Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 11, Emden Germany, FD

    @dvw I make peanut butter myself so I don’t have a half filled jar in the house. It’s just peanuts, peanut oil and a bit of salt so easy to make in small quantities.

    @northerndawn It’s worth a try and when you’re in the rhythm of one day on one day off, it’s not too hard to do.

    @stitchincarol Enjoy your small holiday!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 – UK – CD

    I did manage my FD800 on Day 8 but definitely NFDs since so aiming for a CD today with a FD to start the week tomorrow.

    After a grey and drizzly Thursday, Friday turned out to be a beautiful sunny spring day so got the walking boots on for a great 14km hike and as yesterday was another sunny day was out again for a brisk 11km hike enjoying the wonderful scenery around here.

    Today is an early good morning from me as will be setting out at 0930 with a couple of friends for a hike up Nab Scar to Alcock Tarn, they are both slow walkers but wanted to give it a go so I promised to take them up for a slow and well paced walk – from home and back will be around 15km in distance and 600m elevation – will stop at the top in a sheltered place for a coffee and snack before heading back down so should be a good day!

    @snowflake56 – I had a fab time both with the friends and DD – had been missing that socialisation. ADF seems to have you back on track – it’s not something I have tried in the past, but will keep it handy if I have another slip from maintenance – let us know how you are finding it?
    @northgeorgia – was thinking of you and your ongoing plateau – have you thought of trying to eat to the TDEE of your next goal weight on NFDs and with 2 x FDs a week and see if this helps and remember to drink 2-3L of water a day – this worked for me on my weight loss journey
    @missybear – I too know well that slip up of opening that bottle of wine mid week!!!! I’m back on the DTF next week – join me and we can still enjoy 🍷🍷 on the weekend with no guilt 🤭
    @michelinme – sounds like you are in a good place and you are doing amazing work keeping up using your phone/iPad
    @stitchincarol – hope you find your exercise mojo – I find getting out for walks or doing some form of exercise is so good for my mental well being and helps to focus my maintenance mojo too
    @mogaman – hello and good to see you popping in – so sorry to hear that you broke a bone in your back 3 weeks ago – hopefully the healing process and recovery is going well 🤗
    @i-hate-lettuce – isn’t it great that you and Mrs IHL were able to celebrate some good news and what better reason for busting a FD!!! And how wonderful to be able to start planning some holidays again!
    @fivetwofan5252 @mogaman @basyjames – It’s great to know that we are not alone in avoiding the scales after a bit of overindulgence – I’m also like you in “I am not going to weigh myself until I am sure that I have re-lost all that I put on from my Easter Extravaganza! ” My aim is always to be within my maintenance range at the end of the month when I have my formal weigh in to finish and start a challenge…….
    @erikaa67 – great control – bet you enjoyed what you had thoroughly and felt fab

    Right off to get organised before I head out to meet up my friend who lives at the top of my road then we will walk together to meet up with 2nd friend on the other side of the village before heading to Rydal Park then upwards to Nab Scar – the sun is shining after another frosty start so definitely looking to be a good if cold day out – the climb will soon warm us up no doubt!!

    Sending positive vibes to all those in need today 🙏

    Day 8, New Zealand, NFD
    Day 9, New Zealand, FD
    Day 10, New Zealand, NFD
    Day 11, New Zealand, NFD

    Days just got away from me, have had a few blips but hopefully back on track again. Have arranged to do a 300 km bike ride at the start of May,(over 5 days) so would really like to be lighter by then.

    Hi, can I join you? I’m a bit late to the party I’m sorry!
    This is my first post, I’m in UK and this is a NFD for me.

    I have done blood sugar diet and fast800 for a long time and successfully got to target losing 3 stone. Then in July 2020 I stumbled across a paleo/whole foods diet called Whole30 which genuinely changed my life, and I have successfully eliminated dairy, grains and sugar from my diet along with some preservatives and almost all processed foods. I weigh myself once a month and my weight has remained stable within a pound or 2 despite no calorie counting or macro counting, it’s been a very enlightening experience..

    However, I would quite like to lose the last few ‘vanity pounds’ now. My bmi is the high end of normal (eg 23) and I put this down to being quite muscular due to quite a intensive exercise regime, but I’d really like to lose 5/6 lbs this month to take me down under the next stone bracket and just feel a bit slimmer for the upcoming summer!

    Any tips for incorporating 5:2 into my existing lifestyle would be great! Thanks

    Day 11 – Lake district UK – NFD

    @northgeorgia – Slowly does it and it works, don’t try and rush, you’ll get there.

    @paleobecca001 – Welcome to the Monthly Challenges, not sure I can help with incorporating 5:2 with what you’re already doing, all I can say is I’ve adopted the 5:2 WOL in July 2019 and by keeping it simple, ie just the 2 FD’s per week 4 careful days and one day off, I’ve lost 62 lb – 29.4 kg. The only other thing is I’ve increased my amount of walking and am more active in the garden. Feel a whole lot better for it.

    @at – Glad you’re making the most of the sunny days, think mayhem might just be around the corner, the number of people I have seen preparing caravans this week!

    Yesterday I went for my second C19 vaccination (10 weeks) it was late it the day, so Mrs IHL came with me to see if there was any spare capacity ie no shows etc. The instruction was simple, come back in 30 minutes when we’re finished and we’ll see. As luck would have it, there were a few spares, so great result, we’re both sorted!

    Really hard frost last night, I’d spent the early afternoon cutting the lawns, so it looked worse, but the suns doing its job and according to the forecast that’s the last for the moment. Excellent, can get some more of the more tender seeds sown this afternoon.
    Lazy day planned today, a long walk yesterday, quite a bit in the garden before we headed off out. Maybe wash the car and a bit of bimbling in the greenhouse.
    Tomorrow I may well be missing …. The clothes shops are opening, Mrs IHL has a plan and a list, I have instructions, the hairy string/bailer twine holding up the trousers while I’m working in the garden is going to be holding up plants shortly!!!!

    So add me to Mondays FD pocket list please.

    Take care all

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Oh dear seem to have slipped back into my old habit of overdoing the treats at the weekend . Will have to have a stern talk to myself – fast tomorrow and get back into planning for the weekend , which will be tough as pubs(outside only ) open again tomorrow ah well onwards……

    Missing you @daffodil2010 hope everything’s ok

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Hey, I am back, thanks @jaifaim and @brightonbelle for thinking of me ☺️….as a regular poster this is the longest I have been away.

    So my doctor rang Good Friday to tell me my bloods came back showing inflammation markers sky high.. Long story short, Easter consisted of worsening abdominal pain, a trip to A&E, a CT scan, and a diagnosis of a ruptured appendix 😨

    I am lucky, the doctor said, that instead of the ruptured appendix perforating my gut and potentially being life threatening, the appendix has instead formed a little mass around my colon. Not dangerous now, but too risky to operate on just yet.

    I have spent 4 nights in hospital, IV antibiotics and painkillers, and the consultant now has me on a 10 days antibiotics plan to get rid of the infection, then back yo him in 6 weeks for a scope to see if anything else lurking in my colon, then the appendix will be removed.

    To say I was SHOCKED is a complete understatement..yes I was in pain, but I always thought a burst appendix would be a pain unlike no other. Plus at 53 I didn’t think the appendix would be a worry now. The A&E consultant even told me that somebody was looking out for me “up there” as what happened was extremely serious.

    Funnily enough, my BP has gone back to normal, perhaps that massive spike a few weeks ago was the start of the infection?

    So it’s r&r for me. Signed off work until 19th April, focussing on my meds, sleep, good nutrition and lots of water. Even a twenty minute stroll has me tired (those meds are strong) and I have pain to manage, but I am determined to build up my strength and immunity in time for the operation in a couple of months.

    But you know, I do believe someone was looking out for me “up there”, I felt so close to my dear departed Mam and knew she would help me through. I also was determined that I would have my Dads strength of character to just get through this, not once did I ever feel it was end of days, and I will get better.

    I hope this doesn’t creep you out @i-hate-lettuce, but I also thought of you and drew on your strength going through your own health issues and that helped me too.

    So I won’t be worrying about weight right now, but I am back amongst you guys as the hope and inspiration from this group lifts us all. Thanks for being here. ☺️

    Hi Day 11 Northern Ireland NFD

    I hope you are all sitting down lol – it has only taken me 4 months since @songbirdme messaged me to say some had been asking about me to get my act together and say hello. I also got a recent email from @fuvvie which is another name some will remember. So again it was another prompt to get on and touch base.

    I have to go out just now but I will be back to give an update. Stay safe
    Love to all @coda xx

    Day 11 USA/DC NFD
    @daffodil2010 – that is so frightening. Happy to hear you will be ok, but oh my goodness that is frightening. Lovely that you felt your mom around. I often do as well – so comforting. Stay safe, take care of yourself, breath. Very, very scary.

    It’s a rainy day here – which is a good thing as we have very high pollen counts. And maybe that will give me the ability to say it’s okay to sit and read instead of run around headless which seems to be my mode.

    Trying to figure out maintenance without having to do 2 FD a week. The oddest part for me is that somehow it is easier (mentally) to do 2 FD a week rather than 1. I cannot figure that one out, but I know it is true for me at least.

    Blood work this week. – first physical in a year and a half (due to shutdown). Fingers crossed.

    Happy flowers today.

    Day 11 uk NFD

    Yesterday another weird eating day – got bogged down in researching laptops so had brunch then late supper. Two days a little over TDEE but no EFS.

    Today I’m feeling a little better despite no enough sleep. I’ve just finished a monthly zoom gathering now to cook then plant some seeds and clear pots in the sunshine . Determined to order a laptop by the close of today and also get to bed early. Going gently.

    @paleobecca001 welcome. Plain vanilla 5:2 seems to work well. Picking two days that’ll work with your routine to fast. Many of us also find it helpful to be mindful of feasting days and adjust around them. That’s what makes it sustainable.

    @daffodil2010 my goodness!!! You poor thing. What a shock to the system. I’m so glad to hear from you and that there’s a plan in place for your care and treatment. So sorry that you’ve had such a scary time – and over Easter too. I’m thinking your dh will be taking wonderful care of you. Go very very gently. It’s easy to underestimate quite how I’ll we are when these acute things hit. Your brain needs time to catch up and process, which is all part of the healing. Take very good care xxx

    @coda lovely to have you drop by, and look forward to hearing your news.

    Wishing you all a day of rest and peace, or whatever you need before the week ahead.

    Day 11, USA, NFD

    After a day of sunshine and walking yesterday, ready for a rainy day indoors.

    Looking forward to joining pocket listers tomorrow to kick off the week.

    Sweet Sunday to you all!

    Just discovered this site, have a stubborn 10 lbs to lose, but boy is it stubborn. At only 5’0” an extra 10lbs makes a visible difference. Recently retired after being a flight attendant for 26 years. Walk 5 to 7 miles daily, but don’t feel as active as I was when working. Because of the pandemic, have not gone back to gym in over a year, hope to go back after second vaccine. Have never tried 5.2 , wish me success. Good luck to all. Abovewing

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 228 lbs.

    @i-hate-lettuce Thanks. I think I’ve accepted that I need to be patient after these several months. I had read how this slowdown is normal, and realized that my body probably got scared and went into survival mode after losing more than 50 lbs in less than a year, and it is trying its best to maintain what’s left. I know I gained an average of 2 lbs this week over last week, but with Easter last weekend and my vaccine on Thursday, I wanted to be kind to myself. I am hoping to find myself on the right track again this week.

    @at I have thought of that, and I do believe being more careful about what I packed for lunch on NFDs and doing more ZBCs in a week helped me lose about 10 lbs between the end of November through the beginning of this month, but I’ve slacked off. I’ve read so much about not trying to rush things by adopting another type of fasting on top of 5:2, or reducing calories so much that metabolism slows down. But taking the approach of already imagining myself at my goal weight and eating the TDEE for that weight sounds promising. Since it worked for you, I may give that a try. I just calculated it out, and it means lowering my weekly intake by an additional 402 calories a day, or 2,800 calories a week. Of course with 5:2, it means on the NFDs, lowering daily calories by about 565 calories a day. Yikes! Maybe I could try cutting out 200 or 250 a day to start. I probably need to food journal for a few NFDs to see what’s going on. I am starting to increase my water intake, too. Odd how little things help — our workplace gave out these little cups that change with the temperature with the liquid inside. So when I pour cold water into the cup, it turns blue! I think the childlike fascination has made me drink more water haha!

    Unfortunately, I know what went on this week, and I still have to finish some of the remaining non-freezable Easter leftovers today (mostly vegetables left, thankfully). In addition, I bought some lean ground pork/beef mix to create a Ragu sauce and am thinking of making a cream cheese and herb ravioli to go with it. Today’s the best day to cook that up, but we’ll see. I must remember that a little is OK, but those calories can add up quickly!

    Don’t worry, I’ll get back on the right path this week. I sort of knew this past week was going to be horrible, but it could have been worse had I not been 5:2’ing it.

    Day 11 – 2nd post

    @daffodil2010 – Wow, you’ve had a bit of a rapid roller coaster ride there, really glad to hear you’re OK.

    Far from creeping me out, if thinking of my ‘journey’ has helped you in any way I am really pleased!

    Don’t forget the human body is actually a remarkable bit of kit. You’re a lot stronger than you realise, with the help from the medical profession and a determined mindset you can get through al sorts.

    Take care, take it slowly and you’ll soon be enjoying summer in the garden and back to ‘normal’ before you know.

    Big hug from me and Mrs IHL.

    2nd post

    Welcome @abovewing. Make yourself at home. There’s information in the first post in this monthly challenge and plenty more around the forum. This is a friendly international group gathering to encourage each other through our goals this month. All the best with your first FDs 🙂

    Day 11 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @daffodil2010 sorry to hear about your health scare 😱. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care xxx

    Day 12, NFD, Aus

    Wow – missed a few days and missed a lot of news! @daffodil2010 – scary!! Glad you are taking a few days off work to concentrate on you. Welcome to the newbies.

    Mojo is still MIA. I’d been planning a FD today but I’m travelling (again!!!) so had a ham cheese and tomato toastie for lunch. If that’s all I have today I’ll be pleased but my inner strength is siding more with will power than won’t power!

    Day 12, Emden Germany, NFD

    @coda How lovely to hear from you again! I hope you’re fine and things have calmed down in the family.

    @daffodil2010 I’m sorry to hear about your medical problems, glad they sorted it out. I hope you recover well without too much pain.

    @paleobecca001 and @abovewing Welcome!

    @at I find it quite easy to do at the moment but I can’t say the weight is going down fast. I seem to be stuck at 60 kg but I know it will go down eventually. I think I’m going to do ADF until I’ve reached the lower end of my maintenance weight range and then go back to 5:2 trying to stay there.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone, today, off to get some new bailer twine or hairy string to hold up my trousers 😉

    Going to be a costly trip to the shops this, I’ve just spotted Mrs IHL’s list 🙁

    Monday FD for me

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 12

    Day 12 UK FD

    Not half way through April yet I’m pressing that trusty reset button

    Oh @daffodil2010 I suspected you were ill , but not to that extent Look after yourself💕 and a pop in from @coda too !

    Pocket list day 12

    Day 12 -Canada – FD

    I’m glad you’re feeling better @dafodill2010, very scary. Somebody is definitely watching over you.

    Pocket list day 12

    Day 12 – USA/GA – FD

    I have to admit, there’s been 7 lbs of weight gain in the past 10 days. I blame the Easter/vaccination week and assorted leftovers. I do have a possible celebration lunch to attend tomorrow. Thankfully, the leftovers may produce one more meal (if they keep), and today is a FD!

    @at I think increasing water and lowering NFD calories is a good strategy. Ideally, I should be looking at around 550 fewer calories per NFD. Replacing sugary drinks with water is probably the first thing to do (they always creep back in). I’ll be thinking about that today.

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 1 – uk- FD

    I’m doing my first fast day today, thought I may as well hit the ground running. I don’t normally weigh myself mid month but I did this morning as a point of reference, however I was quite disappointed to see that I’d actually gained around 7lbs since 1st April – I think a combination of water retention/TOTM, maybe a little too much wine and also I have not been running nearly as much as usual due to a hip issue. But even so, my diet is usually exceptionally healthy and I don’t feel I’ve eaten especially more since 1st April so I was a bit surprised. I’ve drunk gallons today to counter any potential water retention.

    So anyway, today is my first fast day. I’m aiming for 500 cals- I skipped breakfast and had chicken breast, carrots, cabbage and mayo for lunch, which was just over half my daily allowance. Tonight I am having lime and chilli king prawns and cauliflower rice. I think the biggest change I will notice is the reduction in fat as the only plated fat today is my tbsp of homemade mayo, and I would normally eat plated fat at each meal.

    I think my second fast day will be Wednesday – is there pro/con to doing consecutive days or leaving a day between? Do you all normally do the same days each week?

    Day 12 USA/DC FD
    Good morning all – how can it already be April 12th!!!
    It’s a Monday – so for me that means a FD. Beyond helping with maintenance, FDs really help my head – I always feel clearer and cleaner after a FD. Maybe I need to focus more on that than on “not eating” to help me stay on course.
    Enjoy the day. Stay well.

    Day 12 MN/USA FD

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    @daffodil2010 – I was worried that your inflammatory markers were high as that was the last thing you had posted saying you were waiting for the results. I am so happy for you that they figured this out and have you under a treatment plan. What a frightening time for you. You sound steady and upbeat, and that will see you through the worst! Best of luck. Hugs and prayers for good results and good health.

    USA. Day 12. NFD

    Taking a day off today! I am checking in for accountability, though. Sorry, I have been a little out of commission. I have been so busy lately and by the time everything is done, I am too tired! :(. Must be getting old!

    Hope you are all having a great Spring day! 🙂

    Day 12 North canton Oh FD

    @coda shock and awe! Great to see you again

    @daffodil2010 I am so happy this has been figured out and there is a plan for your recovery. How horrible!!

    @paleobecca001 welcome to be best support group on the ‘net. We all have different schedules that work for us. Tinker around with your fasting schedule until you find a routine that works for you. The best schedule is the one that is sustainable for your lifestyle.

    @abovewing welcome as well.

    we are happy to have you both here, it is never too late to do what’s right for your health.

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 12 UK NFD.

    Only got about 6hrs sleep last night and feeling rough today. I had an early start and feel as though I’ve not woken up all day. Unproductive and sluggish, not a good day for s FD.

    I’m going to bathe early and aim to be asleep as early as possible. Bumping my FD to tomorrow and hoping the rest will make it an easier one.

    I finally ordered a laptop yesterday, now impatient for it to arrive! Being without a keyboard and two weeks of workarounds means the tasks are piling up.

    Wishing strength to all fasters today. As we near the midpoint of the month here’s to shaking off the sloth and springing up again.

    Day 12 – Ireland – FD

    My goodness @daffodil2010 – I am very glad to hear you are ok… what a few weeks you have gone through as it must be so scary to be brought into hospital too at the moment but so glad to hear you are on the mend and you definitely have someone looking out for you 💕. It is great that you drew strength from @i-hate-lettuce – isn’t that brilliant 💪 . Mind yourself now and rest up 😘

    Welcome to @paleobecca001 and @abovewing! Top tip is to read the first post for this month and to post or even read the posts regularly 👍

    Hi @coda! Lovely to see you!

    @northgeorgia I’d have your celebratory lunch and then get back on track… sugary drinks are such empty calories.. I took a can of pop with me yesterday on my hike – just in case – but didn’t need it thankfully… made do with water and then a nice coffee afterwards..

    I had quite a good weekend and a big 20km hike yesterday so hoping I can right myself this week – definitely feeling better than last week…

    @northerndawn thanks for the support – you are so right… and I’m back on track now 👍

    I started typing this earlier and then got busy so the day has been more CD than FD…. So won’t pop myself onto the pocket list and then I’ll try again tomorrow.

    Night all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13, Emden Germany, FD

    Pocket list day 13

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 uk NFD
    Morning everyone. I really enjoyed my fast day yesterday, I wasn’t hungry especially and although in the evening I felt a bit lost, I did stick to the 500 calories. This morning I am down a ridiculous 7.5lbs which proves I was retaining some serious water yesterday, camel style 😆 however, I will still take that!

    Today is a NFD for me. I’m prepping some food for the week ahead. One problem with a Paleo regime is that there is nothing (ever) that I can just ‘grab and go’; it all has to be made myself. Routine is key! So today I am making aioli/mayonnaise, seasoned chicken thighs and scotch eggs, which will form the basis of my breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the week.

    I really really want to run today but I am staying off my leg one more day, as it’s still not 100% and we are going to Devon on Thursday and I really want to be able to run at the coast. Necessary payoff. I have an outdoor circuits class tonight though and now the weather has improved I fully intend to get out there in the sunshine today.

    Have a lovely day, all

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD

    I agree with you @nellen FDs also mean a clear mind and sharper focus for me…
    @snowflake56 I’m with you today 👍

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 23

    Day 13 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Well I spent my months pocket money yesterday! It comes as a bit of a shock when the wardrobe needs replacing and you do most of it in one day! However, I’m looking quite a smart dude in the mirror now, never been this shape since I was training and playing rugby regularly, that was back in the 70’s ….
    It’s quite funny meeting people that I’ve not seen over the last year or so, met a couple over the weekend and they didn’t recognise me for a moment or two, As was said at the time, “Good job you were in your garden or we would’ve just walked past you!”

    Having friends round for a BBQ this afternoon for his birthday, so that will be fun!

    @jaifaim …. Love the ironic typo

    ‘Day 13 – Ireland – FD
    I agree with you @nellen FDs also mean a clear mind and sharper focus for me…’
    Then finished with …. ‘Pocket list day 23’ 😉 🙂

    Easily done, not the first time I’ve had folk thinking they’ve lost a day or two.

    Take care all

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Thank you all for your kind words, I really appreciate it. It has been a scary time, looking back at it, but actually during it I was so strong and determined that I was getting through this, I did not let myself once worry about “what-if’s”…. And I won’t let myself worry about “what-if’s” in the weeks to come ……this is the time to focus on building my immunity, getting rid of the infection, prepping myself for future surgery 💪

    Thanks @i-hate-lettuce for the strong encouragement and yes, I agree, our bodies are stronger than we think. The doctor told me that the little mass that formed was actually my own body healing and looking after itself 🙏

    @jaifaim I will be honest, the thought of hospital in these times put me off, but the bloods meant I had to go. I did head to A&E of a big public hospital first, but after 4 hours sitting on a plastic chair without being seen to, and the waiting room getting progressively fuller, despite my pain I felt VERY unsafe Covid-wise, so I walked out. I have health insurance so my GP referred me to a private hospital and within 4 hours I was scanned, diagnosed, on meds, treatment plan in place and admitted for a few nights. I have not been sick enough to use my medical insurance before but by god, glad I have it now 👍

    So back to my daily posting with the big mug of coffee and how good that feels 😀
    I am not fasting as such as I have to have some food once I take my meds at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm, but I am certainly now keeping to plain cooked foods to aid digestion and maximum antibiotics upload. But I will keep portions small and calories low.

    . I am going to do some research on best foods to help antibiotic absorption, and next week, once the meds are over, I will lash into the probiotics and acidophilus etc to get the gut right.

    I want to lose at least 8 lbs before surgery, I want to help my surgeon have an easier time finding the appendix without negotiating too much belly fat 😆

    Great to be here, onwards we go.

    Day 13, New Zealand, NFD

    Decided that I needed a new mountain bike for my trip, so purchased one yesterday. Looking forward to getting away for a few days.

    Day 13 – Canada – NFD

    Just checking in. Stay strong all.

    2nd post

    @jaifaim Nice to have you with me today!

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 228 lbs. Yep, officially, I started ticking upwards over the past couple of weeks. Have a celebration lunch today, but I think we’re having Japanese food, so it may not be so calorie laden. I do have a few Easter leftovers at home that I’ll need to finish up tonight. Thankfully, they are mostly vegetables (unfortunately, southern style! Fried Okra, creamed corn, coleslaw, and isn’t macaroni & cheese a vegetable if baked and homemade lol). Definitely a ZBC today, then. Going to try and drink water with everything today to limit empty calories.

    Got to get back on track this month! My boss said he didn’t recognize me from a distance yesterday until I turned and waved from the top of the hill (at another campus building), identifying me by my hair being the right combo of salt and pepper whereas his “is mostly salt now.” LOL! He said people can tell I’ve lost a lot of weight. He couldn’t believe I was still over 200; that I looked to be in the 180s. Anyway, nice to have validation.

    Now to really get into the 180s; haha!

    Second post
    Ha ha!! Oops @i-hate-lettuce 🤪😂😂 that’s because yesterday’s FD was not tip top 👍 so clearly have brain fuzz 😂. I won’t know myself tomorrow after today’s FD 😂😂😂

    Day 13 USA/DC NFD
    Yesterday’s FD was so needed. I woke this morning feeling so much better. I am not really sure how or why FDs give me a sense of calm and I feel generally less stuffed. Not just stuffed with food, but generally stuffed. (So much for articulating what I am trying to say). But after a FD I just feel better.
    so yay. And I am back down at 131 (on the higher side but that’s fine) which is where I want to be. So all in all, yay.
    It’s damp and muggy and kind of blah out today so perhaps I will stay in and get all the paper off my desk (and perhaps not :))))
    Enjoy today all

    USA Day FD800

    Pocket List Day 13
    @ccco. FD800


    Day 13 – on vacation in San Antonio, TX

    I’ve been thinking of you all. The days have been far too busy and full to have even five minutes to sit down and read posts and do any chattering myself, and right now is not much different. My friend is checking us into the hotel, so that’s what’s giving me a few minutes but then we’ll be off and doing the famous river walk here in this city, and so I won’t have any more time. I look forward to a chance to read all the posts and hope you all are doing well and are healthy and content, and perhaps even losing weight!

    Day 13 – UK – TDEE

    Day 11 walk with friends turned out to be a fab one – after a steady climb and then a meander across the fells we settled by the tarn for a coffee and snack and ended up spending an hour in the sun well protected from the wind – we even had a pair of very friendly ducks 🦆come and join us for any crumbs going

    Yesterday was an early solo 14km and I had the best of the sunshine – by the time I got back the clouds had taken over and the temperature had dropped considerably.

    Today an early drive to meet up with DD (about 1hr drive away) and do a long beach walk with her and her 🐕 – after a coffee and snack by the coast we picked up a lovely husky called Maya for her regular walk (ended doing around 10km in total) We then drove back to a lovely little beach where we enjoyed an ice cream in the sunshine before I headed back home.

    @paleobecca001 and @abovewing – welcome on board – I hope that 5:2 helps you achieve your goals
    @i-hate-lettuce – certainly have noticed an increase in footfall I the village but not too busy as yet so have been able to enjoy my walks without feeling under pressure so far. Great news that both you and Mrs IHL have managed to get your 2nd vaccine together! Today on my return our little village was heaving so I think you’re right about the mayhem starting……
    @daffodil2010 – so sorry to hear the outcome of your recent health issues – you are so right that for now focussing on your meds, sleep, good nutrition and lots of water sounds like the correct thing to do – sending you lots of healing hugs and positive vibes 🤗🤗
    @coda – lovely to hear from you – I hope that the issues you and your family, especially your DS were going through have been sorted out to your satisfaction – thinking of you x
    @northgeorgia – apologies for not making my suggestion clear – I did mean for you to work your TDEE for your next (interim) weight loss goal not your final one….glad you worked it out anyway

    Not managed a FD yet this week – must try hard for one tomorrow – I’m also having a long waited for hair cut tomorrow (last one was early December!!) I have taken to wearing a beanie when I’m out hiking as my hair goes mad and I end up looking like a mad woman…..🤣🤣

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 13 North Canton OH FD

    Today got away from me, because I was too busy to post. Quick check in and I will try to catch up on posts tomorrow

    Day 23, USA, NFD

    Pretty controlled eating day, albeit a large dinner after which I feel full. At least I got in a hearty walk to enjoy the last part of a sunshiney day.

    I was feeling a bit nackered, which leads to mindless eating as many of you may know. I had a restless night of sleep last night after fasting. Always seems to happen to me every time. And I took melatonin. I’m jealous of those of you that admit to sleeping soundly after a FD.

    Good night everyone. Be well.

    Day 13, 2nd post

    @at OOOOH, now that does seem reasonable. With that, I should aim for around 100 fewer calories per NFD. Much more doable!

    Had a big celebration lunch, and finished the Easter leftovers for dinner (there weren’t so many after all, whew)! Should be back on track for the rest of the week/month.

    Day 14, Emden Germany, NFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Fun afternoon yesterday, friends round for his birthday, late lunch, a drink or two and a great laugh. They were suitably impressed with the new image stood in front of them in new togs!
    Funny how lockdown ends and suddenly we’re busy, dentist at lunchtime today, then coffee with friends we’ve not seen for nearly 18 months, lots to catch up on!

    Looks like the weather has picked up as from today, a bit warmer overnight last night and sun really warm this morning, greenhouse calling, it’s getting full in there and plants need potting on.
    Need a bigger greenhouse? Tried that at a previous house, I bought a second one … then filled that as well !

    Blackbirds fledging now, had a youngster perched on the kitchen windowsill while adult back and forwards with food for it, non stop job!

    Take care all

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD
    Good morning!
    Lovely and sunny here so I had a lovely walk on the beach before work…
    @at and @i-hate-lettuce it’s lovely to hear all about your beautiful part of the world… I spent a lot of time in the Lake District in my past.. it’s such a lovely time of year up there 💕
    Good FD yesterday! Thanks for the company @snowflake56, @basyjames and @ccco!
    Have a good day all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s a lovely sunny day, though a bit chilly in the morning. My tulips are in full flower and look great, the smell of freshly cut grass, watching birds with twigs in their beaks off to build nests, and I could have sworn I saw a housemartin yesterday……now that’s the sign that summer is on the way ☺️

    Taking it easy, lots of rest, grounding and reiki. Sticking to a bland food diet for now, so for one week only it’s perfectly OK to eat white bread toasted 👍

    My tomatoes and chillis are coming along nicely, once it’s May I will plant them on to the final planters and I look forward to that. I had cleared out two raised beds which used to be full of flowers, I have sown red clovers not the beds as a green manure, so in a couple of weeks I will dig that in, then will sow my carrots and onions. I love gardening and look forward to all that has to be done.

    Have a lovely hump day 🐪 Every day getting better and better.

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