Veggiesaurus – My journey to fat loss

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Veggiesaurus – My journey to fat loss

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  • I did my first FD yesterday, and have to say it seemed pretty easy. I decided not to eat anything till after I finished work at 6pm then had a couple of hard boiled eggs with a very large salad final calories was 475 including teas/coffee.
    Like a lot of people I have tried lots of diets, so hoping this WOE/WOL will suit me and get this fat off. I’m only short so the extra pounds really show.
    I am going on my first cruise holiday summer 2019 so I have plenty of motivation to stick with it and hopefully encourage my OH to join me on FD’s. Going to have 2 FD on Monday/Thursday but will move these if needed.

    Starting Stats on 20.09.18
    146.8 pounds
    BMI 28.7
    41.5% BF

    Good start and good motivation, veggiesaurus.
    Hint for the future: even on the cruise, with the unlimited access to eating, you could still maintain a Fast Lifestyle by using the skills you will hav acquired by then. Thus you will leave the cruise unscathed!
    I look forward to hearing of your progress.

    Thank you fasting_me I am hopeful that this will be the case.

    2nd Fast day for me today, haven’t had anything yet today but tea/water so quite looking forward to my Egg salad when I get home from work. It’s been fairly easy again today except that with the weather getting colder I think I will need to start making some nice soups for a more warming choice.

    Looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow.

    Sounds like you’ve made a good start so far! I found not eating through the day easier too, & soups are very good for winter FDs too- I do get colder on FDs. Good luck with your weigh in!

    Thank you hedgehogs.

    Weighed in this morning following yesterdays FD and happy to see a little downwards movement in the numbers, I have scales that measure body fat and water, muscle etc
    and links to my phone so I can keep all the data. I am hoping most of the weight loss will come from the fat percentage and not just water once I have done a few more fast days, at the moment I am delighted just to see lower numbers, I have been really stuck at the same (too fat) weight for a long time. This WOE seems manageable and something I can stick to long term.

    144.6 pounds
    BMI: 28.4
    41.6 BF

    That’s a good start! ☺

    Looks like I must of gained some of my initial weight loss back over my NFD
    Had my 3rd fast day Thursday, weight on Friday was 145.5 so still less than my starting weight. Think it will just take time for my stubborn body to realize I’m doing something different.

    Got a bit of a tough week this week as I’m away from home Monday to Friday so unsure if fasting is going to be possible, May just have to do 3 FD the following week. But there will be lots more exercise opportunities so looking forward to that, starting with parkrun today.

    41.3,% BF

    Courage! Stay the course.

    Sometimes weighing too often can be a bit disheartening, you will weigh a bit more on a nonFd just because of the extra food weight. Some people just weigh once a week, same day, time etc. Not saying I stick to that myself…

    I weigh daily, so things don’t get out of hand. ODH weighs on Fast Days and the day after.

    I was away on holiday last week with my sister so decided not to fast,but I did watch what I was eating and of course there was much more walking involved than my normal weeks. When I returned home I weighed myself and was delighted to see that I had stayed the same as when I left.
    FD this week was Monday, it felt good to be back on plan. I didn’t have anything but drinks till my evening meal of just under 500 calories. Weighed today and I am down a little bit so happy with that.

    41.5% BF

    Hi veggiesaurus, I weigh daily but with the knowledge that the only thing that matters is the long-term downward trend, which can be quite slow as in my case. Do you use a spreadsheet or an app to track your weight? It can be very motivating to see on a chart.

    I’ve found that many times there is no rhyme or reason to my body’s day-to-day weight loss and gain. Sometimes I will fast and not lose, and sometimes I will stuff my face at a party and don’t gain a thing the next day. All very mysterious!

    Good luck!

    Hi SparklyShoes, I agree with you that the long-term downward trend is really the important thing. My weight is tracked on a phone App for my electronic scales. The scales measure Water% – Fat% – Bone weight – BMI – Visceral Fat – BMR & Muscle Mass.

    I like to keep an eye on where my weight loss/gain is coming from, as in the past while marathon training I started to lose a lot of muscle mass rather than fat which obviously isn’t a good thing especially as I am nearly 60 years young, I need to keep all the hard earned muscle I can.

    Yesterday was a FD and this morning I weighed exactly the same, in the past this may have upset me, but with 5:2 I feel so much more in control that I am happy to ride out the ups and downs. I have already noticed that my clothes are fitting better and I have more energy on FD rather than less. I plan on sticking with 5:2 till the extra fat has gone or my doctor finally agrees with me that I have a thyroid problem. This WOE is giving me a lot of proof that I am not overeating enough to explain the weight gain that has happened over a fairly short period of time.

    Well said, Veggie.

    Are you in the UK? Just asking because from what I’ve read, doctors here use a lower level of thyroid hormones to decide if you need thyroid treatment than in other countries, so what they class as normal here, you could be classed as having hypothyroid in the US.

    Hi Hedgehogs, Yes I’m in the UK my doctor just keeps saying borderline.

    Yesterday was a FD and flew by with a very busy day at work, weighed in this morning and was over the moon to see that I am now the lightest I have been in 18 months, this is so much of a relief from having tried so many other diets. Only a little bit more weight to come off and I will finally be in the ‘Overweight’ category rather than ‘Obese’ on my phone app.

    41.3% BF

    Isn’t it wonderful how well 5:2 works!

    It certainly is fasting_me, I can’t believe how much It has changed my thoughts and feelings about food in general. I look forward to my FD I seem to have so much extra time, I hadn’t really considered just how much time is spent on thinking about what’s to eat, preparing it and then eating and even after eating there’s the time to let it digest before going for a run and of course the washing up ha ha!

    Scales stayed the same today after yesterdays FD but I drank loads of tea and water so could possibly be keeping the numbers static, no worries, at least I didn’t put any on.

    We have a Halloween fancy dress at parkrun this weekend so lots of trick or treat sweeties about for the runners, I will need to keep my focus or this weekend could undo some of my new good habits.

    Steady on. Keep the focus. Have fun on the run.

    Today is my 2nd fast day since my last update, I have watched my scales go up and down by quite large amounts (1-1 1/2 pounds) over the last week for no particular reason. I have seen a bit of a drop in my fat percentage but not much…..However my trousers for work are getting looser and will need replacing very soon. I feel slimmer across my hips too, although I haven’t used a tape measure to confirm this.
    Hopefully the scales will show a bit of a loss tomorrow.

    I am still really enjoying this WOE and it’s stopping my thoughts of failure when the numbers don’t change, I can happily reason out that if my normal TDEE is somewhere around 1500 calories then realistically with needing 3,500 deficit to lose a pound, it would take me 3 1/2 Fast Days to achieve that, if I eat 500 calories on a fast day.

    Well the scales didn’t really move and my fat% is about the same, the numbers suggest that I have lost some muscle….hhmmmmm will keep an eye on this, but think I will write all the numbers down today and check them properly in a month and not get hung up on the small ups and downs, I will be running or at least exercising more over the next couple of weeks so this might shake things up.

    41.3% BF

    Still plodding along with 5:2 but not seeing much change on the scales, so I am thinking that I may try 4:3 next week and see if that will get things moving.
    I have been keeping a closer eye on what I am eating on NFD’s and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that. I have been more active the last two weeks so maybe a little muscle added, but I’m no popeye!

    41.1% BF

    Are you eating enough protein, veggies? Muscle loss can be reversed by upping your protein and of course exercising muscle groups. People [like me] often put emphasis on walking, which is great as an endurance exercise, but does not do anything for the upper body muscles. By concentrating on muscle groups, I have increased my strength over where it was a few years ago. I aim for 15-18 g protein at breakfast on a Fast Day, and 20-30 g for dinner. On Slow Days I try to emphasize protein too, as well as Calcium.
    On your Slow Days, try putting in one 300 calorie dinner. That would give you ‘2.5 Fast Days’ and since the evening calories would be lower than usual, it might help you to lose more weight in the long run. We sometimes do that.
    Good luck this week.

    Fasting_me thank you for the advice, I do run and use a cross trainer, I also do Nodic Walking, but I do think I might need to increase my resistance exercise and strength exercise quota. I eat a reasonable amount of protein on my slow days usually with 21-23g at breakfast in a protein bar/shake that sort of thing. On Fast days I only have water/white tea until I get home from work about 6.30pm then I have something like a couple of hard boiled eggs and salad or now that the weather is colder I have had soups. I will try the 300 calorie dinner on a slow day and see what happens.

    Yesterday was a FD and weighed in this morning, happy with a small loss.

    141.8 pounds
    BMI 27.8
    41.2% BF

    Headed in the right direction!

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