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  • So my TDEE is calculated at 1237 calories so that means on fast days I can only have roughly 321 calories? Is this correct or should I stick with 500?

    Stick to 500 calories for Fast Days. Then on the Slow Days eat up to 1250 calories [see, I gave you a bonus!] and see how that works for you. 1237 sounds like a small amount. My TDEE is 1450, but then we are all different .
    See how that works for you, Mrsscaggs, and let us know about your progress.

    How’s it going, mrsscaggs? Are you making Fasting work for you?

    Well I had been losing consistently since November 5th. Then in January the first 2 weeks I gained some back still following 5:2. Now this week I lost 1.1 pounds so back at what I was 2 weeks ago. I love this plan has definitely worked for me! I have cut my calories to 400 on fast days.

    HEEELP me, grrr I am not loosing weight, I lost about 1.5 pounds the first week, this week I have lost Nothing and am gaining! I am now working on one meal a day and exercising on the fast days by running FIIT, drinking lots of water. How can I break into losing weight?

    @ab 805 it is normal for weight to go up and down over a short period of time. There are a lot of variables and working out hard can cause large swings in water weight. It might make sense to measure yourself with a cloth tape too as sometimes with working out, we trim down while putting on much heavier lean body mass. Fat isn’t nearly as dense as muscle.

    Some other things to consider:
    * Type of food being eaten. For example I’m extremely sensitive to refined sugar and seem to put on fat if I start eating more than a very small amount of it a day even if my calories are low.

    * Hormones play a huge role and can be influence by more than fasting or type of food eaten. If you have problems losing weight and maybe other strange systems it might be worth visiting a doctor.

    * Time … two weeks is very short. I would expect a lot of up and down.

    * Amount of food eaten, which can be kind of tricky. Overeating some doesn’t always bring on weight gain and sometimes we gain without overeating. It gets back to what we are eating. Push the plant based foods. Still there is a point where overeating will result in weight gain, that is just different for everyone. The advantage of plants is you have to eat a lot more to actually overeat. It can be hard for us to judge how much we actually eat.

    * How much salt is eaten. I don’t necessary believe that we have to restrict salt a lot, but it does contribute to retaining water and since we are mostly water that weight adds up.

    * Age, my 15 year old daughter eats why more than me (father) and she is ultra slim. That has a lot to do with hormones, she has a major advantage because her body is still growing.

    * Type of working out. Cardio isn’t always the best bet for weight control. Strength training works better for some people. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be very helpful too, but it is brutal.

    … I could go on … Weight is just one number but there is a lot that goes into it.

    Thanks for the help so Ill tell you a bit more:
    Im 65, so over most of the hormonal stuff, tho there are LOTs of other hormones.
    I eat really well, mostly salads with a bit of occasional meat or egg, I’ve been doing that for years. Ive been doing the FIIT running/ walking for only about 15 minutes, and then strength training on another day.
    My biggest SIN (?) is my two glasses of wine on days that I eat.
    This is why Im frustrated!
    Can one have too many veg?
    My dressing on salads are olive oil and vinegar or lemon.
    Now to top it off today on my fast day I am ravenously hungry and actually have been feeling nauseous.
    I’m just about to have some bone broth, then Ill go out for some mineral water.
    Im also fasting every other day to gain some momentum. Im wondering if the bone broth will keep the exercise from being the most effective.
    I really appreciate your feed back, I never expected such an indepth response .

    When I fast I just stick to zero calorie liquids. I find even eating a little drives my hunger. If you are feeling nauseous, something is off and probably you should just try to fast another day. That actually happened to me a couple years ago, I had to give up on a fast and eat one meal. Then the next day I started fasting again and went a full two days on that fast without any problem. Anyway the more you fast the easier it becomes. At some point I actually started preferring fasting days to eating days, at least sometimes. Feeling a bit empty or a little hungry is one thing, feeling sick is another.

    Wine has pretty much the same metabolic effects as fructose plus extra impacts and it is very high in calories. However there are lots of slim people that probably consume more. Also you don’t indicate how much you want to lose. If it is a few pounds that is one thing, if it many pounds that is a different matter. The less you have to lose the harder it becomes.

    In general 2 weeks is a very short period and you can see any type of effect. Your weight is really a range and probably varies a few pounds through out the day. That is way it is almost always suggested to use a scale at the same time of the day each time you use it. See:

    It is possible to get fat off of vegetables, but you have to eat a lot more of them than other fating foods or do things to them to make them fattening, think french fries! The problem with salads is what people add to them. Olive oil is fattening if you use a lot of it. However that probably isn’t your issue.

    As for hormones, they have huge impacts our whole life. It just changes over time. One can’t put on fat or burn it off without various hormones. It changes over time, for example growing teens tend to have very high levels of HGH which allows them to overeat a lot. Fasting can boost HGH, even at 65 or 105. However we probably won’t ever get back to the levels we had as a teen.

    Anyway I think your problem is just that your exercise causes a lot more weight changes in the body. We are mostly water so changes in hydration can have a large impact on the scale. I think a better gauge is how your clothes are fitting or your measurements with a tape, that doesn’t vary as much. Since you also strength train, you are probably confusing your weight on the scale even more. Fat is light compared to water or lean tissue. Fasting will also drive dehydration and water retention. When it comes to burning off fat, over a short period of weeks a scale isn’t that trustworthy.

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