Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

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Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

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  • Day 26 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Another glorious day in sunny Oxfordshire. Dh & I have volunteered with the NHS to help out where we can. He is hoping to help with delivery type things and I will phone people. Waiting to be vetted atm. Like many of you I am an asthmatic, and although it’s under control I don’t want to take any chances.
    After our walk yesterday I’m taking things easy today with some yoga and household chores.
    @flourbaby – you’re right if it was ‘deadly’ to all, people would take it more seriously. But you’ve only got to look at the news with many countries around the world in this lockdown state to see how serious it is.
    @michelineme – well done on heading in the right direction. I hope you’re feeling better today.
    @cavanya – its such a lovely feeling when the inches fall away. 16-8 seems to work really well for you.
    @clemmi – well done on the loss so far. How are you coping with food shopping in France, are you still able to go out for that?
    @dykask – thanks for the link, I’m hoping to watch later instead of lunch.
    @ihatelettuce – sorry you got that reaction, especially from people you thought were friends. Like you DH & I reckon we see fewer people when we walk further from home than if we go locally. Saw about 6 yesterday, all well away from us and each other.
    @funshipfreddie – good luck with your lockdown. I imagine its easier in some ways if it’s all or nothing, but pity the poor dogs. Ours would go loopy if he didn’t get any exercise.

    On a lighter note, whilst chatting with my mum yesterday I was watching the elderly couple in the garden behind playing croquet. Every so often they sat down for a rest and out came their mobile phones. Made me smile.

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 26 2nd post.

    @jaifaim @suki2 – Just back in from a good MOAM walk, lots of birds singing and a solitary deer grazing out in the open! That’s how quiet it is round here.
    Re my Facebook comments, as you say odd how some people interpret straight forward advice from Government/health experts.

    On a positive side, the greenhouse is in full swing, the weather warming nicely. Have some bread flour being delivered this lunchtime just as I’m running out!
    The logistics for supermarkets to deliver everything must be huge, but at least the panic buying has abated and supplies settling down

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Another lovely day in Cheshire. @i-hate-lettuce, I think we’re all getting stressed about what we can and can’t do. You are absolutely fine to go out locally, that’s what Boris has said. I walked to the woods yesterday, I saw about 3 people in total. If anyone challenged me about it I’d tell them to mind their own business 😀😀The govt just don’t want us all getting in our cars to go to the countryside etc. I left a local Facebook page yesterday as I was fed up of people moaning about others. We don’t need negativity.

    @suki2, I’m a fellow NHS volunteer. I’ve said I’ll do deliveries and phone calls. Waiting to be vetted. Speaking to my mum n dad yesterday, had to remind them again re staying in. They’re now “sneaking out on early morning walk” – mums words. Short of locking them in I don’t know what to do!
    @clemmi sounds like 5:2 is really working for you, brilliant news on the weight despatched.

    Keep safe everyone.

    Day 26, London, UK, NFD,

    A very quick check-in from me today ……………. I am supposed to be working from home after-all!! Although I did find myself completing a project at 11pm last night …………… I must set some limits!!

    With the way some people are still flouting the lockdown & social distancing requirements after just a few days, I can only imagine that things would be chaotic had it been implemented earlier!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m not sure if it will be a good time to quit, as an ex-smoker, had it been me, I’m sure I would have killed anyone in sight if I couldn’t have a ciggie!!!

    I feel as though I’m semi-fasting, perhaps I should just stick to 18:6 until I settle into a good routine, these days it’s proving very easy to excuse a headfirst dive into the cashew bag!!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 26. FD. London

    I’m so glad to be on this forum. It’s so positive and friendly. Another beautiful day here, which may be related to lack of traffic and businesses closed down. Looking forward to today’s FD. I’ve discovered that if I chop up leeks and cook them in a bit of water, they suit me just fine. Tasty and filling. Hope everybody has a good Thursday. H

    Day 26 UK NFD

    I’m a Facebook dabbler @i-hate-lettuce and I enjoy the catching up element but it really does bring out the stranger side of some people’s personality- Just ignore them .

    Stay well all 💪

    USA Day 26 FD

    Just popping in here today to add myself to the pocket list. It is my intention to try to stay the course today as since this pandemic crisis began, I have not been able to do so! I have no real good reason not to except that I am worried like everyone else. 3.3 million people here have now filed for unemployment and I worry about my family, as I am sure everyone is! Hope you are all safe!

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 27, NFD, Aus

    Oh dear @snowflake. Yesterday was someone’s last day at work so of course I just HAD to have a piece of chocolate mud cake. I then looked up the calorie count and concluded since I’d blown the FD I might was well have dinner and wine!

    Has anyone seen my mojo? I thought it was back at the beginning of the month but it’s well and truly gone into lockdown without me.

    We’re trialling working a split work force next week – half at home, half in the office(unless the Govt directs it’s compulsory before then). It’ going to be a challenge working on my little personal laptop – great for personal use, but I’m so used to my large dual monitor set up in the office. First world problems, though, right?

    Hope everyone who is in lock down (with the occasional outdoor exercise with appropriate social distancing!) is doing well. You all seem remarkably positive and upbeat about everything. I too don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get outside withe my dogs – the pup would go absolutely spare!

    have a good Friday / weekend everyone.

    Day 26 UK FD

    Just a quick check in. Managed another FD today . Was at work so relatively easy. Just had to body swerve the chocolates and biscuits! Very close to the end of the month so major push for a good result. Just have to safely navigate the weekend!
    Stay safe and well everyone.

    Day 26 – USA – NFD

    Hello, all! I’ve been reading all the posts daily, but not contributing as I have been working a lot more since a co-worker quit a few weeks ago. Still maintaining, got the all-clear from the dr. so I can hula-hoop again, woo hoo! Unfortunately, I am not able to stay at home during this time because I work at a very busy retail pharmacy in a food store. We have not gotten any procedural advice except to keep disinfecting surfaces and washing our hands; gloves would be more germy than not when we’re handling 600 prescriptions a day, plus handling people’s money and transacting business within 2 feet of each other! I know it’s a risk, and the powers that be decided today to construct mini “windows” between us and the customers, as well as make the customers stand 6 feet away from each other as they wait for service. Everyone I work with has a great attitude and we all are still in good health. Let’s hope we will continue to be that way!

    Day 27 – Japan – WFD #25 (I think)

    While fasting isn’t always pleasant there are some aspects that I do look forward too now that I’m used to it. Right now I’m hopeful that it does also keep my immune system working well. The tension level has gone up in Japan as we are getting more confirmed infections. I’m not surprised as many weren’t being that careful around the cherry trees. I’m just lucky that the cherry tree pollen play havoc with me and keeps me away. 😀

    Day 27, md US, NFD

    After seeing a decrease in waist size yesterday, I regrettably decided to eat my DH homemade pasta. Bad decision…Way puffy and bloated today. I’m worried I can’t turn this around and will try my hardest to do IF 2 days next week. My DH has been the program mgr for all things covid-19 getting this company completely able to work remotely so he’s been stressed and on call from a tech standpoint. And the past 2 Weeks eating and drinking wise has been sub par, so my hope is next week we commit
    And turn this around. Even with my 16/8… going to need this.

    Agree, thankful this site is so positive. 🙌🏻🙏🌼

    Day 27 Melb Aust FD

    Managed about 1000 cals yesterday, so not quite a FD800. Will keep under 500 cals today before tomorrow’s weigh-in.

    Yes, great to be part of such a positive group.

    Starting today’s pocket list –

    Day 27 Pocket List

    Day 27, Emden Germany, NFD

    We’re going to have another sunny day here, the tulips are coming out and suddenly small yellow flowers appeared, I’ll have to look up what kind it is. The crows are flying on of off with building materials. Bathroom curtains are done, today I plan to do a bit of cleaning.

    @jaifaim what else can we do? When something happens to one of us, I don’t want me or my DH to look back on this time as a time of misery but as a time we were close and enjoyed being together.

    @penz we can try another day, just tell me when you plan to do a FD and I’ll join in. I have to stay positive about the outcome of all what is happening at the moment. I don’t want it to take over my life. I only listen to explanations from experts and don’t read any online comments. We need to stay physically and mentally stable, so we’ll try to do so.

    @metatauta you must be so busy at the moment, the pharmacies overhere have a lot to do but can’t provide everything the public is asking for. It must be the same for you. The pharmacy we always go to have large plastic screens and just 2 counters open. Another pharmacy doesn’t allow the public to come in, they’re using the small window they normally use when they are the only pharmacy at night or on Sundays.

    Have a nice day and stay safe everyone!

    Day 27 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all hope everyone is keeping safe and happy 💕
    I found that yesterday everyone I dealt with in work was just a little tired…. a new routine and the realisation that we are in this for a while… I’m sure we will all have waves of sadness and worry etc but as @penz and others have said it’s an amazingly positive space here and for that I am so grateful!
    Well done to everyone on the pocket list yesterday 👏 @ccco it’s just so shocking to see the unemployment numbers in all of our countries but this too will pass and hopefully we’ll live in a kinder less materialistic world in the future…. ♥️
    I “saw” some of my neighbours last night at 8pm which was emotional…. 🕯 thanks and praise and gratitude to all our frontline staff. @metatauta and others please stay safe.
    Tonight I go to look after mum and dad for the weekend… I’m nervous for them and for me but family is No. 1 💕♥️💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Pocket List – Day 27 🥕

    Day 27, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD to contend with, I’m definitely eating too much, being at home means there’s always something to stuff in my mouth!!! Cheese was the culprit yesterday, thank goodness there was no wine or crackers!!!

    @penz, don’t beat yourself up about it!! Resistance is futile around chocolate mud cake!! Your mojo will definitely return, it’s just sulking about the cake, but it WILL return!!! I managed to haul my large monitor, keyboard & mouse home last week, I just can’t use the track-pad or screen of my laptop to view construction drawings …………………… my eyesight isn’t what it used to be!!!

    I’m not using our current situation as an excuse, ‘cause that’s just a slippery slope into madness, but the stress is REAL!!!! I’m not one for change (stick in the mud is the phrase!!!) so the change to working from home, being in lockdown and the insecurity of this whole thing means I’m a bit snack happy ……………………… the key, as I may have mentioned, is to NOT have anything in the house!! Luckily the cashew nuts I have are very satisfying and I can ‘usually’ stop myself after a handful ………… or two!!! Now I just need to freeze the cheese!!!

    Good to hear from you @metatauta, stay safe & take care …………………….. & encourage paperless payment!!! Cash is NOT king in this current situation!!

    I was out on my balcony last night clapping for our fabulous NHS, the echo around the gardens and courtyard was very emotive!!!

    Stay safe everyone, we WILL stay connected and supportive, whether successfully fasting or not!!! We’ve got this!!!! ……………………….. No matter what ‘this’ is!!!!!

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I really admire everyone who can still manage FD’s….I will really have to stop eating myself out of a crisis because I will eat myself into a bigger crisis!!

    @jaifaim you mentioned everyone in work is so tired, that’s what it’s like with me and my colleagues. I felt exhausted yesterday. Work is busier, and because we are in the office we also have to be extremely mindful of the social distancing, and it just gets so hard.

    I felt a bit overwhelmed yesterday when the Covid-19 cases ticked over half a million. But back in positive form today. It’s the weekend and the weather is good so garden time.

    @i-hate-lettuce I am on a few FB groups for motorcycle and camper van travel, and although lots of people were out and about posting photos last week, although I disapproved I kept my mouth shut. And there’s the difference, some people just HAVE to be keyboard warriors. There is nothing wrong with going for healthy walks if keeping to the guidelines.

    Speaking of which, my recently retired friend is desperately lonely at home, she lives alone, and she suggested meeting up in a local park tomorrow bringing our own coffee and cakes and keeping social distance. I tossed and turned about this all night. She is a high risk group. I have a little cough this morning. I can’t take the chance I might be a carrier, or have it. I am around people all day, and although this cough is nothing, what if I am a carrier? I can’t do it 😔

    I feel for her, she is very sociable, this lockdown must be desperate for those who need human interaction ☹️

    Keep safe and strong people

    Day 27 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    Another glorious morning, great finish to my week yesterday (Friday weigh in day) fabulous walk, delivery of groceries including bread flour! Bit of joinery work completed and the afternoon in the garden and greenhouse. To cap it all, after hitting my target last week, another pound lost, so another new low! March has been a good 5:2 month.

    @daffodil2010, must be difficult for those who need social contact like your friend.
    Funny how things go isn’t it, we are very fortunate here. Unlike your friend, I’m not much of a people person, quite happy with just me and OH. Will mix with few close friends but I don’t need a gang people on a daily basis. ‘Lone Wolf or miserable sod’, either way that’s me.
    But in the current climate, we’re defined as a ‘vulnerable household’ so my OH told the ‘kids’ as they would find it amusing, (family jokes, long story) they’re working from home at the moment and live 3 hours away, but they now check up on us even more regularly with messages and banter which is flowing nicely!

    I’m managing my walks each day, not quite MOAM walks all the time, my OH is not quite as long striding as me, but it’s great the two of us wandering and nattering on. We are very much husband and wife team and best mates as well, happy to just get through this time together. Got into a routine, morning walk, lunch, garden/house/baking jobs, the day just seems to be gone, but thats usual for us with just minor adjustments.

    Take care all, it’s weekend, grocery man delivered beer as well as bread flour yesterday, essential shopping!

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Settling into a routine of sorts Very grateful to everyone out there helping to retain a semblance of normality @metatauta and others 👏

    @daffodil2010 I’d err on the side of caution too

    Stay well all

    Day 27 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Another sunny day. Time to get out into the garden for some fresh air I think. Yesterday evening I used Zoom to speak with my book club buddies. 1st time. It was lovely to catch up and have our usual laughs. But it made me realise just what I’m missing. I think I had been kidding myself somehow. Needed some chocolate. But I still came in under my TDEE so although not a FD as planned, all was not lost.
    In light of that feeling I have set my intention for the day to be as positive as possible.
    @saffy420 – I think I might follow your lead and leave one fb group that is full of moaners.
    @emmataylor- I think I came across that recipe years ago in something I think was called ‘why French women don’t get fat’
    @metatauta – stay safe
    @snowflake56 – you are so right about wanting to enjoy being with our loved ones.
    @daffodil2010 – we all have days where we feel overwhelmed by what is going around us. I try to acknowledge it and then move on. Easier said than done sometimes though.
    @ihatelettuce – glad to hear your OH is your best mate. Mine is too. Couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be stuck in with. Hope he feels the same.
    I’ll sort out the new thread over the weekend. Is someone able to help with the spreadsheet please? Thx

    Day 27 USA (Illinois)

    Saw this on the CBS Morning show — laughter is a good medicine.


    @funshipfreddie – made me think of you all in SA. At least here in Illinois we still have take-away (carry-out we usually call it). We’re trying to keep our fave restaurants alive by getting some food from them.

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post

    @songbirdme gosh, what to say about that!

    @suki2 I can try to make a spreadsheet. I did it a year ago and forgot how to do it but I did it then so I can do it now.

    USA Day 27 FD

    FD yesterday was a bomb! I will try again today. This stress eating has to stop. I can tell I am gaining weight around my middle! So here goes! Joining pocket list again today!

    Pocket List – Day 27 🥕

    Stay safe everyone! 🙂

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Still here, in ghost host mode. I realised how exhausted I am so am trying to take some time away from screens

    Yesterday’s FD didn’t happen. I baked a vegan gf oat sodabread bc it’s by far the easiest thing to eat when all my usual things are harder to come by. Fresh veg etc more difficult, as are vegan/vegetarian proteins. I’m going to stick to 16:8 and do my best w FDs once I get into a new rhythm. Some serious meal-planning needed now

    I’ve already had my long-booked supermarket delivery which I updated to get some stuff for my mother. But now I fall between the cracks – not severely sick enough to fall into government category and my GP has advised I stay at home for 12 weeks bc rare autoimmune conditions & asthma. So I can’t get online delivery bc I don’t fall into the govt categories…. while also trying to shop for my mother who is more vulnerable than me but struggles with online anything.

    I’m not used to being ‘on’ all the time – usually I leave the house 2-3x week and that’s plenty. Trying to be more present to people has meant I feel really run down. Going to do as little as possible today & try to reset myself into a new routine over the weekend. Much earlier bed, waking with the light, more breaks and less screen time connecting or catching up more gently.

    Lovely to be here are read the posts, but goodness I need a break from keyboard. Got a zoom meeting in 10 mins so popping outside for a bit of sunshine beforehand.

    Take care lovely people. Whatever the day brings, go gently…

    Day 27, UK NFD

    Today was going to be a FD but woke up starving and had a slice of toast and butter. Sticking to the plan for the rest of the day so will be well under TDEE.

    Last night we were supposed to be in Glasgow, attending a Santana concert. As we couldn’t go we had a concert night which consisted of us looking at restaurants close the arena, settling on one and looking at something from their menu I could recreate, so we has risotto primavera. Then we put a Santana concert DVD on TV and watched it with a few beers. We had a good night and I wasn’t bothered the beer took me over TDEE. At least we stuck to that and no snacks!

    Went to the supermarket earlier to get some things for my MIL, they’re operating a queuing system, one out then one in. It was very orderly and good natured – we British love a queue.

    Strange times and I’m glad for this forum, so much friendliness from across the globe.

    Keep safe everyone.

    USA Day 27 FD

    Saffy420, It’s wonderful how you creatively recreated your restaurant and concert experience. You still had a wonderful evening! Things like that will help to make these trying times more bearable! Kudos!

    I exercised this morning, weight lifting and all! I am still on my FD, although my real challenge comes in the late afternoon when I start stress eating and can’t stop these days but I will find a way to this challenge.

    Hope everyone stays safe and healthy today! 🙂

    3rd post

    @michelinme strange supermarket policy. Just take care of yourself!

    @saffy420 what a lovely idea!

    @suki2 I think I have the spreadsheet ready (with the help of my husband), when do you want me to post the link?

    Hi everyone
    Just logging my last Friday of the month weight in the Tracker so popped in to say hello 👋. Still maintaining and continuing Monday and Thursday FDs. Dropped 2 pounds this month giving me some wriggle room so going to enjoy some guilt free vino this weekend. Certainly feel the need for a drink or two……like just about everybody I am overwhelmed by how quickly the world has become so different, tragic and frightening. DH has a heart condition and I have asthma so we have been in precautionary isolation for over a week. Not too bad, we enjoy each other’s company, the weather is gorgeous and we have a lovely walk we can do outside our front door, but its only week one and the prospect of months of isolating is daunting. So pleased to see how positive you lot are being, it has brightened my day to catch up with your posts. I will join you more often next month.

    Keep on keeping on everyone and stay safe 🤗

    Day 27 North Canton OH WFD

    I missed posting yesterday, I had to go into the office yesterday for a few hours and it messed up my routine. I really am a creature of routines 🙂

    It was a NFD so I treated myself to a glass of wine. March was supposed to be parched March but I am sorry @flourbaby, something’s gotta give here and the stress is real. My plan is to Water-Fast 3 days a week. For now I am thinking M, W, F.

    @penz I struggled with working from home until I got approval to bring home one of my dual monitor screens, its connected to my laptop with an HDMI adaptor – and just like that I have 2 screens. It’s not nirvana but it’s pretty close 🙂 I will take joy where I can find it

    @dykask what are some of the aspects of fasting that you look forward to?

    @daffodil2010 as a confirmed extrovert, I appreciate the difficulties you friend is experiencing. How about a Zoom meeting? Its free and easy to set up with zero virus-spreading chances.

    @metatauta stay safe please

    @michelinme holding your hand. You sound so stressed

    @saff420 that is a lovely idea which I plan to recreate (hopefully) soon

    @ccco you can do this, we are in this together.

    Remember EFS will not get rid of Covid-19; I would gladly donate my efforts to the cause if it did 🙂

    Remain safe all and be kind as much as possible

    Pocket List – Day 27 🥕
    @basyjames WFD

    USA Day 27 FD

    Okay! So today’s FD didn’t go well. I seem to start stress eating in the afternoon, which is not normal for me! So, instead at 5 p.m my time, I will begin a WFD, which will end tomorrow at 5 p.m. I do better not eating anything at all and I desperately need to fix the damage I’ve done! We have off and on rainy weather, which begins again this evening. That kind of takes away my best way of relieving stress by walking outside! 3 minutes and I am ago!

    Hope today was a good day for everyone! 🙂

    Day 28, Tas, Aus. NFD
    Suki, I have been absent from the forum for 10 days or so. Thanks for offering to host April’s challenge. I should be able to help with the spreadsheet as I taught myself to use it for this month. I’ll have a go later today. Will I assume that everyone is in for April?

    USA Day 27

    CateAus, you can count me in! Definitely need it!

    Day 27 – USA – NFD

    @cateaus, please count me in for April!

    Day 27 Ohio, US — FD
    Day 25 — NFD (64 bites)
    Day 26 — NFD (64 bites)

    The two NFD’s went well and I kept on target both days. The FD is going well, although with a few more calories than usual due to having to make substitutions for my regular foods that were out of stock at the stores. Even so, the calorie level qualifies as a bona fide FD. Since classes have started again, my Thursday class means that I’ve had to switch back to Fridays for doing the fasting.

    @dykask Thanks for the YouTube link. The article discussed is the one that had been floating around in the back of my mind.

    @basyjames and @daffodil The virtual lunch after our virtual class went off in perfect form. I set the lunch up using the free version of Zoom. I think that Skype might give better results, but my lunch compatriots are not real tech savvy and Zoom is by far the easier to use for those who don’t cotton to tech.

    Just to round out the day’s list:
    Pocket List – Day 27 🥕
    @basyjames WFD

    Day 28 Melb Aust TDEE

    Had a good FD yesterday, just a LFD. Like @ccco, I find if I start to eat, my FD morphs into at least a FD800 (or worse), so I’m trying to have a mix of both. Seems to be working so far. The scales this morning showed I’d lost a further 900 gms from last Saturday, yay! That’s 3.5 kg so far this month. Probably won’t quite reach my goal weight for the month, but close, which is nice.
    Curiously, unlike my usual eat more because I’m feeling a bit stressed, this current crisis hasn’t hit me like that, and I’m eating with more restraint. Hope it lasts – still have a long way to go to reach my goal weight.

    @michelinme, I can sympathise with you; having to WFH and be present on a screen constantly must be so wearing.

    @cateaus, I think @snowflake56 has already done the spreadsheet, just not put it up as yet – see her third post from 27th. She’s just waiting for @suki2 to tell her when to put it up.

    Actually, @snowflake56, why not put the spreadsheet up now. There’re only 3 days left to March now.

    @songbirdme, your clip was shown on the news over here – hilariously funny! Poor kid, fancy getting stuck with having to eat her mother’s cooking 🙂

    Keep well all, and focus on the goal. This current situation will pass, but we carry our weight for a lifetime – onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 28, Emden Germany, WFD or FD

    @cateaus I already made a spreadsheet yesterday.

    @suki2 you can copy the link to the spreadsheet and add it to your first post of the April challenge, if you want to.

    @betsylee thanks, here is it.

    April 2020 Challenge link to the spreadsheet:


    I hope it works.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD

    My fast was easy. I think this summer will be the start of my 4th year of fasting. My body is clearly more adjusted to it now.

    @basyjames some of the things I like:
    – I feel well while fasting except maybe sometimes around the 20 to 24 hour mark I have some desire to eat, mild hunger or maybe even slight discomfort. Mostly I feel good.
    – It saves times. I waste a least an hour a day with meals. Worse is when I can’t make up my mind about what to eat. Not a problem with fasting.
    – I love the cost of it!!! I can then use the money to buy higher end foods I would normally not want to send the money on.
    – I’m at a point where it works well with exercising. At first I had a lot of problems with anything above low level exercise, but I’m past that now. I feel better working out fasted than non-fasted.
    – I don’t like counting calories and with fasting I don’t have to.
    – I really love getting good blood work results in medical checks.
    – I like being able to tell people that it isn’t that hard to do. (A bit self-centered I guess. 🙁 )

    Probably more but that is a good start.

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Well, it’s total lockdown now. Everyone to stay at home except if you are an essential worker (list to be provided today so right now I don’t know if I am or not), solitary or with family exercise within 2km of your house, shopping only for food and medicine, all people over 70 to cocoon and not go out at all.

    So that made the decision for my friends suggestion of meeting in the park! I had already told her I wasn’t going to make it and suggested a virtual coffee but she was SO very dissapointed. And that made me feel bad but I was not caving. After the announcement last night she began to realise that “Stay At Home” really means stay at home.

    @i-hate-lettuce I too am very happy in my own company and would never fall out with myself 😄 My DH is also a bit of a loner and although we both have lots of friends we don’t actually go out socialising much. We do a lot together with the motorbikes and the camper van, so those travel plans are curtailed, but we do tend to stay at home otherwise. We looked at each other last night after the announcement of restricted movement and to get some humour out of this crazy situation we said “So not much change for us then” 😄 I know it’s not funny in reality.

    DH is deemed essential so is off at work. I went for my normal 6am walk around my village, nothing about but the village cat and the horses in the fields. I will have to venture out to the local shop later to get a bottle of gas, newspaper and heck, a bottle of wine….but that’s it.

    I have written a long list of Thing To Do that will keep me busy, the garden needs tending, seeds to sow, Windows to was….lots of things to do at home. And not planning to eat until lunchtime. Next week will fast again.

    @suki2 thanks so much for offering to host April, you can be sure I will be in.
    I am loving all the positivity on this forum.

    Remember “Even the darkest night will end. And the sun will rise”

    Take care everyone.

    Sa Day 28 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD Good morning all. Going to try a zoom yoga class this morning so I thought I would post early. Had a blow out last night with chocolate and wine. So I’m a bit cross with myself.
    Here’s the link to the April forum.


    Thanks for the spreadsheet @snowflake56. I’ll repost the link in April. Thanks for offering @cateaus.

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I managed a good FD yesterday, despite it being ‘lockdown day 1’, & fasting being the last thing on my mind.

    @i-hate-lettuce & @daffodil2010 – I’m also not that stressed about the ‘isolation’. In fact I’d probably be quite happy on a desert island with my Kindle & a couple of cats for company! More of a ‘lone wolf,’ than a ‘miserable sod’, I think! Although I do think the measures being taken here are a little extreme, not even being allowed out for a walk. But I suppose it’s human nature; as soon as we’re told we mustn’t do something, we want to do it even more. I guess it could be worse; imagine being confined to 10 Downing Street for several weeks?!! 😱

    @missybear – nice to hear from you!

    Wishing everyone a good weekend

    Day 28, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD for me, I think the stress is getting to me!! There have been wine gums today!!! Where did they come from!!!???

    @basyjames, I would gladly join the queue for donating EFS!!! Don’t worry about Parched March, I’m scared that April might be ‘tricky’ in terms of booze control since I’m currently counting down the hours until April 1st …………………….. and have been for a good week (or two!!) …………. There’re a couple of bottles of vino in the garage with my name on them!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I wouldn’t mind being confined to 10 Downing Street, lot’s of shiny red buttons to press!!! Or is that just Putin & Trump???? OH ……… you mean with the current resident …………………. Eehh? …………..…………… NO THANKS, Eewh!!!!

    Keep the faith folks, I think April will have to be a rebooting month ……………. I need it, so, so, so much!!!

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Lovely to have a few glasses of wine last night and still on track to meet my March target ….must start thinking about April Have a good weekend everyone ( although the days are just indistinguishable now for me ) x

    USA Day 28 WFD

    I hope I do better today and I think I need a dry April! FlourBaby, maybe not 10 Downing Street but Balmoral in Scotland sounds pretty cool! And I think it comes with a chef! 🙂

    In any case, I will start a pocket list in case anyone wants to join!

    Pocket List Day 28


    Stay safe!

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managing fairly well. Off to pick up some groceries and the like. Sure do appreciate how the gasoline prices have dropped precipitously the past couple weeks! (About like how our investments have shrunk… oh well. Here’s to a good rebound!)

    Hugs to all —

    Onward and downward.

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Feeling better for more time away from screens and a super-early night. I’m going to keep in that rhythm bc it’s really helpful. for me, there’s such thing as too much sleep!

    Forgot to weigh myself yesterday but remembered this morning and – despite only 1xFD this week – I’m down a little more. So after a steep climb of 21lb since early Sept, the trend is now downwards. With a steady weekend and a good FD on Monday I may even squeak in around this month’s goal of 154lb. Wouldn’t that be something, despite….. everything?!!

    @basyjames thank you xx I’m definitely one who needs to switch off but my boundaries had been well and truly flattened. I’m also only able to manage a steady health if I rest 3-4 days/week, so being squeezed into On Mode for the last 2/52 has been really hard. Hopefully this lovely quiet weekend and plenty of sleep and grounding time will have me back into a new rhythm very soon 🙂

    I often feel like a canary in the coalmine – the things that hit me hard will also hit others, although perhaps a little further down the line. On the positive side, it makes me a useful early warning system and i’m often able to work out what’s helpful and share it around.j

    @suki2 thanks again for hosting April – hosting is wonderful motivation to get firmly on the waggon!
    @snowflake56 thank you for the spreadsheet – efficient and kind as ever x
    @cateaus thank you for the offer – and for creating March’s spreadsheet 🙂

    Lovely to catch up with posts, thank you all for sharing your journey. We are so much stronger together.

    Ok… I’m off to relax on the sofa with a book – first in a long while!

    Whatever the day brings, go gently 🙂

    2nd post

    I had to stop the planned WFD and changed it in a normal FD, a WFD makes me too cold.

    @missybear how nice to have you back with us again!

    @suki2 you’re welcome!

    @michelinme thanks! It’s so good to hear you’re planning a relaxed weekend, you had a rough month and you deserve your spot on the sofa!

    @ccco I’m joining you today!

    Pocket List Day 28

    @ccco WFD

    Have a nice evening everyone!

    Day28, UK NFD

    Late check in today, I feel,like I’ve been busy today but not achieved a lot. Why does everything take twice as long when you’ve got all the time in the world to do it?
    @floutbabay – wine gums ……noooo. We know they’re the devils own sweets and now I want some!

    It’s my birthday on Monday so I’m calling the end of March today, my aim was 4 lbs and I managed 3. Not too bad considering the couple of short breaks we had earlier in the month and the apocalypse. My aim for the next week is not to put those 3 lbs on again.

    See you all in April @suki2, thanks for hosting.

    USA Day 28 FD

    Just really wrote a nice post but it suddenly got lost! 🙁 Well, anyway, thank you for joining me on the pocket list, Snowflake56!

    USA Day 28 FD

    Congratulation, Saffy420!

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