Starting 500 calorie a day diet and need support

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Starting 500 calorie a day diet and need support

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  • This sounds so lame cause I haven’t even started my diet yet, (I’m prepared and ready to start tomorrow).. I’m 10 stone, had my daughter one year ago and prior to having my baby I was 8 and a half stone, athletic and full of confidence. I need it back! Please anyone give me tips to help me stick at this and cave at the first hurdle
    Thank you

    Hi Sophie, welcome!
    I really hope 5:2 suits you.
    My tips: plan, plan, plan.
    Remember, you can do anything for just one day.
    Don’t forget to drink plenty (no, not alcohol 😉 )
    Soup is wonderful: nourishing, tasty and fills the belly.

    It can take several fast days to figure out what works best for you. Some people are best not eating anything at all. Others need to plan light snacks through the day. Most people find it best to put off eating as long as possible, and save calories for an evening meal that will help with sleep.

    I hope you are like me and find the morning after a Fast Day feels wonderful.


    Hi Sophie. You will find this easier than you expected. Cinque is right, sticking to the plan for one day is not a problem, after which you can relax until your next fast day, as long as you don’t go silly. We all handle this differently. Some of us fast two days together, some eat in short time windows, some fast totally for several days at a time. After a while you will establish which works for you, but the reality is that they all work and this ceases to be a weight loss plan and becomes the way you live.

    Sophie, plan out the food and be sure to include protein in your meals. It keeps you fuller longer. Drink water, tea, coffee. Stay busy. Hide snack foods. Set the timer if you feel peckish — don’t eat while it is ticking. Then set it again. As penguin says, it is easier than you fear.
    Good luck. Keep us posted.

    Hi Sophie,
    How is your day so far?
    I just started as well. Actually last week. I lost about 1lb ( a bit more). It is not a quick fix but I find it sort of easy. I decided to do my fast days when I am out of the house, a work, being busy. Much easier! I do not know if you are working and if not, just try to get yourself out of the door as much as you can!!! There is always the “witchy” hour where you have to provide snacks and then make dinner for the kids( mine are 7 and 4) but try to focus on the efforts you made the whole day! You don’t want to undo the good work for one ( or 2!) silly cookies!!!
    Let’s count down the lbs together!!!:)


    Remember, it’s only one day, you can eat more tomorrow… Hopefully you’ll be so pleased with how you feel after a FD that you won’t blow the good work & overeat on nonFDs.
    Maybe stick an old, slimmer photo of yourself on the fridge or treat cupboard to remind you of how you want to be? I’ve got one on my fridge!
    I find it helps to pick a day to fast when I’ll be busy, makes the time go quicker. As the others have said, planning is good! If you’re like I was, picking at the kids leftovers is a bad habit, so maybe keep a few calories for those danger times, carrot or cucumber sticks etc. ready.
    Good luck!

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