Struggling with weight loss

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Struggling with weight loss

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  • Advice…
    I work 5 days in a gatehouse, so work alone for 12+hrs a day, we get no breaks, can’t leave. In last year its got v quiet, to pass time we’d drink aalsorts, then you’d have snack. In the time period I gained alot, the other guys on opposite shifts got even bigger so am assuming they did the same as me.
    I saw myself…and was ashamed,
    Last 3 months decided to diet.
    No bread,
    Nothing at all with added sugar
    Then most stuff without sugar
    Now if it has sugar or sweetners in not allowed to eat.
    Only thing is natural honey bug dnt really like it.
    No cereals
    No potatoes
    Nothing fried, if I fry its coconut oil
    Mass salads as I grow my own stuff,
    Make sugar free coleslaw only have a bit
    Homemade mayo
    V little fruit, mostly melon
    Red meat and fish.
    No sweets,biscuits,crisps,Nothing sweet at all.
    I bought a treadmill, we have weights.
    Am 6ft 5 and not gonna lie Ive only lost 3stone(dnt know any other weight measurement)

    I’m trying to do whatever I can at work, even if it’s only walking about. Home is the treadmill and what DIY needs doing.
    Also am a full time law student so also studying aswell which stops the weekends. I try walk instead of drive, we do hikes occasionally,
    I need to lose more, anyone got any ideas. I know fasting does help but as I’ve been advised not yet, I’ve been told I need to lose more before I’d be able to safely fast….
    Anyone got any suggestions on everything.

    Hi Britishgoose01,

    You are obviously already doing a lot – the only other obvious suggestion would be to try to minimise your intake of ultra processed foods (not easy because they are cheap and tasty, but very bad for your gut biome) and to try to have 30 different types of plant in your diet each week (plants include spices, herbs, beans, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables). I admit I struggle to get to 19 or 20, but I’m not keen on many vegetables.

    For what it is worth I did the original 5:2 version of this diet for 10 years and lost over 2.5 stone in the first 6 months, which stayed lost. In addition, I then started following the Zoe diet guide as well about 18 months ago and have lost another 7lbs. When I started my BMI was 26.9, it’s now down at around 21.5 to 22.0.

    Hope this may help, and the best of luck with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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