The Fasting Diet

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  • Yesterday was my first fasting day.

    I have modified the FD to an
    “every other day” approach until I reach my IBW…as well as incorporating a workout in the morning and the evening of my “fast” days. Which i am looking at as Health Days. Since yesterday was a market day for me I immediately noticed that I was taking time to shop healthier…more fresh fruits and veggies…yogurts and lean meats…bottled water and ZERO (which is a Vitamin enriched water) which I plan to use 1 bottle of a day like a multivitamin supplement.

    A nice surprise was the immediate savings at the register…which I used to buy a large glass hummingbird feeder and solution and some seed packets I had been wanting.

    Instead of my usual market day stop at Subway…where I would grab a six inch sandwich, cookies or chips, and a fountain Coke (easily 800 calories)…I picked up a cup of Yoplait Lite yogurt…Pineapple Upside Down Cake flavour at only 90 calories and it was wonderful…and I didn’t have that “stuffed” feeling from a heavy lunch.

    Dinner was 4 ounces of deli turkey at 50 kcal per 2 ounces wrapped in lettuce leaves with a touch of mustard. (total of 100 kcal) And the Zero.

    At no time during the day did I feel overly hungry or deprived.

    Kept on track and actually had 50 calories to spare before bed…so I was able to enjoy one Pim’s biscuit (cookie) (50cal) and a cup of herb tea.

    I can DO this!!!!

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