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  • Janpartly, you lucky lucky thing. It’s so cold sat the moment and I’m so exhausted I’m really struggling. Well done to you. And Virginlalu Florida sound like heaven. I was there once, such a beautiful place. Roll on summer

    Hey all back to back fasts went really well easier than i expected πŸ™‚ will weigh on friday. Fingers crossed

    Hope everyones doing okay, I’ve been absent for about two weeks as I’ve been ill. Back at work now, and gradually starting to incorporate 5.2 again. I was losing weight with it, so I need to do this.

    Have a good day and good luck x

    A bad day today I’ve lost 0.4kg, a real come-down from previous losses. It’s also TOTM and I’m not feeling good about it.

    I’m officially ignoring today’s weigh-in, because it’s not a true reflection and I’ll just keep plodding on to next week and beyond.

    Grumpy, what a clichΓ©.

    Welcome back Dragon Fly πŸ™‚ Mamie it was my TOTM last week and i didnt weigh myself because i knew it wouldnt be accurate so please dont let it get you down your doing great

    Don’t be down maimie its better than the scales going up.
    I’ve fasted well today, I have been too busy to think about how hungry i am!
    Weigh in day tomorrow hopeing for a loss but we’ll see.

    Welcome back Dragon Fly and good luck. Well done Kirsty and Mamie Muse it’s good that you are going in the right direction. Good luck tomorrow Janpartly.

    I’m a lost cause today and I won’t be weighing tomorrow as there is no point in getting depressed about it. I couldn’t fast today and have lost heart a bit. Fridays are not a great day for fasting but I may try it for tomorrow as I missed today and only managed to fast on Monday this week. Not feeling very strong about five row at the moment.

    Stay strong Misty May you have done fab so far πŸ™‚ weigh day and another 3lbs off. Im guessing since i havnt weighed in 2 weeks that 1lb off last week and 2lb this week. Very happy with that

    Lost another 3lb amazingly, so that’s 8lb since starting and I’m chuffed! I am now 10:13.6, I can’t remember the last time I saw ’10’ on the scales. It’s been my TOTM and I ate poorly last week but completed my two fast days and am doing a semi fast today, 700 calories. Well done to everyone! It makes me so much more motivated when I see the loss on the scales!

    Well done Lusherx and thanks for your words of encouragement Kirsty. I’m going to take a few days off until I’m not so tired. I am not feeling the best at the moment but as soon as this passes I’ll be back on track and I’ll keep reading your posts because it all seems to be good news. It is very encouraging. Good luck to all of you. I’m back up to 9 7! C’est la vie

    So I have somehow lost another pound fr
    Yesterday even though I ate a lotttt.. I didn’t do my mini fast in the end but I did go for a 50
    Minute run. Oh well, I’m chuffed still! Have a good day everyone πŸ™‚

    Hi all, weigh in today and I’m down a pound, well almost. I think my measurements are a little less but not enough to add to the tracker. I am still finding 4:3 doable, maybe a few more weeks like this then I will go to 5:2 for a while. I’m sure my face looks slimmer but no one has mentioned it yet. When we get to spring and I can take my big jacket off people will be amazed!
    Mistymay, hope you are feeling a bit livelier now.
    Well done the rest of you.

    Well done losers (meant in the nicest possible way)
    I’ve hit a blip no weight loss for me when I weighed on Friday despite me sticking to under my tdee and two sucessful fasts, its to be expected but annoying never the less.
    To add to that a valentines weekend full of wine and nice but hi cal food won’t do my cause any good at all!
    Oh well tomorrow is another day.

    One pancake for me today although I could have eaten many more!

    Yeehaaa I’m back…lol. No I have no intentions of going near a scales for a bit because I don’t wish to sink into Γ°epression. I managed to fast on Monday, yippee. I was quite relieved so there is hope for me yet. To top it all the hubby has decided to join me in fasting on Mondays, but his style. Basically liquids only. The condition being we eat a decent dinner on Sunday and he can have beer as part of the liquids!! Ahhh lol. So Mondays will be easier now with no cooking for me other than soup. Thank you Cakey 42 for your encouragement and well done on that loss. I’m just concentrating on getting that cholesterol down and anything else will be a bonus. Keep up the good work.

    Oh Man I’ve had a bad week. It seems just typical that I would start TOTM on my last weigh-in day and not finish until after this one. In the last two weeks I’,ve managed to lose 1kg (2.2lbs). I only managed one fast this week because I was so hungry and freezing cold on Monday that I had to eat so I think I ended up at about 750cals.
    It is so cold right now, I live about a mile from the sea but the forecast today says “chance of SNOW”. I’m trying to get another fast day in today but I don’t think I’ll manage it.
    Ah, apparently it has snowed I just missed it.

    I too have had a funny week. Monday was so cold I got the shivers very early even though I has had a bowl of porridge for breakfast. It was a struggle to get through the day but I stuck as close as I could and only succumbed to a smail bit of cheese to help me along before dinner. Went to bed earlier than usual and weighed a little less the next day. Tuesday pancake day I made pancakes with oatbran which cheared me up, really tried to eat more during the day as I seem to be under eating on normal days. Good result as I felt better but resisted weighing myself the next day. Wednesday had a good fast day and was totally shocked this morning as I have dropped quitya lot. So Chinese New Year now and I am going to eat a chinese ready prepared meal.
    At last I seem to be achieving the sort of weight loss you all seem to have had in your early weeks.
    So don’t be put off, drink herbal teas in the afternoon and look forward to the next day.
    My official weigh in day is Saturday so I,ll catch up again then.

    Well done Cakey im glad things are going better for you πŸ™‚ im very pleased today to see the number 9 on the scales πŸ™‚ well 9st13 considering i started at 11st4 im over the moon only 13 more pounds to go πŸ™‚ i dont know about the rest of you but im almost thinking i shouldnt be losing weight this way lol what i mean is i still have treats at the weekend and on non fast days i will have a little bit of what i fancy. Im amazed at this that i can still enjoy my favourite treats and lose weight πŸ™‚

    Well done Kirsty and congratulations. I find the second fast day very tough and seem to overeat on the non fast days so a bit of a stalemate for me, up and down. I’ll start with enthusiasm again on Mondayits reall great to read all your stories and to hear of the success you are all having.well done.

    Hello all, hope you are all still sticking with it and feeling good. Managed another 2lb loss whilst also eating chinese on Thursday. On eat days I think I am undereating, avg around 1100 cals. I have cut out all the carbs and feel really good, so I,m wondering if I had an intolerance to something there. hopefully I have learnt from that. Will stay with 4:3 for another 2weeks and then go to 5:2 so that I can taste some wine again. Nearly 2months now, a mini celebration is due. Catch up with your news soon.

    Well done Cakey and all other successful fastens. I’ve just had a week away and birthday celebration so am not too hopeful for tomorrow’s weigh-in. I was doing well until the weekend though and haven’t eaten much today yet. Just a little fruit and a ryvita. If there isn’t any progress I’ll do an extra fast this week.

    Well done Kirsty you’re doing amazingly well.
    I’ve hit a brick wall at the moment, I’ve had no loss for the last two weeks despite eating under my tdee and two fasts a week.
    I shouldn’t moan I’ve lost a stone up to now and I just have to keep going.
    I fasted yesterday instead of a Monday fast as it had got to 3 pm and I had only had a slice of toast, so I had pork and veg for my evening meal and came in around 500 cals. It will be nice to have a normal day today.
    Good luck to all x

    Hey Just really starting today…Feb 20th . I am a fitness instructor and now at 52 need to loose a good 10lbs . I did the fast today and it seemed to be fine. I had porridge in the a.m. for 110 cal. Then had 4 turkey burgers-plain no buns…at 6p.m. 400 cal. I feel full and soon it will be time for bed. Will see if this works~

    Plateau, plateau, plateau …. can’t seem to lose anything at the moment! So frustrating, but yet I know this does happen. Fasting today anyway. Good luck everyone! I’ve missed being here x

    Thanks everyone πŸ™‚ i think i have been lucky not to hit a plateau yet but im expecting it at some point. Well done Janpartly and Dragonfly for sticking to it and not losing heart it will happen to us all at some point and you have both done so great πŸ™‚ hope the scales start moving for you again soon. Fasting today ferling good πŸ™‚ good luck to all fasting today

    Hello. I’m back fasting after week and a half off for half term. 5.5lbs in 5 weeks which doesn’t seem huge but I feel better and have some sort of control over things which is half the battle for me. Roll on bedtime today though, I’m finding it tough after a week off with the kids. Good luck to all fasting today, it really is better when you know you’re not the only one.

    I’m back to fasting today after 2 weeks off so I know how you feel MrsM2015. We can do it, we just need to get back into it. Good luck x

    Thanks lusherx. Miso soup here I come πŸ™‚

    Well I’m with MrsM and Lusherx, midterm and one fast day last week, and I’m back to square 1! Back up to 9 10 not surprising. It’s great to hear the news on the forum and well done to all of you who stick with it and are doing so well. Having a good fast day today and I’ve decided to stick with liquids only. Looking forward to my porridge in the morning.

    Gosh, looks like a load of us are in the same place. I was doing quite well last week with 2 fast days despite being on leave then my birthday on Saturday led to some uninhibited indulgence and a small weight gain today. Trying to fast but the office bought a scrumptious chocolate cake for my birthday! I got away with having just a small slice as it would have been rude to refuse!
    Onward and upward (or should that be downward?), more fasting.

    Happy Birthday Panndie! Hope you had a good day πŸ˜€ … how nice of them to bring cake for you, thats so thoughtful, although very very tempting πŸ˜›

    I fasted yesterday and did okay, not actually hungry this morning although didnt sleep too well last night.

    Feeling positive, good luck with the day everyone and thanks for the support x

    Fasted yesterday, 504 so slightly over but I’m still happy with that seeing as I stopped the diet for about 2 weeks. I did a spin class as well. Fasting again today and feeling motivated!!

    Well done everyone who did it yesterday. I managed it more or less. Couldn’t sleep well, my brain was racing but feeling good today although lurking around the fridge just because I can!

    Welcome Catie and good luck with your fasting journey.
    I’m sticking with it but I must admit its a struggle some days.
    I’m hoping the scales will show some movement this week, in the right direction of course.

    I’m having a bit of a slump at the minute, the weight loss hasn’t plateauxed yet but it has slowed right down. I’m feeling really fed up and down because it’s been cold and wet for the past three months. I need something to boost me and my mood so that I feel like I’m getting somewhere again.
    I’m still sticking with the fasts and I’m fine with that, somedays it’s easy and others it’s really hard, not going to up it to 3 fasts until I know the weight has well and truely stopped moving.
    *sad face* Need to stop feeling sorry for myself.

    Don’t be down, Mamie Muse. You are doing this at the hardest possible time of year and you ARE still losing. If you’ve been doing it for 3 months then you must have been doing this over Christmas which is an achievement in itself. Just think how fantastic it will be when the warmer weather comes and you’ll be able to reveal your success from under all your winter layers. I’m trying to stay motivated by the prospect of a short sleeve in about 6 weeks (well wishful thinking perhaps but April always surprises us)! Slow and steady wins the race and remains the best way of being able to maintain for life…YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Thanks MrsM, I’ve not been doing 5:2 for three months, just hating the weather for that long, I started at the beginning of January. It just so happens that Jan and Feb are the two wettest and coldest months out here in Cyprus (I know I sound pitiful for complaining about the weather but I’m well and truly acclimatised, they’d call me ‘nesh’ back in Yorkshire)and the only heating we have is a calor gas heater in the lounge.

    At least I now know why I eat so much in the winter, it’s to keep warm. I should be happy that I’m getting colder, it means I’m losing the insulating FAT.

    I’ll keep plodding along and hopefully in the next couple of months it should warm up enough for swimming again. I think we all have our down days when it seems we’re not getting anywhere.

    Thanks Dragonfly. I work with a great bunch of people but they do like their cake! The younger ones can burn it off as some of them go running at lunchtime. At my age and fitness that would not be wise ;). So hungry today after 2 semi-fasts then one fast day.

    Mamie Muse I know exactly what you mean, it’s the same here in Spain. It seems to have been an unusually long, cold winter and of course our houses are made to stay cool, and no central heating. We would not be without our hot water bottles, do you have them?

    I did a 350 calorie fast on Monday, then liquids only yesterday. Tonight we are off out for a roast beef meal with all the trimmings, and wine. I intend to enjoy every last bit.

    Must go now and make myself beautiful ………………..

    I may be gone some time πŸ™‚

    I would love the metabolism I had when I was younger! Fasting today for me, although have headache already and its not even 9am yet πŸ™ I’m determined to do this though, I need to see a loss on Monday!

    Stay strong everyone, have a great day!

    Mamie I call my daughter nesh she has no idea what I mean!
    Apple pie you deserve that roast beef after that! Enjoy x
    Fasting today but feeling positive so that’s a plus.

    My meal was delicious! I love the way we enjoy the food we have so much more in this WOL and I had just 2 glasses short of a bottle of wine. I was a bit wary of the scales this morning but no gain, mind you we did dance the night away.

    Fast day today, good luck to everyone else fasting.

    haven’t posted for a while as hit a bit of a slump and had a couple of weeks of gains but gave myself a good talking to about not fitting into the jeans I’d only just got back into and I am now back on track!!! Did a 4:3 last week and 5:2 this week and have lost an amazing 5.5lbs. Only 9lbs to go but the caravan season starts today and all we seem to do is eat and drink so that last bit of weight may take a while to shift………. Keep going everyone we’ve got this far don’t waste all your hard work

    Apple pie glad you enjoyed your meal.
    Alison that’s a great loss well done.
    I have been on a plateau for the last two weigh ins and was getting a bit dispondant I have to say, but today I have found the scales to be 2lb lighter so that’s a big relief. That’s 16lb since the start on 5/1/15.
    Still another 12lb to go though.

    Wow janpartly, 16lbs is amazing!! well done. Go for it, onwards and downwards πŸ™‚

    Hi Janpartly, seems we’re on the same plan. I’ve also lost 16lbs since the beginning of the year and have set myself a goal of another 11lbs. I’ve not been near that weight for 20 years so we’ll have to see whether my body will be prepared to use up those fat stores! Also risk looking rather scraggy at this age but am prepared to try. I do find I’m hungry a lot of the time even on a non fast day. I suspect I’m eating a lot less than I used to but filling up more quickly. I’m then reluctant to snack and undo all the good work. I don’t get this ‘high’ people talk of when fasting – I’m just hungry!!

    Wow,it seems everyone is doing really well and either sticking with it or restarting with renewed vigour. I’m thorougly impressed. I’ve had a bad week and I’m oficially not weighing myself because I was bad.
    My usual fast days are Monday and Wednesday but I failed on Weds and I ate, and ate some more, I don’t know what was wrong with me. I made up for it yesterday with a proper fast only eating/drinking 430cals but I’ve completely messed up my schedule.

    I’ve made the decision to change my fast days to Tues and Thurs because that frees up Mon,weds and Fri when I can go to the gym. I really can’t exercise on a fast day. I walked to and from my Greek lesson yesterday (about 1.5 miles each way) and I was so shaky and weak by the time I got home I thought I was going to fall over.

    I don’t know why but I’ve lost all of my motivation! And it’s getting me down and what do I do to make my mood better.. Eat! I’m so annoyed at myself lately because I wanted to stick at this and it just hasn’t happened

    Hi lusherx I’m with you on this one. I’m treating 1st March as my new start, and the time to get back on this 100%! I even started a thread lol … I need to be accountable somewhere.

    I’m sure you can get back on track again … think of how good you feel when you are doing this!

    Stay strong and try not to be too hard on yourself xx

    Thank you Dragon Fly! The good thing is that I’ve been exercising regularly but it’s the eatin. That will make the difference!xx

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