Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

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Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

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  • Second post
    Yay! First successful FD in almost 2 weeks; and I was home all day too. DD made dinner which helped.

    So grateful. Be safe everyone, see you on day 24

    Day 24 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast 24 was easy enough. I’m having a lot of trouble right now because of the cherry trees. Soon the blossoms will fall like snow, it is a glorious sight because it means breathing gets easier. (My point of view) Cherry blossoms are cherished in Japan because they are like the symbol of our life. This year people were supposed to not be in groups, but while there were fewer people there still were a lot. So much for social distancing in central Tokyo. I don’t for a second think Tokyo is a safe spot, it is just a question of when.

    I’m also deeply concerned about what is going on in the states and the slow responses from the Federal government. I have a lot of family in the states including a son that is not that far away from New York city, so it is personal. A lot of the actions being taken now would have made a huge difference if they had been taken a month ago. At least the actions are going in the right direction now. For there record there were many doctors and scientists in the US shouting out the warnings even in late January. The expertise is there, if only the government would learn to listen.

    Day 24 Melb Aust CD

    Yesterday’s FD800 went well, and the scales rewarded me, which was nice. Hoping to have a good week and see further decreases.

    I have to say how nice it is to be part of this forum – 1) we support each other and 2) we get a snapshot of the world outside of the media coverage.

    Hang in there, everyone, “this too will pass”.

    Day 24, Emden Germany, NFD

    Yesterday’s FD did go well, I also made beetroot soup.

    @basyjames well done!

    @ciren2 I hope you’re having the same beautiful weather as we have overhere, it will make your work so much easier.

    @suki2 thank you so much for offering to guide us through next month.

    The garden is lovely at the moment, lots of bluebells, blue hyacints and daffodils. The tulips aren’t out yet, the nights are below zero. I have to break the ice on the birds’ water baths every morning, cats from the neighbourhood also come there to drink. We have to wrap up the nectarine in bubble plastic to protect it. At large parts the moss has taken over the grass and the garden is still very wet but it will dry out. We play badminton in summer so I don’t really mind the moss, I like it that you sink in a little as you walk on it.

    Have a nice day and stay safe everyone!

    Day 24 – Ireland – NFD
    Hello everybody I hope you and yours are keeping safe 💕

    @suki2 thank you for offering to host April and @michelinme thanks for looking after us in this maddest of Marches 😱
    @ciren2 and all those who have to go out to work please stay safe ♥️
    I am happy to report that I am somehow in a zone where working from home has not scuppered my efforts with Fasting… and I can feel myself getting a little slimmer in my clothes but will weigh on Friday..
    I’m not sure why it’s working for me… maybe because I’m so busy, the underlying stress of the bigger picture right now or maybe because I just can’t go shopping for the moment so I’m careful about eating all my nice treats and having nothing left…
    it’s been a week since I’ve been near anyone with my brother and sister dropping off shopping 🛒 and lots and lots of catching up with friends via video and phone… I don’t find this too difficult yet but have kept my usual daily structure in place with getting up, dressed and out for my “commute” (down to the beach) and then at work for 8.30 … I do need to get better at taking lunch and finishing work on time… it’s too easy to just keep working… and it’s very much firefighting mode at the moment but that will settle…
    So from today I’ll try get out in the garden at lunch time… and maybe go out on my bike solo tonight… we still can get out but only a matter of days before lock down I would think… Must try yoga and meditation too …
    Stay safe everybody… we are all in this together which is incredible but it does make it easier… 🔒
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 24 – Lake district UK – CD

    Good morning everyone

    Pleased with the measures announced by Boris last night!
    From a selfish point of view, glad it’s not a complete lockdown, I believe I could have had problems if I couldn’t get out for a walk. I’m 64 and have been an outdoors type all my life, with the exception of a couple of enforced office jobs (very short lived) I’ve worked outdoors all my life, all my interests are in the outdoors. Even on a cruise these days, bad weather, rough seas, you’ll find me MOAM walking the promenade deck, it’s just in my DNA!
    Luckily where we live I can be in the woods or on the foreshore within a couple of minutes, once there are so many areas I can get to and often never see a soul, so don’t think I’m putting anyone at risk (or myself) I do feel for people that live in a city and can’t get out as we do.
    A comment from neighbour over the wall yesterday, ‘your gardens going to look like Kew (gardens) this year’ well I hope so, I’m better in the garden than decorating! LOL

    Hope everyone and their families are keeping safe and well, spring is well on the way, hopefully that will help everyone along in what is going to be a very disruptive time for many, for those in business or those who have to work and especially those wonderful people in the medical profession.
    The sun shining again this morning, birds starting to wake up earlier and fresh green shoots starting to appear. Normally the time of year I love, so still feeling quite positive despite whats going on in the world.

    Take care all

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Goodness, I am loving the positivity that is coming from this forum despite the strange, crazy, unbelievable things that are happening all around us, everywhere.

    This forum will be vital for us I think to check in on each other, not just for 5:2, but just to put humanity on this thing that has taken over our lives……we are all in this together, the world is still a beautiful place, Spring or Autumn is gearing up in whatever part of the world we are, with all its beautiful joys.

    Cherry blossom in Japan; daffodils, hyacinth, bluebells in Europe; we all have more or less equal day and equal night; the birds are singing earlier; the green shoots in the ground; the leaves turning their fall colour in the Southern Hemisphere……..nature is continuing on…….and so will we.

    The fear and uncertainty I felt a couple of weeks ago is gone, now it’s time to adapt and get on.

    Still going into work, yesterday I was reassigned back into my old team as the financial markets are nuts and they needed an experienced dealer(that sounds dodgy eh 😀) to help with the backlog. I was happy to do so. I think I will be floating around both teams depending on each day’s dealing instructions, but delighted to be working. Not sure if the jobs I am in can be done from home however…….but they would be deemed essential?

    The UK are in lockdown…wow…reckon we will be too very shortly. As will most of us here. @ciren2 now more than ever this proves how important your work is. Take care. You are right though, people are definitely friendlier now…..a sort of gallows humour, we are all in this together.

    Have a great Tuesday.
    Pocket list Day 24

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Lockdown here too! 21 days from midnight Thursday, all non-essential shops & services must close, & we can only leave home to buy food & medical supplies. It’s all quite surreal. Many people came down here (seaside town) at the weekend, & just seemed to be acting as if the Easter holidays had arrived early. So I imagine they’ll be heading home again, as the beaches have already been closed.

    But, the fasting must go on…

    Day 24, London, UK, FD,

    Yesterdays’ FD wasn’t the best, seabass with a butterbean stew ……………………… 1 ½ portions consumed!!! Portion control is still my nemesis!!

    Anyway, I’m souping it up today and sticking to a FD as I’m working from home, so 1st cup of tea or coffee of the day is scheduled for 9:30, then soup at 2-3pm followed by a veggie stir fry at about 7pm ………………………….. after I complete my 30 Day shred, @brightonbelle, yes, it’s time to get back on the exercise wagon, gentle walks are not cutting the mustard nor the double chin!!!

    @michelinme, 6 month chocolate stash???? …………………….. I couldn’t even dream of doing that, it might last 6 hours, but I wouldn’t bet on it!!!

    @dykask, what’s the word on the street in Japan about the Olympics? The consensus here is that it’s madness to continue!

    @ciren2, good to hear from you, thankfully the continuous rain we’ve had since October has stopped and it’s looking like a fantastic Spring day today. With all the ordering from home, I hope your load isn’t too heavy, maybe the bigger items are more likely to be via couriers.

    I’ve had a chat with myself about maintaining a routine at home …………….. NO working in my PJs, NO procrastinating or doing anything I wouldn’t do in the office. So, today I was up, showered and dressed in my designated home working uniform, caught up on emails, posting here and then I’ll get a cup of tea and settle at the dining table & get to it!!!

    Stay safe everyone, we’re in partial lockdown here, but I imagine the ones who think they’re not included in the ‘non-essential workers’ group but are, will soon be shamed into doing the right thing!!! I hope so anyway!!!

    Stay safe everyone & keep on fasting!!!

    Day 24 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Great FD yesterday despite the new measures. I found that I felt so sick at the thought of what might happen next I didn’t have much of an appetite. Today will be a NFD but I’m intending to be mindful.
    Had breakfast in the garden this morning, first time this year. We get full sun just outside our kitchen window until about midday so we put our jackets on and took full advantage.
    @jaifaim – that’s great to be WAH (working at home) and not giving into temptation.
    @ihatelettuce – same as you, we need to exercise the dog apart from anything else, so to be able to get out for a walk/run with him is vital.
    @flourbaby – your dinner sounds really tasty
    @ciren2 – glad you’re ok, stay safe.

    With regard to hosting next month. I will need some help with the spreadsheet please.

    Enjoy your day as best you can.

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Good to hear everyone’s well – particularly @ciren2 👏 excellent work from our posties

    Trying to act as normally as possible . Onwards

    @flourbaby Abe is starting to make comments that seem to be preparing people for a schedule change. However my Japanese is very limited so I have to depend on other people. My daughter is so excited about the Olympics. The WHO said they are providing input to Japan and the IOC. The WHO has been told Japan won’t do anything to put athletes or spectators at risk. A decision may be weeks away.

    My gut feeling is summer of 2021. This struggle isn’t going to be over in a month or even three.

    Day 24, UK FD

    Yesterday’s FD went down the pan for various reasons -out walking we stopped for coffee and the owner offered us free cakes as she was closing the shop that afternoon. I know I could have said no but it was a lovely gesture and would have been churlish to refuse. Then later, after the lockdown announcement, we decided to have a bottle of wine. Still I did make a lot of potato and leek soup which is waiting for the freezer. No lunch today then a tuna salad later.

    Hubby got a call from work today to say he’s been laid off for the foreseeable. As I’ve said before we thought this might happen but he’s still upset about it. We’ll be fine money wise, there’s nothing to spend it on anyway now! But it’s still come as a blow. The cheeky beggars asked him to return his uniform as quickly as he can, I don’t think that will be classed as an essential journey. 😀.on the upside my laundry basket won’t be full of zoo polo shirts and trousers.

    @suki2 many thanks for volunteering to host for April, it’s very much appreciated. I’m not a spreadsheet expert but I know there are lots of them out there.

    Keep safe everyone.

    @ihatelettuce – when I was a kid, my dad used to take me and my 6 siblings to the Lake District to do lots of long walks. You mentioned Tarn Hows recently – that used to be one of our favourites. Now I’m a city dweller, I can’t imagine living in the countryside, but the Lake District is so special. I’m envious. On the fasting front, FD went ok yesterday. Slowly dissolving the added lbs put on last year.

    Day 24 UK FD

    First day of lockdown! Sun is shining so will go for a walk later. At least that’s allowed! Thankfully despite the ban on travel, we can still communicate with family via social media. Had a long ” face to face” chat with my daughter in Australia this morning and at least got to see my grandson ! Just itching to hug them but it will come I’m sure.
    Having another FD today and finding it reasonably easy to do as we approach the end of the month and the final reckoning! Would really like a good result.
    Sending virtual hugs to all today. Stay safe and well.

    Day 24 North Canton OH WFD2

    I had the mother of all headaches yesterday evening and woke up strangely alert at 1am. I think my EFS week really messed up my system; this is definitely not the way my WFD have been going. I am usually not that alert until day 3, it may have something to do with my systems ability to switch to burning fat instead of carbohydrates. I will continue to watch and monitor. I worked out this morning and it made a HUGE difference, a lingering headache disappeared 5 minutes into my workout and I had this jolt of energy that I cannot describe. It was awesome! I am now at my home office getting ready to slay my day – I am also treating myself to a mug of black coffee; I just love the smell of coffee in the morning 🙂

    @dykask I agree with you wholeheartedly, so much could have been done differently but the people who needed to, refused to listen, and in fact encouraged others not to listen as well. I don’t know how this story ends, but I am hopeful that we have learned our lesson; it matters who our leaders are.

    @suki2 thank you for offering to host April, count me in

    @jaifam I found that it is very easy to just keep working, in fact last night when I woke up, I went downstairs to my home office and did a little bit of work. I have to stop that and exercise some discipline with my hours. This is a good time to reconnect with family, I only wish OH was able to work from home as well

    @daffodil2010 isn’t it amazing how resilient the human spirit is and how much we can adapt to. You are right; fear and uncertainty ruled last week and this week it’s full steam ahead. And I cannot thank God enough for this forum

    @flourbaby having a routine is everything, and no working in PJs!!! Working out, showering and getting dressed is a must. All in on that 🙂

    Virtual hugs to all. Ou est ma pocket liste? Starting one right now. We are stronger together!

    Pocket list day 24

    USA Day 24 FD

    I didn’t see anyone posting yet today, so I decided to start. It’s probably a little late today. What little was left open yesterday, aside from grocery stores, pharmacies, has now closed. Few people come out anymore. Buying groceries online isn’t working very well anymore and buying what we call curbside pickup at our chain grocery stores is beginning not to work too well either. A family tried on Sunday but when he arrived at the grocery store for his pickup, he was told that the store was too depleted to fulfill his order. Best thing seems to be to drop in and get what’s available. Hence, my eating plan now reflects my attempts to rationing what I eat. That seems to work well for supplies and for 5:2!

    I hope you are all fine and well wherever you are! Stay safe!

    USA Day 24 FD

    Just discovered the pocket list and am adding myself!

    Pocket list day 24

    Day 24 USA (Illinois) CD – OMAD

    Doing pretty well in isolation. 🙂 Going out to the dentist this afternoon to have stitches removed from my dental implant surgery. It’s always nice to get out of the house.

    My Fitbit tells me to move 250 steps per hour. Buzzes to remind me. I have learned the route around the house to do that, plus up and down the stairs to the laundry and family room. DH also has his computer with printer down there, so we are trying to keep moving.

    @suki2 – thanks for taking on the leadership for April. May it be wonderful.

    @saffy420 – sorry your DH is a casualty of this outbreak. Hugs to you and you cope with new issues.

    Onward and downward.

    @i-hate-lettuce and @emmataylor — I had to look up what a “tarn” is as well as Tarn Hows — looks so lovely and peaceful! Even our daughter in Utah loves to go to mountain lakes and even got me to hike up to one when I was out there. Whew… before 5:2, and I almost gave up before reaching the summit. Cecret Lake (quite “secret” too!) says it is an easy hike. Well, was easy for the young’ens more than me!


    USA Day 24

    Saffy420, I am sorry to hear about your husband. This is certainly such a challenging time for all of us. So far, I am so very lucky that my family in New York City has not been sickened yet and as far as I know, no one has been laid off. My sister is upset because she is in a category that may be triaged away from ventilators she would need as she is in such a high risk group with asthma. God, I hope that doesn’t happen! My family who were on the round the world cruise are still stuck in Australia and can’t get a flight home! The Federal Government is now saying it will fly Americans home from abroad. We will see!
    Take care, everyone. This, too, will pass, as my mother-in-law used to always say!

    @songbirdme – I looked at your link. They are stunning. I’d be desperate to swim in those lakes. I appreciate why you can’t but it must be tempting.

    Day 24 UK NFD

    yesterday’s FD ended with some much needed gf wholemeal protein toast at 1am when I woke feeling most peculiar despite a good FD.

    Worked out that it’s the change of medication, from NSAIDs to paracetamol & codeine – I’d stopped bc health reports linking to worsening of CV19 symptoms. Luckily was due to speak to GP today & I’m back on NSAIDs until / unless I get symptoms of CV19 when I stop them & call him.

    GP also suggested I practice sheltering rather than just going with lockdown. I’ve been doing something v close to that but going out for a daily walk. He thinks that will work as long as I stay well away from people. So it’s just me and my twice-weekly PA for the next 12 weeks 🙁

    I’m feeling v connected online – in fact beginning to get overwhelmed! There’s just too much and too many people, and far too easy to keep working or talking and feel crowded out of my own life!

    I’m now focussing on finding a new rhythm and structure to my days, a balance of boundaries and projects, self-care and supporting. I’m well-connected with church community via FB group and online services. I’ll also be streaming compline every other Weds evening on a rota with others. I’ve not really done any project work but am feeling a bit more prepared for the longer haul.

    I’m feeling off my food and skinnier, not remembering to drink enough. Hopefully today’s food delivery and the beginnings of a structure will switch me back on to a healthier pattern of cooking and eating regularly.

    @penz @basyjames Well done on getting a FD under your belt. Some FDs take real effort and are a real achievement
    @betsylee congrats on another successful FD – you will be slipping past me in no time!
    @snowflake56 I love the sound of your garden – thank you. I also love moss – not least bc it cleans the air wonderfully well 🙂
    @jaifaim delighted to hear you are successfully getting smaller at home. Me too I suspect – all will be revealed on Friday 🙂 I’m with you on the getting into a new routine and rhythm – we have to do this in a way that sustains us, and is sustainable.
    @i-hate-lettuce your garden and walks sound simply delicious. I hope you are able to sustain those MOAM walks after lockdown
    @daffodil2010 love your post bringing the wider perspective to mind. Yes, we are all separate but connected, and will build on that over the weeks and months ahead. I’m so grateful for this forum! How lucky your employers are to have you!
    @funshipfreddie one of my closest friends who works between Uk & jo-burg has got stuck in SA while her husband is sick in London. Tough times ahead. All the best with the next few weeks.
    @flourbaby well, I’ve stashed the rest of the chocolate in the fridge and seem to be satisfied with just a couple of daily squares now 🙂 Great job with your ‘new normal’ wfh routine!
    @suki2 isn’t the sunshine wonderfully cheering? Glad you are getting out with the dog! Thank you for hosting April – there’s plenty of help available for the spreadsheet – watch this space…
    @brightonbelle – has the beach got any quieter since lockdown was announced?
    @dykask i agree – I think this will last a while, and many things will get bumped to next year
    @saffy420 sorry to hear about DH’s zookeeping days – glad for the laundry!
    @emma-taylor slow & steady is often the best way
    @mia139 what on earth did we do before video calls?! In many ways i’m feeling too well connected, but it’s wonderfully reassuring to be able to see friends and family are well especially now
    @ccco Your curbside is our ‘click and collect’ – and neither are working well here ATM either. I had a delivery today with approx 1/3 things either missing or changed to much smaller items – and 3 wks before I can get another slot! I’m hopeful that things will get better soon. Would you mind putting 2nd post etc when you post a second time – i get v confused and think i’m seeing double!
    @songbirdme hope the dentist appt went smoothly and painlessly

    THinking of so many of our community who may be lurking or away, and hoping all is going well @at @rainbowsmile @coda @fatrabbit and many others. If you pass by, do give us a wave 🙂

    Whatever the day brings, go gently good people x

    Pocket list day 24

    Day 25 – Japan – NFD

    Data starting to come out of the UK, of 194 patients requiring critical care 70.1% have a BMI higher than 25. However there are a lot of other problems people have as they get heavy. Still there is more data that fighting for our health may help. At least eating healthy food is more important now than ever. (I’m saying this to encourage myself!!! It isn’t always fun to make healthy choices … 🙁 )

    Day 25, NFD, Aus

    Had EFS and vino day yesterday. (Well, wine at night – haven’t got to the point of guzzling during a workday!) So feeling v unworthy today.

    This social distancing feels weird. Everyone’s doing it (which is great) but it somehow feels rude to me.

    stay well everyone.

    Day 24 Ohio, US — NFD (67 bites)
    Day 23 — FD

    The FD went well yesterday. I had a 3 hour meeting last evening (the last one!) and then had to finish a project for today so it was a pretty late evening. This one will be definitely earlier.

    @basyjames Yes, I may stay with Instacart after things return to normal. It’s a nice service. And I’m in the process of setting up a virtual lunch for Thursday after class. Before spring break three of us regularly met for lunch in a little bistro after our class, so now it might be nice to keep up the tradition with a virtual lunch after our virtual class.

    @dykask The data you cite certainly make strong motivation for this WOL. It seems to me that I came across a study that indicated that specifically the 5:2 way of fasting strengthened the immune system. Do you, or anyone else, recall that exact study?

    @michelinme and @ccco Using Instacart and Whole Foods delivery, I’ve been able to cobble together a reasonable facsimile of my regular foods. You’re right — with each delivery there are lots of substitutions and a good number of deletions. Several things it seems as though all the stores around here are out of right now (other than toilet paper) include frozen vegetables, standard brand names of breads, almost all types of crackers (including Wasa!), hand soap, and distilled water. The last I use for my cpap machine, so I spent the evening researching substitutions for it.

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 25, Emden Germany, NFD

    We’re going to have another lovely sunny here. Husband has a day off today so we’ll be working in the garden this morning and this afternoon we’ll be in the kitchen. He works too much at the moment and his head is full work related things so I need to distract him today. Yesterday I had the sewing machine out and made curtains for the bedroom. The fabric I used was waiting in a drawer for over 30 years to be used so it was time to do something with it. Tomorrow I plan to start with new curtains for the bathroom, also a fabric that’s waiting to be used for a long time.

    @saffy420 I’m so sorry to hear that, will he be employed when the zoo opens again?

    @michelinme I didn’t know the moss clears the air, another reason to keep it. Try to go out for a walk every day, it’s good to clear your mind also.

    @penz don’t be so dishearted, this happens. Will you join me on my FD tomorrow?

    @basyjames 2 WFDs in a row, I can’t even do one!

    Have a nice day and stay safe everyone!

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Fabulous Spring morning. We have the kitchen door open letting in all the fresh Spring air and clear the house. I am off to work shortly but it’s invigorating to have fresh (though cold) air streaming through.

    DH still suffering badly with sinusitis/migraine….4 weeks now. It’s very strange. Still, at least his eyesight is not affected like last week and the shock of him losing vision 😱

    My Dad is on the waiting list for Covid-19 testing. He has a cold, a cough, but no fever. As he us 83 with underlying health problems his GP is getting him tested just to be safe. Dad is not worried about it, so I guess we better not fuss about it. Hope the test won’t take too long.

    So Ireland is now on an even tighter lockdown until at least April 14th. Both myself and DH can still go to work, thank goodness, and both our companies have put the social distancing measures into place for those of us who can’t work from home. Things in the shops seem to be replenished quickly so no shortages. I contemplated home delivery but too long of a wait for time-slots. We are ok so far.

    We are two weeks now into school closures and other measures, so let’s hope it will start to show with the daily reported cases and flattening the curve.

    Stay strong everyone.

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Happy Hump Day all! 🐫 Stay safe!

    Pocket List – Day 25 🥕

    Day 25 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Today should have been a trip to a local brewery. DD’s Xmas pressie to DH. But they’ve refunded and we will book again at some point.
    Another sunny day here, so breakfast outside. A few jobs then as long a walk as we can manage. We live on the edge of our little town with access to footpaths across fields etc. Not as stunning as the Lake District but we can generally walk and not see another soul.
    @saffy420 – sorry to hear about your DHs job. Hopefully he’ll be taken back once its all over.
    @mia139 – my brother is separate from his grandson during this time, although not as far it still means you miss so much. But thank goodness for all these communication apps.
    @basyjames – as an ex teacher I know the pitfalls of working all hours. Stress and exhaustion to name but 2. Please take care of yourself. Its especially important now more than ever.
    @songbirdme – hope the dentist went ok
    @michelinme – does sheltering mean you can’t go out to exercise?
    @penz – everyone around here is also practising social distancing, thank goodness. But they do acknowledge each other with a smile.
    A little one fell off his bike near me on Saturday; I went to help him up but then thought better of it. Parent was ok about it though.
    @snowflake56 – you are being industrious.:-) Haven’t touched any of my craft projects yet.
    @daffodil2010 – hope your dad is OK.
    Stay positive.

    Day 25 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Feels like spring is coming, yet another fabulous morning!

    Heading out for a walk after finishing this post, very lucky indeed that I can carry on with my walks and keep in line with Government/medical advice. I really do think cities have the hardest time in many ways. The thought I have is purely on numbers, here the entire population, taking in the whole area is around 800 with a lot of older residents. There is very little movement of traffic and even less people about at the moment.

    Quite funny, spring cleaning is not my forte, but yesterday afternoon in the warm sunshine the windows got a real clean and polish, in fact it was so nice carried on and did the conservatory as well, as OH said, any excuse for you to be outside!

    Hope everyone and families manage to avoid the worst of things, wherever you are in the world, Take care all x

    Pocket List – Day 25 🥕

    Day 25 Melb Aust CD

    Planned a FD800, but couldn’t resist that extra chocolate bar. Still, only about 1200 cals, so that’s still reasonable. Trying for an FD800 tomorrow, then FD Friday before Saturday’s weigh-in.

    @michelinme, watch out, I’m heading down to you (but maybe April to catch you??? Or May?)

    Take care all!

    Day 25, London, UK, CD

    I’m aiming for a controlled day today as I’m still trying to find a schedule that will work for me since I’m working from home. Perhaps ADF?

    I had a ‘little’ debate with my brother yesterday, he said you can’t keep kids cooped up for weeks on end, what about their mental health??!! Day 1 & already looking for excuses to break the rules!! I don’t understand the attitude, if there was an outbreak of smallpox or the plague had returned I’m sure parents would find a way to impart the urgency & importance of not going out and manage to keep the kids occupied. An adult vs a 10 year old …………………… is it really soooo difficult to say NO!!!?? It’ll be hard for everyone, but be a parent, say NO and failing that …………………… lock the door!!!

    @dykask, thankfully, common sense prevailed!! Nobody wants to compete, see or attend an Olympic Games running on 50%!!

    @saffy420, sorry to hear about the lay-off. I’m glad it won’t be a burden, I can’t imagine how those who live hand to mouth will cope.

    @basyjames, up 1st thing, showered, dressed, tea made and sitting at the dining table ready to start work!! The next hurdle is to turn the news off, usually at work I have headphones in, listening to Magic Chilled!! Good to know you’re back on track, I’m still in awe of you professional water fasters ……………………… maybe one day!!!

    Absolutely beautiful @songbirdme, I would love to visit sometime, Lake Blanche looks stunning!!

    @daffodil, I hope your dad just has one of those ‘Summer’ (should it be a Spring cold?) colds brought on by the changing weather, best to check it out though.

    The scales are still being very unkind!! I’m probably doing this WOL 80% correctly, so add that to this time of life business and perhaps I know why the scales aren’t playing fair!!! I can’t imagine where I would be if it wasn’t Parched March!!!

    Stay strong everyone, we just have to keep on keeping on!!!

    Glennon Doyle : “Your body is not your masterpiece — your life is.”

    Day 25 UK NFD

    I didnt’ realise how much I loved my fruit & veg until the fresh veg ran out! After yesterday’s delivery I had a lovely mid-afternoon snack of fresh avocado, then a supper of fresh spinach, ancient brussel sprouts and a few new potatoes. I don’t normally eat potatoes but I shared a bag with my mother & PA.

    This morning I remembered to weigh and am heading in the right direction at last! Having put on 3lbs at the start of this month I’m finally below where I began… Looking forward to Friday’s weigh day. Tho, like @betsylee I also managed a bar from my dark chocolate mountain!

    @snowflake56 you are so wonderfully industrious! I’m amazed at how everyone seems to have so much extra time atm. Thus far I’m feeling extra stretched and as tho usual things are piling up. Hoping that as my new rhythm kicks in I’ll have more time to potter and enjoy gentle gardening, spring clear outs, reading & crafts

    @suki2 yes, sheltering means staying in and not being in contact with anyone else at all. But my GP was v reassuring that what I’m doing now fits well. Thank goodness I live in a fairly quiet area – many people in the local area must have gone away as there are about half the usual number of cars parked on the street now. And the wild, quiet part of the common is only 500m away.

    I’m taking this morning ‘off’ as part of my new rhythm and because I’m feeling a bit unwell today. Going to sit outside an read a book and think for the next hour, then virtual coffee with a friend and colleague at midday before lunchtime online mass.

    Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 25 UK FD

    As an asthmatic ( usually all under control but this isn’t the time to be taking chances) I’m staying in Keeping busy but it takes some getting used to . Good to hear everyone seems to be coping

    Pocket List– Day 25 🥕

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good CD yesterday (OMAD, plus an apple mid afternoon). There is a national Silver Sneakers Live event today if anyone wants to join in — 11:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight time, so just over 2 hours from NOW wherever in the world you are. This is what I try to do 3x a week:


    You don’t have to be a Facebook member to do it, they say.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25 North Canton OH LFD3

    Did not sleep well last night, was awake at 2:30ish but I just closed my eyes and lay there. Had an 8:30 virtual meeting this morning so was motivated to get up at 7am. I struggled a bit during my bodyweight class – no jolt of energy today- I am really looking forward to my cup of black coffee, I am also considering a hot cup of broth later. Everything smelled so good yesterday, OH ordered pizza and wings, but I was able to resist. One of the joys of waterfasting is everything smells great and tastes even better once you break your fast

    @snowflake56 NFD and FD are more perilous for me than WFD, the all or nothing approach really works for me; once I get my head in the game I can resist anything. The problem is when I start eating – especially if I am stressed out, then I can justify anything going into my mouth-even stuff that I am not that fond of (go figure). I am working on finding a happy medium 🙂

    @saffy420 sorry about hubby. I hope the layoff is not a long term proposition and I am glad you are still in a financially stable position. Not many can say the same.

    @penz you are ALWAYS worthy, take heart-shake off the feeling of guilt and try again. You can do it.

    @dykask as a former critical care nurse I can confirm that the sickest patients were usually the heaviest ones. I believe that fat – especially abdominal fat – is very detrimental to our health, and an instigator or catalyst for a host of conditions that weakens the human body. Every action that we take to reduce our body fat percentage and abdominal fat levels, is a step in the right direction

    Louisiana and New orleans are reported accelerated spikes in cases due to Mardi Gras, you may remember that OH and I attended this year. Hopefully we do not have it, even more thankful for an immune system that has been strengthened (I believe) by my days tending to the very ill in the ICU, and the practice of IF

    @daffodill2010 warm thoughts for your dad and DH. A co-worker said her son and his GF think they have it, they don’t know for sure because they are unable to get tested, but they both said they feel really ill and have a cough. Fortunately they are young and fit , with no underlying health conditions.

    Pocket list day 25 – we will get through this, one day at a time

    Pocket List– Day 25 🥕
    @basyjames LFD3

    Day 25, UK NFD

    Thanks to everyone for their good wishes re DH’s job. His role within the zoo was classed as not essential so they let him and the others go. They will be straight back once it re opens. I spent a lot of time yesterday giving his colleagues advice re benefits, as it’s what I did before I left work in December.

    Such a gorgeous day today, I managed a walk around our local woods, there’s a way in about 100 yards from where I live and is about 3 miles around, it was so quiet, usually in weather like this it’s thronged with dog walkers and joggers.

    We went to the supermarket this morning. There were about 30 of us shopping, definitely more staff than customers. Apart from the usual toilet roll and hand sanitizers, it was fully stocked. Lots of fresh fruit and bed, even a few packets of pasta.

    Keep safe everyone.

    Day 25, md US, CD

    Am equally thankful for this group. Even if not doing 500-800 calories, I am CD and plan to keep them
    Around 1200-1500 while on 16/8. Good news to report another inch around my middle seems to have fallen off. Thank you 🙏

    The spring weather is upon us and it’s quite rainy this week which makes it tough with the kids in the house. We do encourage them to get outside for fresh air, we have a trampoline and the teens can practice throwing the ball etc. This is a better week getting them into more of a routine with home schooling…. they just announced MD schools will not return until at least end of April now but TBD we are thinking remainder of the year. Just hoping they roll out a good online curriculum as so far it’s extremely minimal. Our 5yo has maybe an hour of work and the older kids a bit more but only because we found con academy online! Ugh. Here’s to hoping.

    For some symblance of humanity and peace, am trying to stay away from our US politics and listening to the outrageous things out there while we’re going through this. Thanks for the group, stay safe!

    Day 25 UK FD

    Good FD today 24 hours from dinner yesterday. So good to hear how we are all coping with the enforced staying at home. I went for a long walk this morning and really enjoyed being out! People I passed were automatically stepping away onto a different part of the footpath to maintain the 2 m distance.
    Hopefully the measures put in place will start to reduce the numbers of those affected.
    Stay safe and well.

    DAY 24 France FD

    Although I’ve been quiet on here, I’m still sticking at it. I’m just at the end of 2nd FD this week. Just under 800 calories both days but since lockdown (started here 10 days ago), I’ve been gardening most of the time. Today 15000 steps and about 4 hours digging so I couldn’t manage on 500 calories. I went a bit mad on Sunday with scones, clotted cream and jam to celebrate Mothering Sunday ( couldn’t see my children, sadly) but that is the joy of 5:2.

    Since starting 3 weeks ago, I’ve lost 3.8kg so I’m feeling very happy.

    Keep safe all of you and I hope you have a good rest of the week.

    Day 26, FD, Aus

    Yesterday was another EFS / wine AND chocolate evening. I find myself thinking in this current situation that ah well, it doesn’t matter. I also catch myself saying that I have to go to the local café and get a toasted sandwich, not because I’m hungry, but because I’m doing my bit to help a business stay in business. (Right sentiment but for the wrong reasons!!)

    So yes, @snowflake56 – I WILL join you on a FD today! Really need to stay mindful at all times, not just twice a week.

    I’ve noticed lots more people out and about exercising (walking, jogging or cycling) now that the gyms have been ordered to close. Canberra is a great city for being outdoors and the weather is just lovely at the moment.

    Yay @michelinme and @clemmi! Great results.

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 26 Melb Aust FD800

    Just checking in. Going okay so far. Finding the social distancing, no contact, a bit strange, but continuing to be sensible. Like @brightonbelle, I have asthma, so avoidance of others seems the safest.

    Stay well, all!

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 26 – Japan – NFD

    @matpi – There was a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that I think came out in the last six months. I have a video link that talks about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgVz3837l0

    I think I tried to read the article but I couldn’t because I didn’t have a subscription. Anyway I don’t have a link to the article but there are a lot of blog posts about it. I think this is the study: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMra1905136

    Here is a blog post about it: https://www.dietdoctor.com/is-intermittent-fasting-the-new-norm

    @basyjames thanks for the information. Keeping our weight under control has to be helpful. I sincerely hope I never have to be in a ICU. You have a stressful job.

    @flourbaby – I’m not surprised by the Olympics delay. However it took a while because in Japan people have been building up to it for years. It is a huge deal in Tokyo. My daughter isn’t happy about it!

    Day 26, Emden Germany, FD

    I had a lovely day yesterday but being in the kitchen all afternoon cooking, tasting and drinking cocktails made me go way over TDEE. I’ll staighten it out with doing an extra FD on Saturday.

    @clemmi ad @michelinme well done and you still have a few days to go!

    @daffodil2010 hope your DH and Dad will be better soon. 4 Weeks with sinusitis/migrainemust be exhausting.

    @suki2 and @michelinme I’m retired and normally my DH works 4-6 days a month but now he has to work full time again. When he’s at home we like to do things together so I decided to take on a few solo projects I’ve been delaying for a long time. My friend sent me a link from a dress pattern she found but I didn’t like it for me so she send me another link from someone on youtube. She made a lovely dress, without having a pattern, from the series ²The mavelous Mrs. Maisel”. I looked at clips from the series, I want all the dresses Mrs. Maisel is wearing! So after the bathroom curtains the plan is to make a mockup for a kind of 50ies – 60ies dress!

    @cavanya our neighbours have 4 children between 3-13 y.o. Both parents are at home now and they have set up a strict plan to keep everyone sane. The monings are for learning, followed by playing music then playing in the garden. Last week they started building a tree house but this is going forward very slowly.

    @basyjames you encouraged me to try something new! For today I have my soup ready but on Saturday I’m going to try my first WFD, it will be challenging but we all need a challenge once in a while.

    @penz let’s make this FD a good one, we can do it!

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Have a nice day and stay safe everyone!

    2nd post

    sorry @betsylee for skipping you from the PL!

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick post as have to go to work. Finding it hard to fast these days, but trying to maintain normality in these strange times.

    Not sure now if Dad will be deemed eligible for testing as they changed the criteria overnight and now you must show symptoms of fever and a cough and be priority (medical staff, close contact with infected, at risk group)….. So as Dad doesn’t have a fever maybe he won’t be considered at risk.

    That has to be good.

    Got to go, have a good Thursday n

    Day 26 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone,

    I’m not a huge fan of facebook, I was persuaded to join by a number of friends so they could follow our travels since retiring. I’ll just put up an odd post with a couple of ‘photos and friends follow it. Particularly some older friends who can’t get out and about and love following our travels/walks/holidays etc.
    So a couple of days ago I put up a couple of ‘photos from our local walk, a couple of ‘friends’ played merry hell …. lockdown/should be at home etc. Despite telling them we complied fully with Gov/Health professionals advice, we never see anyone except in the distance or occasionally the other side of the road. No that wasn’t good enough for these couple (now blocked) got quite abusive, no doubt struggling with ‘confinement’ etc we could be passing on the virus. Rather sad, or I’m doing it wrong? Not a moan/rant more of a talking point !

    Nontheless, unless told otherwise, will still be going out shortly for my ‘daily dose’ Just glad the weather is good, if it had been like this last few months day after day of rain and gloom it might have been more difficult.

    Take care all.

    Day 26 pocket list:

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Our ’21 day lockdown’ starts at midnight, so I’m going out to make the most of my last few hours of freedom. Some measures they’re taking seem extreme. You can’t even take your dog for a walk?! And you can only go out to buy essential food & medical supplies. The sale of alcohol & cigarettes will be prohibited; so I imagine the bottle stores (off-licenses) will be mobbed today. I don’t smoke, but I used to, so I can imagine how the smokers wil be feeling if they haven’t/can’t afford to stock up. An excellent time to quit though, for those who really want to.

    Good luck Thursday fasters. I’ll be back on the list tomorrow…

    Day 25 – FD
    Day 26 – Ireland – NFD
    Hello everybody I hope you are keeping safe 💕
    I had a very busy day yesterday so didn’t get to post although it was a FD – So I’m happy with that. I haven’t been within 2 metres of another person since the weekend before last… I’m learning lots about myself! But I’m not bored thank god…. work is mental! like you and some others @michelinme I am feeling extra stretched with less time than before but I hope it will settle….
    Today will be a controlled today hopefully. I have been out for my morning bike “commute “ And I’m working away now.
    @Ihatelettuce It sounds to me like you’re complying perfectly with what Boris requested so I wouldn’t worry. I do think some people either don’t understand or take advice to an extreme. I think it’s so important to get your daily walk or exercise.
    having said that, @flourbaby some parents could do with paying a little more attention to the rules… ✅ I’ve had some “debates” with friends too…
    @funshipfreddie I did wonder about all those people who have dogs how they will manage over the coming weeks and months it seems crazy that you can’t get out to walk the dog?
    @daffodil2010 I’m glad they’ve changed the guidelines for testing… they were bring overrun with people testing negative…but I do hope that your dad is ok 👌.
    @saffy420 I’m glad to hear your hubby’s job is safe in the future 👍
    @snowflake56 you are doing lockdown in style 🍸 😄. I love it!!!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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