Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • Hello Everyone!

    I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. It always seems to go by too fast.

    Lotta, congratulations on the size 12! It is always sooooo satisfying to have to buy SMALLER clothes.

    S1u2e3, good luck on getting started again. I like to save up as many calories as I can for a nice evening meal with the family on my fast days. If I exercise on a fast day morning, though, I will have a small 100 calories post workout snack to help replenish the muscles a bit.

    I do have some good news to report, though. After four months following the fast diet, my taste for eating sweets has really diminished. It is soooo much easier to say no finally.


    Thanks Edith! I love being able to fit into smaller clothes. I keep going through my wardrobe and ruthlessly chucking out clothes that are now too big so I will not be tempted to ‘grow back’ into them.
    Well done on getting past those sweet cravings – I still get them from time to time. Like you I now find it much easier to say NO because I know the craving will pass.

    S1u2e3 – welcome to the group and I wish you lots of luck with this “Way of Life” as many of us call it. Sounds a bit cheezy but it’s true that once you start to see it working it’s not really a diet anymore.
    I always split my cals between lunch and dinner on a FD. I log it all in MFP (My Fitness Pal) app where I also track my weight. I’ve found it easier and also it allows me to see my progress on a graph. I do stick my ‘bad’ weigh ins into the app as well as I need to keep reminding myself that without managing my NON FD’s I will not reach my goal.
    Let us know how you get on – always good to set a goal if it helps you but goal-setting isn’t for everyone so do what works for you.

    I had a complete blow-out day at the Wimbledon tennis yesterday (in my new dress) so I’m having a strict FD today and plan another on Thursday.

    Good luck all!
    Lotta xx

    Hi Lotta,

    What was I saying about saying, “No,” to sweets yesterday? That was before I made Rice Crispy treats for my kids today.

    Sigh…. Thank goodness for the up and coming Wednesday fast day. I may have a third fast day on Friday as well, just to be on the safe side.

    I think Wimbledon is worth the blow-out. It’s a way better excuse than making treats for the kids. The kids, not the mom! (Typed while smacking forehead.)


    Hi everybody back from my hols and last week the scales said I had put on a whopping 13lbs in a fortnight!!! I’ve only managed 1 FD this week but lost 7 of that 13. Clearly I retain fluid on a massive scale, if only the rest where that easy to lose. So I’ve another 6 to lose to get back to my pre hols weight.
    Next target is a further 7 lbs before I go to London first week in September, may be a little high 13lbs in 7 weeks but I’m ready to give it a go. Fast days Monday and Wednesday this coming week.
    Good luck everyone.

    Hi Everyone

    Well done Manchesterlass for getting back to the FD after your holidays. That is amazing losing so much in just one week and on just 1 FD.
    Hope you had a really nice time on holiday and good luck with your Fast today.

    Edith – surely no-one can resist Rice crispy treats? I would have gobbled the lot 🙂 Hope you’ve had a good week.

    I failed to do any FD’s last week and had some unexpected nights out. So I was a bit apprehensive when I braved the scales on Friday. But I found that I’d only gone up my usual 2 lb (1kg) which is how much I fluctuate anyway from day to day. So I’m happy that I didn’t blow all the hard work from the previous week.
    I managed to get down to 61kg on Friday the 3rd of July and that is the lightest I have been since I was at University. Woo hoo!
    This is my last week before the children finish school so I am going to try to do 2 FD’s back to back – Tuesday and Wednesday and see how I go.

    Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the rewards of your hard work on FD’s.

    Lotta xx

    Hi All

    Hope your fasts are going well this week fab FD’ers?

    I am on my second one back to back and finding it REEALLY hard today. 🙁
    Yesterdays fast was fine but I’m working from home today and all I want to do is raid the snack cupboard! :-\

    To distract myself during my lunch hour I am going out to try to find a formal dress for an event in a couple of weeks time but I’m not hopeful I’ll find anything.

    Take care and good luck all!
    Lotta xx

    Today I reached new heights of bad planning!
    I’m doing 2 FD’s in a row this week.
    This evening I realised that leaving my son’s homework (brownie baking) assignment to the last minute meant brownie baking today on FD 2…. noooooooo!!! 🙁 🙁

    Apparently they were very tasty and needless to say I have saved one for me for tomorrow 🙂

    Lotta xx

    Hi everyone,

    I’d love to join in! I’ve been on and off 5:2 since Oct. I was so consistent at first, then I started to talk myself out of completing a fast day when the discomfort set in. I’ve now gained back the 10 pounds I initially lost.

    But I’m back and want to stick to it this time! Everyone is so positive on this site and I know how important the extra support is.

    Does anyone have advice on goals? Should I take things week by week or make a “bigger” goal for myself. I’m just trying to figure out tricks to stick with it this time.

    Lotta, I’m also thinking about doing a back to back (today and tomorrow). Is it possible / worth it??

    Have a good one!

    Hi Tennismom
    Welcome to the thread. Well done for coming back to the FD. If you’ve done it before you know you can do it again. All the best of luck!

    In terms of goals I think it’s very individual. Some like to set short term goals and for others long term works better. I have done a combo of the two and it seems to have been ok for me. I decided when I started (January 2014) that I was going to try to lose 20kg overall and decided from month to month on short term achievable goals. I didn’t set a deadline for the long term. I reached my 20kg goal last autumn (November) and have been working to lose another 5kg since then. It has been much harder to lose the last 1kg than I ever anticipated but I am very stubborn so I will keep going until I get there. 🙂

    I only did 2 back to back FD’s this week because I couldn’t fit 2 separate ones in. I managed it but it felt much harder than leaving a day in-between so good luck if you do 2 in a row. If I can do it you can too. 🙂

    I’m back down to 61.1kg today so I’m very pleased that I did it.

    Lotta xx

    Thanks for the advice Lotta! I’ve got to keep my head in the game this time! Your weight loss is incredible!! So your new goal is to lose about 10 more lbs.? That’s my goal too. I did complete a FD yesterday, but didn’t have it in me to do back to backs. I’m going to do one Friday instead, which isn’t my preference, but I’d love to get in 2 fasts this week.

    My other hurdle is to eat sensibly on non-fast days. I’ve been discouraged in the past by “blowing it” and eating too much and feeling awful about it.

    Did I read you attended Wimbledon this year? That’s a bucket list item for me. What match did you attend?

    Good luck to Fasters today!

    Hello all this is my third fast week (started on 25 June) and I have lost 6lbs so far so on target. I was hoping for a bit more as I have been good and exercising a lot but I am still very pleased. I have also lost inches which is great. Have 2 more weeks before I go away and want to lost another 4-6lbs by then.

    I am going to try and to stick to 5:2 on holiday or at least 6:1

    Hope you are all having a good summer 🙂

    Hi JFitzy, do you exercise on fast days? I’m focusing on getting my fast days in (priority) for the first 3 weeks, while slowly incorporating exercise. I had a fast day yesterday and I’m going to do a short track workout today. Good job on the weight loss! I think 2 lbs. a week is fantastic!

    Hi Tennismom yes I do exercise on fast and non fast days. Today is a non fast day and I went swimming at 06.30am. I will be fasting tomorrow and I will swim again. I have been going 4 times a week and I walk as well. I will cycle and run while on holiday as I won’t have access to a pool.

    How long have you been on 5:2 and how much have you lost? 🙂

    Hi JFitzy – welcome and well done on the weightloss! That’s brilliant.
    I also exercise on FD’s but I have not had time to do a lot recently because of work. I’m looking forward to the summer holidays and hope I will be a bit more active then. 🙂

    Hi Tennismom – we live in Wimbledon so we went on the first day of the tournament. We saw Nishikori play Bolelli. My husband is very interested in tennis but I don’t know much about it. This year was great though – warm lovely weather and some exciting games both for the men and ladies. We also saw Liam Broady win on court 18 and that was fun. 🙂

    All the best of luck fasters and have a good weekend.

    Lotta xx

    Hello everyone.
    Hope your summer FastDays are going well if you do them.
    If your hols have started for you and you are taking a break I hope that you are enjoying summer without fasting.

    I’ve been back to Sweden for almost 2 weeks so I’ve not been fasting.
    I have however kept an eye on my food intake and skipped some meals. And it seems to have worked. I am only half a kilo up from 2 weeks ago and that is with quite a few parties and celebrations as well as sweets and cakes thrown in.

    I have a big event on Saturday for which I bought a new dress 3 weeks ago. I would like to fit in 2 more FD’s this week to make sure it fits comfortably. I haven’t tried it since I came back so I am really hoping it won’t be too tight.

    Take care all and good luck if you are fasting.
    Lotta xx

    Hi folks
    I would love to join the thread. I’ve just started the diet again after putting on the weight I lost so looking for some motivation. I live in Malaysia and desperately want to loose at least 15 kilos as it is very difficult to buy clothes size 14 and upwards and I just want to feel good. I am 51 and relatively active but have stayed the same weight even though my clothes feel tighter. Nevertheless I am going to start again as all your stories have given me inspiration.
    Thanks :-))

    Hi dottiesdiner – Wecome to the thread. It’s quite quiet now as the summer is here and quite a few people are on holiday I think but I’m still going with the fasting.
    Have you done the FD before? If you did, how much did you lose? Were you happy with your progress?

    I’ve been doing this since January 2014 and I honestly think I will be doing some type of food monitoring for the rest of my life. It’s not a bad thing, I’ve just realised that without keeping my intake in check I will pile on the weight and I feel too good at the moment to want to venture down that route again. But I have decided to take a 2 week break (if I can) for my family holiday in just over a weeks time.

    Good luck if you are fasting today. I will be doing my two days back to back tomorrow and Friday hopefully but will se how tomorrow goes first. 🙂

    Lotta x

    Hi Everyone.
    Hope you’ve all had a great Summer and that you enjoyed results of all the hard work you’ve put into your fasting this spring.

    I almost reached my goal (only 1lb or 0.5kg out) by the 8th of August this year and I was very happy getting that close. Then I went on holiday for 3 weeks and the weight flung itself back on with alarming speed and determination.

    But that’s fine – I knew it would happen and I enjoyed eating and drinking knowing that I will be able to shift the weight again when I start back on the 5:2.

    So the first day back on is tomorrow. This week I’m only doing 1 day rather than 2 to ease myself back in. But next week I’m back to my usual Tuesday & Thursday pattern.
    I have 6lb or 3kg to lose and I will set my goal for the 2nd week of November. I will then try to drop another kg by mid December to allow for the Christmas weight that I know I will gain.
    So that’s my plan.

    Take care all and catch up soon.

    Lotta x

    Hi Lotta!

    Congrats on getting so close to goal weight! When did you start 5:2? I remember you when I started posting last year I believe…

    I started 5:2 last October and lost 10 pounds over 6 weeks and felt amazing. I was able to keep it up until the end of Jan. After that, I would throw in a fast here or there, but went down the same old path of yo-yo dieting.

    I got in 2 fasts last week, and want to lose 10 pounds. I also have an awesome Caribbean vacation planned for January, so if I commit myself, I should be able to get at goal weight (all time low) by that time.

    How do you stay so committed and not go off the course? Are you fasting this week?


    Wow your all doing so well, it’s the start of a brand new term we have 3 months till Christmas im gonna do this, what’s your biggest tips I’m doing a fd today does everyone stick to the same days
    Emily when you lost your 10 pounds how did you go about it were you exercising, been fantastic on yr non fd days,

    Hi Em – nice to hear from you! 🙂
    How are things with you? The holiday sounds fab, great goal to have to lose for. Well done on the fasts last week.

    I’ve been going since January 2014 and it’s really been a great thing for me overall. The first year was a pretty steady downward line (slow but steady) but now it’s quite jagged – I loose I put on, I loose I put on, etc etc. But never very much at a time in either direction… 🙁
    The last kg or so has been very elusive and now I got a few more to get rid of after the summer holidays.

    Today is my first fast day for 4 weeks – so far so good.
    I meant to do one last week but that didn’t happen. Never mind – onwards I go 😉
    I will be starting a Zumba class on a Saturday morning with my 8 year old son next week and I’m really hoping it will get my fitness going again. I’ve done nothing for the whole summer other than swimming.

    Good luck and hope you have a good week this week as well.

    Lotta x

    Hi S1u2e3
    Hope you are well. 🙂
    Do you have a goal for Christmas or are you doing it until then to see what you can lose during that time?

    I used to do the same FD’s every week and during the first year I did quite a bit of exercise on my FD’s as well. That worked well but this year I’ve gone back to work so unfortunately the fitness regime has fallen by the wayside. I’ve not really been losing weight other than a few kg’s that I’ve then put back during holidays.
    I find it easier to fast when I am in the office. At home the snack cupboard calls and it’s harder to resist. 😉

    Like you it’s back to the routines and working out what fits into this term. It would be good to keep this going until Christmas and I’m hoping I get to my elusive 60kg (-1kg for leeway) by November.

    All the best of luck!
    Lotta xx


    I was very consistent with my 2 fasts last year. I felt as though sticking to the M, Th fasts worked best for me. I never counted calories on non-fast days, however most people on this forum do I believe. I also made it really easy for myself on fast days the first month. I ate a protein meal bar for lunch every day (around 200 calories) and then a frozen dinner at night (around 300 calories). I drank coffee, green tea, sparking water and water with electrolytes in between. I didn’t exercise the first few weeks when starting 5:2. After that, I returned to regular exercise on non-fast days. Good luck, and let us know how you are doing.


    How much did you lose last year? I know you had great success, and will get that last kg off before Christmas. I heard someone say once that they had a number on the scale that determined whether they would cut back on calories for the week or continue to maintain their diet. I was thinking I could use this strategy to get to / stay at my goal weight. My number is 125 lbs. If I am over that number, I will continue with two fasts a day, if under just do 6:1. It sounds reasonable to me… I think I’m going to do weekly weigh-ins (on Friday). This week the scale said 132.5 and last Monday I was at 135. I know I’m losing the last 10 “vanity pounds,” but I feel so much better in my skin when I am under 130 lbs.

    It’ll be fun helping each other through Christms again :).

    Hi Em
    First FD done yesterday and it was quite straight forward. Yay to routine!
    I did eye the snack cupboard when I got home from work but managed to ‘step away from the cookie jar’ in time ;-).
    I’m toying with the idea that I’ll do another FD today and then try to fit a 3rd one in on Thursday this week to kick-start myself a little.
    I’m off to a Swedish Crayfish party on Friday and I know I will overeat. I’ve also got a friends birthday lunch up in London on Saturday. So a bit of pre-damage limitation I think.

    Last year I lost 22kg in total from January to December. Around 48lb or 3.4 English stone. I had aimed for 20kg initially but kept going as it felt like I could. 🙂 I then re-set my target for 60kg (so another 3kg down) and that has been a bit of a struggle and I have yo-yo’d quite a bit but at least I have maintained my weight even if I’ve not lost overall.

    So now I’m trying to use the weight gain over the summer to gain new momentum and I would like to lose the 3kg by November and then another kg by Christmas to have some leeway so 8lb in total.

    It’s great to have someone to do the losing with. Hope you have good FD’s this week.

    Lotta x

    Woop woop – 2 FD’s on the trot and down 3 lb (1.5kg). I know the first lot is mostly fluids but still 😀
    The next FD will be on Thursday, let’s see how that one goes.

    Good luck all of you fasting today and if temptation gets to you think like this: “I can have it tomorrow, I can have it tomorrow” 🙂

    Lotta xx

    Go Lotta!!

    I was wondering how your back to back fast was going :). 3 pounds is excellent! I was 3 pounds down on Monday (compared to the week before). I know that the weight does go down a little slower after the first week, but I feel better in my clothes already.

    I did a workout video yesterday, and plan to lift weights today. Tomorrow I will join you in fasting :). Mondays and Thursdays aren’t ideal for my schedule, but I think those are the best days for my body to fast, so I am sticking to them as best as I can. I see that I get into trouble when I go off schedule.

    Also, I am very impressed with your overall loss on 5:2, you should be really proud!! Let’s really focus on having a good month, and hopefully, we’ll be in the groove come October :). I have a mini vacation with my family the end of Oct. (Florida and Disney World for a day), so I’d like to be nice and fit by then.

    Have a good one, I’ll check in tomorrow.

    Hi all glad to see some activity after the summer. I’d lost a total of 3 stone that’s 42lbs before my last hols. Put 7lbs back on planning to lose a stone before off again in December. Fast days Tuesday and Thursday this week. So one down one to go.
    My top tip is to plan what you are eating 2 x 500 days split between 200 call for breakfast and 300 for tea/supper. Healthy low cal evening meals at least 3 other nights and what ever k fancy at weekend. I have a number of diet books that I plan from. Good luck with the fasts. Lotta you’re an inspiration. Cheers. S

    Hi Manchesterlass. Great to hear from you again.
    Wow that is great weightloss – well done you!! When did you start doing the 5:2? It sounds like you have a good working plan for your week, which I think is crucial if it’s going to be a success. Planning is so important – it’s the impulse eating that ruins me I find. 🙂 How’s your fast day going so far today?

    Hi Em. Thanks for your lovely words – I’m definitely feeling good about myself and my knees and back are so happy not to have to lug all that extra weight around anymore. Disneyworld in Florida sounds fab. It’s on our travel list to do with the kids one day hopefully. 🙂
    We also have a few days away for ‘half-term’ (last week of October) and I will be required to wear a swim suit again then so would love to have lost a bit by then. How is your Fast Day going today?

    I had a bit of a wobble last night – I didn’t overeat but I did drink more wine than I had planned. My hubby came home yesterday having been away travelling and we stayed up late catching up. So I’m not feeling too bright today but I’m going to stick to my fasting… but with some extra coffee thrown in. 🙂 No snacking though!

    Good luck and stay strong Thursday fasters – we can do it! 😀

    Lotta xx


    I have a very similar fasting plan — I have a 200 cal. lunch and 300 cal. dinner. Today, I’m going to try to save my 500 for dinner (with maybe some broth this afternoon).


    Disney World is so fun with the kids (I’m secretly looking forward to it). My parents have a house in FL (about 1 hour away from Disney). However, it is not up my husband’s alley, so we will be leaving him at home. He can’t stand crowds or rides and they don’t serve alcohol, so Disney is not for him ;).

    I’m fasting today, Yay! I feel the momentum building and it feels good. I was super hungry yesterday, so I overdid it on dinner, dessert and wine, yikes!! I hope the scales are kind tomorrow (or at least stay the same). I will give you the report tomorrow. I am freezing today! It’s gotten cooler here and we have a cloudy day. I think I’m going to distract myself by getting a manicure later today… I’m sure my daughter will try to weasel her way to come with me :).

    Have a good one,

    Hi Em. How was your fast day yesterday?
    Mine went well but it felt long and I was freezing too (which I’m now getting used to) as I do on FD’s.

    However, the scales didn’t change from what I weighed on Wednesday morning when I’d done my 2 back to backs.
    But I did put on a pair of my skinny jeans this morning and they felt much more comfortable than last week.

    Have a great weekend. The trip to Disney sounds brilliant.

    Lotta x

    Happy Friday Lotta!

    My fast day was actually pretty good yesterday. I was freezing until I finally ate about 200 cal. around 3:30 pm. I felt in control yesterday and even was able to fall alseep pretty quickly.

    Funny, my scale today said the same as Monday morning too… However, I do think last time I had a great first week, then not much of a loss for 2 weeks and then a bigger loss after that. We’re getting over the hump now?? I worked out all morning today (I have off on Fridays) which felt great. I don’t exercise for weight loss, just to stay fit and happy ;).

    Let’s stay consistent and see what we can do :). I do feel better already, much less bloated, so I’ll take it! I am overall 3.5 lbs. down from when I started (only 4 fasts in). Have a terriffic weekend!


    Happy Fasting Monday 🙂

    I am sticking to a strict 500 calories today. My weekend was a bit shaky. I had a brief emotional eating spell last night. Before 5:2, it would have been more of a blow-out. I do think fasting helps me to pause and think about my choices a little more. I’m a little worried about the scales this week. I’m wondering if I should skip lunch or breakfast on my non-fast days… I don’t want to get too carried away and blow everything though. I do believe Dr. Mosley said he skips lunch, does anyone else do this?

    Lotta, how’s it going? Were you better behaved than I was over the weekend?? How strict do you plan to be this week? I did get some pretty good workouts in lately. I’m working out every day that I’m not fasting.

    I’ll try to check in again towards the end of the day,

    Hi Em
    Sorry it’s been a bit of a crazy weekend. Unfortunately I had a complete pig-out weekend with a big fat lunch on Saturday and too much snacking on Sunday… 🙁
    But I agree – I too would have been much worse before the 5:2 and then I didn’t have a way to balance it up afterwards. Now I do. Now I have the power to reduce some of the impact the snacking has by doing my fast days this week.
    Before 5:2 I would just have gotten depressed and eaten even more.
    But not anymore! Yay! 🙂
    Sometimes I look forward to the FD’s because they are easier than the non FD’s.
    Well done on the exercise!! It is one big thing I am lacking at the moment.
    And I miss it loads. I need to make it regular to fit it into my schedule.
    How did your fast go yesterday?
    I don’t eat breakfast on my FD’s and sometimes I skip lunch on my non FD’s.
    I believe that if you don’t feel hungry you shouldn’t eat. And if I tell my head (where most of the cravings sit) that I’m not having lunch it’s usually fine.
    I’m fasting today and Thursday this week as per usual. Hopefully it will go well.
    Lotta xx

    Hey Lotta,

    I totally understand about the weekend! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw another pound down this morning (day after fast). I was preparing myself for it to stay the same. My fast day was a little rough yesterday. It wasn’t the food so much as the lack of energy / motivation I have sometimes when fasting. I don’t seem to want to push myself to do anything needing a little willpower. Monday is my day off work, so maybe I’ll try to join you with Tuesday / Thursday next week. It makes sense, but I thought 2 work days with fasting wouldn’t be productive for me, but I know it’s better to stay busy. I’ll give it a go with your support next week!

    What do you like to do exercise wise? If I’m in a rut, I turn to something I enjoy doing (playing tennis, jogging with music). Then I find it’s easier to take the time to do it.

    I’ll be joining you on Th. :), have a nice night!

    Hi Em
    Great going! Well done on the pound lost! I had (as expected) a bit of an epic fail and gained 2 lb from last weeks lowest weight. Grump!

    Never mind – yesterday was a good fast and felt fine and Thursday will be good too. Glad you are joining me then.

    I like doing classes (zumba, arero-kick and other music based sessions) and I did some good walking and light jogging during the summer. I was doing this walking challenge with work (GCC) where I measured my steps every day. But once it finished I fell out of practice. I will start a zumba session with my son on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to that (and so is he 😉 ).
    I used to go to the gym lots but then I started working and now I hardly have any time off for me. I need to be better at booking things for myself.

    Take care and have a good moderate non FD today.
    Lotta x

    Hey Lotta,

    Don’t worry, those 2 lbs. will be off next week for sure. I do worry about non-fast days too, because I think when I do overeat, it makes me feel like the diet isn’t working for me. I do hate that feeling, but I know I am capable of overeating with or without 5:2. You are right, now we have a way to balance those moments of weakness! I do want to focus on veggies more this week and weekend. I just have to think of a way to remind myself…

    I was very disappointed, because I did not get in a workout yesterday. I had to spend the evening at my kids’ school. It was a lot of sitting for the day :(. I will make up for it today!

    I like dance classes too (I am defintely not the best in the room, but not the worst either)! That’s so cool to do it with your son :), how old is he? I have a 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter. Have you heard of the new dance exercise video Cize (from the guy who made Insanity)? There is a trial online, and I thought it was fun.

    I’ll check in tomorrow,

    Hi Em
    How’s your fast going today?
    Mine is going ok but I feel strangely bloated and not my usual “limber” and awake self when I’m on a 500 cal day… Will see how I feel tomorrow after the fast.

    Yes I’m really looking forward to the Zumba session on Saturday. My son likes performing and theatre and he used to do Street-dance sessions so I thought I’d try this with him as a healthy fun thing to do together (he is almost 9).
    Will check out Cize tomorrow when I’m working from home, it sounds great 🙂

    I like you idea of focusing on greens. I think that is what I will do this weekend 🙂 Lots of fruit and veg. Yay!

    The kids have swimming this evening so I have 90 minutes of sitting poolside to get through. I find it hard to sit still when I’m fasting as I start thinking about food. This is still tricky for me 🙂

    Catch up soon.
    Lotta x

    Hey Lotta,

    I hope you’re feeling a little more “slim” now that it’s evening for you :). It’s close to noon here and I’m trying to fast through to dinner today. I usually break it up and have a 200 calorie lunch. I’m going to sip broth instead today, I’ll report later to see how it goes.

    Cize is on beachbody ondemand and they have a 30 day trial that I signed up for a few weeks ago. I discontinued it the next day (so they wouldn’t charge me), but I still have access to it this month. I’m actually considering continuing it, because it’s so much fun. I’ll see how I feel once they cut me off.

    I will be up to my ears in little girls and birthday cake (pool birthday party for my daughter) this weekend, so focusing on fruits & veggies is a must!!

    I ate sushi last night, so a little afraid of the scale tomorrow. I have heard that it puts on pounds for a few days after you eat it… I really need to learn to not let the scale control my feelings!!!

    Do you play candy crush? That could be a fun distraction during pool time tonight :).

    Have a good one!

    Hello everyone
    It’s been a not very successful few weeks so I’ve been off-line for a few days to re-group my resolve.
    I have been doing FD’s as usual but with the number of meals out I have had in the last few weeks, I managed to put on weight rather than lose. 🙁
    I’ve had some snacking issues that I now feel I’ve got under control but it did scupper the weight-loss.

    So – new tactics:
    1) Super strict 2 days FD planned this week Wednesday & Thursday. 500 cals exactly.
    2) More exercise – I’m again logging my steps using my pedometer and am doing Zumba at the weekend.
    3) No snacking or alcohol on the non FD’s to stick to exactly or below my TDEE.

    Hi Em – Zumba was fab – my son loved it and I really enjoyed it too. I’m upping my walking and exercise (as above) to battle the rut I am now in.
    How did the weekend go with the cakes and the veggie/fruit focus? 🙂
    Take care!

    Good luck all fasters and keep losing the inches/cm’s/kg’s/lb’s. 🙂
    Lotta xx

    It’s a bright and sunny day here in the Midwest (I’m soaking it all in while I can).

    Hey Lotta! Sounds like you came up with a solid plan. I am so like that too, give me wiggle room and I’ll take it! I think that’s why 5:2 works for people like us. We like strict rules, but it’s fun to break them the next day ;).

    The whole veggie/fruit thing was not the best plan (lots of wiggle room). Also, I like veggies, so it’s easy for me to eat them anyway, but it also doesn’t stop me from having ice cream cake this weekend (twice, oops). However, the birthday party was super fun, and I think my daughter is still recovering from the sugar.

    I’m fasting today, and so far, so good. I’m thinking the scale won’t be too kind tomorrow, so in an attempt to step up my game, I’m going to try the 8 hour feasting window on non-fast days. So, I’ll only eat between 12-8 everyday. I will keep you posted. I don’t like to have rules besides the strict fast days, but at this point (4th fasting week in a row) I think I can manage it.

    Have a good one,

    Hi Lotta,

    Fasting today? I had a pretty good one yesterday. They do seem to be getting easier, but I am still pretty crabby at night with the family. Do you find that happening to you?

    I had a slight loss this morning (0.5 lbs.), but after pizza and ice cream this weekend, I’ll take it!! I’m right at 130.0 lbs. now and really feel good. I feel my best at 127.0, so I’m really looking forward to hitting that mark again. That was my goal weight last time, but I’m thinking about pushing it to 125.0 this time, we’ll see.

    I am going to only focus on 500 calorie fast days and nothing else. I know this works and I am putting faith in the fasts helping my appetite to shrink. Any other thoughts creates room to binge for me.

    Let me know how you are doing 🙂

    Hi Em. Yay, well done you! It’s so nice finding that you’ve lost weight even after a party weekend and I think that the fasts are continuously good for the body and the benefits are long term.

    Good luck with the goals. It’s good to hear that others have plans too 😀
    I find that the numbers help me and to have something to aim for. I know for some it’s a bit of a guilty feeling when they don’t reach the goals. I get annoyed with myself but I don’t tend to feel guilty. So I strengthen my resolve instead to do better next time 🙂

    Ha, ha I know what you mean about the crabbiness! 😀 I used to lose my temper a lot last year on FD’s but I find I don’t so much these days. I do get really tired though. Last week I had a nap in the afternoon one day and that’s really unusual for me.

    I’m fasting today instead of yesterday as I went out for a lovely meal for my mother in law’s birthday. I find that I really enjoy the nice food in restaurants much more now than I used to. I think my tastebuds and pallet have changed for the better 🙂
    I’ve been keeping my steps up and I’ve started logging them again. I may even go for a jog on Friday.. and then it’s Zumba again on Saturday. Yay!
    I’ll let you know if I’ve made any progress tomorrow.

    Take care!
    Lotta xx

    Hey Lotta,

    Are you doing back to back fasts this week? I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s not so bad. Your dinner sounded lovely, what did you have? I’m dying to go to England!!

    I’m logging steps too :). I got in a run yesterday (about 3 miles), and it felt wonderful. I like to do some speed work, so it’s probably more of a HITT workout than a steady jog.

    I’ll probably do a workout video when I get home and walk after dinner tonight. I went overboard on the snacks last night, so I may try to loosely stick to a TDEE today. I’m hoping this keeps the snacking monster away :). I never count calories in veggies (unless it’s a fast day).


    Hi EM
    Yes onto my second fast day of the week. Found it quite hard not to have breakfast this morning but it’s fine now.
    I’m having a carrot and coriander cup-a-soup to warm me up as I’m working from home today. I will have a nice (but tiny) bit of veggie sushi for lunch and a ready meal is planned for dinner.

    I had a lovely piece of salmon with oat risotto for my dinner the other night – it was delicious and very creamy and decadent. But at least I had fish which must have been better for me than the ginormous stake my husband had 😀
    The triple chocolate brownie after probably wasn’t though – 😉
    I’m drooling as I type… ha, ha, ha, never talk about food on a FD and definitely not on the second one in a row… 😀

    Well done on the run – I’m going for a long walk later today so looking forward to that.
    Right – back to work. Good luck if you are fasting today.
    I’m weighing in tomorrow – eek!
    Lotta xx

    Hey Lotta,

    Fast day over here too, it’s mid afternoon, but I still feel good through my fast. I have been eating 2 gummy fiber chews in the afternoon to get me through to dinner. They are 10 calories and seem to help break up the day :).

    I’m a little concerned about the scales tomorrow too… I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately, so disappointed may be near?? I’m not going to worry too much, but I am still overdoing it with the snacks at night. I have not found a solid solution to the hunger pangs on non-fast days. Suggestions anyone?? Maybe I’m not balancing out my calories through the day??…

    Anyway, we’ll see tomorrow if I need to address that issue properly ;). After today, I have 4 weeks of successful 5:2ing this year :). Yeah!!

    May the scales be good to us tomorrow,

    Woop woop – the strict 500 cal on FD’s this week must have worked.
    I am down to 62.4kg from 64 – so 3lb! Woo hoo! “Only” 2.4 kg to go for mid November and then another kg for mid December.
    It might not sound very much but it’s the last few KG’s that are the hardest I find.
    Now I’m feeling very virtous and will be good this weekend (i.e nothing planned so easy to say that) 🙂

    Em – I hope the weight fairy was keeping your scales light today too 😀

    Happy Friday everyone!
    Lotta xx

    Go Lotta!! That’s a big difference for one week, yeah!!

    The scale fairy was fair and kind this morning ;). I am down 1 lb. since last week, so a total of 5.5 lbs. gone since Sept. 1. I’m also 129.5, not much under 130, but I’ll take it!!

    5 or 6 more pounds to go for me (3kg), so I’ll be right there with you. My goal will probably be 3 lbs. for Oct. and 3 lbs. for November…

    Have fun with Zumba tomorrow! I’m going to get in a kettlebell workout today and go for a run on Saturday. The weather is still nice here, so one more pool day before we close it up. No plans for this weekend for me, so hoping to stay away from junk!


    Hello everyone (if anyone else is still reading this thread 🙂 )
    Good weekend – lots of varied exercise and stayed away from snacks and ate healthily. I drank more wine than I’d hoped I would but other than that it was a good weekend intake wise. The scales this morning seemed to agree with me.
    This week FD’s is Tuesday and Thursday as usual. Let’s see how they go.

    Hi Em. I’m glad to hear you are on good terms with the scales fairy too 🙂
    Wow – 129.5lb – you are tiny! Massively well done, that’s brilliant.
    It must feel like such an achievement to break that number. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Lotta xx

    Happy Monday!

    I’m fasting today, because it’s become such a habit that now my body expects it! Yeah!!

    Lotta, I’m average height, (5’4″), but small boned, so I feel like ideally I should be around 124 lbs. I do want to stay focused this time and give myself some wiggle room. I got to 127 lbs. last year and didn’t stick with the fasting way of life. I of course then added the 10 lbs. back on last spring.

    However, I want to celebrate being under 130 and every pound down now is kind of a bonus. I’m thinking my weight loss will slow down, but we’ll see. Lotta, you are so close too!!

    I was not brave enough to step on the scale this morning, I need my fasting day to cancel out my weekend eating! Nice work on your exercise this weekend :). I worked out hard this weekend too, and I’m feeling stronger. Do you exercise on fast days? I think it’s a good time for me to have a day off — I then feel refreshed to get back to it after a fast day.

    Have a good one!

    Hi Em
    I used to exercise on FD’s before last year and it felt great, but now I’m working full time I can’t fit exercise in other than walking and at the weekends. 🙁
    My favourite was BodyCombat. I came out bouncing and with a fierce attitude on those days… At least as much attitude as a 40+ mum of 2 can have 😀

    I’m a very solid built 5ft3 – or heavy boned – as my birdlike built mum would say. I’ve passed this “lovely” gene onto my daughter who is also heavy despite being tall and lanky. She won’t thank me when she grows up… 😉 I’ve often through of doing that body fat measurement that you can do on special electric scales to see if this is in fact true or if I am just kidding myself and in reality it’s just flab 😉

    Good luck on your FD and catch up soon.
    Lotta xx

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