for the ideas and comments, making me hungry

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