Wasn't sure it could work for me

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Wasn't sure it could work for me

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  • When I started 4 weeks ago I wasn’t sure something would finally work for me, but it does! I’m 67 and losing weight gets harder as you get older. I’ve been overweight – about 15kg – for years and just couldn’t seem to get it off. I’ve now lost 4 kg in the same number of weeks and it hasn’t been difficult.
    I want to lose another 10 kg and now know I can.
    So all of you out there like me, please do try. It will work. It’s the way it’s designed that makes it work.

    Hi Karinw, Good to read your post! I’m 60 years of age and have had a similar experience as you! Nothing else worked for me. I started 5:2 in last June and by the end of September, I’d shed the 15 pounds I wanted to lose. Like you, I looked back and felt like it had all been a miracle because it felt so effortless compared to other methods I’d tried! I also shed the weight without having done any exercise because I have a health condition that prevents me from exerting myself much.

    Yes, I believe that the reason this way of life feels relatively easy is because, like you said, it is how we ate for centuries and so it is in our genes and heritage to be fasting intermittently!

    I’m at maintenance now, though am continuing to fast 2 days a week because it means that I don’t have to count calories on non-fasting days! I can be that bit more indulgent and still maintain my ideal goal weight!

    All the best for you feeling ease in your journey toward your goal!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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