What can I use as an alternative ?

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What can I use as an alternative ?

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  • Hi have been on the diet for two weeks now and am using the fantastic recipes from the book. Last week I made the Veggie Chilli which could be eaten with a Tortilla.
    The Tortillas (out of packet) tasted like cardboard. What could I use as a substitute and still keep within the calorie count of 50.


    Ryvita may be good, very low calorie and nice and crunchy

    Or -maybe- a different brand or tortilla? 😉

    thanks for your replies. Although I can’t buy Ryvita here I can get Roggen Crispbreads which are something similar. Will pass on the bought Tortillas, maybe I will have a go at making them myself sometime.


    My entirely personal view is that crispbreads just aren’t worth eating.
    How about an Indian chapatti? They’re just flour and water and a little oil. (although some recipes add various other things – chilli, butter etc)
    100g wholewheat flour; 1 tblsp oil; salt (if wanted)
    Make it into an elastic dough adding water as required. Make into 5 balls. Flatten out using your hands into a pancake shape. DRY fry in a very hot pan until the chapatti starts to puff up. Flip over and repeat. Serve at once.
    Works out about 90 – 100 cals a piece but, for my money, they’re much tastier than tortilla, especially if you use an Indian flour like chapatti flour(!), gram flour etc.
    Plenty of recipes on the internet if you fancy trying something a little different.
    Good eating!

    Sounds great Silver, may try that when I get home!

    Thanks silverback, I will give that a try when the recipe allows me enough calories to eat a full one, they Sound good. Could I make them with Rye Flour instead of wholewheat do you think ?

    Now I have a confession to make, I really don’t know my Tortillas from my Tacos – my original enquiry was about Tortillas but what I really should have written was TACOS. Apologies to all who replied, but thanks again. Anyway today is our Fast Day and am going to try out the Rye Crispbread thins I bought.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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