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  • Hi everybody…I’m still here, but not much to report since I only weigh in once a month!! Looks like everyone is doing well. I am just hoping to have shed one pound by Sunday. I have managed to do at least 1 fast day each week, and thank God…No binge eating!! A little nervous about Sunday, but feel really well! My fast days are Mon and Thurs.

    Hello everyone and congrats on your losses last week

    I lost 2lbs when i weighed on friday so things are still on track 🙂

    Hello Ladies, nice to read all your posts. Stick with it and try telling yourselves that you haven’t put any weight on. I found chia seeds this week in an organic health food shop. Lady there told me to put a teaspoon of seeds in a glass and put some warm water on them. Leave them to soak for a few minutes then add some more water and drink. They swell up a bit in the glass and continue to swell in your tum giving you a full feeling. Good for fast days. It seemed to work for me. I am a pound down this week although I had to wait an extra day to see the result. One more week of 4:3 then I am going on 5:2. Like I should. I just know my stubborn insides.
    Well done Kirsty.

    Well I weighed myself and I am thrilled! I have lost 2 pounds since Feb 1, so I am very excited, especially considering how much I eat. My TDEE would be like a diet for me, and I am trying to speed up my metabolism, not slow it down to a snail’s pace. I eat at least 2 times my TDEE, but usually quite a bit more.
    This is my last post here, because I realize that this is the wrong thread for me. You ladies are all very young, and in the fast lane to weight loss. I don’t care anything about losing weight quickly. I just want to lose it for good, and speed up my metabolism so I can eat what I want. And number one reason is to be healthy!! I didn’t even start on 5/1/15, so that is just one more reason for me to leave, lol. Good luck everybody! Bye

    Well done all you fellow Fast Dieters, so much good progress even when we struggle to keep to the fasts on occasions. I have a challenging week as I’m away in Berlin at a conference. I’m not going to worry too much about getting a fast day in but will try to curb the carbs! Nice thing is people I don’t see often have noticed and commented on how well I look. Such an encouraging bit of feedback.

    Well done to everyone this week I haven’t weighed this week at all because I fell off the wagon and changed my fast days (now Tues & Thurs) and my new weigh-in day is Friday. I didn’t want to weigh and feel depressed, so I’ll wait until this Friday to get an accurate read.

    Hi Panndie, it’s great that you’re getting positive feedback already, for my positive response I’m waiting for our first visitors from the UK, annual visits are the definition of not seeing someone very often (at the minute I’m even getting away with avoiding skype calls because I don’t have an integrated camera – when I look at the plug-in one I have a permanent double chin that’s never there in the mirror)

    I’ve hit a new high this weekend, I got into an old pair of jeans (with zero lycra) without “muffin tops”. I fact I’m even contemplating investment in a belt. *Gasp*

    I have another shocking fact too, I haven’t been to the bakery in over a month. I think this is probably a VERY good thing, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking to make me salivate and crave.

    Over the moon to have lost 3lbs this week, in a week that included kebab and chip plus mucho vino. My total loss since 5/1/15 is 1 stone 1 pound. Yes!!!!!!!!!

    Everyones doing great! I had a fast day yesterday to kick start the month, had my 500 cals and zero alcohol!

    Fasting again today and then Thursday.

    I need to see results this month

    Im so chuffed for everyone you are all doing amazingly well 🙂 i cant believe how far we have come. Not in the best of moods i have had so much negativity on facebook about 5:2 and have tried so hard to defend it but its falling on deaf ears one guy on my friends list in particular wont let it go. It started yesterday and hes still commenting on it today its so frustrating and i swear if he says the words starving yourself one more time im gonna go to his house and slap him lol like hes an expert in fitness anyway yea hes a big muscly guy but its no secret he pumps his blood full of steroids to look like that. Sorry i just needed a little rant cant stand when people make judgement and have an opinion on something they know nothing about. You shouldnt do that, Its bad for you, your starving yourself, it wont work long term, you will make yourself ill, blah blah blah blah blah 🙁 ohhhhh just shut up. Lol feel better now after that rant 🙂 i cant wait until a year from now when i have lost all the extra weight and kept it off and see if hes still got so much to say.

    A good rant always helps Kirsty lol 😀 I have only told my boyfriend that I’m doing this, luckily he’s really supportive. I’m not mentioning it at work because I cant cope with the comments! Hope the rest of your day is good x

    Thanks Kirsty, your rant has made me laugh out loud. I’m sitting in my armchair with a strong cup of coffee after finishing part of my diy project. Your rant was great, better out than in. Can he provide you with printed out details of his research? No, of course not. You have lost more weight than most of us. Even with the stress you went through last month. I expect to be on this plan for the rest of the year, taking time off for holidays and treat times. I am not planning on going to the gym ever again. I don,t need to as I can start another diy project. No charges, no one looking and free entry.
    Stick with your fast friends and unfriend Mr. Muscle. Go go go.

    I also love the rant. I am always amazed at how unhelpful people are when you are trying to do something which is to improve your health and wellbeing. I haven’t told anyone I am doing this either. Which is mad, but I also don’t want the negative comments – additionally if a single person says that I don’t need to do it I am very likely to stop (any excuse…)! I am trying to focus on the health benefits as much as the weight loss. Alzheimers runs in my family as does high cholesterol and anything that I can do to minimise my risk of contracting either of these conditions is good news for me. Good luck this week everyone x

    Hi everyone. : ). Starting 5:2 today. 500 cal on fast days and 1900 cal on non fast days. Fast days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays (depending on how the week goes). I plan on doing my fast days when I’m at work. (Just easier for me as i will have my meals planned). My starting weight is 158lbs and hope to lose 28lbs. Good luck everyone! We can do this. :

    Well done Kirsty! I think we all need a bit of a rant at times. People that nay say without any evidence backing them up are the worst of all to argue with, you cannot reason with an unreasoning person.

    Welcome cburke, good luck.

    Good luck DeanieBo, you will be missed. I’m with your way of thinking and perhaps I’m on the wrong thread here too. I did start on 5.1 but I can’t seem to stick to the TDEE at all as I hate to check on calories in days I’m not fasting. My fast days have changed too in that I can do Mondays no problem and I actually look forward to a detox after the weekend but I haven’t done a second fast day in awhile. The good news is I’m down 5 lbs from 5.1 so that’s all good. Kirsty, it would be as well to block that so called friend from your friend’s list. This us working for you and that’s what matters. Keep up the Goidelic work everyone.friday weigh day, we’ll see. I think I need to change my name to YoYo…lol

    Hi everyone, I managed to kind of do a fast day, it was going great and I’ve had 350 caloies but it’s my mums birthday and she insisted I had some cake!! So that’s bumped it up to around 670 maybe slightly more, even though I had a small piece. It’s crazy how many calories are in cake! I’ve been to the gym though so hve burnt over 400 calories so I’m not feeling AS guilty about the cake.. I’m fasting again tomorrow and Thursday. Well done to everyone, sounds like we are all getting back on track 🙂

    Hope everyones doing okay 🙂

    Stay strong!

    Hi everyone today’s fast is going well.
    Thrilled to have bought a size 12 pair of jeans today and they fit comfortably!
    I also managed to wear my favourite coat which was bursting at the seams at the begining of January, So all in all a very good day.

    Ah, FINALLY back on target this week, a kilo down from last week’s unofficial weigh in. I feel so much better now. *Big Smiles*

    A quick tip for anyone that struggles to get a filling meal on a fast day and likes omelettes (March 6th)

    Not trawling but I thought it was better than filling this page with my drivel.

    I am so happy this week and feeling the joy in my jeans falling off.

    There is however a downside… I only have a very limited wardrobe, I refuse to buy clothes if they aren’t going to look good. I live in yoga pants and t-shirts, with the occasional nice outfit dragged out for ‘special occasions’.

    I HATE SHOPPING. At some point I am going to have to shop, I am going to have to find out what my new size is in various stores. I am filled with dread.

    Well done Mamie! Don’t be scared go shop!
    I have lost 1.5lb this week that’s 18lb all told. Feeling positive.

    Well done everyone. I’m not having a good week this week. I sort of managed Monday (with dinner being a glass of wine) but been a bit naughty the rest of the week. You are inspiring me to get back on it though! Tomorrow is another day (as someone once said).

    Well done Janpartly! I’m so impressed with how well people on here are doing, it’s one of things that keeps me going and pressing forward.

    I’ve never been fond of shopping, even at my slimmest I have upto a three size disparity between my three measurements (a little top heavy) and I can never get anything to fit. Hence why I LOATHE, HATE and DESPISE shopping for me.

    I’m 11.5kg (25lbs) down with another 20kg to go, I’ll just keep pushing on and then shop at Asda, they have nifty little gadget that you put your measurements into and it tells you the best fit in their clothes.

    Great progress Janpartly and Mamie Muse. Well done, you’ve both posted really impressive losses since 5/01.
    I knew this week would be a challenge in Berlin. Hotel breakfast, buffet lunches and minimal choice in the evenings. Still I resisted ALL the yummy pastries and kept to fruit and yogurt in the morning except for the last day. Seems Germain cuisine is heavy on meat and potatoes! I was missing simple green veg so much I even dreamed about them! How weird is that? I did try to keep to an estimated TDEE but probably exceeded it as currently it is less than 1700 which isn’t much really.
    The results today are that I’m up 2 lbs on the week but my measurements haven’t changed so that is encouraging. Maybe those lbs are fluid – well i can hope 🙂 . What I’ve learned is that even when I reach my goal weight [14lbs to go] it will require a high level of discipline to keep there as I thought I was quite restrained last week.
    So back home and definitely will do a Fast Day today. I’m actually looking forward to it. I plan to do a semi fast tomorrow then fast again on Monday and Wednesday if I can. I’m out to dinner on Thursday and then with my son and family next weekend. He is a fabulous cook and really foodie and i know he will want to spoil me for Mothering Sunday.
    Good luck to you all.

    Morning all, my latest weigh in shows that I have lost 14lbs now, 1 stone. So I am delighted and amazed. Had a mini celebration yesterday, a glass of wine.
    Back to a normal week going on to 5:2 tomorrow but will reign in today. You are a great group and I really enjoy catching up with other people’s progress. So where’s the weigh in results.
    Nice to feel some warmer weather and see a few daffs out.
    Diy project completed, now I might do some serious sorting out, paperwork and clothes. My mind is clear and I need to concentrate on something.
    Keep going.

    Well done cakey that’s a great achievement x
    I’m fasting today, good luck to all Monday fasters

    Ditto Cakey, great news! I’ve recovered my losses so am also 14lbs down from the start. 11lbs to go to the target. Fast day on Saturday, semi-fast yesterday and fast again today. I do have a headache though and hundreds of emails to get through so need my wits about me.
    We fast together! Keep it going!

    Just had a measure up
    1″ off my bust
    1.5″ off hips
    3″ off waist
    I might be on my way to new dress or two!

    I have lost another 3lbs this week. That is 19lbs in total since 5/1/15. I don’t really feel the need for new clothes yet, just shows how tight they were before haha!

    Fasting today but not doing a liquid only fast this week, my skin needs to catch up a bit 🙂 Really looking forward to my slice of roast beef and sliced tomato and beetroot for tea. All my husband can talk about is when are we having our next kebab and chips, he’s a bad influence.

    Well done Cakey passing the stone mark, feels great doesn’t it?

    Hi everyone. I started the 5:2 on jan 5 and have followed this thread on and off, for inspiration, especially when the scales stuck.. But I am finally getting there. Nearly at the 12 lb mark so the stone is in sight. Had a over 40 (bloody cheek I am only just) but all my test scores, bloods cholesterol etc came back really really good, and I think that’s down to 5:2. I find mon/thurs work best for me. Fish and steamed veggies are my usual choice, but need some inspiration … What does everyone else have??

    Hi Northernbecs, maybe if the scales stick and you really want to lose more, do an extra fast day, to guarantee a loss make it a liquid only day, never has bovril tasted so good! On normal fast days I find the easiest meal to have for tea is a big bowl of vegetable soup. Carrots, brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, maybe some chickpeas or lentils, whatever you have in. Simmer for 25 mins then wizz with a stick blender leaving a few chunky bits. Delicious!! We tend to have that for dinner on feed days, and watered down a bit more, for tea on fast days. Make a big pot and it keeps in the fridge for about 4 days. Good luck, you are nearly at that stone!

    Hi Northernbecs, I don’t know what your 1/4 of TDEE is on a fast day but I’ve been experimenting with omelettes and the myriad of lovely things you can put in them. They don’t need to be really calorific if you add an egg white to bulk it out and a spot of skim milk and whatever flavours you desire, I’ve even tried mine with some cinnamon. An Omelette (1 egg + 1 white) usually comes out at about 90-100 cals, if you add a few mushrooms a few cherry tomatoes and a some spinach leaves it comes to about 150 cals (that includes the few sprays of Frylite to stop the mushrooms and tomatoes sticking).
    Chicken breast is good, if you slice a normal sized breast reall thinly it makes two meals, stir-fry it with a teaspoon of Black Bean sauce (mixed with some warm water) and some veggies that’s a really low cal and filling meal(about 200 cals)

    I think the best idea I would give anyone is to experiment with flavours (have you tried orange and cumin seeds with your fish? It’s yummy).

    On my fast days I usually drink milky tea all day (no sugar) and have a single 150-200cal meal I have to make it an inspiring one.

    I need to get out more I talk a lot…

    Welcome Northernbecs! And thanks for the ideas Mamie Muse, I like the idea of orange and cumin.

    I find steamed celeriac a great bulker in place of the usual starch. It is really low in calories and goes lovely and creamy when steamed. 2 boiled eggs are a good lunch on the run at 140 cals. what they lack in interest they make up in convenience and do keep you going. As does porridge – I make it with water and almond milk with cinnamon and nutmeg, 150 cals for 35 g dry course oats.

    Thank you everyone for you nice welcomes.. And ideas certainly will be trying the orange and cumin. But stir frying sounds good. Been drinking black coffee but might try milky tea. I do miss a brew on fast days. Lots if food for thought…if you pardon the pun.. Lol.

    Hello everyone and a special hello to our newbies. Had a good fast day yesterday prior to going into my surgery to get my blood samples taken by the nurse this morning. Took my coffee in with me to sip as soon as poss. Will report results when they are in. Went into town after and as it was early I had a good stroll around M & S. They have just started yet another sale. So looking at the underwear I found a pair of bras, quite pretty, in a smaller size for £9. Best bit is they fit.
    Yes, real result!
    Got home just before the postman arrived with a Mother’s Day parcel for me. Yes, I am not forgotten. Corr, perhaps I need to buy a lotto ticket.
    Cooking loads of veg for my evening meal tonight, just what I fancy. Then tomorrow I can blitz some for soup.
    Hope you are having a good one.

    Fasting today and weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed for another loss.
    Good luck fasters xx

    Happy Mothers day to those that qualify. Just had a nice long conversation with my family. Hope you are all doing really well. My mini celebration backfired on me as my weight has been jumping around all week. So much that I had to do the extra fast again to get back to where I was last weekend. Anyway will try 5:2 again this week.

    My doctor phoned me with my blood result and I am about 6./. down on my cholesterol count, at least it’s down. Not much but I will take it.
    Trying for the next mini milestone now but more aware of normal day eating.

    Any other results coming in?

    The scales have stayed the same this week, that was my aim so that is fine. And we did have the dreaded kebab and chips on Saturday night, naughty.

    I am fasting today, I will have around 400 calories, finishing with a bowl of homemade vegetable soup for tea. Tomorrow will be a no food day, apart from a brazil nut for breakfast which I regard as more medicinal than food. So fast today, liquids tomorrow. Lets see what the scales have to say about that next Monday.

    Happy fasting everyone!

    I’m fasting today after a very indulgent mothers day where I was spoilt rotten and I enjoyed every minute of it!
    Back to the grindstone now though, with spring in mind and less clothes to hide behond.

    Me too! Not much change on the scales for the last couple of weeks but I’m holding steady which is something. Next fast will be Friday when I have to have a wisdom tooth removed. Don’t think I’ll feel much like eating after that!

    Hey everyone havnt posted in a while been really busy but still strong on 5:2. Last couple of weeks had no weight loss but it didnt bother me i was prepared for it to happen at some point but happy today to see the scales move again and another 2lb down talking me to 9stone8lb. So nice to see single figures. Well done to everyone you are all still doing so well and the results are fab xx

    Hi. Thought I would check in . For the first time in a long time…at least a decade I have broke the 10 stone barrier!!!, tomorrow night is a big function as hubby is 22 years in the army and I am wearing a formal dress size 10!!!! Never done that. Thank you 5:2 it’s more a WOL now. Monday will def be a fast day….

    Massive congratulations Northernbecs!! You must be so proud of yourself, enjoy your function.

    Hello group, 1lb down this morning. I was surprised to see that. It still amazes me that I can eat normally most days and still watch the scale result decrease. But I never go over my bmr and walk when the weather and blisters allow.
    Nice to see you here again Kirstie, and you all from all over the place.
    My Saturday eat normal became a half fast day as I can’t seem to stop the 4:3 but I’m working on it.
    Panndie, hope the tooth extraction has helped with a fast day.
    Onwards and downwards.

    Hello everyone and good work to everyone that’s seen agood result so far. I’ve fluctuated a bit of late but still moving down the scales (a little slower than I’d like but it’s still going down).
    This week has seen a bit of a milestone for me, I’m currently weighing in at 88.5kg. Now as a Brit I still like to think in Stones and pounds so 88.5kg equates to 13st 13lbs. This is the first time I’ve seen 13st… since my wedding over 3years ago.
    Even better news, I can get back into the clothes I bought for the wedding and the subsequent honeymoon. Yippee!!!

    Great news from you Mamie M and all others, such a sense of achievement! Thanks Cakey, the fast on Friday was no hardship at all! I was on liquids anyway so home made veg soup was perfect for lunch and supper. I still don’t have a great appetite so I hope tomorrow will see a lb drop. I expect the loss to slow down now as I’ve not been this size for about 15 years. I’m completely determined that this will be a WOL now as it’s such a good way of keeping weight in check. Let’s keep it going as we head towards Easter and all those temptations!

    Morning fasters and well done Mamie muse, great to see a new number.
    Yesterday I couldn’t decide what to have for breakfast, a normal day but choices seemed dull. Then I suddenly thought about a jacket potato! Got the giggles and agreed with myself that there are no rules in my house. So jacket pot for breakie, ready meal for lunch then porridge for tea. Ready meal was a keralen curry which gave me wind. My stomach swelled up and was 2.5 ” larger by bedtime. Went to bed early.
    This morning I am 1.5lbs down. Had to do a double take. It wasn’t even a fast day.
    You see breaking normal rules is good for you.

    Very cool Cakey42, sometimes I have a cold baked potato for brekkie if I’ve done a few the night before. Sliced and toasted with a little bit of grated cheese is lovely and far better for me than cheese on toast.
    I have had a lovely surprise this morning, I’m down nearly a kilo since last week, now 87.6kg so 13st 11lbs. I’m making it down, slowly but surely and I’m very happy about it.
    My current goal is to get to 12st (76.2kg) by 16th July. I want to reach a significant milestone i.e a weight I haven’t seen in a decade, by my birthday weekend so I can justify spending money on a new outfit.

    Hi all, official weigh in for me and I kept the 1.5lbs off even after snacking Friday night and failing on my Saturday fast day.
    So must do better this week and complete fast days by Thursday as I am giving myself easter off.
    I’m going to do another upside down eating day during the week as well. Just to see if it works again. I’m wearing another pair of trousers that I couldn’t pack for a holiday in November because they wouldn’t do up then. Now they not only fit but the belt is on its inside notch. They look good too.
    I am a happy loser. I hope you are too.

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