Weight watchers and 5:2

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  • Hi
    Is anybody combining Weight Watchers with 5:2. I have a fair amount to lose in a short period of time. At least 10kg in 4 months: I need some surgery and my surgeon won’t consider putting me on the waiting list untill I have lost 10kg. I’m in surgical menopause and in there own I’m only losing 0.5 lbs a week. Has anyone tried combining the 2 approaches?

    Hi suzysu72. It’s been a long time since I tried Weight Watchers, but last time I did it was all about counting points which were actually a form of calorie counting. With 5:2 you only count calories on 2 days per week. The average loss is about a pound per week. 10 kg would be about 22 pounds in about 16 or 17 weeks. Some people get an initial drop of a few pounds when they first start. It’s really pretty different from WW unless WW has changed. I used to lose weight with WW but then gain it all back after I reached my goal. It wasn’t really a way of eating that I could see myself sticking with long term.

    5:2 is a lot more sustainable for me because it doesn’t seem much like a diet. It’s more of a way of life. I’ve been maintaining for about 10 months.

    10 kg in 4 months is a lot. Maybe if you fasted 3 days per week and were extremely careful you could lose that. Just a few more weeks would make it a little more doable.

    Hi suzy,

    Rather than daily calorie restriction why don’t you try alternate day fasting ie 500 calories one day and eat normally the next. If you don’t overdo it on non fast days you should be able to lose 10kgs. I lost 20kgs in 6 months by averaging 7 FDs every fortnight ie 7 out of 14 days. I found it fairly easy to stick to once I got into a routine.

    The best thing about the fast diet is that it help to retrain the appetite and it is the only method of weight loss I’ve used where I’ve not regained all the weight and more.

    Thank you for your replies. I’m using weight watchers just for the calories and portion control as already tried 5:2 and happily maintained for 3 months. I really enjoy the other benefits of fasting (even had 2 skin tags fall off!) my 2 fasting days would give me wiggle room at the weekends…… I just don’t have the luxury of snail pace right now. So basically I’m going to do both with a takeaway at the weekends and see what happens. If it works then when I’m at an acceptable Wright for my surgeon I’ll ditch weight Watchers and stick to 5:2

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