'tis the season (of the office food pushers)

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'tis the season (of the office food pushers)

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  • Hi Everyone, I’ve taken a bit of a break from fasting – after my big holiday in september I was a bit afraid to start up again due to the initial side effects. But today is the day. It’s also the day the weekly mince pies have been reintroduced and someone has bought in chocolates. I can already feel I’m going to be ostracised for turning them down!

    Anyone else going to have a hard time of it this month?

    Just keep a doggy bag with you…partake, but take it home and have it for breakky the next day !!! Yuummmmo!!!!

    No one will notice.

    So long as they see you queuing up , they won’t pester you.

    Its when you go..oh no, better not. That they have a melt down !!

    ATCgirl, come and join us over here:
    We’ll do it together.

    it is amazing isn’t it, how people get upset when you don’t partake.

    Oh no 🙁 successful day yesterday where I ate nothing until dinner time, going well for the same thing today….and we now have one working toilet for an office of over 100 people. I’m going to have to break the fast if I can’t drink 🙁

    Tell them thats a health and safety breech and the office needs closing down !!

    Fast day is more important than work 🙂

    Ha ha, health and safety breech, good one 😛 yeah they don’t really care about that here: the attitude is put up with it or leave!

    I ended up picking up a ham salad sandwich at lunchtime, which wouldn’t be unusual for me to have but I felt a bit rubbish for the rest of the day. I had mentally set myself up for fasting though and had only had green tea so far instead of normal tea with milk.

    A ‘tree’ has been built on the boss’s desk with the large tins of sweets and chocolates on offer. It’s impressively high.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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