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  • Hey,

    Just wanting some advice and others experiences I guess. I have been on and off this diet since November and when I’m on it I’m finding the fast days fine, I can manage them no problem. For a few weeks I even lose quite a bit of weight sometimes almost a stone in a 2 week period, not sure if that is normal or not.

    Then I begin to level off maybe lose a pound here or there or nothing. So after a few weeks I begin eating again and stop fasting turning this into kind of an endless circle I guess.

    Anyone else been in a similar situation? Or struggling in the same way? Or maybe just offer me some advice on where I’m going wrong, maybe I’m just lacking will power!


    Hallett, your weight will fluctuate, even while Fasting for weeks. Then it will plateau, seemingly without reason. Then you will lose again, as long as what you eat on a Slow Day doesn’t cancels out what you ate on a Fast Day.
    We all go through this. But you have to remember that Fasting is not for reaching a goal and then bye-bye. It is a LIFESTYLE which you will embrace and follow for the rest of your slimmer life. If you want that slimmer, healthier life, then stick with Fasting. If you want to lose weight faster, mind more carefully what you eat on Slow Days.
    We have been Fasting in this household for almost 6 years, so I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs. But overall, we have lost the weight we wanted to lose and kept it off. So Fasting works.
    Good luck.

    Hi Hallett. Just a few weeks in myself.
    I’m trying to focus less on the scales and more on getting number of fast days built up. I’m working on basis of two fast days equals 1 pound lost. Even if scales show a bigger loss or even gain, I try to ignore that. The trick seems to be perseverance.
    Fasting_me – people like you who’ve stuck with it are inspiring. Best of luck Hallett.

    Thanks, Brambleberry. Perseverance is so key.

    Hallett, how is it going for you these days? I can lose 1-2 pounds on a Fast Day or nothing. As long as the trend is downward, you are doing the right thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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