Sugar – The Sweet Poison

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  • I’ve just read this book by David Gillespie – it’s a real eye-opener! I’ve known for a long time that I’m a bit of a sugar addict but having read this book I have definitely decided to break the habit. The most interesting thing is that in some respects, it flies in the face of current dietary advice (David gives very good explanations for why we believe the things we do!). He backs his assertions with scientific evidence which I’m sure could/would be challenged if it is wrong.
    I’ve had a break from 5:2 but I’m starting again alongside removal of sugar and Fast Exercise (another excellent book, thank you Michael!) and none of it is particularly difficult. I’m only 4 days into the no sugar bit but so far no serious cravings – and the benefits, if true, are astounding.
    Good health to everyone doing the Fast Diet (and Fast Exercise) – and a Happy New Year.

    That’s an interesting combo! Sugar is not that necessary, no. Completely agree there. Will you be eating other carbs (like bread & fruit) still?

    Hi Nika – yes I will still have normal carbs although not on Fast Days I did do Primal for a while and it is good but as I’m mainly veggie and Primal is heavily meat focused, I found it hard to find things to eat. I do try to reduce carbs though, simply because I find that eating them makes me more hungry. In the case of carbs, I think it’s definitely moderation, but not with sugar.
    I eat lots of veg but I’m not a great fruit fan – some strawberries etc in summer but apart from that I stick with veg and salad.

    Eating mainly veggies and salad sounds great! ^^ Don’t forget your protein sources though. Add some chicken or egg to the salad!

    Yes – very important especially as protein fills you up more. We eat white meat and fish so no lack of protein. I also love pulses.
    I actually think I could live happily from the Fast Diet recipe book!

    Ooh I’ve got The Sweet Poison Quit Plan on my kindle ready to read…quite intrigued and desperate to try and get rid of my chocolate habit.

    Go for it! So far I haven’t found it too d ifficult but I think it’s a very individual thing. Gillespie has a second book on how to quit the sugar habit which is quite useful too. I think if you avoid processed food, it’s not difficult to avoid hidden sugar – for me it’s the cupcake-and-latte habit which is the challenge!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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