Turnip style Chili

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  • I like chili.
    While reviewing nutritional values of vegtables I decided I want to use a vegtable instead of pasta.
    I get a whole turnip from the grocery store. Get out an apple peeler, the kind that spins, take of the slicer and corer. Only the skin peeling blade for cutting and adjust to thin , so it’s like thick spaghetti noodle.
    I use scissors to cut the turnip strand which is about 15 foot long if uncut lol. Into spoon sized pieces.

    I add no sugar added tomato sauce, tobasco or Serrano, and approx. 10 kidney beans. A dash of cumin to taste.
    Just a tad of parmesan cheese to a spoonful. A pickle or two, and if I have a mushroom cut into eights for meaty texture. Simply microwave. Takes ten minutes to prep, cook, eat, clean, and put away.

    It’s kind of bitter, but that good for supressing my appetite. I don’t start getting hunger pangs again till around 5pm. I prefer to drink orange flavored green tea with this.
    SO It’s cheap, easy, nutritious, sates me at 250 calories for five hours.

    Borrowing this from Mjskitchen

    I’ll make this tomorrow

    I should of named this thread 5:2 to save money.

    I always keep canned goods in the pantry in case of disaster. About 30 days for each person.

    While rotating the stock, I was at the grocery and was looking at labels. BIG FAN 😉
    I came across mixed vegtables. I bought the no salt added.
    A full can only had 157 calories,
    Chunks of potatoes , carrots, green beans, green peas, corn , Lima bean. I add 8 red beans.

    To flavor it , I use ether a low calorie gravy to simulate a stew or I buy a no sugar added tomato sauce to simulate spaghetti with vegetables instead of noodles. Just enough to make it juicy. It’s shocking to how much fills the bowl. I stay sated for 3 1/2 hours.

    I scoop a little out for later as to make the dish around 150 calories. I follow it with a zero calorie vitamin water sweetened with stevia. And within fifteen minutes chase it with my favorite lunch time tea. Brewed Green tea with lemon.

    This helps on days where I’m working the ware house. As I can eat this four times and get steady energy.
    What usually happens is I eat two of these cans with gravy 1 to start my shift 1 at lunch. And still have 300 calories for dinner.
    I learned to put 8g of unflavored whey protein in the gravy style and it’s more filling.

    The mixed vegtables are typically 59 cents a can generic.
    With the new warehouse job I’m trying to start my week out on the vegtables.
    Due to being on a tight budget this leaves me enough money to buy salmon or catfish for fasting dinners.

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