What are Milk Kefir grains? They are FREE here!

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What are Milk Kefir grains? They are FREE here!

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  • Milk kefir grains are FREE! They ferment milk to produce a wonderful yogurt-like drink. It has a tremendous range of health benefits, it can replenish your good gut bacteria, it is low in lactose, many people say that they help them to stave off HUNGER PANGS.

    This could be a great addition to the diet of people seeking better health (providing of course that there is no medical reason for you to avoid it! I am not an expert, just a fan.)

    Here are a couple of links to friendly groups with lots of knowledge and help:



    One is for milk kefir, and the other is for fermenting in general, including kefir. The fermenting one has a pinned post with a list that you can join to request free grains etc (you usually just pay postage, or collect in person).

    You can also offer your excess grains here for free if you wish. They multiply! There is no need to buy these grains, they are as old as the hills and are all around you, crying out for new homes!

    I’m starting this new post following on from a request, I hope that this is ok and helpful to you. xx

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