Starting 5:2 again today – Hoping I can stick with it!

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Starting 5:2 again today – Hoping I can stick with it!

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  • Hello all πŸ™‚

    I’m Maria, a woman from Denmark, 32 years old and I live at home with my mom at the moment.

    2 years ago I went through a massive depression, a major breakup and in the end also a suicide-attempt. Before that I actually managed to lose about 25 kilos on my own by eating LCHF and in the end also playing around with 5:2 and 4:3 fasting.

    It wasn’t till I started fasting I got the best visual effects. I’ve always been “big boned” but I hit a weight that said: 58 kilos and im only 163 centimeters tall. I was looking good.

    I never actually felt like I had much support back then when I was fighting depression AND weightloss and my friends at that time even started commenting that they though I was being fanatic and maybe I should’nt lose anymore. I’ve always been realistic and I know I was NOT being underweight at all, my boyfriend at the time even supported me on this.

    But OMG it was sooooo rough and hard and stressfull every day and then feeling like you are not even being “padded on the shoulder” when you finally are SO close to your goal – which was 55 kilos.

    After my depression and the other stuff I completely stopped caring about weight, food, health, everything.. I just wanted to drink and eat whatever I wanted and I started going out drinking alot, so of course the weight came back rapidly, since I never went in to any maintenance weight period.

    I am now sitting at a whopping 92.1 kilos πŸ™

    I have wanted to start back on a healthy WOE soooo many times i’ve lost count, but every time I start “something” happens and it’s just another excuse to start “Next monday” or whatever.

    I’m currently seeing a nutritionist and being guided on what I should try and focus on in the daily and im so happy with is, but it’s still SO hard for me to actually stick with it and just “fight through” the first rough week cause I rarely have any energy and I don’t sleep well. I suffer from chronic pain after an accident where I fell down some stairs and hurt my hip, so this is always a constant stressor for me, but I do what I can to make my life as comftable as possible and im an EXPERT in self-pity-comfort-eating and always have been.

    Today I decided I would try a fast day…. It’s only 2 days a week and it would boost my weightloss alot I’m sure… How hard can it be, right?

    I was out earlier and I went for a long walk and I am really proud of what happend. In the store I walked by these cookies on sale that I have been DIEING to taste and the last time I wanted them, they were all gone, so I never got around to taste them, oh well, too bad.

    Then I walk by them and instinctly I told myself “Maria…. you know, there will ALWAYS be something “on sale” that are something you really want, when you are out shopping. ALWAYS. Stop using it as an excuse to postpone your weightloss, cause you have done this EVERY single time. Stop it. JUST STOP IT!”

    Its almost 7pm now and I just had some lovely dinner with my mom. Fresh pasta with peas, parmesan, lemonjuice, oliveoil, salt and pepper and it was sooooo delicious. Other than that I’ve had zero-calorie softdrinks and water.

    I ate for 700 calories. I know according to the “front page” I’m supposed to eat 500 calories, but I swear I’ve read somewhere that woman could go up to about 5-800 calories with the same effect? Did I totally misunderstood something or?

    Even if im supposed to only eat 500 calories, I AM DAMN PROUD of myself for actually doing it today πŸ˜€ This is huge for me!

    I am gonna write in here on my fast days, I expect my next one to be on sunday.

    Wish me luck and thanks for reading πŸ™‚

    – Maria

    Good job, Maria! You have gotten through your first Fast Day and you are DOING IT!! Here’s the Pat On The Back that you never got before. Keep at it and keep posting so we can cheer you on.

    Did another fast yesterday and it went fine πŸ˜€ I hit maybe around 700kcal again, but I was really really hungry. I am actually gonna attempt another day today, but im having doubts about whether or not doing 2 days in a row is good or not?

    I just REALLY wanna get in 3 days this week before friday, when I go see my nutritionist and I have to be weighed/measured again. I haven’t been good the last month and I should have lost more, but it’s been a month with up’s and downs and alot of downs actually πŸ™ So I should’nt be too hard on myself, I know… But still… I DO want to lose weight.. its just so hard…

    I’ll update later/tomorrow.

    Well done Maria ! You can do this.

    You will find 2 non-consecutive days a week the easiest. 3 days or 2 consecutive days is do-able and OK but it isn’t necessary. The 3rd FD in a week only accomplishes a small loss compared to the other 2 days, and for me, I didn’t feel it was worth it. I am older and with chronic ill health condition but was able to lose all my excess weight – 21kgs (46lbs) on 5:2 with a forced sedentary lifestyle.

    Dr Moseley suggested 500cals for women originally and has more recently suggested 800cals, however with 800 the weight loss will be slower than if you use 500 as the base figure.

    I strongly suggest you start 2 non-consecutive FDs per week for about 2-3 months till you become accustomed to intermittant fasting. It is a quite different way of life to any other form of β€œdiet” or weight loss.

    Keep posting and ask any questions you have.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Hi Merry, thanks for your answer πŸ™‚

    I think you are absolutely spot on with the 3 day – its not needed, and its more “stress” than necessary and if it’s been proven to have very little effect anyway there is simply no point in it for now. Maybe once I have lost alot of weight or things stop or something.

    I am the same, I have chronic pain in my hip and many muscles and I’m forced to have a very sedentary lifestyle, with some excersize but very gentle low-impact excersize that is.

    It’s going great with day 2 today and I think I might actually prefer the consecutive days for some reason and I feel like it would benefit more, cause you enter “fatburning-mode” for longer? At least from what I have seen others write. And that way I could start my week with fasting and then kinda “be done with it” for the week πŸ™‚ But I will just have to monitor how i do and most importantly how I feel later today. For now im doing great, I’ve only had black coffe/tea and water πŸ™‚

    – Maria

    And thank you fasting_me I’ll keep u posted πŸ˜€ *cheers*

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