Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • Hi loulou32, I have just started as well, halfway through my second week. I lost two pounds the first week. Like you I am 5’3″, so dieting is not much less than normal eating. I tend to go up and down two pounds so easily! Every body type is different, I feel better ( and my clothes fit better) closer to 8 and a half stone or so- (so my goal is losing one stone. ( I am just getting used to this measurement, I am across the pond where we only use pounds:) I used to weigh 8 stone way back when, but I am afraid those days are over;) I am assuming I am correct that 1 stone equals 14 lbs…
    Bootsy, I appreciate your advice for us newbies. To hear you say that the first two months is basically like an induction reinforces my resolve to stick with this WOL- I have never stuck to a diet long enough to change bad snacking habits! It makes me realize I want the Fast Diet to actually BE fast, LOL.
    Applepie, Congrats on your weight loss! I look forward to more tips from you about how to make it through FD’s. My tendency so far is to wait until I am hungry, usually noon, eat a bit and then the rest for a small dinner. Yesterday though I made it through until dinner and then gave in to a glass of Chardonnay and too big a dinner:( So I am re-doing my FD today. Am feeling stronger after reading this forum, so thanks all! And good on you, Shaza, for reaching your goal.

    Hi Everybod!

    ET64 – brilliant you decided to redo your FD the day after. Like getting straight back on the bike after you fall off. I hope it went well. After a bit of experimenting, these days I ‘save’ most of my cals for one meal, which I will eat anytime between 3.00 pm and 7 pm, depending on what I am doing, my assessed hunger level etc. I do have to set aside around 200 cals for 2 – 3 cups of tea throughout the day, though – can’t you guess, I’m a tea-dependent Brit?! Last FD, though, I drank only 2 cups with milk, which gave me a few more cals for supper.

    Sometimes, on those days where I feel too daunted at the thought of restricting to 500 cals, I’ll mentally allow myself another 50 – 100 cals. This ‘permission’ seems to work with my particular psychology: often by the end of the day I’ll find that I have kept within my 500, anyway, but without feeling deprived. However, on such days, I do set an exact limit (eg 570), as telling myself ‘I’ll see how I feel’ doesn’t work for me.

    First FD of week tomoz, for me, so I shall have to also fast on Sat, to get my 2 days in. Note to self: getting first FD of week done early on is better – “You know it makes sense, Rodders!”

    Hope we all have a great day

    Hi Everyone – new and ‘old’ FD’ers.

    Well done all of you who have lost the kg’s/lb’s/inches/cm etc! Feel proud – you did it yourself! Big pat on the back!

    If you’ve stalled in your FD / put weight on / gone up sizes – don’t lose hope!
    I put (what felt like) a massive 6 lb / 2.5kg on over the Easter holidays (3 weeks) and I really felt it in my clothes and the scales were not kind.

    But as of this morning I’m back to what I was a month ago before Easter binge-fest ‘struck’. I weighed in after a good fast day yesterday at 62.3kg which is just over 2kg to go for my 60kg goal. Woo hoo! πŸ™‚

    Someone said the other day “Maybe this is the weight you are supposed to be?” when I was complaining about not being able to shift the last bit of weight. But I don’t think it is (as I am INCREDIBLY stubborn) and her comment has galvanised my resolve to hit that goal and lose the last bit.

    Good luck all and keep going!

    Lotta xx

    I’m in the two weeks of my monthly cycle where I put on a pound or two from water. I know it’s water because my wedding rings get tight. A few more days and I hope to see another pound or two start dropping off, besides the water weight.

    I will admit to thinking, “Maybe I am the weight I’m supposed to be at my age,” but I see there is some fat that can still be lost, saddle bags that can still use some shrinking. Why do I have to accept those saddle bags? Who says I have to have middle aged spread? By cracky! I don’t think I do! (Inset war cry here)

    Here’s to today’s fast day!

    Absolutely VirginiaEdie!! πŸ™‚
    Like Brave Heart said in his famous speech… “They can take our sweets, our cakes and our wine… but they can never take our… FREEDOM!” … or how was it now?! πŸ˜€

    I had these ‘enough’ thoughts last year when I came back from holiday in France. The “bread, wine and cheese diet” had added 3kg’s of newfound flab to my frame which I don’t remember having agreed to… πŸ˜‰
    But I am so happy I didn’t give in then – and I won’t do it now either.

    I’m following your sage advice Bootsy! Today I’m having a modified fast day of 600-650 cals. I had a good FD yesterday (511 cals) and I will have another modified FD tomorrow as I am travelling (and I never eat much when I travel).

    Will see what the scales says on Friday.
    I’m of the number crunching ilk and need to know what I weigh or I loose track. Sad but true.

    Take care all!

    Lotta xx

    Lotta, you tell um girl!!! lol. We will not settle for anything but what we want!

    VE, it’s great you know your body so well and that the holding water doesn’t make you crazy looking at the scales. Kudos to you and I look forward to hearing about your weight loss next week. I don’t have periods etc as I have a coil fitted, not had one for about 12 years lol. So I don’t get the water retention either. However before I started fasting and I just realized this! In the morning I was finding it hard to pick up my tablets lol.. my fingers were a bit stiff and swollen. I thought maybe arthritis but I am a very young 48 yr old despite my cranky back and knee. You know, since losing all my weight this hasn’t happened so another good side effect to fasting for me.

    I’m starting a new pledge today. Since the debacle with my old/new scales I really don’t know what I have lost for sure. I am going on from 18.2 to 16.7 as of today. My new pledge, it’s 6 weeks tomorrow to my holiday. I will lose 2lbs a week so want to be around 15.9 ish by then.

    I have lost 2lbs this week, I am on my second fast day today. Thankfully I find them easy but I live alone and I don’t have to buy food for anyone but me. I also don’t work so don’t have the work biscuits around.

    Happy fasting today people.

    Jaye πŸ™‚

    Oh Lotta, how do you get away with putting in the smilies and the post gremlins not taking them? I tried a space but that didn’t work either.

    Ha… it worked lol but usually it doesn’t lol πŸ˜‰

    Ha,ha Jaye – I work in IT so the post gremlins probably decided to take a day off when they heard my name… mwhahaha! Hybris much?! πŸ˜‰

    Well done on your weight loss and good luck with the new scales.
    I’m going home to Sweden this weekend for a short visit and I’m thinking I’ll try my sis-in-law’s new super duper scales that also measures body fat – eeek! Not sure I will like what I see.

    Lotta xx

    Hi Jaye, try Boots the chemist, they have scales, usually accurate but an idea to find out what day they are calibrated, i read a guy in Edinburgh tried the scales in 2 shops, gained 5 lbs and an inch in height. The local Boots scales weigh yhe same as mine, though the printout is easier to read. Gives fat too!

    Oh JayeGirl, I may knows it’s water logically, but I still wish it wouldn’t happen.

    Thanks, Bootsy, and my strategy worked! Yesterday was a successful FD, maybe because I was out of the house in the evening, and ate beforehand. I tend to munch in the evenings:/
    So I have done 4 FD’s so far and have lost-TaDa!- three and a half lbs! I know it is mostly water weight but I don’t care- it is such a psychological boost to start losing. I will do a second FD on Friday.
    Myggan40, I went to France last year and gained 5 lbs in two weeks! Going again this September, so will have to have a good strategy in place. I can give up the bread, the cheese, but not the wine! 2 out of 3…maybe there’s my strategy.
    Good for you JayeGirl with a new pledge. Go for it!
    Happy fasting:) xo ET

    And I agree, VirginiaEdie, we have to fight the typical “oh well, this is what middle age brings” mentality. I want to stay as young and healthy as possible for as long as possible! I am hopeful this FD will work for me. Seems to be working for you overall:) Just keep going! xo ET

    Happy Thursday everyone

    Milena my new scales are great, I had orobs with my old ones.

    So happy to hear you have lost @et, be it water or fat you have gone down! And will continue to go down and even better, it continues to get better and easier to fast. I go for 24hrs on just water. I only eat at 8pm. Have you tried Miso soup on fast days? It’s only 18 cals a sachet, because iys beefy you feel like you have had something to eat. It helps a lot of people the first few weeks to get into a routine. I don’t use them now but did at first. They sell them in Asda (Walmart) if you are over the pound. Β£2.99 for a box of 8 in the Oriental section.

    So what is the secret to the smilies @Myggan?

    I’m usually done fasting for the week by now but doing a 3rd on Friday. Since adding a stone back after my old scales cheated me saying I had lost more than I had I am working through 16 stone, again! I know I haven’t actually gone through it yet but feels like I did. Anyway because I added back (or possibly started a stone heavier than I thought) I put my weight back up. Sad day but had to be done. i then had a weekend away gsining 2lbs, I was fine with that as I had decided after 8 weeks of being very strict it was good to have a treat which aI thouroughly enjoyed but not craved for a second since eating. Then I slowed for 2 weeks. I think mentally I told myself I felt like a bit of a cheat and felt I was going backwards and looking at it now, I still ate the same as always. I think it was a mental block hanging onto the weight. Not sure if that is scientifically possible but never the less the scales have moved properly again this week. I can see in my pictures I have lost a great deal off my face, tummy and hips. My slim legs are looking possatively skinny and my boots loose and I have gone down a dress size. But mentally it was a bit of a mind f@#% to add that weight back.

    This week the scales are moving, i now weigh in lbs, it’s more acurate but God I hate those ounces lol. Down from last Thursday by 3lbs 4oz. To 230.6lbs I’m really pleased with that, not drinking alcohol last weekend has shown up nicely on the scales and I have a 3rd fast to go. I really want to be in the mid 15s for my holiday, I will fit nicely into the shorter summer dresses I have then. All my maxis from last year fit perfectly, this year I bought 28s and they are roomy. I’m back into my 22/24s, 26/28s getting very baggy around my bust and arms (have slim arms too). I’m such a bloody Apple lol. I should have been more optimistic and bought 24s and 26 as I bought them for this holiday lol. I’m a 22/24 in Evans, 26 in Simply Be. They tend to go up one size at a time.

    Happy fasting everyone, have a great day.

    Anyone who wants to join our secret facebook page please add me JAYE BLOGS.

    Jaye πŸ™‚


    The new scale doesn’t erase all the hard work you’ve accomplished. The total weight might be different from scale to scale, but I imagine the change in weight would be the same. It’s the change that matters. Don’t let the new scale get you down. Obviously, your clothes are telling you the truth.

    Hi JayeGirl

    Sending you tons of positive vibes! Your clothes are giving you a big thumbs up, even if the scales played an evil trick on you. As VirginiaEdie says, it’s the downward trend which counts, no matter what the starting number was – although it is frustrating, I agree, to have to backtrack on the numbers on the scale. Big respect for the 3lb 4oz loss this week.

    Onwards and downwards to your hols!


    BOOTS… thanks (smiley) and VE.

    So I went for a bit of retail therepy today, wrote about in another thread, though Lord knows which one lol. Anyhow, I decided to look in Bon Marche, I don’t have a Simply Be here have to drive to Liverpool. I’m usually a size up in there than aI would be in Evans. I saw a gorgeous dress right away, v-neck empire line, perfect for my shape and I love a maxi. Soft kinda sky blue background with big white and grey flowers. Asked the assistant if they had the ‘larger range’ in store. No, we have them on line… Shame I’m in the bloody shop then. Lord I hate that reply… You can get it online. So I picked up the 24 and thought… I don’t think so, but let’s try it on. Also took in a couple of swimsuits, the ones with a skirt on them. Nooo the most trendy but thought aI would try it as it seemed short. Took in 24 and 26. Tried the dress on and….. YIPPIE, perfect fit lol. I gave my sister a dress I had from there, tag still on, size 24! Must ask her if she still has it lol. Bought one of the swimsuits too. Its not the most fantastic for control but what do aI want for Β£22 and 20% off. Dress was Β£32, 20% off.

    Doing well food wise, think I’ll have egg on toast for dinner, have lots of lovely eggs right from the allotment of a friend of a friend. Can’t beat fresh eggs. Should be a nice low TDEE today as ive only used about 650 so far.

    I’ve emailed Ginette because it’s very unlike her not to be posting, like me she is usually prolific lol. She also wasn’t too well yesterday with little appetite and didn’t sleep much after her 3 back to back days.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Boots….. Back away from the biscuit tin πŸ˜‰

    Jaye πŸ™‚

    Hi Jaye

    Ginette is out with her son, I believe. Ive a text from her, will check with her tomorrow if she doesn’t post.

    Aren’t you thoughtful?

    Ahh thanks Milena, she just replied to my emsil too. She’s not ill she’s swannng about getting her done, being social and generally having fun lol.

    She said she was going to her sons for dinner, I’ve such a fish brain lol.

    It’s still morning for me so… Good morning everyone.

    I usually fast on MWF. I do this so I don’t have to be quite as careful on my nonfast days. Up till now I’ve been doing my usual swimming on my fasting days and besides being a little extra hungry it’s been fine.

    Last week I added strength training, and on Friday ( a fast day) I did a leg work out. Well, I have never had such sore muscles, I’m talking, crippling sore, and the soreness lasted for days!

    According to my son, who is into fitness and weight training, it is not good to do weight training on a low cal day. Weight training breaks down muscle and then the muscle gets built back up. I’m paraphrasing so I’m probably not being too accurate in my description. We need enough calories to help the muscles recover.

    I’m thinking that’s why my muscles were so gosh darn sore afterwards. I did the same workout today, but I’m making today a 1000 calorie day instead of 500. I’ll see how my muscles do this time. I may have to revamp my exercise schedule.

    Does anyone else weight train and if so, how do you fit it into this way of life?

    Hi VE

    I don’t do weight training but a friend of mine does, I will ask him more about it after the bank holiday here. He is almost at maintenance, well been there a couple of times but with holidays etc he has gone up and down a little. He goes the gym a few times a week. Like me he eats high protein as once you hit your 40s (and we are almost 50) and when you are fasting if you don’t then you get muscle waste instead of fat burning. This continues on after these years and so it is a good idea even for people that don’t work out to do some muscle strength training. As you know I am struggling to do much more than walk and even that is terrible at the moment with my knee. So I had to quit the wii jogging I wanted to do. I was chatting to him today actually and he was encouraging me to do some strengthening exercises to help all round for health. It won’t help me lose weight, it’s for the health benefits. I was coming on to write about this as it happens lol.

    So he told me to look at Bodylasatics, which are a bit expensive for my tastes but he also said to start off with something cheap and if I stick at it 3 times a week for 6 weeks (then you take a week off, then start another 6 wks) to then buy some better ones as needed. I went on Ebay and have sent for a set. 11 piece Resistance Bands Set, colour coded for yoga, abs exercise, weight loss etc. Comes with 5 colour coded resistance bands, 2 foam handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, and a carrying bag. Β£8.35, free postage. I probably won’t use a lot of it but figured I might get it all and see what I am able to do.

    I went on the internet and found some great videos where you can work everything sitting down! I did the 30 min workout using tins of tomatoes as I obviously don’t have the bands lol. It was great, I could feel my thigh muscle getting a nice stretch which has been so tight and uncomfortable because my knee and hip are weak and keep ‘giving’. Also one of the legs exercises was to strengthen the knee. I did legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. All good for posture and people with bad backs, knees etc. So I am going to do this Mon/Wed/Thu. I feel sure that it won’t aggravate my knee further but will be careful. There are more videos to work through and add to your routine.

    Fasting today,so far so good, in fact I can’t believe the time. I have kept busy though.

    Looking forward to going out tomorrow, I might even have the Singapore noodles with beef again for lunch. Going to buy another new swimsuit from Simply Be if I can find one I like. I may return the other if I manage to find a decent one.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Jaye πŸ™‚

    Hi JayeGirl,

    I’m right up there with you. I turned 49 in March.

    Almost a year ago I pulled my iliopsoas, or hip flexor, in my abdominal region. That in turn resulted in back trouble. It has been a long road to recovery. Swimming has helped tremendously. I’ve started with the muscle building so I can keep everything strong with the hopes that I will prevent any more back trouble. I have to take it easy, though, since I don’t want to reinjure or aggravate things. My back is very touchy.
    The problem is my German heritage. I can’t seem to do anything halfway. It’s blitzkrieg all the way.
    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    Hey VE, I was a gym rat for more than ten years, then last year hurt my knee:( That’s partly why I put on this extra weight…Now I am back to golf and yoga, and walking, (the knee is fine now) and am about to start back in the gym. I found out through trial and error that for me, at least, I cannot do a low carb day, and probably much less a Fast Day, and do weight training on that day.
    I can run, walk, do yoga on a FD- but I think lifting weights uses all the glycogen or whatever in muscles and in 20 minutes I am done at the gym if I have not eaten beforehand. I just hit a wall. ( I was doing interval training with a trainer)
    So if I fast MWF, which I am considering, I would do weight lifting Tues, Thursday or Saturday. And cardio any day.
    Would be interested to hear other people’s experience. I do really believe in keeping muscle mass,I think it is the “fountain of youth” because muscle burns more calories, even when we are lazing around:)
    xo ET

    Im with you there on the Muscle mass ET. It certainly does keep you younger, healthier and helps you lose weight.

    I’ve had two back surgeries, have foot drop on the left side from nerve damage caused by a crash years ago. So no natural heel-toe movement. No dorsiflex. On my right side due to years of living with that I now have arthritis in my knee, hip and spine. What used to be my good leg (the right) is now actually my bad leg. Obviously I’m struggling to exercise. I did try light jogging on the spot last week but basically I have caused further injury to my knee. Struggling to walk without a stick even in the house. So the chair exercises were great. As my knee gets better, having a second cortisone injection in it soon, I will add more exercises as I can stand. I’ll avoid any arobic exercises because my legs just can’t support it. I don’t swim because it’s very uncomfortable on my left foot as there is no muscle tone. It’s nice to find something thats of use to me. I’m not bothered about exercise for weight loss. I am doing great on this WOL losing weight but really want the health benefits. Mine are just 30 min work outs, lifting each leg, heal toes, stretching side to side etc and using either a tension band or soup cans for arm lifts. They worked, back, tummy, sides etc. etc. I could really feel it in my shoulders lol. So for this exercise should I do it on NFDs? I eat high protien. I only have one meal in the evenings on FDS.

    Jaye πŸ™‚

    Hi Jaye, Good on you for doing what you can to stay in shape despite your injuries. I agree that one thing can lead to another- you injure one part, that throws you out of whack, and something else goes out of balance. My knee injury last year affected everything because I couldn’t exercise for weeks. I still feel stiffer, which is one reason I went back to yoga, which is so good for stretching. I was careful to pick the right (not too young) teacher though, who helps take care with backs and knees!
    Your chair exercises sound perfect! Sounds safe and doable. I would think you just need to experiment, if you can complete all the exercises without too much fatigue, even on a FD might be okay. The weights don’t sound too extreme or anything, which is good- and that can still be effective with enough repetitions.
    I agree that good health doesn’t come just from losing weight- although that does protect us in so many ways. I do think cardio and flexibility are key-but everything in moderation! And I still love a day when I just veg out:)
    xo ET


    “I do really believe in keeping muscle mass,I think it is the β€œfountain of youth” because muscle burns more calories, even when we are lazing around:)”

    A pound of fat burns about two calories a day. A pound of muscle burns about six calories a day. http://www.livestrong.com/article/256919-how-many-calories-does-muscle-burn-compared-to-fat/

    If you exercise diligently for three months to build muscle, and are successful and replace one or two pounds of fat with muscle (and continue to exercise enough to retain the additional muscle), you will increase your daily caloric usage by about 8 calories. That means if you don’t eat any extra food you will lose about an extra 13 ounces in a year from your new found muscle.

    That won’t help much with weight loss. But you don’t exercise for weight loss, you exercise for overall better health. Just do exercises that don’t hurt you!

    Simco I believe you took that way too literally. I certainly understood what was meant.

    Regardless of your infornation it is still true that from the age of 40 you lose 1% of muscle mass a year. It doesn’t sound like much but by the time you are 80 you have lost nearly half your mass and more than half of your strength. Over 90s were given some gentle resistance exercises in a test and found that their strength increased by 15% over 3 months.

    We are disgussing the health benifits of retaining muscle mass in this instance, and I was discussing light resistance training, not body building.

    Hi Jaye:

    I am more than aware of the problem of muscle (strength) loss with age. But you said last week you injured yourself exercising. You missed my very basic point. There is no reason to exercise to build muscle to lose weight, but if you do exercise (to maintain strength), don’t do exercises that hurt you.

    Good Luck!

    Aha! This is an interesting discussion on building muscle ” to lose weight”. So, here is a story: When I first started working out in the gym, it was because I was sitting on the couch watching Dr Oz or somebody, the real age guy, anyway the audience was supposed to guess the age of this very fit woman who was dead lifting 70 lbs…turns out she was 84!!! all slim and trim and muscle! I think I was 52, sitting on the couch watching TV, drinking a coke and eating chips… I thought, what is wrong with this picture???
    So…,I started with a trainer, and within a year if my memory serves me ( which is doubtful) I had not lost a pound, but had gone down two dresses sizes, and had gone from 30 % body fat to 19%. ( oh, those were the days, my friend!)
    My point: no, you don’t necessarily lose weight because you strength train, because muscle is heavier than fat- but it also takes up less space! So you get smaller and stronger. I also agree though on not injuring, my first rule in the gym is always, don’t get injured! I was lucky to be able to hire a trainer, which is rather expensive, but much the same can be achieved with just one hour a month with a good trainer for guidance for the rest of your workout time.
    I always thought that a lb of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day, but that could be wrong, so I will research that as well.
    Happy fasting! Doing my FD tomorrow.

    Well I did the exercise to introduce the HIT (which you know from my posts) and my knee felt quite stable at that point, plus my doctor gave me the go ahead! I’m also an ex nurse. We all have the right to have opinions, we can all throw links in to substantiate our beliefs, that does not necessarily make it a fact. It used to be factual that fat not sugar made us fat. It was someone’s opinion and eventually it’s been proven wrong. Often ‘we’ are also quoting what we have read and believe to be fact or what we believe. You can find something written for and against everything on the net. Michael advocates HIT, ergo I wanted to introduce it. Sometimes, especially when batteling disability and mobility concerns and problems we have to try lots of things to find what suits our bodies best. Sometimes you get injured trying it. It causes me pain with every step just walking I don’t just sit still thinking I’m not moving today I may injure myself. Much like trying all the diets before fasting to lose weight, introducing exercise for whatever each personal reasons for it can be perilous, but it’s factual that even athletes suffer injuries. That’s just life. I was talking about wanting to keep and grow my muscle mass and discussing the best way to do it Without causing injury. The fact is I need to keep moving and keep supple and keep going. I’m a very young 48 year old with crap mobility. All of this is to get healthier, slimmer, more agile and stronger. I will never be thin and toned but I can do my best to stave off old age and help my mobility, and all that comes with it. I feel 80 some days when I’ve done just the grocery shop. I’m tired of it and I’m putting all my energies into losing weight and trying to find out what is wrong with my hip and knee. What I can do to fix it and get further with less pain. I’ve got appointments for MRIs, injections, ORTHO consultant, the physio, the spinal clinic, an ultrasound. I want better quality of life when I’m out. To walk instead of being forced to use a scooter to get around on a day out. The worst line I’ve ever heard in my life ‘wow, you make mobility scooters glam’ from a lovely young couple on holiday last year. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me and the damn scooter. I would rather be invisable, than glamorous on a scooter.

    You are full of interesting facts Simco, I know I have read your threads, and you even show humor in them. Which is why I wish you would add some humor or basic politeness to your comments in these threads. Rather than coming over as a bit condescending and like you are sat there waiting on every opportunity on every thread to swoop in and correct us without any pleasantries lol. I know you are helping and want us to have the facts. I was actually just waiting on you coming in on this conversation and I do value your information, but I hoped you might do it in a polite, hey guys take a look at this link, see what you think. Well done on your efforts. Praise before the hammer falls at least lol. (Smiley)

    So my weight loss. Well I generally weigh on Thursday after my 2 fasts. But ive had lots of issues with scales etc so I’m taking this from when I sorted that out. Plus I don’t know what I wrote last week lol. So according to my tracker here. Last Thursday which is my usual weigh in day after my 2nd fast Wednesday I was 234.2lbs. Ive done 3 fasts this week, plus no alcohol/fast beach rules this week. This Thursday 230.6lbs. Yesterday’s fast not showing more than 6oz difference I weigh 230lbs. I’m happy with that.

    Good luck everyone and have a fabulous weekend.

    Jaye πŸ™‚

    Hi summer pledge folks. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts about exercise and muscle mass. Thanks everyone. I did a long post and tried the smileys but the gremlins got me and it didn’t post!
    I’ve lost 1lb this week and I am now officially overweight and no longer obese. I have 7 weeks to my hols and my original target was to lose a stone. 3 lbs more to go. I am delighted with losing 2 stones since I started this WOE in January and while the fast days are challenging (the cold not the hunger) the results are definitely worth it.
    Bank Holiday Monday this week so fasting Tuesday and Thursday this week.
    Good luck everyone.

    Hi all,
    Apologies for not posting, I couldn’t find the thread and only just realised that I could find it under my profile!
    I have also read the points on muscle mass with interest. Back when I was in my early twenties I went regularly to the gym, weighed 10 stone, and was a size 8/10, at 5ft 3 I looked a heck of a lot lighter, as commented upon by friends, so yes I can testify that muscle weighs a lot more than fat! I stopped training when people commented that I looked like a weightlifter, I so wish I hadn’t listened.
    Jayegirl, I was reading about your training bands with interest, I have 2 bad knees, I need an operation to remove bone growth from the sockets, so am not allowed any weight bearing exercise, jogging etc. I tend to do a lot of walking,(some days very slowly and with a lot of pain) but I am looking for something else to try and build up my muscles. I think you are doing fantastically, it is very difficult when you have such issues, and easier in some respects to do nothing and accept things. It takes more courage and strength to act to change, so kudos to you. And in my experience you always get judgement by people – I think if my leg was in a cast people would understand, but its not, so don’t try and tell me there is nothing wrong!
    My fast day today is going well, weigh in tomorrow, so hopefully I have lost!
    Doc told me not to gain weight as knees would be worse, that was when I was a stone lighter…. I never did listen to advise lol.
    Anyway, well done on the successes everyone, keep posting….we can do this!!
    Lou xx

    Thanks Loulou

    Wishing you well with your surgery and hope it leaves you pain free and able to exercise more easily.

    If you use facebook add me JAYE BLOGS. We have a secret page (it doesn’t show up on your timeline) that several of us fasters from here use to share links, pics, recipes etc.

    Here’s the link to the basic first session for the chair exercises. I hope it works, if not it’s on my facebook along with a picture and info on the resistance set I bought. Can’t use it all at this point but will once my knee/hip is sorted. Sometimes an aid makes exercising more fun. Bit like noodles in aquarobics lol.


    If the link doesn’t work because I’ve copied it from my YouTube account I will do it again later.

    I know lots of people would look at me and think there is nothing wrong other than she is fat. You can never judge a book by its cover. I think I need an arthroscopy on my knee. I’ve worked on an orthopaedic ward and this lack of ability to put weight on my knee isn’t just simple arthritis. Looking forward to getting my MRI. Losing weight has really helped my back though. Shame keg is getting worse lol.

    Hello Everybod!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories of your journeys (sorry, cheesy phrase, I know!) to better health.

    I might well have mentioned this before but anyone with bad backs, mobility difficulties etc might find it worthwhile checking out the Alexander Technique. I’d put it roughly in the bracket with yoga, pilates etc. It doesn’t teach you exercises per se, rather it helps you relearn how to use your body/ do exercises, sports, activities in a more coordinated, ‘easeful’ way. (Contrary to popular belief, it’s about much more than ‘good posture’.) It’s not cheap but I believe about 20 lessons would give you a good grounding. There are teachers around the world. That’s the end of the plug!

    Second week where I have only done 1 FD but I’m feeling ok about that. My size 14s are still comfortable and I reckon at least I am still maintaining. I’m sure I’ll get back ‘on a mission’ soon. I’m carrying on with my HIIT on my (hired) exercise bike. I find my resistance (psychological, not exercise-wise, lol) is much greater to doing the strength exercises. In the fast exercise book, it suggests only about 10 mins/day x 5 weekly but even that, I find every excuse under the sun not to do!

    Wishing everyone a good week

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I actually made it through a fast day on a Saturday. I will admit I much prefer weekday fast days.

    Jayegirl and Loulou, if you have access to a swimming pool you could try water walking or water aerobics. Those are perfect ways to exercise for people with mobility problems because the water buoys them up and creates resistance at the same time.
    Swimming requires kicking so that probably wouldn’t help the knees, but being in a pool has been invaluable in helping me recover from back trouble.

    Take care.

    Hi all,

    I have been thinking about our discussion about exercise, and one thing that I think is important to mention is warming up. That, as you know, is what prevents a lot of injury. So, even if you can’t jump on a treadmill and warmup for ten minutes, even just taking a good warm shower or bath before exercise is beneficial.
    The other thing, in response to Simco’s post about muscle mass not burning that many more calories than fat, hmmm….I am a “cup half full” person ( bordering on a Pollyanna, ha!) and when I read that muscle burns six calories to fat burning two, assuming that is true, I think, hey, that’s three times more! And that is what happens : if you weigh 150 lbs, the difference between a body composition of 30 % vs 20 %, over time, is significant and what often makes the difference as we get older as to whether we will gain pounds over time or not. That extra muscle is not only more compact (I am not talking major body building here, just trying to maintain muscle mass as we age) but it does burn calories for us, I like that:)
    So, in addition to a summer pledge of sticking with the FD, I am pledging to increase my exercise, just for the health of it:) And Jaye, and others who are battling injuries, hats off to you for finding ways to move and be healthier. You deserve it!
    Did a yoga class this morning and it’s a FD for me. So far so good.
    xo ET

    Hi ET64,

    I was just talking about something similar on another thread. The benefits of exercise as we age are so worth doing it anyway we can handle. People who exercise are less likely to get Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. They have better balance and less falls when they get older. I’m sure there are many other benefits that I can’t think of off hand.
    I think most of us want to follow this WOL for the health benefits as we age. We are in it for the long haul. Some form of exercise is also for the long haul. Every little bit helps. And from the vanity point of view, toned muscles sure look nice.
    Oh yes, I totally get the need to warm up. I never really needed to bother with it up through my 30s, but now in my 40s, almost 50, it’s a must.

    Jayegirl, more power to you for doing what you can. Strengthening the muscles around your knees can only help. Good luck with the MRI.

    Hi all, haven’t been on for a while you all seem to be doing well. I’ve struggled the last 2-3 weeks and my weight loss has stalled, probably put on a couple of lbs which isn’t a disaster but I should be under 12 st now if I had got my act together. It’s 11 weeks till the kids break up for summer so I need to make a big push and see if I can lose 11 lbs by then which would be good. Today was a fast day and I almost had a good day until my signing choir meeting when someone had brought a cake, it would have been rude to refuse. I have fallen back into my old ways a bit with the snacking of chocolate bars etc. Will have to make more of an effort.

    Hi Muffin,

    I could be wrong since I am not the best at tact and etiquette, but it seems to me that unless the cake was especially brought for you, you could just say, “I would love to have a piece, but I am really trying to cut down on my sweets, or loose some weight, or …. Could I take a piece home with me for another day?”
    I understand about wanting to accomplish some weight loss before your children have summer vacation. I think the reason I tend to snack as much as I do is because my children tend to snack. They swim many hours per week and need the extra calories. I, on the other hand, do not.
    Be strong, even at a pound per week, you can still get close to your goal by the end of June.


    Virginiaedie, oh I could have said no, I talk very tongue in cheek and sarcastic and it’s just the way we talk round here. I’ve always snacked even before kids hence why I have to keep re losing the same weight time and time again. But I’m getting to the age when it really does have to be for the last time. I’m not much good at tact and etiquette either.

    Hello Everybod!

    Muffin10 glad you posted – have been wondering where you were. Don’t know if you remember, but I am the poster (poser??? lol) who it turned out has been running in parallel with you re start date, rate of loss etc. Guess what, I am also shadowing you in having a slight dip in motivation and stickability over the past few weeks. I haven’t weighed myself since 1st April, when I was as near as dammit 12 stone. I won’t be getting weighed till 21st May but as have only fasted once per week past couple weeks (and not at all so far this week) I suspect I’m above that again.

    So take heart, and keep going. You’ve come a long way – am sure you (we) will regain our 5:2 mojo. Keep in touch!

    Cheers for continuing to post, Virginia Edie, ET64 and everyone else. I have been popping in and reading, if not writing and all your posts are helpful.

    Hope we all have a good day and that, in the UK, summer decides to get going! πŸ˜‰

    hi, I have just started as I’ve never had problems with weight however I’ve been eating far too many chocolates & drinking too much wine since my Mother passed meaning I have a problem. I’m going to weigh myself this weekend however I couldn’t find anything on the site to show what a typical fast day would be – it would be good to get some ideas from everyone else. I am not 100% sure I can give up my caffe latte first thing though!!! Any advise?

    Hi Everyone
    Sounds like quite a few of us are having a bit of a slump at the moment.
    I had a great week last week, fuelled by the fact that I was going back to Sweden to see my family and friends. But the weekend meant big meals and lots of wine although I did do more exercise than usual as I do long dog walks with my mum.
    So this week I have completely failed to fast… I’ve even bought pastries which I never usually do and today I had a cup cake first thing because it was someone’s birthday at work – What is going on with me?!?!

    Next week back to the FD! Only 2 weeks to go for my trip to the south of France with hubby and I will NOT be a blob! πŸ™‚

    Welcome kayelondon to the FD way of life. I hope you get on with it as well as many of us have done!
    I am very boring on my FD’s and almost always eat the same food.
    I have: No breakfast but a cup of tea with skimmed milk. A small salad from Waitrose for lunch for 187 kcal, a 2 egg omelette with hebs and tiny amount of cheese for dinner. Lots of fruit infusions and water throughout the day.

    I used to drink gallons of cafΓ© latte and they are quite calorie heavy so I made them skinny and went for the smallest size. But in the beginning I actually went for black coffee on my FD’s to make sure I stuck to the 500 kcal. Now I’m a bit more lenient with the lattes but I still stick to skinny ones.

    Good luck everyone!

    Lotta xx

    Hi Myggan,

    Sounds like you had fun on your visit. I went away just for a three day weekend and had a hard time getting back to healthy eating. I’m sure a week makes it more challenging to jump back on the wagon. Aren’t bodies annoying? They make it hard when we want to do something healthy for them such as eating nutritious food, cutting back on calories, and exercise, and they make it easy when we want to do unhealthy things such as eat cookies and cakes and laze around. What’s up with that?
    Three pounds to my goal weight. Yay!!!!

    Bootsy, perhaps we all need a week off now and again and then refocus. We will do it, I am about half way to my ultimate aim of 10 st as that is what I was before kids, whether I get there is another matter but will carry on with the small goals and see where I get to. Keep going.

    Hi Kayelondon, no one was worse than me for wine and snacks, so you can do this. It is doable. A typical fast day for me is

    half a grapefruit with a black coffee for breakfast
    A small wafer thin slice of ham with 4 olives for dinner
    half a small tin of sardines with a helping of wilted spinach for tea.
    Drink lots of water or green tea.

    Avoid milk, the lactose will only make you hungry. If there is anything else you fancy, don’t have it but tell yourself you can have it tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes you probably won’t want it anyway.

    Good luck! let us know how you go on.

    Hi everyone, Three weeks tomorrow on the FD, and I’ve lost 5 lbs! I am going to keep going, each FD has gotten easier- maybe because once the scale starts going down that is the best motivator! Plus hearing from others on the same path has been great- I can’t remember actually ever sticking to a diet for three weeks before:) So thanks for posting, everyone.
    I am with you, Kayelondon, on the vino. That has been the hardest thing to give up on fast days, but it has been good for me as I was in the habit of drinking a couple of glasses of wine every night. Too many empty calories. Now I substitute a mineral water or tea, and don’t miss it as much. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so can avoid chocolate, but am prone to salty crunchy foods, have to minimize those.
    On my FD I wait until I am really hungry, then have something like a half cup of Greek yogurt with blueberries, then for dinner usually chicken and a vegetable or small salad. Lots of water, tea and decaf all day. And I can’t go crazy on non- fast days, just a reasonable day, with a glass of wine:)

    Hi Everybod

    Thanks for your reply muffin. And to everyone else for your posts. I completely binged yesterday – but I think that might have been rock bottom – GOOD!. So today have just tried to be ‘good enough’ with eating, rather than try too hard. I am just working on getting my mental focus back. Am sure we will ALL get there.

    Welcome kayelondon. Here’s my ‘sixpenny worth’ (Oh, have we gone decimal?! lol) If you can’t quite take the plunge into 500 cals, aim for about 650 on your first fast day (FD) and gradually decrease. No disrespect to other posters, but I would say keep with your breakfast latte for first couple FDs (as long as you are honest about number of cals it will take up) but aim to wean yourself down to a skinny latte eventually. I was the same with my Brit ‘cups of tea with milk’ and used to allot about 200 cals per FD to them. Now I probably only have 1 or 2; and have found earl grey without milk is fine for me, plus lots of water, which leaves more calories for my 1 FD meal, usually eaten about 5.00 pm.

    I have found the beauty of calorie counting is that it tends to guide me to the food which is most satisfying but is ‘cheapest’ in calorie terms. It usually turns out to be vegetables and a small amount of protein, which is about what other people have described. It is very adaptable and flexible, so enjoy experimenting and finding what suits you. Give yourself about a month to settle into this way of eating. As ET64 (and lots of others) said, it gets easier.

    Well done on progress so far, Lotta and Virginia Edie.

    Happy times to all!

    Hi Bootsy,
    Thanks for the positive words. Today started off rough as a result of not enough sleep this week. I usually fast on Fridays but today just decided to keep the calories low. I’m now finding that eating a 500 calories dinner makes me feel too full. I may have to cut back on the fast day calorie quantity.

    Kayelondon, I think Bootsy’s advice is quite good, but definitely find out the calorie count for those lattes. You will find over time the fasts get easier. Many of us find it is easier to put off the first food of a fast day as long as possible because once we eat something it gets those juices flowing. A morning latte could be one of those triggers.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Good morning from the windy North of manchester hope all is going well with you. FDs
    Milena,Apple pie,Mogs,Shazalimby,JayeGirl,ET64,Myggan 40,Beldyboop,jennybb,Sunflower-ph,VirginiaEdie,Diana5, Loulou32 and Kayelondon.
    I want to say s big thank you for all your posts, tips and sharing facts, problems and solutions. I find this thread interesting and motivating on my weight loss journey.
    I have reached my summer target of losing a stone between March and my summer holiday St the end of June, with s combination of this WOE walking, bike riding and a little running. I still have a long way to go to get to a healthy BMI.
    My next goal is too lose 6lbs in the 6 weeks before Greece and be at a weight (13st) I haven’t seen for 20 years.
    Keep Fasting everyone.

    thanks for the great advice. I had my first low cal day Friday (well I had cut down on Thursday already) so I did have my 2 lattes, bfast was 2 scrambled eggs, lunch Wagamama miso soup & raw salad (200 cals) & dinner 145gm piece of fish with 1/3 zucchini, 5 tomatos & 1 chicory. I figure I was between 600-700 cals. Monday is my next day & i’ve worked out that I’ll start my day with an earl grey, have a cappucino (Italian coffee place so not a lot of milk) & then similar routine to above. I also did power walk/run 20 miles this week which Ill do similar next week. No choc or wine for 5 days now – unheard of!!! – especially on the choc front. Looking forward to that stomach overhang less hangy…

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