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The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

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  • So kook is a mad or eccentric person. Count me in on that ! We Brits can be a bit that way!

    Hi Dave. I know what a kook is, I think from early 70s Bowie. But I can’t just remember the song… what was I saying about improved memory?! may be Oh you pretty things?
    Anyway, I agree with you entirely. I don’t believe in the power of ‘celebrity’. He’s just someone doing a different job from me, just happens to be in the public eye. And just because he’s on telly doesn’t mean his perceived experience of 5:2 is evidence of harmful side effects. The media jump on it though because the establishment (and their financial backers) are threatened by the idea that the peasants could take control of their own health and not need synthetic drugs to control cholesterol, diabetes, high BP, etc. Or am I just imagining conspiracy theory?!
    There’s been a study reported this week which suggests that 3 days fasting can effectively rejuvenate your immune system. A professor of regenerative medicine in London was reported as saying that it was promising and the next step would be to synthesize a drug to replicate this effect. Oh yes, what we need is an artificial chemical, manufactured at vast expense, that costs our health service a fortune to replicate the effect of NOT EATING FOR THREE DAYS. He’s either mad or funded by the food/drugs industry.

    Well just Googled it. The song is Kooks. Honestly, my memory is improving! I’ve just sabotaged it with a bottle of ref wine tonight…

    HappyNow I know why I love being here, you are just fantastic! And so are we all 🙂

    Ref wine……..

    Hear hear HappyNow, You tell it like it is. I love this link, and totally agree with you way of thinking:-)

    Hello LindyW ….. Ref wine is good you know! It reaches the parts other wines don’t reach !

    Good night buddies.

    Ha! OK, I’ve sabotaged my memory AND my typing. I thought earlier that I should learn from JIPs rum and coke experiences. Oh well. In my defence I couldn’t post earlier cos the hens weren’t in bed til 10 and then I went slug hunting….

    Night all!

    HappyNow, You’re in the grove today daddy-O. From an ouzo inebriated happy Greek buddy. Nighty, night:-)

    Pastis here . Cheers and goodnight. 🙂

    Good morning, maintaining buddies — sorry I missed the party last night! 😉

    Weight 115.2 pounds this AM 🙂 I am astonished! I am eating three meals every day, a snack some days, and the weight is staying off! Last night my son made polenta with sweet corn and parmesan, spinach with olive oil and garlic, and homemade coffee and chocolate ice cream, all very yummy, I ate all I wanted, a little bit too much even, and my weight was still only 115 this AM! Amazing! I really expected a bit of a struggle to keep it off, but so far, that’s just not happening.

    It is wonderful to be able to share this with people who will likely understand how I feel about it. I wish you all the same success!

    Good afternoon franfit that dinner sounded very nice. I think the rest of the gang must be hung over as it’s very quiet in here today!

    Morning Franfit (although it’s afternoon here).
    Congrats on the maintenance. Your meal sounds lovely, don’t blame you for squeezing a little too much in! Unfortunately my other half won’t eat polenta….
    I know I ate my TDEE yesterday. And a bit of wine last night…! Today 60.2. That’s a kg off this week on 6:1 and 16:8. Maybe I wasn’t actually maintaining, maybe it was a plateau? Anyway, it’s all good, and I definitely know I can also afford to relax a bit now.

    Afternoon all. Talking food, we had an ouzo and calimari supper yesterday so thought I’d do a fast day today, well I was toying with doing ADF this week to help shift the stubborn last few pounds but my other half decided he was going to cook a sweet and sour pork dish for dinner and who could resist – not me! So I ate it with shredded lettuce whilst hubby and daughter had rice. I’ve also avoided all alcohol today so not too bad! So just enjoying a lovely balmy evening here in Greece. I will defo do a proper 500 calorie fast on Monday and go easy tomorrow. I’ve got some family coming for a holiday starting Friday and staying 10 days, that is going to be challenging, guests always think we are also on holiday, hence it’s going to be a boozy, foody 10 days! Hmmm, I fear it’s going to be a long wait until I join you all in that coverted inner maintaince circle 🙁

    Hi bigDave, I agree, 5-2 could not have shrunk his stomach that much, I wish it would do that to mine a bit. I still have a good appetite on non – fast days. I wish I had has much control over it on NFD as I have on FD. That’s sounds stupid I know.
    Phil Scoffiled must have needed to get on the news for something I’ve only seen him on the internet I wonder if it will come on TV. I will let you know. JIP

    Hello everyone.
    Auriga, are you talking about me? LOL you could be right. LOL.Kook new word wonder who I can call that next, I hope it isn’t in the Aussie dictionary. LOL.
    It has been a smashing day in S.W Hubby and me went to Cardiff Bay walked to Penarth across a new barrage. If Wales had this nice weather in our summers I would never go aboard again. We had fish and chips a really British lunch so as you can see today was not a fasting day. LOL. JIP

    Well said Happynow. Another pill and it will also say fast for three day while taking the pills. LOL. JIP

    Good Evening everyone, I am glad that you are all joining me in the odd drink to 2 or 3. LOL. I am not fasting today and I am going to break with tradition and have a nice cold cider tonight instead of my usual R&C. it’s a lovely evening and I have walked 16747 steps today not sure that the steps out weigh the fish and chips I had out today for lunch. Fasting tomorrow and may be Monday too. I need to get a few more pounds off because it creeps up on us. JIP

    Happynow, it’s called slug patrol down here. LOL JIP

    I am considering a 24 hour fast as I have never tried it yet. Have any of you done one or even two? I wonder if it makes a difference?

    I combine a 24 hour fast with the 5:2 recommendation of eating 500 calories. The day before my fast day, I eat nothing after dinner and barely anything (15 calories) until dinner the next day (my fast day). Then I eat my 485 calories for dinner. There is a 24 hour break in-between my eating.

    I really like doing my fast that way. I believe this practice has helped me lose my weight.

    Hello Amy C thank you for telling me how you do your 24 hr fast. I might try that. 🙂

    Hi JIP. I grew up in the Vale, and my Dad still lives there. It’s funny that you seem to be suggesting that the weather isn’t always good in SW. I speak to him several times a week and the weather is always good where he is…. and always better than ours!

    ‘Patrol’ suggests something slightly more benign that my nightly excursions! Although I do have help – predatory leopard slugs, resident toads and a tawny owl (Springwatch tells me they feed slugs to their chicks).

    JIPWPG how shall we define ‘slug patrol’ ? Maybe ‘glug patrol’! Lol 🙂
    Drowning slugs in beer now there’s a thing HappyNow! 🙂
    Good night all & good morning Australia 🙂 See you all tomorrow buddies.

    Good evening everyone 🙂 I had a good day at work today, my second with my new client couple. Gorgeous weather here, got in my 10,000 steps.

    Auriga, the way I usually fast now is nothing but water on fast days until the evening meal, so I go 22-24 hours, depending. If I wake up feeling poorly on a fast day, I have breakfast and subtract the calories from dinner. It doesn’t really seem to make any difference in my rate of weight loss. I mostly do it so that I have more flexibility about what I fix for dinner, 500 calories is much easier to work with than 300, especially for vegetarian meals. But there also may be some extra fasting benefits for going that long without any calories, so that’s a motivator. Some people do think it helps with their weight loss. It’s worth a try, but, if you find it too difficult, I don’t think it’s worth making yourself terribly uncomfortable over.

    I am completely mystified. What is ‘slug patrol’?

    I looked for that critical article on the internet, couldn’t find it, stumbled on a different one that was very ill-informed. Oh, well, at least if people are talking about 5:2 more people will know about it, even bad publicity is still publicity. Most everyone I tell about it around here has never even heard of it. I guess in the UK everyone does know about it, but not in this part of the US, even though MM has been on Good Morning America, etc. talking about it.

    Elainefriend, enjoy your guests 🙂 It sounds like your weight is in a healthy range, there does not have to be a race to lose the last few pounds or kg. I was impatient to get to goal, though, I know how it feels, I especially didn’t want to start shopping for a lot of new clothes until my weight was where I wanted it to stay. And the sense of accomplishment really is pretty great 🙂

    Hi Amy C. I haven’t yet done a 24hr fast (hats off to you….. if I wore one!), but am doing 16:8 most days. I too firmly believe that the longer fasting window has been the key for me.

    I now realise that I was an unwitting IFer in ny early 30s (not eating til lunchtime, but never consciously ‘dieting’) and maintained a healthy weight for a lot of years until I was brainwashed into ‘3 meals a day with snacks in between’. Funnily enough I then gained 20lbs!

    Obviously the calorie deficit of 5:2 helps with weight loss, but I think the full health benefits are only realised from an extended fasting window.

    Slug patrol (or in my case hunt!) is a method for controlling slug numbers (and thereby save plants) without resorting to chemicals. Slug pellets are thought to be one of the contributory factors responsible for the decline of hedgehogs, and will basically poison anything that eats a slug that has eaten a pellet (also pellets are toxic to pets and kids).
    So I go out perhaps for 2 or 3 consecutive nights every couple of weeks and remove slugs from my beans/peas/brassicas. And the slugs go for a swim…. although in all the years I’ve been doing it, not one slug has actually learnt to swim…!

    Hi Maintenance Mates
    JIP, Yes, kook is a well known, if old fashioned, expression in Aust. Hope the cider went down well 🙂
    AmyC,My husband does the same system as you now. Dinner one night, nothing until dinner the next night, but he then only has about 300cal max as it is my fast day dinner too and I have had a breakfast/lunch of about 150. He usualy gets a bit more at dinner than me. We have realised that he really doesn’t need as much food as me to maintain (we are both at goal) and he also doesn’t seem to crave food as I do. I spend all day (and night) thinking about what I am going to eat. Thankfully I don’t actually eat everything I plan!
    Franfit, my husband does the 24 hour thing for the health benefit too. It does seem the experts think it helps, so, with his success with diabetes, he wants to maximise the impact of fasting.
    Here in Aust, almost everyone I talk to about 5:2 has heard of it, many know someone doing it. A lot need a simple quick explanation and plan to find out more. Very hard to just keep it light and not sound as if your are proselytizing though.
    Happynow, can you explain 16:8 please? I presume it is overnight until about 11 am, then dinner at 7pm? If so, that is pretty much what I do, with the 11am bit being anywhere between 8.30 and 3! My son always eats like this, but doesn’t do the calorie restrictions 🙁
    I made a delicious pumpkin, onion, carrot, red lentil, corriander, celery soup yesterday. Quite good until I had 2 1/2 bowls of it. Aw….it was cold and it tasted SO good…. Oh, and the fabulous grainy toast with butter didn’t hurt either. I LOVE being in the maintenance faze, knowing the fast tomorrow will fix all.
    Better get up to lounge around in the sun reading the paper….
    PVE 🙂

    Thank you for the reassurance Franfit, it means a lot to me. I never ever thought I would achieve the weight loss that I have and returning to a weight the like of which I haven’t seen for 20 years feels marvellous and has spurred me on to aim just a little lower to give myself a little “wiggle room” to paraphrase Augira!
    HappyNow, I also didn’t know what slug-hunting was but was rather embarresed to admit it. We’ve been doing mosquito hunting here, there is a plague of the little buggers this year, probably the reason you’ll find me contributing to this link at 2.10am! Night night all

    Hi PVE.
    You’re right. 16:8 is basically 16 hours without food, and an 8 hour eating window, each day.
    We eat in the evening usually 7.30 – 8.30 and I then ‘break fast’ at11.30ish in the morning. I do have a bit of milk in my early morning cuppa and have discovered almond milk for my mid morning coffee. So a few calories but not many. And yes, break fast is moveable!
    From what I’ve read it seems to be the length of time without raising insulin/blood sugar (together with only eating within TDEE) that’s important (at least for weight maintenance and health; weight loss requires a bigger deficit). A 16 hour fast window seems to be about the minimum to start fat burning and repairing.
    As I’ve said, I was doing it naturally (and successfully) in my 30s… Who knew there was an official name for not eating first thing in the morning!

    Great active thread. Love that I’ve spread the word “kook” to other countries :).

    HappyNow, I read that same article and was floored by the doctor who admitted the benefits of fasting but said we need to synthesize the effect with a drug. If that doesn’t encapsulate the problem with modern health care I don’t know what does. I think a lot of people/groups are threatened by IF because its free, somewhat easy, and works. The diet industry is HUGE and this doesn’t require any of their nonsense products. You don’t even need Dr Mosley’s book, you can get everything you need to know from his website and these forums.

    So whenever I hear someone criticize IF I remember a saying we have in the South…”A hit dog howls”


    Good morning buddies! Lovely to have several posts to read this morning 🙂
    I am going to try a 24 hr fast today so wish we luck.
    What a great phrase BigDave, “A hit dog howls”. Must remember that one.
    Happy Sunday everyone.

    Good morning & Καλιμέρα, Auriga, it will be extremely interesting to see how you get on. Good luck:-)

    Efkaristo Elaine (can’t find the Greek alphabet on here!) 🙂

    How cool! We are now bi-alphabetic on this thread 🙂

    Big Dave, I think you really hit the nail on the head there, to use another expression from the US. That comment about coming up with a drug to replicate the effects of fasting really blew me away, too!

    Thank you for explanation of slug patrol. Somehow I thought it might also be a euphemism for something else mysterious. It would be a good expression to use as a euphemism for something, has a good ring to it. I had a garden several years ago and read that if you put saucers of beer in the ground, the slugs will crawl in for a drink and drown happily. Never found any slugs in the beer, though. Not sure I actually had any slugs in the garden. Or maybe they didn’t like the cheap beer I bought, being a teetotaler and all, lol.

    Scale said 116.0 pounds this AM — good! — I will be happy fasting this week, either tomorrow or Wednesday, I think.

    Off to work today. Beautiful weather.

    Hi Auriga, regard 24 hour fast. the most I have gone without food is 19 hours from 7pm to 12 midday or 7pm to 2 pm. Thinking of it like that another 6 hours mmm.I do not think I could do any more. What time period would you do it?

    Hi everyone, I have not gone mad or had too many R and C’s.
    (Slug Patrol) is someone marching up and down the garden looking out the little blighters. In my case checking out the plant pots. A friend of mine always calls it slug patrol because she could be there all evening.
    Fasting today. Nothing from 9pm last night (Saturday to 12.30 pm so not bad. I am not a bit hungry, it must be like many say on here that we are ok until we start eating on non fast days. Another lovely day in South Wales. Happynow I can phone my sister ten miles away and she will say sun is out and I tell her it’s raining here. Must be wicked people living in my area, I will have to move LOL.

    We are currently in the middle of a spectacularly thunderous rain storm here on the Peloponnese in Greece – got all the doors flung open, letting in all those lovely charged ions – free vitamins 🙂

    Thanks for all the input on 24 hr fasting buddies. I am coming up to 18 hrs now and it’s ok but I usually have a bite to eat about now. Not too hungry though so onwards I go. The worst bit is the smell of the asparagus and celery soup I decided to cook for later and it smells pretty good!
    Keeping busy is the way to go! 🙂
    Forgot to say earlier ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to all you dads out there!

    Auriga, I make it about 22 hours fasting for you up to now how is it going, hope you can do it. Good luck. Let us all know how it feels and how the scales react. JIP

    Well JIP I am getting a bit peckish now ! I shall eat at 7pm I think . Hubby caved in earlier and had a tangerine, but I guess that’s not so bad. I am going to make it!!!! Yay!

    Well done Auriga, do you think you will do it again? I hope it was worth it. I would get peckish by 4 pm, I get migraines if I leave too long without food even if like your hubby it would be fruit it’s still breaking the fast. JIP

    Hi again JIP. I have never eaten a bowl of soup so quickly and it was delicious! I might do the 24 hr fast again on Tuesday. I wonder what the scales will show tomorrow. We shall see 🙂
    Thanks for asking JIP.

    Hi Auriga, Jip, Elainefriend, Dave and Fran
    I have never done the 24 before. My husband does all the time. I think I’ll give it a go today. You have inspired me. Mind you I have only just woken up, so only 12 hours in. Wish me luck for the next 12.
    PVE 🙂

    Good luck Purple Veg Eater!

    Thanks Auriga
    I’ll let you know how it goes…although most of you will be snoring.Cheers PVE

    It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on shifting the last odd pound or two this week. I felt quite good on it really and I might try something longer after my hols just as an experiment 🙂
    Can’t wait for the morning weigh in now when you’re snoring JIP.
    Good night all.

    I’ve been wanting to try a zero calorie day fast which would be around 36 hours if I go from dinner to breakfast, think I might try that one of my fast days this week.

    Auriga. Good effort! From reading today’s posts you’ve inspired everyone. It’s great the way the forum challenges people to step outside their comfort zone and achieve more! I know I can do 16hrs. Next stop 24?

    PVE (if you can see this!). I suspected I was the incredible shrinking woman, but it seems I’ve popped out of existence entirely…?!

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