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  • I agree with you Kirsty – we certainly do look at food differently now don’t we !
    a good “chippy” now and then sounds so fun though…whenever I visit my son in the UK that’s our first dinner…lol…and he is a health nut !

    thankyou for your comment simcoeluv – the reminder helps…I certainly will not be stopping exercising – 2 more half marathons/an olympic triathlon and a century bike ride are in my future during the next 4 mos…I just know they would be easier if I could get this 10 lbs off ! 🙂

    So glad your little one is OK Kirsty x

    Kirsty, so glad everything went well for your little boy!

    Virginialu, don’t worry – see I only lost half a pound after being very good for a week and then it showed another pound only the following day. I can’t agree with simcoeluv about exercise – I can only talk through my own experience and I’m sure, from past results, that it has accelerated my weight loss. And well done on the time of your half marathon – that’s highly respectable! Dublin is pretty cold and I’m looking forward to getting home tomorrow night. I shall try to fit in at least one 5k run at the weekend and will try to fast on Sunday once my relatives have left.

    Hi Kirsty so happy that things went well for your little boy. I bet when you weigh-in next week you’ll have a really good loss 😉

    Had a great fast day today, I actually had a meal and it was gorgeous. I never realised just how jaded my tastebuds had become from eating the same old rubbish that was bad (or at least not good)for me;
    A tomato, sliced
    a mini cucumber, sliced
    half a celery stick, sliced
    Grind salt, black pepper and oregano over the top
    Drizzle 1 tsp balsamic vinegar and tsp olive oil
    Finely crumble 25g feta over the top

    A sum total of 145 calories.

    Om nom nom.

    thanks topcat!not a PR for me – but no injuries or issues – so I was happy…I’m 57 – I placed 47 out of 91 in my age group – a lot of fast old ladies out there !!
    enjoy your last night in Dublin. let me know how you do.

    Kirsty, great to hear your good news! Chippy repulsive??? I can’t see that ever happening to me.
    Cakey thank you!
    My B2B fast went well
    Tuesday – 350 calories
    Wednesday – 50 calories liquids only
    Very happy with the scales this morning, but it’s not my weigh day till Monday. I haven’t slept that well these past 2 nights, but the weight loss is worth it.
    I am going to enjoy every single mouthful of food today, then fast again tomorrow.
    We can do this!

    Oh my, please stop talking about fish & chips, not a single decent chippy on this island and I’ve been here for two years…. *drooling*

    I had the feeling that I wasn’t going to lose this week (I sneaked on to the scales yesterday and I was still wavering between 93.7 -94kg) but when I stepped onto the scales this morning… Ta Daaa 92.4kg – for everyone working in imperial that’s a huge 3.5lbs off this week

    I haven’t even done my “semi-fast” this week!.

    Fact – 5:2 works and no one will convince me otherwise 😀

    Great news about your son kirsty you must be so relieved. Good on you for jumping straight back into fasting. I sabotaged myself last weekend – too much beer chips and pizza on Saturday then hangover food on Sunday! Fasted Monday and yesterday and might do today as well so will see what happens with the scales tomorrow. Life is for living though and it would be pretty dull without allowing yourself a blow out every now and then

    Ladies..,How soon after your time of the month should you weigh yourself?

    Very true Alison1474, life isn’t living if you don’t bend your rules a bit every once in a while.

    Lusherx, I think it’s probably different for everyone, depending on your cycle length and how your weight fluctuates at the time. Perhaps you should try weighing everyday throughout just so that you can see how your body reacts and then you are prepared for how the scales with deviate from what you would expect. If you KNOW you gain 5lbs when it’s your TOTM then you aren’t so devastated when your scales aren’t showing any loss (or even a gain)

    Thanks for the advice mamie!

    Kristy, good news with your little one! 🙂 What is chippy?

    I think I will skip fast this week. My son has a birthday party last weekend and his whole class come over. My fridge simply is full of stuff to consume. I hate throw away food and my husband is traveling this week. I just try to stay under my TDEE but would not able to fast.

    Anyway, I don’t feel too bad about it. Like one of the earlier post said, I am not trying to lose weight in a hurry this time. 🙂 if I only lost 1-2lbs a month, I would still be 12-24lbs lighter by end of this year. That is quite an encouraging thought. 🙂

    Thanks everyone 🙂 Gerrystar Chippy is short for fish and chip shop. Fasting today feeling good so far 🙂

    Maimie well done that’s a great loss.
    I’m fasting today and as tomorrow is weigh in day I am determined to do it.
    Thank god for boullion at 12 cals a cup its a life saver.

    Kirsty, I am so happy that everything went well with your son. I hate it when my kids are sick, just feel so helpless. And those fish and chips sound delicious to me!!
    Gerry, if I had lost one pound a month last year, I would be thrilled!! Determined this year!! I just know myself, and I tend to have an “all or nothing” attitude concerning eating/weight loss. That is one of the reasons I like this plan so well. I am going on the thought that if I don’t fast, nothing lost. But my goal is not to binge or gain weight. I have fasted 2 days now, and no one knows about it. With my friends and family, it is much safer if I just do it myself. Try to eat just one meal on fasting days, and they are calorie controlled meals so no one knows that I am dieting. If someone wants to go out for lunch on a fast day, I will go…just no binging because I give myself permission to fast or not. Make sense??

    Well done to all of you. I’m having a tough week with everyone around me ill! But I am sticking to the two fast days and really enjoying food the other days. Welcome home to you and your little boy Kirsty. That really is fantastic news. Good for you for getting back on track so quickly.

    That really is the beauty of this 5:2. I struggle on non fast days and I really just can’t count calories on these days or I would be doomed to fail. DeanieBo I think Gerry is right even if you are down a pound a month it’s still down and heading in the right direction. Tomorrow is weigh in day for me so we’ll see. Some of you are making me feel incredibly lazy with all the exercising you do. I’m sticking with walking the dogs at the moment. Just too exhausted to do anymore!!

    Oh well slight gain after my excesses at the weekend but never mind I’ve still lost over half a stone in total which has made a huge difference – my clothes now fit rather than being a bit tight. Good luck everyone fasting or weighing in today.

    Thats a great attitude Alison

    I just realised that most of us started on 5th Jan obviously its the title of the thread that Janpartly created. So well done to everyone we have been doing 5:2 now for just over a month 🙂 its a little anniversery woohooo lol

    Its nice kirsty that we have all mostly started at the same time and are still going !
    I have lost 1.5lb this week which makes a total loss of 1 stone since I started.
    Makes all the effort worthwhile.

    A stone janpartly! a stone! that is brilliant in a month, wow, well impressed.

    Well done Janpartly thats fab 🙂

    Thanks applepie and kirsty.
    Just having a celebratory glass of wine or two …..cheers x

    Kirsty, thank you for reminding us that it is our first month’s anniversary. After yesterday’s weigh in I’m 9 4 and happy with that as I had a tough week. Overall 6lbs gone since starting. Janpartly, a stone in one month is amazing, really brilliant. Well done. And you are so right Alison. Any loss in a month is great really and this forum is fantastic to keep us all motivated. I said in January I would do this until the end of February so now I’ll have to keep it up until March 5th at least, our next anniversary. If I can get down to 9 st by then I’ll be delighted. First time in years.

    I don’t know how you guys do the b2b with no food – having a tough time just doing the regular 500 cal days. I am so impressed with you all.
    I have lost 5 lbs this month…hope the progress continues. I have a big weekend of visiting family in desert of southern california – a lot of eating and drinking I am sure…it’s going to be really hard .
    wish me luck.

    virginialu I am so impressed with myself too! But really the no food days are easy, honestly. If it was hard I couldn’t do it. You just have to want to do it. I have lots of water flavoured with a dash of fruit juice through the day. Then when my husband has his evening meal I have a big mug of oxo or bovril. I sit and watch tv with another glass of fruit flavoured water, have an early night and voilà it’s done!
    Why not have a fast day either side of your family weekend, but whatever happens enjoy it, make the most of it, eat, drink and be merry, we only live once!

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Hi to all those who started the 5:2 on 5th Jan. It’s so good to read all the positive posts and great support from the Fast community. I’ve managed to lose 7 lbs so far which I’m really happy about. Now just inside a healthy BMI but have set my goal for another 16lbs loss. I’ve not been down to that weight for years and at 62 (well almost) it’s so much harder. I’ve booked a holiday in Malta in May and plan to look great for it!
    I do have 500 cals on my fast days even though 25% of my TDEE would be more like 400 but I just can’t starve whilst I’m still working full time. Also I split my cals 150 breakfast, 150 lunch and 200 evening. Works for me.

    Hi Panndie and welcome 🙂 my TDEE is around 1600 cals but i stick to 500 on fast days and if your losing weight then its fine 🙂 im fasting today even tho its Saturday i figure i might as well get 2 fast days in this week since i missed Monday with Tyler being in hospital. Hopefully i can do it as a fast on a Saturday seems harder for some reason lol wish me luck

    Thanks for your post Kirsty. You really seem to be a model Fast dieter! I hope Tyler is recovering well. Kids tend to bounce back remarkably quickly even after major surgery. Good on you doing your fast today, I’m sure it will go well as you’re so motivated and that’s what it’s all about. I did one of mine this week on a ‘work from home’ day which I thought may be more difficult but I got through fine. Good luck today! 😉

    Thanks Panndie 🙂 im not sure im a model fast dieter i love this thread and reading other threads aswell its what keeps me motivated. I think i wouldnt be able to do it without the support on here 🙂

    I have two questions for anyone on here;

    1) Has anyone else noticed an adverse reaction to refined carbs like pasta, bread etc? I can eat potatoes, rice, bulghur wheat etc but bread and pasta have started to make me feel really bloated and uncomfortable even in tiny amounts.

    For those that already exercise or have included it recently.

    2)I’m need to include exercise into this diet and I’m thinking about trying to do it without weighing for a month (I don’t know if I’ll manage it even if I get my husband to hide the scales) because I’ve heard that at first introducing exercise can make you gain “weight”. I don’t want to start exercising and then feel really demotivated because the scales aren’t moving. Would you suggest another approach?

    I’m a weird “exerciser”, I love it when I’m there and feeling the endorphin high (or as I call them “happy dolphins”) but the motivation to get up and go has usually got up and gone, back to bed.

    Today is my “one month aniversary” and I’m seriously chuffed to have shifted 19lbs. That’s a quarter of my total to lose.

    Hi all, I have weighed in today and measured. Lost another 2lbs and 2″ off the hips. It makes up for last week when there was no loss showing.
    I am still doing 4:3 because it suits me plus I know my stubborn body. Yesterday I tried 19:5 and actually got to 21:3. That was more successful than I dreamt. Eating less (nil) earlier and a larger evening meal seemed to stop the cold feeling. I tried to do 18:6 on Monday but only got to 10:30am before I had to have some porridge as it was so cold.
    Full kudos to you Applepie, I’ll try again on a warmer day.
    Still, love this way of eating.

    Well done Cakey, I’m impressed that you can maintain 4:3. As it stands at the moment I’m sticking to 5:2 until I hit a plateau, at least then I know I have that extra step to take when my weight loss stagnates.

    Its been a hard weekend re food, my children were making cookies of many varieties today and the smell drove me mad. As it stands there is a plateful in the kitchen and I’m trying very hard not to touch!
    Fastday tomorrow so I hope some kind soul eats them quick.

    Really, really struggling at the moment – Last week was a terrible week. I was travelling for work so eating with clients, I then returned home tired and hungry – really hungry. Then a box of salted caramel truffles appeared in my house and well….
    SO this week I plan to be strong and fast Today, Wednesday and Friday. Please wish me luck.
    How is everyone else doing? Great weight loss Mamie Muse!

    Hello Saladdays, don’t you just love these names? I am fasting today and weds fri. Up to 11:35 just on herbal tea and coffee. Which I hope means I will complete an 18:6 day. I am planning on soup at lunchtime to warm me through then going for a walk to occupy myself. Then I,m having steamed fish with salad leaves for dinner, plus I have some sugar free jelly made up.
    Today my jeans feel more comfortable which is great as these used to cut into my waist.
    Keep on keeping on.

    Thank you Cakey42 – just making a hot herbal tea to keep me going this afternoon.

    4.20 pm and I’ve only had a satsuma and lots of drinks! That’s a first for me I have to say.
    Means I have lots of calories for my evening meal.
    Its funny how some fast are easy and others a real test of endurance.

    Yes Janpartly i find Mondays fast easy almost look forward to it but thursdays is a lot harder. I didnt manage a fast on saturday like i hoped to was such a stressful week and im proud i managed thursdays fast. Todays fast so far is goin great love the feeling of achievement i get from it 🙂 have had nothing but fluids so far. Dinner at 6, bowl of soup and a banana then bath, watch broadchurch and bed. Hope everyones fast today is going well

    I have re-started this diet today as I began eating really badly over the last week or so. I’m hoping I stick at it now! Fasting today and it’s going very well so far. I’m going to the cinema later and refuse to take any chocolate or give in to taking it if I’m offered some haha!! It’s my time of the month, and funnily enough I get less hungry when I’m on but beforehand I can’t stop eating!! That’s probably why I let my habits slip.. Well done to everyone who’s fasting today, sounds like you’re doing great!

    Hey Lusherx, I hope you do well as you’re restarting but don’t think of it as “restarting” but just jumping back on the wagon. You’ve already done really well so far so don’t denigrate what you’ve already achieved.

    For some reason I’m finding the fast days a little harder than I thought I would. I thought the fasting would get easier as I went along but it’s not.

    Hi Mamie, I am same as you. I also hoping that the fasting will get easier but I find it harder than the first couple weeks…. 🙁

    Please someone come and cheering needed to keep me going!!!!

    Gerrystar, keep going, tell yourself you are a star.
    I did good yesterday with hake for my dinner with fresh veg. No potatoes. I had a small desert too of sugar free jelly with rhubard (for my internals) and fat free fromage frais. Total day came to under 400.
    Since starting this I have enjoyed fasting, it’s like a switch got clicked in my head. I have not put my hand in the biscuit pot, nor have I broken into a bar of choc. I,ve stppoed eating bread and potatoes, although sweet potatoes go into my casseroles.
    On a non fasting day my totals have gone down too, usually around 1100 cals. I guess that’s down to not snacking.
    One day at a time, the first couple of weeks I didn’t panic about going over 500 cals.
    I was slower then the others but just sat in there reading the posts.
    Keep on keeping on.

    Well done Cakey! BTW, what’s this 19:5 18:6 you refer to? I can’t work it out.

    Hello everyone hope you are all having a good day 🙂 fast went well yesterday and i have been so busy today i havnt eaten yet so think i might fast today aswell will be my first back to back fasts but im feeling good 🙂 will still fast Thursday since i only mansged 1 fast day last week

    Successful fast day yesterday! Well I had 506 calories but i was still very happy with that. I will fast again on Thursday. I’m staying below 1,500 today and am going to go for a jog tonight. It will be worth it!!..

    Hi Pandie, the 18:6 or 19:5 are the times before eating anything and only eating in the remaining hours. This concentrates the eating window and helps to maximise the fasting effect. It also means you can have a more satisfying evening meal. As a result I don’t feel so cold. So 18 hours from the last evening meal is around 12 noon for me and lunch then, or a bit later and evening meal finished by 24 hours from the previous evening meal. Managed 21:3 which meant first food around 4pm and finished full day before 7pm. That’s for me, you might eat later.
    I cant work out why my daily calories now are so much lower. What on earth was I eating before? Are there really so many cals in a slice of cake?

    Ah ha! That explains it. Not sure it would work for me though as I like to spread my calories across the day and am not too fussed about the value of longer fasting. The weight is dropping off on this regime and that is what I’m aiming for. I’m fasting today so about to get my evening meal of 200 cals. I did do a semi fast Sunday and Monday with 600 – 700 cals each day so am pretty hungry now. Looking forward to a more generous allowance tomorrow I must say. I don’t want my stomach to think my throat has been cut and go into panic model holding on to what it gets!

    As for your cake! Can’t even remember the last slice I had:(.

    OK – I went on a 3 day binge ! OMG it was fun but now I am paying for it. (I went to Palm Springs – 84 degrees and beautiful.)
    spent time with family and little exercise. So – all the weight loss from January (5 lbs) came right back!!!! How is that even possible ????
    Today I am fasting – already jogged 20 minutes and swam 45 minutes. I am feeling good, it’s 2:30pm and I have not eated yet. me with these ratios, If my last meal was at 6:30 last night and I do not eat until 4:30ish pm tonight is that a 22:?? I’m a bit slow with Math.
    I may try a back to back fast tomorrow too….just to feel a little better and hope all my hard work was for not.

    I keep thinking I’ve eaten loads then when I tot up my cals for the day I am well under my tdee. I think I may have gotten used to not snacking. Just go’s to
    Show how many useless calories I used to eat.

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