URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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URGENT!!! Looking for a weight loss buddy :)

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  • Country girl would you like to talk on Skype? MY skype name is little neenie

    Love to go gal, will try you later (just up…on first coffee.) then picking my grand son up from Melbourne to bring back to the farm in Gippsland for school holidays, so I’ll definitely contact you later

    Hi all, I’m from South Australia, I’ve been doing the 12 Week Body Transformation but was reaching a point where my weight wasn’t really moving down.

    I’m 59 years old, at the time I was 68kg and not doing as much exercise due to injuries. Steady walking mostly. I’ve been trying the 5 2 diet for the last couple of weeks, and since starting I’ve dropped 2.5kg in the last 3 weeks with no effort. I have the Fitbit Aria scales that record your weight online, so I know I’m not cheating, lol!

    I find lunch time when I would normally eat is a bit hard, but if I have a cup of tea or coffee with skim milk I’m fine. On days when I’m not fasting, I’ll have a protein breakfast – typically an egg and some asparagus (growing in my garden) fried in a stonedine pan brushed with a tiny bit of rice bran oil – delicious, and I don’t feel hungry for hours on a protein breakfast.

    Loving the stories here, it’s so encouraging.

    Welcome to our support group, you have really done well, on your fast days you will find a homemade vegie soup filling and low in cals so no need to starve

    Hay go gal after the unmentionable loss with my first fast day Thursday, I’ve eaten very normally as the show told us to, weighed this morning out of curiosity and WOW. LOST ANOTHER 1k with just normal eating, how easy is that?

    Hi everyone,
    Thought I might add myself here as I see fellow Aussies. Country gal I am in east gippsland, wonder if your close?
    I am 45 weigh 87 kilo and starting today.. Bit sick with a cough and not that hungry so may as well take advantage where I can.
    Hey pinpongpom your not old, I have a 4 month old bub 🙂

    Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend

    Hi RebElle, I’m in South Gippsland on the way to the Prom, glorious country. Welcome aboard, we are very supportive on this thread, keep up with your fluids and you’ll be on top of your cold in no time

    WELCOME!! you will enjoy our group .We weigh in on Friday and post our progress.Take my buddy country girls advise TRY also sipping lemon juice and honey with bit of brandy in hot water (Not too hot )to kerb the cough. Take care……go gal

    well done you!

    Hi go gal, just requested to be a contact on skype with you, please reply

    Good morning everyone!
    Its our 2nd week for most of us. Congratulations to everyone last week, we can do it and have done well thus far. With our 1st week down we know what do and not to do.
    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was so quiet on our forum site.
    Country girl and I missed you all.
    Fast day today – stay strong and and fight off the hunger pangs.
    Go Gal

    Well said “mate” today is the day we need all the positive support we can get. We can do it, think of the eventual outcome, keep coming back to our thread for support if you are struggling, have a great day, good morning go gal

    Hi all
    I have been doing some ready before I get started have read the book and also done some online research I am excited about getting started and my first fast day will be tomorrow (Tuesday). I am looking for some support along the way and came across this discussion and its exactly what I was hoping to find.
    A little about me I am 26 from Melbourne Australia with an 11 month old, have always been big and am now at a point in ny life I want to be healthy I am around 5’11 and am at my heaviest 110kg 🙁
    I have never really been educated when it comes to food and really want to do this and know I can with a little bit of support I look forward to sharing my journey with you all xx

    Just downloaded a brilliant free app for calorie counting called fatsecret… It’s awesome, it lists every single food, finds it for you, you can even scan a barcode. It works out your daily requirements and calculates, has recipes and all… It’s going to make this so much easier… Even great for the 2000 cal days…
    Dinner will be 200 grams of prawns, a garlic sauce with 2 cups baby spinach and cheese… Delish

    Hi Reb and welcome:

    There are no ‘2000 cal days” in 5:2 unless your TDEE happens to be 2000. This might explain: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/ #4.

    Good Luck!

    Welcome Icandothis and all other newbies, you will find we give you great support and welcome suggestion from everyone. The fasting days are quite easy if you don’t dwell on food through the day. There are plenty of recipes and suggestions all through the threads for meals but soup is a main stay, filling and low cal, freeze excess for fast days so no temptation when cooking….it’s all done! Salads too are low cal, and drink plenty of water. Good luck and again welcome

    Hi there everyone, I would love to join. I am so overweight and don’t want to look at myself. I know my kids are sometimes embarrassed of me but don’t say much. I am 42 and weigh 110kg – I know soooo big. I live near Chadstone Vic and want to look like a hot mama. At present I don’t want to socialise as people can’t believe it’s me they are talking to. So I am more than happy to come along on this journey with you all! I will be starting tomorrow as it’s afternoon already and I’ve eaten way too much! Until we next talk. Bye for now, Gia.

    Hi GiaS ,welcome to our fast growing group.You have certainly joined a very motivated and focused group. We weigh in on Friday and post our progress.
    There are important things I will tell you! Please STOP putting yourself down! You are a beautiful women ….size does not matter when You look back and remember all the wonderful achievements you have accomplished in your 42yrs. Your children love you for you, and the life lessons that you have and are passing on to them. Your friends are missing you . Don’t let any form of critisism bog you down for you are better than that and are taking steps to improve you confidence and health … be positive… do something different to make your yourself feel better.. colour and cut your hair in a different style , do something that you have always wanted to do..dare yourself. We are here if you need us, you are definatly not alone. XXXXX

    Hay GoGal, couldn’t have said it better if I tried, we are here not just for the cosmetic reasons, but the health reasons too. No AVERAGE person looks like the models in the magazines and who’d want to anyway. Be proud of what is inside, there is only one of you, you are unique so enjoy life. Eating the RIGHT way will certainly bring that confidence back and by the way, the weight loss industry is worth billions so you are not the only one with a weight problem. We are hear with the same goal and as Go gal said, we are very supportive so welcome aboard, post a message anytime you want and someone will reply to your questions

    Goodmorning ladies!!

    I had a lovely weekend at our local ‘fiestas’. Hubby hasn’t had a day off in months and he had 2 days off for the weekend so we enjoyed some much needed family time.

    I weighed this morning just out of curiosity and i’m back up to 101kg. I was expecting this and at least i’m not back to the 102kg i was at the beginning of last week!

    A weekend of eating and drinking too much did however help me come to a few conclusions:

    1. Junk food really doesn’t agree with me. I spent most of the weekend feeling bloated and irritable. I also suffered from a low intensity migraine for most of Saturday and Sunday (not alcohol related i promise 🙂 )

    2. I really didn’t feel comfortable within myself. I felt dowdy and overweight at a lot of parties. I still have a wardrobe full of my sexy ‘skinny’ clothes that simply just don’t fit and i would love to be able to wear again.

    I read your comment GiaS and i can totally relate. GoGal is right. Weight doesn’t matter and we should all try and see how beautiful we are on the inside. But i know how hard it is sometimes. I hate being over weight! I’ve always been heavy but once really pulled my socks up and lost nearly half of my body weight. I went from 120kg to 68kg! I was so proud of myself and i felt incredible. But over the last 6 years i’ve let nearly all of that weight creep back on. And to be honest i’m disgusted with myself, not only for the way i look now but for letting it happen.

    Soooooo after my junk food weekend i’m feeling much more motivated to get the weight back off. And my new goal is to be able to wear my gorgeous turquoise 50’s dress to the ‘fiestas’ next year. And to not be embaressed to go to parties because i’m the fatest one there. It’s the start of a new life! 31kg in 12 months is totally doable and i’m more determined than ever.

    Looking forward to friday weigh and to chatting with you all in between!

    P.S today is a fast day for me. This week will be monday, wednesday, friday and sunday.

    afternoon buddy, thank you for joining me in supporting GIAS, Having your soup tonight! G8t to chat with you yesterday!xxx

    I had the soup for lunch, almost feel guilty having it but it’s yummy and sustains me for hours and very few cals. Loved catching up with you Sat. Well today is fast day, soup for lunch, stir fry with prawns for dinner, heaps of water all day and feeling good. Excited about out weigh in Friday to see how I go for a full week, another fasting between on Thursday. What a great bunch of ladies we are getting, all with same goals and life’s hiccup’s. Eluminadia if you had a wonderful weekend with your family no guilt is necessary, put it down to a great memory and soldier on, we are all here for support and you can do it girl.

    Hi Eluminaidia… I put 1kg on too… Had to contact Country GIRL for support! had some wine (2 glasses) and chocolate. Glad you had a great time at your parties catching up with family and friends.
    Thanks for your support with GIAS … we will rally to her aid with encouragement.
    chat soon….. gogirlxx

    Sorry go gal it was yesterday, the fast is affecting my brain? ( good excuse anyway) couldn’t be age could it?

    Hi Gia and welcome:

    It will be a journey, but many have lost 100 pounds and more with 5:2. Here are some tips that might help: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Good morning girls, well I managed the fast day yesterday with no problems, I’m having my morning coffee, an absolute must, but don’t feel at all hungry. I don’t think I will weigh myself and try, very hard, to hold off until our Friday weigh in. How did you all go. Morning gogal

    Morning LAdies,Fast day yesterday.Busy at work and found by 11am I needed food. had a yoghurt. Its not good when patients comment that you look like your going to faint.
    Off for a few days to celebrate my Mum,s birthday,I won’t be able to chat, You will be in my thoughts.Good luck with the next few days. See you all at the Friday weigh in. xx
    Morning country girl

    Hello ladies (and men)!? I have been reading this thread and think it’s great that there are so many people supporting each other here. I have just a started this diet after seeing Michael Moseleys documentary on SBS and was blown away with the health benefits. I’m not really doing the fast diet for weight loss, although with summer coming up this has been an added benefit.

    Just thought I’d say hi as I’d love to be able to have somewhere to go for a little support, especially during those few hours before dinner on a fast day, which for me is right now! Ugh ! Still it is getting easier and I have managed to stick to my calorie limit on all fast days so far (except one).

    Keep up the good work!

    Hi Nuati, welcome welcome, I agree there are specific times through the day that are almost unbearable. Mine is after dinner when watching telly. You’re doing great sticking to your calories and in those hard times good ol’ celery or carrot straws are a help, flavoured water in a nice glass is good too, it helps me. Keep up the good work, we are all here to support you because we all have the same issues.

    Nuati, I forgot to say, your hard time is the perfect time to go for a walk too, take your mind of things and when getting closer to home thinking about what you are having for dinner.

    Hello, I really hope you don’t mind my joining your thread. You all support each other amazingly – it’s really encouraging to read!!
    I’m just about to start the fast diet again. I say again as I have tried the diet before, however with little resolve to actually make the changes in my life that needed to happen for me to be successful at maintaing it. (I also am recovering from a back injury and am finally able to move again so it’s like a dark cloud has lifted on me wanting to feel good about myself and look after me.)

    I have lost just under 3 kgs so far from moving to a plant based diet with few processed foods and am now hoping to lose another 8kgs. I’m also commiting to 5:2 as I really believe in the other health benefits attained from the diet.

    I’m beginning six weeks of the ‘fast beach diet’ and will be doing 5:2 and keeping to 1200-1300 calories on my feed days. Whilst eating completely vegan I will also be trying to eat raw or mostly raw for two out of my three meals. I will be combining this with 2 repetitions of the 7 minute work out x3 times a week. And some very short bike riding.

    I am also on day nine of breaking my serious coffee addiction – I’ve never fasted without coffee. Wish me luck!!

    Hi jessamayday, you are very welcome to join us, we are all very supportive of each other. By golly haven’t you put yourself under a lot of pressure. The 5:2 is so easy, cost free and proven to work with only keeping an eye on your calories on your feed days. Exercise is wonderful with or without a diet plan. I wish you so much luck because of all the effort you are putting in. I have a fast day Monday and Thursday and eat very normally the other 5 days but keep to 1200 calories but everyone has their own way which suits them. Good luck with 5:2 and welcome to our thread

    Thank-you for your welcome Countrygal ! I made the change to vegan for ethical reasons (it wasn’t a far jump as I was already a vegetarian with a dairy allergy) but I think the real difference and challenge for me has been cutting out processed foods. I feel so much healthier though !

    I know it’s quite a big undertaking, but I’m hoping that come the end of the six weeks I will have some great food and exercise habits !

    Also for a feed day treat – I have some great raw vegan cheesecake recipes if anyone would like them !

    Gee, that sounds interesting, yes please

    Hi, I would love to join your group, I have just ordered the book and will start recording what I am eating today. I am 53 will be 54 in feb., 5ft 7in and weigh 21st06lbs. I have tried loads of diets the last one was the Dukan diet over a year ago

    Welcome aboard hildamc. We are all on this journey together and some find is easy others my struggle at times but we are all here for each other. NO I’m not the welcoming committee, just happen. To be using the computer when your post came through, and you are very welcome. We try to do a weigh in each Friday and share with each other….the good news and the not so good

    I had a fast day Monday and survived it a lot better than last week. I did an exercise class and found muscles I hadn’t used in a long time and then I went for a half our walk. Tonight I did a 5km walk and now I’m really feeling it. Fast again on Thursday and hopefully keep up some walking

    Evening all I had my first fast day today and I think I did pretty well although around 3.30 I really wanted naughty food but decided to clean instead lol hoping Thursdays fast will be a little easier 😀

    Welcome to all our new people! We’ve got a great group going.

    Now the weathers cooling off a bit here i’m hoping to get back to walking. I love going out with my son and the dog for a ramble but the summer weather had sort of put a stop to that lol I must admit that i really don’t enjoy excersise at all, so i’m that walking an hour or so a day will be enough. although i can’t walk quickly due due a toddler who now refuses to go anywhere in his stroller! But something is better than nothing lol

    Good morning girls I think you are all wonderful doing the walking. I live on a small farm but need my ride on to get around due to chronic back problems. I’m awaiting news for surgery but do quite a bit of physio exercises including the exercise bike. I think the back pain and lack of movement has caused a lot of my weight gain, lack of movement plenty of cuppa teas and bikkies. Anyway we all have reasons and I will soldier on thank heavens for 5:2 as it really works wether I exercise much or not. I do love to walk but lifting patients over many years of nursing has taken it’s toll. Have a great day and keep focus on our exciting journey

    Good morning girls, I have moved to a new thread Aussie Determination, hope your fast day goes well

    Hello, I was just told about this site and the book today. I am really excited to get started and I hope this is the answer that I have been looking for. I am 47 years old and was pretty fit for most of my life until I turned 40 and I have not been able to figure it out since then. I weigh 169lbs (I don’t know how to convert the numbers as I see most of you use the metric system) I am really uncomfortable at this weight and worry about my health. I was a waitress for 20 years and just before I turned 40 I switched careers and now I have a desk job so that doesn’t help my weight issue. My plan is to get started right away even though I don’t have the book yet. I am very nervous for my first fast but I am thinking maybe tomorrow (Thursday) but if I don’t get it together by then I will start Monday. I have already really enjoyed reading your posts and I look forward to more and joining you Friday weigh ins!

    Welcome to our little group Hbomb! You’ll find us all really supportive and it’s great to have a little chat if you’re finding things difficult.

    I think most of the other lovely ladies are also fasting on Thursdays and Mondays so you’ll find plenty of support on your fast days 🙂

    Looking forward to taking this journey with you!

    P.S i think that to convert lb to kg you just divide by 2.2 (there are around 2.2lb in a kg) i might be wrong and someone will probably correct me if I am 🙂

    Hi Eluminadia we have move across to Aussie Determination, come on over to join us, we are heaping on the advice, support and suggestions. Not just for us Aussies, everyone is welcome, it’s just this thread has a misleading title and we all really need contact daily to make the most of our journey and besides, we are all Weight loss buddies

    Hi Eluminadia,you are right with your math. lbs divide by 2.2kgs
    Hbomb, hi, your weight is 84.2kilograms.
    country girl and I are on a new thread called a
    AUSSIE DETERMINATION COME ACROSS EVERYONE !WE ARE ALL BUDDIES AS country girl has stated. See you tomorrow for the weigh in wishing you lots of positive vibes!!!!

    Thank you Eluminadia and go gal! I calculated my weight in kgs to 76.8. It’s Thursday morning here and I have decided to start the fast on Monday and hope to read up on ideas of what to eat on fast days. Mondays and Thursdays sound perfect! I will check out the Aussie Determination as well. How quickly have people been seeing results once the fast starts? I would love to give myself a great Christmas gift of a size smaller or more!

    Hi everyone , it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted .
    Have had a very trying couple of weeks with my 15yo son and have lost heart with my 5:2 fasting diet , I have no up and go anymore and am feeling very depressed , all I want to do is sleep .
    Feel like I am failing myself now , need some advise , am desperate

    Hey twochat2u. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit down. You and your child/children come first. I tend to go through the same thing sometimes. My 2 year old was really sick last year and I put on a ton of weight while he was in hospital, i just couldn’t think about anything but him.

    Look after yourself and when you get back to a good state of mind you can get back to 5:2. The diet will still be there when you’re feeling better 🙂

    Hello Eluminadia , thank you for your words of wisdom , I am hoping to fast tomorrow , fingers crossed i can push myself to continue 6 weeks left until my son’s wedding and i have a dress i desperately need to get into.
    I have my weigh in Friday coming not looking forward to it , has been 2 weeks since last one feel i may have gained.

    I’m hoping to get back to it tomorrow as well. I’ve been really naughty this last week and i feel that i’ve probably gained too. Don’t worry to much about it, after all its more about being healthy than losing weight

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