What's the best tips for weight loss?

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What's the best tips for weight loss?

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  • Hey mate,

    May be this question asked already here. But as a new member into this community I would like to get your opinion and suggestion 🙂 I would like to lose weight, how? Though I didn’t try anything yet. But I walk everyday about 2 more hours. Is this well enough to lose weight?

    Please, I will wait for your reply!

    Increasing activity levels is almost always a good thing, just don’t expect it to contribute much, if anything, to weight loss. Numerous studies show that people tend to overestimate the # of calories consumed exercising & reward themselves with “indulgences” that contain more calories than they consumed exercising. The amount of calories that you will use, above your resting metabolic rate, isn’t that great.
    Better option is to start 5/2 as you will have a bigger calorie deficit/week + gain the benefits from fasting.
    FWIW, I keep active & do weight training/cardio numerous times per week. Even with that, I use the TDEE calculation for a sedintary person as my primary job doesn’t require much physical activity.

    I have lost 12kg and maintained my weight now for over two years.

    The best advice I can give: start with 5:2; log all your food on the app Myfitnesspal (free); buy a scale to weigh your food; change your bad habits (no pop, cut out unnecessary sugar…); control portion sizes and up your exercise.

    The most important part: see it as a permanent life style change and NOT as a diet! Therefore, make small changes – one step at a time and make only those changes you can maintain!

    For instance, one of my first changes was to not drink Coke or any pop again. I have maintained this now since 2013. Eventually I stopped drinking juices and now am a water and tea total. I do not miss it at all.

    Best of luck

    Did you try anything special to lose your weight? I am much more curious to follow that rules or tips.

    Exercise alone is unlikely to make you lose a significant amount of weight. You will consume about 400-500 calories going for a 2 hour walk as a moderate pace. However a recent study indicated that people that exercised as a means of losing weight were more likely to “reward” their exercise by eating more.

    I do not discount the benefits of exercise. it improves your health, mental well being, fitness, self esteem etc. But will it make a huge difference in your weight? Probably not. If you want to lose weight try 5:2, it works. Is it difficult? For some it is, but then it really depends on how motivated you are. It also helps to eat the right foods. Basically sugar and ANY processed carb will make it REAL difficult for you to be successful.

    I noticed a big change after 6 months. Water fasting all of a sudden became easy. I still water fast once per week even though Ive been in maintenance since march 2016.

    As the add says, Just do it.

    You have to eat fewer calories than your body burns. It doesn’t seem to matter, really, HOW you do this. If you fast, count calories, use a restrictive diet, eat food that’s less calorie dense, eat mindfully, do some fad diet… as long as you consume fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight.

    Exercise only works if you keep your caloric consumption stable, and just add additional exercise. And even then, the weight loss is generally slow as exercise doesn’t usually burn that many calories. Plus keeping it stable is hard without calorie counting, as exercise makes you hungry. Also, exercise generally burns fewer calories than people assume (this includes those devices that calculate how many calories you “burn”- they almost always overestimate).

    How I’m losing weight is through intermittent fasting (16:8 and 5:2), calorie counting (I’ve been just doing it in my head mostly), and only eating at meals (no grazing), weighing myself daily, and using dietbets as a form of external motivation.

    I’m also exercising and trying to eat a healthier diet- but just for general health, not for weight loss.

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