The Third Annual Silly Season Challenge

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  • Penguin, because I’m perverse, I looked up that natrix natrix snake and he looks a scary character to find in the grass. When I finally get my canal boat, I shall have to take care on the tow paths.

    CalifD, no snacking after snacking! To funny. I’m bouncing about just below the 60kg line too. How does ‘water weight’ work then? I’d like to be able to blame something other than my poor eating choices but that seems a bit of a cop out. If I’m dehydrated on a hot day under a canvas tent and drink lots of water, can I blame water weight for the gain? If I’m concurrently making trips to the loo, can I still be classed as dehydrated? If not, how can I blame water retention? And why, when people start noticing weight loss, do they often add that it was probably only water weight?

    Thin, if you’re over 60kg it’s water weight. If you’re 59kg, it’s water weight and you probably actually weigh much less. You’re only dehydrated if you’re under 56 and sitting in the loo. 😉

    Ha ha, thanks for the clarification, CalifD.

    Thin, they are actually quite pretty and more scared of you than you are of them. Being largely aquatic you might see a grass snake near a canal, but that isn’t Adder territory. In an increasingly urban country, most people will never see either variety.

    That’s true of Australian snakes too Penguin (not that Thin relaxes at the thought!).

    Veggies for breakfast! Well, it’s my favourite subject at the moment! Growing up it was only possibly mushrooms on toast, or grilled tomato with bacon and eggs. Then I discovered that a lot of Asian countries have a soup for breakfast, with with veggies in. It blew my mind’s idea of what breakfast is.
    Recently I discovered Indian deliciousness such as poha with cauliflower and peas: and the ground legume pancake type things that can have added veggies grated into them. I also realised I can make a Spanish tortilla full of veggies instead of a plainer omelette.

    Any other suggestions welcome!

    My veggie challenge: well yesterday was a fast day so just veggies in my evening miso soup which were green beans, carrot and fresh mushrooms.

    Cinque, you are giving me the ideas for the veges! Delicious sounding.

    This morning weigh in was 200 grams above bottom of wiggle room fasting range envelope. Today is FD so I’ll see where it lands me tomorrow morning.

    A short post for me this morning. I’m off to work in a few minutes!

    Happy fasting to any others fasting today!

    Thanks Cinque. I have not come across poha before but amongst my many recipe books I have several spice stained examples by Madhur Jaffrey. I’ll have to read them more thoroughly. I don’t often do breakfast but it looks like a great light lunch.

    Hi SSC’s!

    I’m on a roll…downwards. After my dreadful two weeks of social eating and weight gain I managed to lose 500g over the last three days – and a weekend to boot. I’m 87.4 again and hope my two FD’s this week will see my into the 86’s. Then it is only a kilo to my SSC goal.

    Have enjoyed reading your posts and glad everyone is going well.

    Have a great day all

    Good morning SSCs

    I had a really easy FD yesterday, but today will be challenging as I have 2 food events to deal with.

    I have lunch in the city with someone I used to work with. The lunch could be tricky as we are meeting on the corner of a couple of streets with lots of eateries and will choose something on the spur of the moment. That means no careful perusal of the online menu ahead of time to select a sensible meal – which is what I usually do. I think as long as I can steer us away from choosing Italian I’ll be ok.

    My sister and brother in law arrive this afternoon and will be staying with me overnight. I’ve invited all their kids and grandkids for dinner – that’s 12. As I’m in control of the menu there are plenty of healthy options – but there’s also crumbed prawns, mini sausage rolls, shoestring fries, garlic bread and pavlova. I just need to steer myself through the temptation of those to get to the poached chicken and salad.

    Anzac, I am so pleased that you weight journey is heading in the right direction, you sound so upbeat now.

    Cinque, the poha looks nice, but I couldn’t cope with it for breakfast. But then I can’t face a traditional cooked breakfast at that hour of the morning either.

    Penguin, your cookbooks sound like mine. You can tell which recipes have been used the most by the number of old stains on the page.

    Have a good day all.

    Good Morning SS Challengers

    That is awesome Anzac! Keep up the good work.

    I have had a blow out in weight today due to my food intake yesterday. Today’s FD should sort that out, fingers crossed. I am thinking it is just water weight lol.

    thin, we did drive across the Nullabor both ways. We had planned on spending time in Victoria and South Australia only. Everywhere we went in Victoria, it was blowing a gale, so we went to South Australia. Well, it was the same there. Windy everywhere and we were camping in a tent so it wasn’t really much fun. We just decided one morning to go to Western Australia. In Adelaide we got four new tyres for our ute and got a service done it to be as prepared as possible. We left the next morning. We stopped at Port Augusta to get food to get us across the desert. One thing we didn’t buy enough of was beer. It was $80 a box at some of those outback servos! Ridiculous!
    We drove over to Perth and then went around the bottom half of WA and back up to Norseman and then back across the desert. It was an awesome experience and a time I will never forget.

    Hope everyone is doing well with their challenge and remaining nice and calm leading up to the Super Silly Season. 🙂

    Hi everyone,

    Joining Thin and all of you for the Silly Seaon Challenge again🙂.

    After being AWOL for awhile I’m back, not with a vengeance just yet, but working on getting my Fast Days going again. We’ve had a medical issue taking up our time, with a bit of head spinning, a learning curve, Drs visits, multiple phone calls with family etc. You all know how those times go.

    Anyhow, I found it too much of a challenge to do fasting days through the worst of it and not fully back in the rhythm yet, so my weight is up at 66.5kgs. Will look up what it was last year at mid December.

    My first goal is to get my FDs functioning properly again, and to get back to weak tea, water, sparkling water as drinks ie drinks with no calories and not milk coffees that have “magically” appeared in various places, when I had ‘an anxious tummy’ that didn’t like being empty.

    My weight goal? Gosh, haven’t a clue right this minute mmmm maybe to stay the same weight.

    Anyway, good to be back, and hope you are all Silly Seasoning well.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Hi Merry! Good to see you joining us Silly Season Challengers! I understand the health issue obstacle to FDs. I’ve had to forego a few here and there myself from time to time. You and Cinque were the two who encouraged and coached me to know that it was even possible to practice 5:2 at all, with the health issue I came into this with! Glad you are feeling well and are joining in here.

    LJ, Italian restaurants are also my most difficult option when out with others who desire to eat that cuisine! Often there is only a side salad option and me being gluten intolerant makes selections sometimes diabolical. Here’s to your lunch turning out easy, delicious and nutritious!

    Thin, yes, there’s one in every crowd! I’m a carpet snake lover through and through and would have been one keen to handle if allowed, a photo of it on my arm, even better! Those window box desserts look whimsical, scrumptious and beautiful! Did those you tasted really contain edible flowers? What a cute idea!

    Anzac, well done! Happy to read of your downward roll in the number on scales!

    Quacka, sounds like you are fasting with me today. I’ve been grateful many times over about how forgiving 5:2 actually is as a lifestyle. I’ve had it erase many an over indulgence!

    Cinque, I realize that I would find it easier if these fruit and/or vegetable challenges allowed us to record veges by weight instead of cup sizes! In other words would I shred lettuce before weighing? How finely? How do I really cup measure cucumber slices and broccoli florets can take up a lot of room and the quantity, maybe not what is expected? I take my hat off to you for working out those ratios and how to really measure all the different fluffs and densities of the various vegetables!

    Today’s FD is going well.

    PS I was interested in the question how much weight can I gain from over indulging so looked it up and found this…

    How Much Fat Can You Gain in a Single Day?

    Here’s the short answer: not as much as you might might think.

    According to two studies, people who were a fed 1,200 to 1,500 calorie surplus every day, after 3 weeks, each only gained about a fifth of a pound of fat per day.

    So, why does the scale always seem to jump up by as much as five to ten pounds after you go a little off the rails?

    The answer more or less boils down to three things: sodium, carbohydrate, and water.

    When most people eat a lot of food, they inevitably eat a lot more salt and carbohydrate than normal.

    Sodium brings water into cells, which is why eating large amounts of it can increase your total body water stores. Most people would call this “bloating” or “water retention” and you’ve probably noticed it after eating a large, salty “cheat meal,” like pizza, burritos, or fries.

    A single high-sodium meal could add several pounds of water. This might stay reflected on the scale for several days before your body excretes the extra sodium and water.

    Carbohydrate can have a similar effect.

    Carbohydrate is mostly stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen. Every gram of glycogen is stored with 3 to 4 grams of water, which means that if you consume 400 grams of carbs, that could bring along 1200 to 1600 grams (~3 to 4 pounds) of water.

    Taken together, the increase in sodium, carbohydrate, and water storage could bump your weight up by five to ten pounds overnight.

    Obviously, that will come back down, but it can make you think you’ve gained more fat than you really have.

    The bottom line is that if you eat 1,000 to 1,500 calories more than your maintenance needs in a single day, you may only gain around a fifth of a pound of body fat (or 90 grams), even if your scale weight tells a different story.

    The above is an abridged version of the info in this link:

    PS The above info doesn’t make me feel any easier about over indulging. My sense from reading the full article in the above link is that even if a quick gain doesn’t equate to the amount of fat I originally thought, the whole process causes stress and wreaks a sort of havoc within the cells, especially if blood sugar spikes are involved (which weren’t really discussed directly in the article). In other words, the info doesn’t make me feel that I’m free to binge, just because the extra weight that registers on the scale isn’t primarily fat.

    Fascinating Minka, thank you so much. That answers a lot of my questions. When I complain that I’ve gained a kg after this or that restaurant meal the night before, my OH always says, ‘that’s not possible’. In this case, I’m glad that’s he’s right. But I also agree completely with your last paragraph.

    Thank you for posting that article, Minka. It certainly seems to be true for me lately as I can gain up to 2 kgs over NFD and then lose it on FDs. My “bounce”. I like that I can usually lose it all on my FDs unless I go really crazy with eating. That’s the nice thing about maintenance on 5:2, even during the Silly Season with all the temptations. The one other thing that might be a big help for me is that I have consumed 0 alcohol in the last 8 months after the medical issue. I only drank wine before, and maybe 3 glasses max occasionally, but I think it made it more difficult to lose when I was in the losing phase. In my younger days I used to be able to drink a lot with no ill effects the next day, but as I got older, even after 2 glasses I felt like I was dragging the next day.

    Merry, my thoughts are with you. I can empathize. Once you have a plan, everything seems to calm down considerably and you just plow through. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    It’s Monday, so I’m fasting today. I was going to comment the other day, and then forgot, about several of you telling friends about 5:2 and having them say that they could never manage a 500 calorie FD. (Friends that I’ve mentioned it to think I’m nuts and on some kind of weird diet.) My DS said that for months and months, even when she saw what good results I’ve had with 5:2. She finally decided to try it when she couldn’t seem to stick to any other diet. She was going to try for just a couple FD’s to see if she could survive. That was many months ago and she has been doing it ever since. She doesn’t seem to have any problem sticking with it and has lost the approximately 7 kg to bring her to her skinny jeans weight. She’s been maintaining for a while now with 5:2. It’s become automatic, just like it has for the rest of us. It seems like people get a very different idea of it once they actually try it. 500 calories seems to be just enough to keep us going if we stick to bulky veggies, soups and protein.

    Minka, what a useful explanation that article gives! Thanks so much for posting it.

    Penguin, my Madhur Jaffrey recipes are stained too. She is so wonderful. She did a great speel on poha in her book which gave me the courage to try it. It is a flexible recipe once you get the hang of it.
    Poha makes a great light lunch or supper, LJoyce.

    Merry, maintaining your current weight, and working to get fast days going again, sounds like the best possible goals. Sensible and positive.

    I had begun to feel smug about my veg challenge, especially because I realised my brain had a picture of a serve of veg rather bigger than the recommended size, so I felt I was erring on the safe side of my counting and it was all quite easy.

    What is it they say about hubris, and pride coming before a fall?

    Yesterday I had bread and vegemite for breakfast, so no veg there. A big salad for lunch which must have been at least two serves of veg. Tick. Then I got home from my daughters place exhausted and had a big snack of cashews. Then I wasn’t very hungry for my evening meal and had pulled chicken (thanks to my daughter) and a great salad (thanks to my sister) and a bit of the salsa I made too. But that only added up to two serves of veg. Only 4 serves for the day.

    Note to self: It seems that if I eat a snack it replaces two serves of veg. Fail.

    Let’s see how I go today.

    Good morning SSCs

    Minka, an interesting article thankyou. I knew that glycogen and water were big contributors but hadn’t realised the fat gain was quite so tiny. I had also thought that there were limits to how much glycogen (and the accompanying water) the body stores.
    I don’t envy you the gluten free issues when trying to eat out. There are a lot more restaurants and cafes providing GF options but some cuisines just aren’t very compatible. In the end we went to Mexican for lunch yesterday and I had the summer salad that they offered which was very nice and topped with a toasted almond and seed mix that really added a nice crunch. It also contained warm chewy black rice along with all the shredded raw veg. I’m not much of a salad fan and I don’t really care for rice but the salad was lovely

    Quacka, it’s not just beer, everything costs more when you get out into the rural and remote areas, especially fresh food and petrol.

    Merry, I hope your FDs return to normal quickly.

    Cali, I found if I don’t use the word “fasting” people accept the 5:2 concept more easily. I usually just say that twice a week I have a very light eating day. Fasting has such a different meaning than the calorie restriction that I do on a FD that I think it makes people think they need to starve themselves.

    Cali, it sounds like you need your meals to all contain veg to get to 7. Not being able to have fruit as snacks makes your challenge much harder. I am wondering if a big salad is really only 2 serves of veg though, I would have thought it would be more.

    Yesterday involved some good and some poor choices. I was pretty happy with my lunch choices but I didn’t stick to cold meats, salad and fruit for dinner, there was some garlic bread and sausage rolls and some chocolate added to the mix.
    Today I’m planning a controlled NFD before tomorrow’s lunch at a Vietnamese dumpling place.

    Hope everyone has an easy day with their food challenges today.

    LJ. My OH doesn’t call them fasting days either. She says “Starvation Days”. In spite of which she is happy to do them and has just completed day one of our two day b2b.

    I’m another with a curry stained Madhur Jaffrey cookbook.

    Cinque, you have to make room for the cashews! Perhaps the recommended veggie serving sizes need to be adjusted to accommodate people’s vastly different weights. You weigh half that of some people.

    Speaking of large people, when my skinny OH was at the sleep clinic last week, he found himself in a waiting room full of morbidly obese patients. He later commented on this to the nurse who told him that she had just admitted a man weighing 276kg. It really made me contemplate the burden on the healthcare system. You can only imagine the extent of the associated medical issues of someone that size.

    CalifD, well done to your sister and how nice for you to have a FM practicing 5:2 with you. That would make meal planning so much easier – although I know you still have your OH to prepare food for.

    Merry, so pleased you came in to join us. Staying the same weight for the rest of the challenge seems a very good goal. Or just getting back into the swing of 5:2. All good wishes to Mr Merry.

    Quacka, that sounds like a fun trip. Beer and petrol can be very expensive in the outback.

    Anzac, did you make it to the new lower weight?

    I have another non-Christmas event this afternoon. Sundowners. That sounds a bit deadly. I am teetering just below 60kg so can’t afford to over eat at all.

    Penguin, yes I’m often told that snakes are more scared of us than we are of them. The one that slithered across my beach towel while I was sitting on it at Rottnest island might disagree through! Fortunately, my fear is strong enough that I’m always on the look out – I did let my guard down sitting at the water’s edge on that white sandy beach last year because I was too pre-occupied looking for sharks while DD was swimming! As Billy Connolly once remarked, it’s a wonder any children make it to adulthood in Australia, there are so many things to kill you.

    P.S. LJ, we were posting together as usual. Good morning. Penguin, you’re up late? Good luck with the B2B – your last before Christmas?

    Hello SSC’ers

    FD for me and I am well prepared. Have some leftover chicken from last night with salad for lunch and lean mince and veges for dinner in lettuce leaves.

    Cali, I’ve had quite a few people say that they ‘couldn’t starve themselves’ when I try to explain 5:2. They won’t listen when I say you don’t starve and it really is a great WOL/WOE. A girl I work with just started Jenny Craig and wondered why I wouldn’t do something like that. (1) I hate processed food and never ever eat a meal out of a box and (2) you don’t learn to manage your food. You eat their food and then when you stop you surely must just fall back into whatever you were doing wrong before. Just my opinion

    LJ I too don’t use the word ‘fasting’ now, as it has negative connotations. But too many people know that 5:2 is fasting and immediately write it off sadly.

    Cinque, I am so impressed by your drive to get so many serves of veg in every day. I wouldn’t call 4 serves of veg a fail in any way. A lot of people would be lucky to have 1 serve if they heat mostly carbs and protein.

    I totally agree Cali that 5:2 is such a blessing that even in this silly season we can control our weight or, for us who still need to lose a lot, continue losing.

    Minka, fascinating post, thankyou. It happens to me too – all the time. I have one bad meal and BANG the scales go up in a crazy manner but then settle again

    Thin, how sad about that man who is 276kg. I can’t even contemplate how dreadful he must feel every single day. I hope the medical team can help him.

    Have fun at your party this afternoon

    Weight today remained at 87.4 after a fairly controlled NFD yesterday. I did munch on some crackers in the afternoon and planned to stop at two but ended up having 6. I hope to be closer to 87.0 after today’s FD and into the 86’s after Thursdays FD. Fingers crossed !

    Good Morning SS challengers

    Minka, thank you for that excellent information. I knew that daily weight fluctuations were not really fat but it is interesting to know why it happens. I am one of those that weigh everyday but I don’t usually let it get to me if the weight is up as for me it’s just part of the checks and balances. Understanding why the fluctuations happen also doesn’t make me want to go and over indulge, it’s just good to know.

    This morning’s weight is 67.3kg, down 1.5kg from yesterday. Case in point.

    OMG LJ! I love dumplings. I make some really yummy ones sometimes but I just can not get the dipping sauce right. Any suggestions SSC’s? I went to a dumpling place this year that had a cheeseburger dumpling. It wouldn’t be my first choice (or second or third…) but my friend wanted to try them, so we did. It tasted exactly like a cheeseburger from the very popular fake food joint.

    thin, hope you enjoy your sundowners. Remember it is about balance 🙂
    A snake crawling across your towel does not sound very nice. My friend did the swim to Rottnest Island and although they were escorted the whole time, she said it was still quite scary at times. She said there were big shadows swimming below and we all know what they could have been. Did you hear about the kayakers who were attacked by a shark? I’m not sure exactly when it happened but my friend said a shark bit one of the kayaks and threw the paddler in the water and then his mate had to get him up onto his kayak to keep him safe! Now, that is scary!

    I’m going to look up Madhur Jeffrey. You have piqued my interest.

    Good luck all with your FD’s. I’m joining you today in a B2B but 800 calories not 500. I’m also planning on another 800 calorie day tomorrow as I will have a busy day so it shouldn’t be too hard. Think I can do it? Here’s hoping 😉

    Hey Quacka, I make yummy pork and prawn dumplings and use Kylie Kwong’s dipping sauce outlined in the below

    Cheeseburger dumplings? I wonder how they do it? I’m intrigued

    Hope your B2B FD is going well. Mine FD is 🙂 And of course you can do it :):)

    Thin, I’m not at all surprised that the sleep clinic was full of obese people. There is a correlation between obesity and sleep apnoea.
    I noticed a change in my sleep patterns after losing weight. Although I still have occasional sleepless nights I have found that the combination of being a healthier weight and also having a mostly healthy diet means that most nights I sleep quite well now. It doen’t take too many days of poor food choices for it to affect my sleep, so I know it’s not just weight that’s important.

    Anzac & Quacka, I dislike pork which always limits my choices at Asian restaurants. However I have checked out the menu for the place we are going and found plenty of interesting choices although they all involve either dumpling dough, noodles or bread. I’m going to look like a dumpling at this rate!

    Anzac, I can think of a third reason to do 5:2 instead of Jenny Craig – cost.

    Penguin I hadn’t realised that your wife also did her FDs as B2B. It must make it easier when you are both doing them at the same time.

    Thank you for that recipe Anzac. I am definitely going to try it over the holidays. Yum yum!
    The cheeseburger dumpling was a beef and cheese filling with ketchup and mustard dipping sauces (separately if I remember correctly). It must be the ingredients that they have sourced because they truly taste exactly like McDs.
    Lol LJ you won’t look like a dumpling because our FDs allow is to have a little indulgence and it not make too much difference. 🙂 hope you enjoy your lunch tomorrow.

    LJ The Mexican sounded delicious and fresh. Because there are so many Mexican gluten free options (traditionally corn is used – flour tortillas are an American invention) I tend to go for that when possible!

    Anzac, I too have a friend who fears starvation. She did try 5:2 with my encouragement on two different occasions and said she didn’t last the afternoon. She then tried 16:8 which she said kind of worked for her, though admitted when I saw her last that marketing got the better of her and that she’d enrolled in Jenny Craig and also admitted that she’s only been half doing it and so hadn’t shed any weight, though said she was glad she hadn’t gained weight. She said not to tell anyone that she’s doing Jenny Craig since she’s a well known yoga teacher in her area and offers multi-week programs that include teaching of yoga and macrobiotic cuisine and way of health and nutrition. She even cooks a macrobiotic breakfast for participants each day of the program! In other words, everything she teaches is the opposite of Jenny Craig philosophy of weight loss and nutrition and still she said the marketing compelling her to believe that Jenny Craig has the answers to her weight woes, was convincing! I just listened and supported, especially since she had given 5:2 a ‘go’ a couple of times.

    Cinque, I understand how snacks can fill us up and make us not hungry enough to eat what we originally intended! However, speaking of cashews, have you heard of ‘cashew apple’? I wish the fruit of the cashew trees were available to our markets to eat. A friend once sent me via Oxfam gift service, a bag of dried cashew apple fruit. They were amazing tasted! They tasted a bit like mildly sweet coffee with deep tones though without a caffeine hit attached! What I liked is for a dried fruit, they were not so sweet. They were dried and packaged by some small village in South America at the time and I’ve yet to ever see or taste them again.

    Way to go Quacka! Keep rolling down!

    Thin, I hadn’t mentioned that a week before Mr M presented me with the box of dark chocolate truffles, he alerted me to the presence of a particular plastic bag in the refrigerator that I was not to open, since it contained gifts for both me and his family. I indicated that I probably knew that these might be along the same lines as last year’s gift. He smiled sheepishly and said he wasn’t telling! Mr M is truly a creature of habit. I guess I’ll be practicing the ‘Tidbit Sweet Truffle Meditation’ well into the New Year!

    FDs, the food diary, weighing daily have been really working. I kind of feel like a well tuned car at the moment, something I haven’t felt for months or possibly not really since around the time I reached goal weight 2 years ago. After yesterday’s fast, this morning the scale registered 1/2 kg or 1 pound below goal weight envelope zone. Because of this, I’m going to nominate this week as the first week I can legitimately forego my second FD and pronounce myself as having reached my genuine maintenance goal and can now afford to give myself a 6:1 week. Since reaching goal weight, I have actually practiced some 6:1 weeks, though these were only due to being forced to do so by health issues and usually that week saw my weight swell back up into high goal weight zone or even above. Keeping to the SS program goals I’ve nominated will be interesting. I don’t have travel scales and now wish I did have a set! I know you love yours Thin!

    I did buy a pocket travel scale to measure my inulin grams! No way am I going to incite another bout of internal plumbing problems via inaccurate serving sizes. TI bought the scale at Jaycar and the clerk said that it measures fractions of grams and says they are usually purchased by those who want to way a certain type of herb and he winked! I felt compelled then and there to profess that I wanted mine for inulin measuring rather than drug dealing! The clerk had no clue as to what ‘inulin’ actually was and not sure he believed it was something real or that I made up on spot to ‘cover’ for ‘real’ intended use of scales.

    By the way, I’ve got another shark in the water coming up on Friday. The shark will be in the form of a ‘customer’ Christmas lunch. This is where the customers of our agency gather together at a sports club for a set menu Christmas themed lunch. The shark will be the dessert served. Last year I was served Pavlova because I’m gluten free. Pavlova seems to be the ‘go to’ answer to gluten free Christmas dessert offerings, much like ‘orange almond cake’ is mainly what I see as gluten free in cafes! As far as Pavlova goes I don’t regard it as much different than dipping my spoon into a bowl of white sugar and ingesting, though I suppose the texture is different if not the taste. The truth is, I really don’t want any dessert. In fact sitting here I feel a bit incensed at knowing some part of me will feel obligated to eat something I don’t really want. So, I’m thinking of ways around this. Mr M suggested I simply say ‘I’m full’ and decline dessert when it is served. How would I feel when 7 other people all sitting at a round table are amicably downing their sweets while I sit there with nothing? I suppose I could accept and move bits of it around on the plate, pretending to eat? Or I could accept dessert and offer it to someone else at the table, maybe a man, who would gladly like second helpings? Either way, I’m not eating it. I don’t want an instant replay of the insatiable hunger I experienced last week the day after eating the sweet cake at the company BBQ!

    Minka, The travel scales sound like they will save you the drama of your last trip to the US. You might not be using them to weight a certain herb, but you are actually using them to weight a white powder. Do you have trouble getting inulin through airport checks?
    Sounds like the SS Challenge has worked a treat for you if you are light enough to drop back to 6:1 this week.

    Quacka, there are definitely no cheeseburger dumplings on the menu tomorrow.
    I think I’ll order the chicken baos (little steamed buns) as I’ve never had those.

    Good evening,
    Just had a read up, and even though I need to cook celery soup before I get too tired, just had to respond to you, Minka, about not eating dessert. I’ve not been eating dessert for about 6 years and it isn’t a big deal. Just say ‘No thanks’. Then enjoy the company of the people you are with.
    Do give that a try. I will be amazed if there is any issue at all. But if there is you can say “But Cinque told me it would be all right!”

    Must go, I might write more when the soup is simmering.

    When younger I suffered from hay fever. The medication was a white powder which I squirted up my nose with a bulky bulbous device. I dispensed with the bulb and started to sniff the powder off the back of my hand. Doing it in public would ensure I had no immediate neighbours when travelling on crowded public transport.

    Well I did my challenge quite well today. A good 2 serves of veggies with my lunch, a fruit snack (eep, hope I don’t regret it) and 5 serves of veggies for dinner (stir fry).

    I also got a surprising amount done (touch wood and whistle) and with the batch of cauliflower soup I have used all the veggies that needed using.

    Thanks to Penguin, I reread The World Health Organisation fact Sheet on Healthy Diet and remembered where I saw 400g veggies a day (and the root veggie thing). This is what they say:

    “At least 400 g (i.e. five portions) of fruit and vegetables per day, excluding potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other starchy roots.”

    Is that better Thin?

    Note, they just do 5, not 5 and 2. But since the experts say 10 would be even better than 5, I will keep aiming for 7.

    Minka, the cashew apple sounds so delicious!

    Best wishes all,
    See you in the morning.

    I’m chuckling about the white inulin powder while traveling! I didn’t have a problem when I took a small amount of inulin powder to the USA. The sniffer dogs did come around to whiff my luggage, though were not interested and also I was pulled aside for the security agent to rub a test swab/paper around my luggage when going through security, and again, nothing registered, so I think I’ll be fine traveling within Australia this time around. Penguin, the image of you sniffing the allergy powder and imagining those near, moving away made me giggle. Maybe I should try something like that next time I’d like more elbow room when on public transport!

    Cinque, thank you for the ‘shark evasion’ assistance! Your idea is really simply me feeling up to telling the honest truth without making a big deal out of it, which is is the best way. I’ll give it a ‘go’ and report back. Also, thank you for finding the minimum grams of above ground vegetables required to meet the 5 vegetable target. If I were to decide on 7 vegetables, I will raise that to 700 grams. I hope I can remember this for next SS! I also hope that I’m doing so well continuing what I’m doing this SS that I’ll be ready for the veggie challenge.

    LJ, yes, I’m celebrating this genuine 6:1 week. I’m feeling the care I need to take to continue to pull it off. We’re only at the beginning of the week. I’m aware that there could be other ‘sharks in the water’ lurking that I may not realize, that could pull me off course. I guess that’s the fun of this challenge, seeing if we can do things differently, maybe in healthier or more harmonious ways we never have before.

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick check in. 67.1kg this morning. Haven’t had a cup of tea yet so that may well go down some more lol.
    Have really busy days ahead (as does everyone probably) so I may not be able to hog the threads for a while. I will still keep reading though.

    All the best and good luck to the fasters today

    Greetings from cold [25 F = -3.8 C], windy [25 knots from the North], icy New Hampshire. The cleaners are here and before they arrived I had to sprinkle ashes liberally on the walk and the driveway so they wouldn’t break their necks on the way in, or just turn around and go home.

    Reading about your travels over the back side of beyond has been wonderful. And I am living vicariously as you describe the outings you have had. This is a Fun Thread! NB: I would pet the snake. Just walk away if it offers you an apple.

    Last Saturday’s dinner at friends’ house was delicious. Tomorrow I will host the Ladies of SKEIN [knitting group] in the morning. Always serve a savory [pretzels/nuts], cheese, a sweet [Chocolate-Cherry-Pistachio Biscotti will come out of the oven soon], fruit, and of course tea. Everyone in the group says she is watching what she eats, but some are more successful than others! Sometimes I skip breakfast on Wednesdays, so that I can give full attention to what someone else baked — all of them cook well. That will be Challenge #1. Then we will go to “tea” at a friend’s house. Not a High Tea as they are very casual. If there is cheese, I’ll eat it. Whether or not ODH and I have dinner tomorrow will depend on what our friends have on their table with the tea.

    Our sons arrive later this week! #1 on Thursday and #2 on Saturday. I just finished getting their rooms ready this morning. They are good cooks and very helpful — plus they are all around great guys. Each will stay for a week — huzzah!

    Christmas Eve afternoon is the Open House at our ‘neighbors’ [ out here in the country, 2+ miles away = neighbors]. Now that is an eat-a-thon. I will have to be very strategic and stick to the shrimp and sparkling water, since it is a Fast Day. Sorta. Breakfast will be a traditional pan of my mother’s Cinnamon Buns, so not too Fast-y. Dinner will be oysters then Seafood Chowder served with a sparkling wine. And then The Cookie Plate comes out. So I have to be extra good on Monday at the party!

    Weight holding steady, below my Target. I want to go into Dec 25 still below my Target Weight. Fingers crossed. Those ‘ready-bake’ shortbread things looked great. If I lived there, I’d have a ‘fridge full of them!! And there would go the diet.
    Enough about me. Fasting tomorrow. Stay cool down there in the Antipodes. Stay warm over there in the UK.

    Penguin, classic! I’m surprised you didn’t get arrested sniffing powder off the back of your hand. I have the funniest vision in my head 🙂

    I think that doing FD, a food diary and daily weighing is also helping me Minka. Even though I’m not doing great, without this I would be stacking on the kilos at this time of year for sure.

    I can’t fathom that level of cold weather fasting_me. I’ve never experienced it. Here in Winter it can get down to 5c first thing in the morning but then warms up to 12-18 during the day. OH and I are planning a trip to Europe next Christmas and I whilst I am really looking forward to it I’m a bit anxious about whether I’ll be able to hack the cold. We will buy some good coats and hopefully be fine. Your activities sound like lots of fun and how lovely that your two son’s will be visiting soon.

    Quacka, you are doing so well! I’m really happy for you and you have one more work sleep until your lovely break. I have two so I’m not far behind you. I can’t wait! I said to OH yesterday ‘yippee you have 16 whole days with me at home!’. He pretended to look horrified but then laughed. He should be happy; when I’m home he doesn’t have to worry about what the dog is up to, cooking, housework or laundry. He can concentrate fully on the renovations and other ‘bloke’ tasks that I can’t do.

    Congrats on a successful challenge and soup making day Cinque 🙂

    LJ, I don’t like pork very much either and it has to be disguised for me to eat it. I wouldn’t eat roast pork or a pork chop for example. But I’ll eat a pork curry if it is made from loin and heavily spiced. When I make the pork and prawn dumpling (remembering too that I don’t like seafood) the sauces etc that go in with the mix disguise the taste enough for me. Plus the dipping sauce helps too.

    I had a bad FD yesterday. Again. But I wont bore you with the details and I’m not dwelling on it. I’m WFH today so will be busy and I can sneak off and do some HIT sessions on the exercise bike. Managed to go on a gentle walk with OH and puppy Maxx this morning as my ankle is slowly getting better; but sadly I can’t resume my big walks yet as it is not yet healed enough for that.

    Have a great day fellow challengers

    Some interesting posts about the challenges of avoiding the silly season temptations out there. My heartfelt sympathies to anyone being offered ‘treats’, particularly those made ‘especially for you’ – and you feel that by refusing, you are rejecting the person and the love they are offering (via food) and somehow it all conspires to make you feel doubly bad….

    I don’t have any easy answers. I had one such experience last week, at one of my 2 B2B Thai meals. A friend insisted on ordering a dessert. I insisted I didn’t want one. A battle of wills ensued. The friend won out and I was presented with a sticky rice pudding. Which I emphatically did not want. So it sat there, unloved, unwanted, rejected. Aaaaah! The only saving grace was that the friend was somewhat inebriated, so I doubt very much that he will have remembered the pudding ‘snub’ the next day!

    Thankfully, a couple of FDs have put right the damage done by the Thai meals, and I’m still maintaining. Actually, the damage wasn’t that bad as I managed to order sensibly – thanks for the tips on limiting rice portions!

    Minka, thanks for the summary about gaining weight and fat. It’s fascinating to learn how our bodies work. I agree with the notion that it’s not a good idea to stress our bodies with too many spikes of sugar, sodium or carbs. Mindful nutrition has to be the best way – most of the time at least!

    Morning Silly People, how is everyone feeling now that we’re nearly 3 weeks into this? For me, I’m just keeping my head above water. But I am grateful for that at least so thank you everyone for being here. I haven’t really even had any ‘Christmas’ type food indulgence yet. No mince pies, egg nog, etc – just too many non-Xmas events.

    Fatfingers – the battle of the desserts made me smile. Congratulations to you for winning!

    Anzac, where are you planning to go in Europe? We spent a chilly winter in Portugal and Spain a couple of years back and loved it. We wanted to find out whether we could hack retirement in a colder place. Brrr, Porto was so cold! My fingers hurt some mornings. But it was beautiful. Where we were in Spain was quite mild – I suppose it depends on how far south you travel.

    Anzac, when those people suggest you try their ‘diet’ thingy instead of 5:2, you can reply as CalifD does. “And how’s that working for you?”. Works especially well when you’re at goal weight and they’re still struggling with their ‘diet plan’.

    FM, I loved your post. You painted a lovely picture of the lead up to an American Christmas. You reminded me of when I lived in NC with all that snow to shovel. I bet it’s exciting to have your wonderful sons home – is that with families in tow or are they single? I’m contemplating the prospect of my DD leaving the nest and I will be very sad when she’s gone because I know she won’t be back. On the other hand, there are things we’ve put on hold for some years so that we could support her through uni and now we will make them happen. So, if she doesn’t leave the nest, we will be!

    Cinque, thanks, yes the veg in gms explanation is easier. Are you having celery soup for your FD? My shiitakes are soaking and, determined to spoil the miso with egg one way or another, I thought I would make a paper thin one-egg omelette (no fat) in my tiny non-stick frypan and then roll it up and slice thinly to add to the miso. Would that work do you think?

    Minka, you are pushing the envelope! Good luck with your 6:1 goal, I know it’s something you have wanted to make work in your weekly routine. What a time to try! Mr Minka is about as subtle as my OH. “There’s something in the bedroom drawer you can’t look at.” Or the store’s bag will be in the bin for all to see. On the other hand, he is the most unobservant person you can imagine so it is easy to conceal things from him.

    Penguin, I’d have thought you’d have had lots of friends on the bus with that behaviour. How did your M/Tu B2B work out? All back in the right zone?

    LJ, no, sleep apnoea is not usually associated with people my OH’s size. What I meant though was that persons of that size probably clog up so many areas of the healthcare system because so many health issues are associated with obesity. It’s the obesity that needs treating. We’ve been fed the statistics for so long but you only have to wander through a shopping centre to really appreciate the extent of it. It’s alarming how many young people are so overweight.

    Thin. Portugal is where we go for a warmer winter break! B2B was OK for both of us – both down a couple of pounds/nearly a kilo. It doesn’t get any easier because we have both passed our initial target and are trying for something less than the maintenance level we have been on.

    Anzac, Several thin layers topped with something waterproof is what I shall be wearing today. It is a few degrees above freezing but damp and going to get damper. The soil in the garden is so wet that it is unworkable, although not for the colony of moles who perversely are re-structuring my lawn and avoiding the empty veg patch. If they don’t leave soon I shall have to be seriously unkind to them.

    fasting_me. Some years ago I spent one of the coldest February days of my life in your part of the world. We managed to get out about 12 hours before snow closed everything down for a week.

    Stick with it everybody – this may be the first Christmas many of us have emerged no heavier!

    Hi All,

    Quick check in! Busy day and one tomorrow, even if it is my ‘weekend’ off from work. I work Saturday and Sundays. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my ‘weekend’.

    After yesterday’s 5 hour exercise marathon at work (it’s not like I work in a gym either, though some days my work involves a lot of physical activity!), I did eat above usual ‘sedentary’ TDEE calories, which felt applicable to do given the amount of energy I expended. I actually entered the physical into MFP to see how many calories it thought I would have used up and stayed well below that number when I allowed myself that extra nourishment after work. This morning I was up 1/2 kg over previous day which landed me right at the lighter end of my goal weight envelope ‘wiggle room’ and I’m fine with that.

    There’s a part of me that is truly tempted to fast again tomorrow and return to 5:2 this week! Tee, hee! It isn’t just Mr M who is a creature of habit! I’m now thinking I might miss a second FD! At the same time, I want to continue to see if I can successfully pull off a 6:1 week!

    That’s funny Penguin! I think one of the reasons we found Porto so cold was that we were still jetlagged while there and getting up at about 3am. By 5am, we felt we needed to set off to explore! (on foot). I like layer dressing in colder climes with my Goretex jacket on top. The moles need re-directing over the to garden beds.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do Minka. Did you get the weekend off because it’s the one before Christmas?

    Well the dumpling eatery was nice – I had both crab spring rolls and chicken dumplings. We all exchanged small christmas gifts – mostly food. I ate the chocolates and shortbread on the train on the way home. It was a day of poor food choices. Thankfully tomorrow is a FD.

    Hi again!

    LJ, Many an occasion have I eaten a food gift on the way home. Food gifts are so tempting, often wrapped beautifully and something more rare and special. Thank goodness for our FDs!

    Thin, back in July I put in for holiday time off work from 22 to 29 December which was granted. I didn’t bother to add in 30 July since that is a Sunday and at the time Sundays were a regular scheduled day off, so assumed that it would naturally be a day off anyway, no need to apply specially for that one. Lol! When I checked out my holiday roster a couple days ago I discovered that I do have 22 – 29 off as requested, but I go straight back to work the next day Sunday 29 Dec because about a month ago, I switched from having Sundays and Thursdays off to having Wednesday and Thursdays off (Sorry this is so complicated). I see that I’m working the next morning after returning from Melbourne and every day into the New Year! I see I’m scheduled for shifts on New Years Eve and New Year’s Day. Why I find this incredulous is that at the last meeting staff were told we were completely shutting down between Christmas and New Years because staff need a rest. Ha! Well, looks like I won’t be getting one! Next year I’m going to ask for all the days between Christmas and New Year to be my holiday time and not leave anything to chance! It’s a bit late for me to ask for any of those days off. Our organization matches staff with customers and since I work in my specialty area of the field that not many are trained for or are trainable for.

    I have to chuckle, many regard air travel as taking them afar for a relaxing break. A relaxing break for me is staying home, not having to go anywhere or talk to anyone and if I do happen to leave the house, I do so on foot or bicycle!

    Traveling as we are doing to Melbourne will be fun, though traversing airports, staying in unfamiliar rooms and beds with possible smells and noises that unnerve me, socializing with in-laws, eating food on the run that may not be the healthiest, foregoing fasting days because it doesn’t fit with social calendar leaves me feeling upon my return often like I need another holiday just to recover!

    Minka, about the only positive that I can see in your end of year shifts is that your first week back is a very short one before your Wens-Thurs weekend. All I can say apart from that is that I hope you enjoy the days you do have off.
    When I was working I really enjoyed holidays where I didn’t go anywhere but could just potter about at home at my leisure. Now that I’m retired that’s my everyday life – a holiday now definitely involves leaving the house and preferably the state.

    Oh Minka, what terribly bad luck after all your meticulous planning. Thank goodness the roster didn’t cut into your trip. Not that you make that sound like much of a holiday either! I do hope you get through it all unscathed!

    LJ, earlier today, I claimed here that I hadn’t really enjoyed any Christmas treats yet. Your last post reminded me that I did, in fact, receive a small packet of home made fudge from one of my bridge partners last week AND that I ate the whole thing on the way home. Oh those food behaviours! I’d forgotten all about the fudge but definitely recall how I behaved with it.

    That is such a shame Minka, you won’t feel like you’ve had a break at all sadly. At least your first week back is a short one. OH and I love to travel but I equally love my holidays just pottering around at home which is what I am doing this year over Christmas.

    How funny about eating the food gifts on the way home. I’ve done it too – many times.

    Penguin I loved your final sentence that this may well be the first Christmas many of us emerge no heavier. If I can pull it off (and I will) it will be my very first one. It’s pretty darn exciting to be honest. I may not make my challenge weight and in fact I am going to change my challenge to make it more achievable. My new challenge is to be lighter on the 3rd January that I was on the 3rd December. So I was 87.4 then and I am 87.7 now after some more bad days. So I will need to be mindful and active on my two week break starting on Saturday

    FD today, my last one for the year as I am not fasting during my break. So it needs to be a good one! I’m prepared – both food-wise and mentally so I will do this. I will!

    Have a great day/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world

    Good luck Anzac. I hope your ankle is better now so that you can fully enjoy your time off.

    Feeling good after yesterday’s FD but could do with a few more.

    Good morning,
    Hmm, it can get a bit time consuming posting on two busy threads! But isn’t this a good one!

    My challenge is to eat 7 serves of vegetables a day, of which two, at least, are botanically fruits, and not counting the starchy veg which I count as: potato, sweet potato, dried legumes, dried corn.

    Yesterday was a fast day though. I ate a bit of salad through the day, enough to count as a serve, and extra fresh mushrooms and baby zucchini in my miso soup, so that was another two serves.

    NFD today and I had avocado (half an avocado) and tomato/eggplant relish on my toast, and I THINK it would add up to a serve. I will be more generous with my next serves.

    I must say I am finding this challenge very good for me. I have to cut out other foods to fit in this many vegetables and I am finding this makes me feel well. I hope that by the time the challenge is finished, it will have become my eating habit.

    Best wishes all.

    Good morning SS Challengers.
    Weight check in 66.7kg. I’m recording that one thin!!
    I think we are on track for our challenges people!
    All the best everyone 🙂

    Weight is creeping, slightly upward…. but I will not lose heart. Tomorrow is a Fast Day.
    To me, ‘5 servings of Veg’ = green, red, yellow, purple, and orange things. NOT potatoes. Still trying to stick to that, even tho the Health for the Holidays Challenge is over. But my daily mileage is down — not the 5 miles/day that I want. Too much sitting.

    The Ladies of SKEIN were over this morning and we had a lot of laughs! The gift exchange was not only food: it included cocktail napkins, soap, and after-dinner drinks. The biscotti were a hit and the ODH loved them.

    Then we had the planned Tea With Friends… but not the way we’d planned! Gordon had emailed us saying it would be great to get together — nothing fancy, just tea and ‘hanging out.’ So my ODH emailed him with a date and the two of them decided on a time. Mary [the other wife] and I both said OK. So at 3 pm today we drove to their house. Their car and truck were in the drive, but they were not in the house. I know because I went into the house and called for them. We hung around for about 8 minutes, shrugged, and left. When we got home, there was a car in our drive, and Mary and Gordon were sitting in our Sun Room waiting for us to show up!! So I ran to the kitchen to put on the tea and compose a snacks plate: Clementines, biscotti, cheese — the same as I served to the Ladies in the morning. So we all sat and chatted and then I decided it was time to warm up the dinner [pasta in sauce from the freezer] and invited them to stay. Had green beans, french bread, and red wine. All on hand from freezer. We all had a great time together. Mary said it shows that you can’t trust husbands to do social planning. so true.

    Keep eating the veg, Folks. And fruit. My condolences to people who have to work over the Holiday Break. As a former teacher, that was one of the best perks. Anyone Fasting tomorrow?

    Cinque, I think that’s the beauty of the 7 servings of vegetables and fruits per day – you don’t have a lot of space left for things you shouldn’t eat. Veggies are bulky and filling. And they’re so healthy.

    I have to laugh about some of my friends here, sniffing white powder from the back of their hands or traveling with white powder and scales to weigh it on no less! 😮 😁 😆

    Cinque, the avo on toast with relish sounds yum! I’m imagining that combination on a paleo style bread I buy that’s made mostly of seeds which I love.

    Thin, a small packet of fudge sounds easy to polish off along on a drive. Up until recently I had a ‘no eating in the car’ policy that I kept to. I stuck to that for the first 18 months of acquiring the vehicle, which I bought relatively new. However, that policy went out the window during one work day when I was famished and accidentally had no lunch break and I’ve not been able to stick to it since! Maybe I can add that into my next Silly Season Challenge!? Remind me of this next December! Lol!

    Anzac, I hope the fast is going well and that you feel it has been a really good one to last you until the New Year!

    Quacka, fantastic weigh in result!

    LJ what you said about work and retirement meanings of relaxation and holidays is exactly how I feel! Were I not working, I’d be so looking forward to the adventure of boarding a plane to travel to a new and different locale! Yes, it’s true that even working starting work on Sunday means that my work week would be shortened, which is great. Even better now is that I checked with head office and they’ve agreed to give my Sunday shift to another worker! Yea! I’m doing a ‘happy dance’!

    I stepped on the scale again this morning to find myself 200 grams under wiggle room range after yesterday’s NFD. This means I’m still on track to continue with 6:1. That said, I may end up fasting tomorrow anyway because my Friday fasts are something I’ve kept to for over a year and my body naturally wants to fast on Fridays and I think it will feel weird if I don’t! There is the Christmas lunch event, though one of my superiors admitted that she is so busy during those events that she doesn’t end up eating a lunch. I thought that maybe I can make myself busy by helping her out and not eat too! There’s someone who was invited who wasn’t able to afford to come, though we’ve invited her anyway. I’ve arranged to sit next to this woman and have decided to slide my courses to her when served and so I don’t look awkward as the only one at table not eating, I will gracefully rise out of my chair and head over to other tables to kneel down and chat with customers briefly, make the rounds of the room. I will return to my seat in between courses. Well, that’s the plan. I’ll let you know if I’m able to comfortably pull it off!

    Brilliant plan, Minka. Let us know how it works. AND you got Sunday off.

    I have no idea what this powder is that was smuggled into the US by you foreign people whom I sure our government would never trust… and then to admit that you snort the stuff! Well!! LOL

    SEVEN veg/fruit in one day, Cinque. That is a challenge. I’m hard-pressed to do 5. But it is worth doing.

    Go, Quacka, go!

    LJ, we know you are making better food choices today. Courage.

    Fasting today: Winter Solstice Scramble [olives and pepperoni] with pears for breakfast [1.5 sv fruit] and Winter Solstice Pizza [proscuitto & mushroom on whole-wheat tortilla crust with mozzarella and tomato sauce] for dinner. Heavy on the Solstice thing since I need the photos for my Blog. Yesterday’s food adventures did not hurt, as I weigh the same. Curiously, last year at this time I weighed what I weigh today. Then by the Feast of Stephen I had gained 1.5 pounds. Entirely possible that will happen again, but I will try not to…

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