The effect of taking statins drugs on the TSH test

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The effect of taking statins drugs on the TSH test

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  • I want to alert people that rely on the TSH test to detetermine the correct level of thyroid replacement, that taking statin drugs alters the test to the point that you can’t rely on it, First some background. I am a 71 year old male, having had thyoid completly remove in 2002. My TSH is currently .57, my objective is around 1 since I had thyroid cancer and have to keep TSH low to avoid recurrance. I walk an hour per day on my treadmill at a 9 degree incline. I prefer compounded natural armour thyroid, current dosage 170mg daily. I do much better on armour than the synthetic stuff and I can adjust in 5mg increments by using compounded thyroid. A change of 5 mg alters my TSH by 1.67 point.

    Now, my point about statins and the test. For several years I was taking statin drugs prescribed by one doctor and thyroid by another. Although both knew of my medications, neither were aware the statins make the TSH test unreliable. We were constantly going through wild swings of TSH and trying to adjust the thyroid med, creating wars with my endocrinologist, who at times would blame amour thyroid for it. Then I read an article from a doctor that not only was calling statin drugs dangerous, but reported this proplem with the TSH test. I stopped taking statins and altered my diet, eating lean meat and vegetables, reducing carbs, no sugar, etc. I use stevia instead of sugar. I avoid anything with sugar. Anyway, now, I can rely on the test to the point that I can maintain a proper TSH level and feel great. My breakfast consists of omlet made of egg beaters, sausage, rotel tomatos, cheese, cooked in the microwave. A favorite meal would be chicken salad mixed with mayo made of olive oil, no- sugar picke relish, stevia, cabbage ( coleslaw) mix and pepper. I eat mostly protein and vegies, with no bread. I feel great !

    Awesome! I had not heard of the effect of statins on TSH before. I have familial high cholesterol and have recently stopped taking my statins. A personal choice — my mother used to take statins on and off for years for the same issue and then had to have triple bypass surgery when she was 65. This scared me so I religiously took the statins. Now my mother is 82 with dementia. I had heard of statins contributing to dementia — I know, the info is all over the place depending on who you talk to and dementia can certainly be caused by other things. But my sister said she hasn’t taken her statins in over 15 years and has her arteries checked every once in awhile and they are clear. So I made the personal decision to stop the statins. I guess I’d rather have a heart attack at 65 than live to 85 and not know who I am. I know that statins can also increase the risk for type II diabetes and my blood sugars were getting higher each year. I have been vegetarian for almost 3 years. The last time I had my cholesterol checked it was 290 without statins. I also had half my thyroid removed over 25 years ago and was on synthroid for 20 years, felt awful and switched to natural dessicated thyroid 4 years ago. Feel great on the natural — I started having issues with armour — apparently they reformulated it again — so switched to Thyroid-S and am doing great! Thanks for the info on the statins and congrats on your good health!

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