Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 6 UK FD

    This is me back on the waggon after Easter indulgence. I’m slightly amazed to find scales only up 2lbs and no inflation of my carbtastic stomach. Sugar and buns were definitely consumed more than once over the long weekend but extra exercise may have helped me out there,

    I’m still low on tech nut have got through the day of zoom interview and proof reading on this old iPad and my phone. Also had weekly visits from my mother-bubble today – low key but no less enjoyable. After a conversation covering hymns, books and knitting she went home with some fresh ideas and a nosegay of herbs.

    I’m finding today’s fast a little difficult after the weekend’s indulgence. But roasting a butternut squash to make a dal tomorrow with courgettes and sweet potato. It’s the fridge end batch cook as my fortnightly veg box comes tomorrow. That just leaves pomegranate to weave into the menu and I’m there.

    Off to do Italian homework and run a bath now. Yesterday I had 11 hours sleep and it felt amazing. I’m keen to see how life feels when I’m not exhausted. Who knows what may be possible?! All these things come together to support me in making healthy choices. Baby steps.

    Day 6, USA NFD

    Had a controlled eating day so far. It’s gorgeous out but just getting back from work then shopping, I’m feeling NOT I the mood to go out and walk. But I shall…

    Chicken and salad for dinner. The crisp Chardonnay from Easter calls my name in the fridge but I’ll wait a few days. No need to drink on a Tuesday (like I did for most of the pandemic.

    Best to you all.

    Day 6 MN/USA FD800

    Like others here I went way overboard this past weekend and, after making myself count the calories, I would be too embarrassed to share the total count for 3 days. It seems so unfair how it not only snowballs once you start, but how you can set yourself back 3 weeks in 3 days time. As I’m epically stuffing myself with carbs and treats in the future, I need to ask myself if it is really worth it.

    Back on the wagon now, and had a good long walk before it rained. I have limited myself to protein and fat only today. The plan is now to undo the damage and try to lose the 3 lbs I have gained since Friday. Hopefully, within a couple weeks. I know for a fact this isn’t easy on easy off……I counted the calories and they are substantial!

    Plan: FD800 or less for the rest of the week at least, 4:3 next week. DTS (Sunday) each week. Walk 2 – 3 miles daily. Weight work 2 x week. Yoga daily. LCHF. Determination and mindful eating. Keeping my eye on the prize and my goal of weighing 150 lbs by May 21.

    Good luck everyone.

    Second Post

    @michelinme – Thank you for the slaw “recipe” ! I love to play around with different versions once I have the basic ingredients list!

    @songbirdme – You and @at are truly our maintenance “stars”. I so respect people who have basically maintained for all these years. Congratulations to all of you successful maintainers that might be reading this.

    Day 7, NFD, Aus

    Hello al. First week down and I have NOT had a “good” April!! Far too much food, wine, chocolate… oh you all know the story!

    I love that feeling when your body demands a FD, @stitchincarol, but mine is not there yet.

    Still searching for my mojo… @lilymartin, you wrote my story too!

    You’re doing well staying so much online and connected @michelinme even with all your IT challenges!

    Day 7, Emden Germany, FD

    @dvw In our area we don’t have migrating birds but we still have a lot of geese on the fields. They come from the east and stay here for the winter.

    @basyjames I’m doing ADF at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. It’s much easier than I thought it would be. I also like I’m not overeating anymore.

    Pocket list day 7
    @northerndawn FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 7, New Zealand, NFD

    Ok ish day, not my best effort but tomorrow is another day. Made Curried chicken and lentil soup from the Fast 800 Recipe book, makes enough for 4 meals, so have it ready for my fast day tomorrow. Was a bit heavy handed with the curry, but still very nice.

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    To those of us who enjoyed the weekend treats a little too much 🙄 well just think where we would be if we weren’t back here and doing our FDs! I’m aiming for a careful week of healthy eating but its not easy with a chocolate Easter egg calling my name from the kitchen cupboard, wish DH would hurry up and eat it.

    Keep on keeping on everyone, just one day at a time….

    Day 7 – Canada – FD

    Good morning.

    @northerndawn – I also wonder whether the feast was worth it. I had any sweet I wanted, cookies, chocolate, ice cream but the enjoyment was not nearly as satisfying as I had thought. Definitely something to consider for my future planned feast in May.

    @snowflake59 – thanks for putting me on the pocket list. I find it really helps as the day progresses.

    Good luck all.

    Day 7 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 227 lbs (really thirsty yesterday, so I know where the weight is coming from). I need to increase my water intake this evening.

    Pocket list day 7
    @northerndawn FD800
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 7. USA/DC.
    Not sure what day I am going to have today but it will definitely have to be controlled, as in CONTROLLED. Monday’s FD was a 1.5 pound drop, yesterday’s kind of nothing day was a 1.5 pound gaining. AND I am so thirsty. I am going with @northgeorgia. Today has to be about water and lots of it.
    Am kind of wondering if all the allergies meds have a role in water retention. Am so congested and sleepy. Maybe it’s that.
    Anyway, it is going to be a gorgeous day here in DC. Planning on a long walk with a dear friend. So all is good.
    Be well all

    Day7 UK FD

    Yesterday’s FD went ok in the end. I had quorn “chicken“ and slaw for late lunch, beetroot and butternut squash dal followed by an old nectarine and half an apple for supper. I told myself I could have other things tomorrow – forgetting that in fact it’s Wednesday and my new second FD of the week.

    This morning my weight was down by almost 2lbs, just a smidgeon above where I started this challenge. Hopefully that will motivate me to keep on track. I had a wonderful 10hrs sleep plus another hour dozing. Still feeling tired but hoping a few more of those will put me right. I’ve spent a leisurely morning doing chores and making a double batch of fridge end dal – butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette tomato and mushroom. I think there’ll be enough for 8 meals which will set me up for some good FD. @wacm Hope your soup does the trick too 😊

    I was supposed to be doing a zoom yoga class this lunchtime but the link didn’t work. I’m going to spend a little while stretching then pot up my dal and get ready for my afternoon zoom meeting. So glad I’ve taken a week out from most commitments and can enjoy stretching, cooking and early nights on a Wednesday – feels like luxury, And much more fun than chocolate 😃

    Seems there are a fair few of us regretting some of our feasting this weekend. And plenty needing to drink more water. It makes it so much easier to follow this WOL when we have company for encouragement and companionship along the way 😇😊

    Missing some of our regular posters this week – hopefully taking a few more leisurely days. Here’s strength to all fasting today!

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Bit of a theme going ? Seems I’m not alone in going a bit overboard at Easter ? I truly hope it is a case of quick on quick off @stitchincarol but I’m back on the straight and narrow and have an end of month goal in mind

    Not like @i-hate-lettuce to be AWOL hope you’re busy in the garden 🪴

    Right off to do my usual afternoon 3 miles with Leslie Happy 🐫 day x

    Day 7 North Canton OH FD

    @snowflake56 I love ADF too! It prevents me from getting into a routine with overfeeding. I am trying to figure out the ratios to maintain with ADF because I just prefer this rhythm to extended feeding days

    @missybear you are right, fasting provides us a safe refuge and a chance to reset. I am so grateful for it

    @dvw we have all wondered the same thing, and we have also all wondered why we keep falling into the same trap of over-feasting

    @northgeorgia and @nellen drink up guys 🐱‍🚀

    @michelinme congratulations on the drop, and strength to you as well💜

    USA. Day 7. FD800

    Pocket List Day 7
    @northerndawn FD800
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)
    @ccco. (FD800)


    Thought I would get myself on the list quickly before the day is over! I have been so busy lately and it looks like we are going to have a bad allergy season. I weighed myself this morning on my new scale and I guess I have finally gotten the hang of that scale and I love it. Apparently, my metabolic age is 66, which is great news for a 70+ year old!! LOL. Anyway, I lost a little weight! Hurray! Now, I had better get onto reading everyone’s posts.

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Finally, LOL! I’m a little worried that a FD today is going to be TOUGH, but mostly I’m thrilled at the idea, and okay with the challenge. Happy Hour with the gals lasted nearly four hours yesterday; we chatted and laughed and commiserated and were so surprised to discover it was almost eight o’clock by the time we reluctantly agreed we should all probably head home. These are the gals I get together with about four times a year; we all used to be leaders in a direct sales company and first forged our friendship over that commonality, but now are friends because we’ve learned to care about each other. As to food, we shared a nachos plate (it wasn’t at all large, thankfully), then I had a single taco, a blackberry margarita, and a beer. So the consumption wasn’t bad…but the scales are again up a precise pound, this time to 149.0. Now begins the journey with determination to get back below 145, and then on my way further down.

    Do I regret any of it? No, not really. It’s the “life” part of WOL, and I clearly didn’t go overboard. That said, I really am thrilled I “get” to fast today!

    @michelinme Is today when your new laptop is to arrive? There’s so much work involved in setting up a new laptop, so I hope it all goes smoothly for you; I’m sure you’re VERY ready to leave behind your cell phone/old iPad for your posting!

    @i-hate-lettuce I too am wondering at your silence, and hope all is fine.

    @daffodil2010 Are the BP meds still doing their job and everything is fine with you?

    I loved reading the chatter and updates from the rest of you…it’s such a joy to be cyber friends with all of you.

    I have one more huge thing coming up, and that’s an Ascension Hymn Fest. It’s basically an hour-long organ recital. I plan the whole thing–choosing hymns, what organ arrangements to use, what choral/solo music to add, and which scriptures to read and when–and then type it all up and work with the musicians to pull it off. This year Ascension falls on our anniversary on May 13. I’ve been considering what theme to go with for nearly a year–starting pretty much the day after last year’s–but couldn’t figure out how to pull off what I wanted to do, so have decided to go with “favorites” and am asking people who attend every year what their favorite hymn is. That should make it somewhat easier…at least, I’m hoping so!!

    What big challenges are all of you facing??

    Have a delightful day accomplishing things and resting and being mindful, in whatever proportion is needful for you in your life at this moment!

    Day 7 USA FD800

    Thanks for adding me to the list, @snowflake56! I’m wondering how you and @basyjames are organizing your ADF fasting….are you doing 500 cals on your FDs, and then doing your TDEE amounts on NFDs? I’d love to know if you have time.

    @dvw – I have to keep the question of if it’s worth it in my mind as well in May. Especially since if I make my weight goal by the 3rd week of May, I will probably let my guard down and overindulge in celebration (or is that sabotage?), judging by my past behavior. Well, I guess making a goal for the next 5 lbs lost to be by July 4th might help keep me on track. I need goals to stay on track.

    I’m really thinking about staying dry for most of this month, if not the whole month. It makes weight loss so much easier. I may need a plan for that as well. Just a couple days out of the month, not weekly allowances. I’ll have to think about that.

    Good luck to all!

    Day 8, NFD, Aus

    It’s Thurs and I should be doing a FD, but I’m not.

    Just checking in to keep up with everyone’s news but still haven’t found my fasting mojo.

    Day 8 U.K. FD/NFD/OMAD/CD …. who knows!

    OMG what a disastrous start to April!

    I was relatively well behaved on Good Friday and Easter Saturday but since then I’ve been stuffing in all types of Easter goodies!!

    And now Ive awoken the Sugar Demon, it’s going to be hard to get away from him again!

    I’ve also been super busy with work so rather more sedentary than usual so that certainly hasn’t helped! 😱

    So I’m think I might try for an OMAD today, just to try to get my mojo back!

    @brightonbelle and @penz – I’m with you!
    @nellen – well done!

    Good luck to all !

    Day 8, Emden Germany, NFD

    @dvw and @northerndawn I hardly ever think it was worth eating sweets or drinking alcohol afterwards.If I haven’t eaten sweets or drunk alcohol for a while, on most occasions I don’t even enjoy the first bite or sip but just go on because it’s in front of me.

    @basyjames For me it’s an easier rhythm to follow and my DH is with me on most days and also likes it. He eats more calories than I do on FDs and has 800 cals more to spend.

    @northerndawn I eat up to 500 cals on my FDs and on my NFDs ~1400 cals. On FDs I have a late breakfast and an early dinner, on NFDs I have a small meal in between. I notice that I’m making better food choices now and the feeling I can overeat because I’m having a FD the next day has disappeard. I’m not sure why that is though. It’s early days so we’ll see if this is going to a long term thing.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @brightonbelle @stitchincarol – Yes, I missed a couple of mornings this week, but for good reasons! One I needed to press on in the greenhouse and the garden (I can bimble all day out there and the day goes in a flash) Amazing isn’t it, just lost a couple of days this week out of nowhere!

    Yesterday was a brilliant visit to Oncologist as the main follow up after treatment. Saw the top man himself, what a great guy, we discussed various things that are not quite right yet, sorted out everything apart from one long term effect which might be another 6 months or a year or never fully right! But he was delighted with progress and the results so far!

    Back to it today with a FD

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 8

    Day 8 – UK – FD800

    Hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break and did not cause too much harm to our ability to “Spring Up for this April Challenge” and apologies for not having posted since Day 3 – where did the time disappear???

    Not the best start to my April but not the worst either 🤣 I enjoyed some very 😋 meals and some seriously nice 🥂🍷 – Seriously I only managed 1 x FD800 since the beginning of April and am trying hard for another one today 🤞 and my DTF has not happened but planning on trying harder for the last 3 weeks of the challenge!!

    However I am happy that I have hiked some 50km, making the most of the dry and sunny weather we have been experiencing even though this week it is decidedly cooler! I have also manage to do 6 exercise classes (including 2 today – 7am Broga and 9am Aerobics) My yoga teachers are having a couple of weeks off but managed to keep doing the other classes

    Amazing how small things can give us such joy in these pandemic times – on Sunday I went for a 14km dog walk in the woods with 2 friends and ended up at the dog owner friend’s house sitting in her garden enjoying a pot of tea and some scones – the three of us commented on how much we had missed sitting down together and chatting over a cup of tea!

    Yesterday I met with my DD (she lives about 1hr drive away from us) for a dog walking day – a total of 11kms! It was the first time we had seen each other since just before Christmas!!!!!!! First we took her dog Archie for a lovely forest walk, dropped him off at her FIL and took 3 of her regular dogs (for those who are unaware she runs a dog walking business) for a long and bracing beach walk at Haverigg, it was sunny but with a cold wind, we even got hail/sleet at the end and finally we took a beautiful husky for a sunny but windy walk in a nature reserve by the Duddon Estuary

    Reading through some of the posts I realise I’m not alone for having struggled at the start of this challenge but together we can make April work for us all……

    @michelinme – great job on keeping up with your hostess role and posting despite your technical issues
    @snowflake56 – that Dutch saying reflects our English April weather too 🤣 when out with DD yesterday we had warm sunshine, freezing cold sea winds, hail and some sleet but no snow!! Today has been a grey and drizzly day so far……
    @northerndawn – Thank you for your kind words – I am always so grateful for finding this WOL as it has certainly helped me to loss the weight and to keep me within maintenance 😊 I try not to feel guilty whenever I overindulge a bit as I enjoy the treats but I ALWAYS press my RESET button within a week of said indulgence as I know that “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”
    @i-hate-lettuce – lovely to see your post after seeing that you too had been missing from the challenge for a few days – it sounds like mainly good news from your visit to your Oncologist yesterday 🤗 Joining you on a FD today – I know I will not stick to 500cals so aiming for a manageable FD800

    Pocket list day 8 – Together we are stronger!
    @fivetwofan5252 (I’m adding you in case you manage to make it)
    @at FD800

    ZBC 🚫
    @at – every day!

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5
    @at (today 45mins Broga and 60mins Aerobics)

    Stay positive and we can all make the rest of this challenge a winning one 💪

    Day 8 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning everybody. One week already finished this month. My goodness I guess I need to buckle down and have a FD when I say I’m going to have a FD! Too much cheese yesterday.

    @northerndawn – I also like to set a goal. My weight this morning was 134 and my goal weight is 128. So close. I understand when you say sabotage, eat chocolate to celebrate weight loss, duh. I need to find things that are celebratory but sugar-free.

    Thanks to @at I’m now thinking about « comfort » experiences that don’t include food. A step in the right direction. 🙂

    @snowflake59 – at Easter I ate a peanut butter cup and I thought it tasted like a bit of heaven 🙂

    Take care all.

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    Well, blah week. Weigh-in today is 226; never made it below the 225 mark this week. I am starting to keep in mind that my body is in revolt over the idea of losing any more weight, and not sure when the tantrum will end. At least once a month, there are now huge weight (mostly water) increases of five to six pounds within half a week, which means between a significant drop of one or two pounds, I have to wait about two weeks for the tantrum to pass to get back to that weight again. Weird, but OK, whatever.

    Today, I get my 2nd COVID vaccination shot. My parents said they had a fleeting moment of nausea when they got theirs several weeks back, so I think I’ll skip ZBC this morning and eat some protein and some complex carbohydrates. There are also Easter leftovers that need finishing before next Monday. All of this to say that I’ll need to be mindful after work today when “fixing a plate.” I have to remind myself, though, when the body throws a tantrum, a day to reset the metabolism isn’t bad at all. I just can’t go into the weekend thinking it’s still feast time 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Day 8. USA/DC FD

    @i hate lettuce – what good news from your drs. That’s wonderful. I just love your attitude and imagine you cheerful and glowing when you write us all. Bravo.
    @north Georgia, you continue to make me laugh.

    Ah, the water retention. I was really good for the last few days, yet each morning I awake to another 1/2 pound (so much for maintenance, huh.)
    I have decided that it might be the allergy meds. I put myself on Zyrtec and have a funny feeling that might be doing it. (Along with headaches.) So today I am going to stop the Zyrtec and do a FD and see what happens. Springtime in DC.

    It’s another beautiful day. Off to a spin class, hoping that will clear the fog in my brain. :))))

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    After a determined FD on Monday and a careful Tuesday I slipped up and opened a bottle of red wine last night 🤦‍♀️
    I did however have the best nights sleep in ages and woke feeling in a better mood today so I’m thinking the red medicine did me good!

    Took me a while to convince myself I am up for a FD today, but as it is now past midday I feel ready to commit. Now I just need to talk myself into doing some exercise.

    Stay strong everyone!

    Day 8 UK CD

    Another good FD yesterday followed by a not quite so early night. The dal came out simply delicious and only 206 calories per 450g portion. I followed with vegan ‘meatballs ‘ and stewed apple with prunes, coming in at just under 620. After the buns, sugar and chocolate of the weekend it felt epic to pull off a b2b!!

    This morning I woke feeling slimmer and distinctly less puffy, and weighed in at 167lbs – right back where I started the challenge. Amazing. But I also feel better than when I started – yay for sleep, and the weekend’s exercise that has tightened up my carbtastic tum.

    I just broke my fast with a small portion of dal. Supper will involve potatoes, spinach, and something with soya. It’ll be good to get in a solid cd ahead of the weekend. I’ve not actually lost any weight since returning to the challenge apart from the first week of January when I lost 6lbs. But as health issues settle down and mojo settles in maybe this will be the month!

    I’ve had a lazy morning chatting and reading the paper while my friend helped with chores. I’m hoping to tidy out the wardrobe While I still have help, then settle down to pick a laptop. I’m terrible at deciding and tend to do loads of research first, but if I don’t have a keyboard soon I’ll be way behind and wishing I’d done it sooner.

    @ihatelettuce wonderful news!
    @at great to have you back. You’re a great poster woman for this as a sustainable WOL. Always good to hear your tips for making maintenance work
    @daffodil2010 hope all’s ok with you alone you’re simply busy
    @missybear sleep is a wonderful thing for mojo-making!
    @nellen I’ve also been puffing up on antihistamines. It’s hard to drink more when feeling puffy but it seems to help
    @northgeorgia hope everything went well with your vaccination today
    @snowflake56 I’m fascinated to hear how you get on with AFD. It sounds like a real game-changer.
    @fivetwofan5252 empathy with awakening the sugar dragon!! I’ve been craving sugar since I finished my goodies on Monday. But luckily nothing in the house that answers the siren call and no plans for deliveries. OMAD sounds like a great start to awaken the mojo!
    @penz hope your mojo wakes up too. Staying present is a great way to catch encouragement – motivation is infectious 😊
    @stitchincarol hope you had a successful FD. Your Easter celebrations sounded epic. It’s a WOL not a diet. Thanks for sharing your feasting as well as your fasting
    @ccco great news re your scales and your metabolic age 😇
    @brightonbelle 3 miles with Leslie? Tell me more

    Sorry not to reply to more posts – it takes such a long time on iPad or phone. But I’m here reading and rooting you all on. And enjoying everyone’s chatty posts. Here’s to picking ourselves up after wonderful Easter indulgence and focussing on the small steps for today. Everything is progress 😊

    Day 8 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500 #2

    Yesterday was not likely a perfect FD500, but it was close and the scales have dropped 2.2 pounds. Now to drop the other two I gained in my three days of “life”!

    I’ve lost all interest in exercise. My interest in exercise is tenuous, at best, but I’m usually disciplined enough to do SOMETHING. This week, however? Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. For the moment, I’m not scolding myself very loudly, because I’m so pleased I’m eating decently, but experience has taught me that I must exercise/walk to get the calorie burn elevated if I’m to have any success at weight loss. I leave next Monday morning for a week-long trip, and am hoping that we get in lots of walking, and get my body back into the habit and eager to maintain high levels of activity. Fingers crossed, eh?

    @penz That’s frustrating, eh? Hang in there: it will return!

    @i-hate-lettuce Terrific news from your oncologist. Too bad you have side effects still lingering and one that could go on for much longer, or even never leave…but given the wide range of possible outcomes, I fully share in your overall joy and satisfaction! Our weather has not been conducive to bimbling in the garden: high winds whipped and howled on Tuesday, and then it began raining on Wednesday, and still is. Soon, soon!

    @michelinme No need to apologize; not only do we understand the tech problems you’re facing, but you’re doing a terrific job in spite of the problems!

    Today is the day I’m church secretary and then come home to teach piano lessons, so I’ll be gone/busy all day–always the best way for me to have a successful FD. So, off I go; chat tomorrow, everyone!

    Day 8UK FD

    Just liquids so far today , looking forward to dinner though

    Good to see you back with us @i-hate-lettuce I suspected the garden was calling

    @michelinme – 3 miles with Leslie is a YouTube walking/exercise I was alerted to by @flourbaby about this time last year when I was searching for gym alternatives- Leslie Sansome

    Day 7 Florida USA NFD Reset time after company (actually they’re still here but I’m going to take back my WOL anyway.) @northerndawn the indulgence was definitely not worth it. I have to look at my 5 year up and down weight chart to realize that I can do this. I broke a bone in my back 3 weeks ago so 6 weeks with exercise prohibited certainly doesn’t help, all the more reason to eat smart. I’d love to get better at maintenance- I used to be and there are some great role models here.

    Day 9, Emden Germany, FD

    It seems that a lot of us are having the same April weather. Today we start with a bit of sunshine, it might be a dry day today.

    @i-hate-lettuce Good news!

    @at How lovely to meet your friends and daughter and have long walks with them again!

    @dvw I don’t think you can buy any cupcakes here, I only ate them once at a wedding. I love peanut butter but I only make it in small portions when I need it for cooking. Too tempting to have it in the house.

    @michelinme What a lovely positive post! ADF is going well at the moment but I have no idea what to do after I reach my goal weight. I’m not very succesful at maintaining it.

    @stitchincarol My plan to exercise daily was short lived, I’m back to my regular morning stretches.

    Pocket list day 9

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Well yesterdays FD was destroyed by the urge to celebrate the good news from Tuesday instead of today (Fridays my weigh in day and my 5:2 ‘day off’ )

    So in some style we busted the FD right royally, sorry I was the one sat on the back of yesterdays pocket list bus creating the noise and pouring out the fizz 😉

    Scales this morning have me putting 1 whole pound on! Excellent, well within my plan of maintaining where I am. Given myself a 2 lb leeway and at 4 lb really need to put the brakes on!

    Lovely morning here, so a trip down to the nursery this morning to get the remainder of the plants for summer.

    Take care all

    Day 9 UK NFD

    A good week has seen me shift the majority of the Easter gain now to knuckle down get a good month in and continue the on the slow downward journey. Will be cancelling accommodation and moving flights this morning , doesn’t look like we’ll be doing any travelling soon , at least I have longer to get beach perfect 👙Have a great Friday all

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Solid CD yesterday at 1200 calories despite getting suddenly hungry at bedtime. Not quite so much sleep at 9.5hrs and still feeling tired. I’m determined to plug away and catch up on that overdraft.

    This morning I weighed in at 167lb – finally down a whole lb on the week, and despite Easter’s many indulgences! This makes 7lbs total since January and a whole 2″ from my waist so far. I’m back into the land of 11 stone xlbs, BMI 27.

    There’s a long way to go yet but I’m counting progress – and i love having my next small goal to aim for! Next up I’m aiming to have a BMI of 26.something, which means losing just another 1lb or so. And 5lbs later I’ll be back to where I went into lockdown. Finally feeling I might be on track after the health issues of January and February.

    I use the tracker on this website to log in my weight, measurements and diary for each week. Past Me has given me such a gift of learning to draw on, looking back at entries from a similar weight 3 years ago and being reminded what works for me. Having some way of measuring small steps and celebrating achievements along the way can be a great way to build and maintain motivation.

    Just over a week into this challenge and it’s a good time to take stock. I’m getting more sleep,drinking more water/peppermint tea and fasting 2days/week. I’ve had a big blip over Easter but restarted with plain 5:2 and now ignoring the siren calls of the sugar dragon. Still need to restart gentle yoga and meditation, so that’ll be a goal for this next week.

    Blips happen – this is a WOL not a diet and we need to celebrate and feast as well as fast! It’s useful to take stock, focus on small steps, make achievable goals. How are you doing so far?

    I’ve not chosen a laptop yet. Did some research yesterday but got too tired. I’m off to stretch now then a zoom call, but back to my research before lunch. I need to order a laptop today!!

    Whatever the day brings, go gently.

    Day 9 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. Just a quick check in to stay accountable.

    @michelinme – I also like to have a visual to show my weight loss over time. I find it very motivating. The sugar dragon is definitely rearing her head but I’m ignoring it and trying to stay strong. Thanks for saying ´blips happen’ it’s so true. 🙂

    Take care all.

    Day 9 Pocket List

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Just ignore that body throwing a temper tantrum in the corner. It had a 2nd jab of vaccine yesterday, and it’s not happy. I made it eat yesterday morning, and so avoided any nausea effects, but it did have and still has soreness in the arm. It also had some weird burning sensations in the eyelids around midnight, so it didn’t rest up well. Don’t worry about the 228 lb weigh-in. It’ll be OK. The clothes still fit, so it is just wanting to hoard up water in anger. Pay it no attention.

    ZBC today, and hopeful to get back to the mid 220s next week.

    Day 9, UK, OMAD

    Well yesterday was also a write-off but at last today I have re-found my fasting mojo.

    I’ve had 750mls salt water too, so that will help keep me on track.

    OMAD today…. I am at home currently but will be out all afternoon, so that will enforce the OMAD!

    I have to say I do absolutely love going off the rails and eating sugar, but it is SOO hard getting back on track again afterwards. At least I am back on track today…

    I am not going to weigh myself until I am sure that I have re-lost all that I put on from my Easter Extravaganza! Yes, I know that is rather ostrich-like, but it will make me feel happy…..

    Day 9 Florida USA FD Started the day with steelcut oatmeal- that’ll make it easier to not eat until supper time. @fivetwofan5252 I agree with you about not weighing yourself yet. I’m waiting until I know I’ve made progress in my recovery from over indulging!

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    Well, yesterday sure turned on the proverbial dime! By chance, I saw that the Omaha Symphony (well, an ensemble of 7 members) was performing Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat last night. So, DH and I hustled down a FD meal and raced out the door to get there in time to buy tickets. But that put us there well over an hour early, so we went to a new microbrewery and had a beer. Then enjoyed the concert. Then went out for some sushi rolls and another beer before heading home.

    Oops! A “blip,” indeed, @michelinme!

    LOL, it was a glorious evening, and I only regret it a tiny bit, but the scale obviously didn’t go down this morning, so today will have to be a day of discipline to make up for last night’s abandon.

    @snowflake56 Well, I know for a fact that when I don’t exercise, I don’t lose weight…but that certainly doesn’t make me love it. At least you’re doing stretches; that’s far better than nothing! In another two weeks I’ll be able to get out in the yard and do garden work, so that will certainly help.

    @i-hate-lettuce A grand celebration was absolutely called for, so that was a perfect decision on your part!

    @northgeorgia Aww, I hope your body settles down into FAR better behavior soon.

    I have three very busy days ahead of me and then I leave on my week’s trip with two friends. The toughest part of leaving? Finding a substitute organist! I’ve contacted 8 people so far, and none can do it. I’m hopeful the 9th will look at her schedule later today and find she’s available! Off I go now to tackle the other things on my long to-do list. Have a grand day, everyone, achieving your goals, however big or small they may be.

    Day 9 North Canton Ohio FD TGIF

    @fivetwofan5252 I can be an ostrich sometimes too; after Easter’s carbfest I did not want to step on the scales either. I waited until the mirror confirmed that the Easter bloat was gone (about 4 days), then I stepped on the scale to note a 1 pound gain. That was way less depressing than a 5 pound gain would have been.

    @northgeorgia well said.

    @michelinme that is wonderful. The WOL is not just about numbers on the scale, taking stock of progress in other areas is a huge part of it. Kudos! And you are hosting beautifully despite your tech issues

    @stitchincarol your ascension hymn fest sounds like a fun and creative project, what an annual blessing!

    @northerndawn, when I was in weight loss mode, I ate the same things on Fast days ( 1 cup of coffee with 1 TBS of HWC, half a salted avocado, 2 eggs with one slice of American cheese, and 30 pistachios ) that all added up to about 466 calories on MFP. On non-fast days, I restricted my calorie count to my BMR focusing heavily on lean protein and plants. It worked out quite well as you know. Now that I want to pump the brakes on weight loss, I am still eating the same things on fast days, but on NFD, I am eating to my TDEE plus a glass of wine on Fridays. I will calibrate as needed if that continues the downward trend on the scale. I really cannot afford to gain weight again; it is just too hard to lose these days; and I feel and sleep so much better at this weight.

    @snowflake56, I agree I am making better food choices this go around, and I hope it continues. The fear of weight gain is keeping me in line. I have also discovered that I like eating the same things, so I stick to what I enjoy; and since I know what the calorie counts of those are – even better. Heavy meals and large portions just don’t do it for me anymore. Hopeful this keeps me in maintenance for the long term.

    @i hate lettuce so thankful for your good news, and so happy for you and Mrs IHL

    I have not seen a post from @ccco lately, I hope you are doing well

    Enjoy the day y’all and have a great weekend

    Day 9 Pocket List

    second post.

    Our posts crossed @stitchincarol 😁😁

    Day 9 Pocket List
    @stitchincarol FD800

    Day 9 MN/USA CD

    I couldn’t quite manage a FD800 again so will close my kitchen now (7 pm) and stay under 1200. Raining again today so no walk, I did manage one yesterday.

    @snowflake56 and @basyjames – I believe I will try ADF next week and see if that suits me. I did it years ago for a few weeks and liked it, then went to 5:2 because I could fast less. These days it seems harder to lose, maybe due to aging, and ADF should keep me focused and help to keep the hunger dragons at bay.

    @michelinme – You are doing a great job posting even with tech issues. I hate posting on my phone. Hate it.
    @i-hate-lettuce – splendid news and I’m glad you celebrated. One has to mark the happy times and news.
    @mogaman – terrible news about your fractured bone in your back. I hope it’s not as painful as it sounds. Thank goodness we can lose weight without exercise if we are careful with out food intake.

    I’ve caught up on posts but now I’m short on time. I hope to be here early in the morning. Possibly will try for a FD800. Scales were actually kind to me this morning and now within a pound of where I was prior to Easter weekend. That’s motivating. But I’m expecting a bit of a stall in this next week or two, even with FDs, because I do know how many calories I put away last week, and it has to go somewhere, sadly.

    Day 10, Emden Germany, NFD

    @basyjames I’m also eating the same things I enjoy on FDs, why change it, if it works. I also don’t want to gain ever again, I’m tired of gaining and trying to lose weight all the time.

    @northerndawn Just give it a try for a week. I’m not hungry and my cravings for sugary things are gone.

    @stitchincarol In normal times we have dance class 3 times a week to keep us fit. The dance school has been closed since mid December and we have no idea, when the classes can start again. I want to have at least one vaccination first but I don’t know when this is going to be.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 10 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @michelinme – Slowly but surely does it! Always found that if you make your targets achievable you’re more likely to succeed!

    @stitchincarol @basyjames @northerndawn – Yes, we certainly have something to celebrate so made the most of it.

    Very hard frost this morning, a number of plants in the garden are ‘hanging their heads’ a little, but the suns out they’ll soon buck up again. The greenhouse and all the tender stuff is OK, the sun gets on it by 7am and the plants are covered in horticultural fleece for extra protection as well. The discussion at the nursery yesterday was relating to frost and the benefits of fleece, even in a cold greenhouse just having fleece draped over the plants overnight will give about 5 degrees of protection.

    Starting to plan getting away again, visiting family and holidays again! Our walking holiday in Scotlands Cairngorms mountains is looking OK with the ‘new rules’ another in July/August is going ahead (at the moment). So just waiting until we can book a stay and see the ‘kids’ soon, as soon as the announcement is made we’re off for a few days with them. Oh to get back travelling!

    Take care all

    Day10 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. I hope everybody is doing well. I had a good FD yesterday so I thought I would try another today. We shall see. I’m going out for lunch tomorrow so I’ll make sure today is healthy and low cal.

    @snowflake56 – whenever I buy peanut butter it doesn’t last long, too tasty. I don’t want to gain my weight back either and I’m determined to keep it off. It’s just too hard these days to lose again.

    Like you @stitchincarol if I walk everyday and get 10,000 steps I’ll lose weight, if not, I stay the same.

    @ ihl- walking in Scotland sounds wonderful.

    @fivetwofan5252 and @basyjames – I never get on the scales the day after a feast. Ostrich perhaps – I look at it as self preservation, it’s too difficult to see all the hard ´work’ gone to waste.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list Day 10

    Day 10 UK NFD

    Yesterday turned into a zoom fest and I didn’t eat until the evening. Enjoyed an end of week fest of pasta, chocolate, non dairy ice cream AND popcorn but still just under TDEE.

    Late night and early waking so really tired. I’m going to have a very gentle days reading and a v early night. Next doors landlord just popped round to say he’s about to scrape down the fir escape which really sets my brain on edge. plus there’s no escape as it really carries. Time for soothing music and headphones.

    Hope your have a good weekend whatever shape it is.

    Day 10 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi everybody I hope that you are all keeping well. I can’t believe it is the 10th of the month already… I have been very very busy in work this week and also have been feeling a little blue with sinus and low energy and zero get up and go… I hate to say it and I feel like a broken record but I know that it’s because I completely overdid it on sugar and chocolate last weekend if only I could learn 😖 but I think there are a lot of us in the same situation! I just get so frustrated with myself! But thank god for the forum!!
    Well done to those who have shifted the Easter 🐣 weight already👏 I’m nearly there but a few more good days needed…
    So glad to hear that some of you are coming out of lockdown, for the moment we are still restricted but our 5km limit extends to county wide from Monday.
    @i-hate-lettuce great to hear your positive news 👏
    I have just glanced at posts but will read tonight when I’m chilling out here – the garden is calling me now as it’s a crisp and sunny day..
    I hope @daffodil2010 is doing okay she has not been on in a while so 🤞 all is well!
    And I hope that you are all doing well today wherever you are and whatever you are up to! 😘

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    228 lbs again. I’m ignoring you, body. I’m just going to eat mindfully until the next FD on Monday. The 5:2 ain’t over yet, so get used to it. The blubber is going down, even if it takes half the year to get it in gear.

    Day 10, USA, NFD

    Passed a big test yesterday. Went out for high end (not fast food) pizza dinner last night and had a big salad and one slice. Not three slices! I felt so satisfied that I got to eat this incredible sausage pizza AND felt good after.

    So staying in control (for the time being). Today is 70 degrees and sunny so off to an ocean town for a nice walk with the family.

    Will pass up the ice cream in favor of a crisp glass of Kim Crawford when we get home.

    Enjoy your days!

    Day 10 MN/USA CD

    I’m going to aim for 800 – 1200 calories today. It’s almost 1 pm my time zone, and I’m not hungry yet, so I’ll wait and perhaps make it OMAD today. Cool and cloudy, so I may do indoor activities.

    @erikaa67 – Way to stay in control! Be proud of yourself and enjoy your day!
    @michelinme – You have my full sympathy regarding irritating noise…..I am sensitive to loud and constant noise as well. Leaf blowers, air compressors, scraping…..ugh! Good idea with the soothing music and headphones.
    @jaifaim – Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are right that a lot of us have seen the scales (and bloat) increase after Easter, but we will all balance out in time if we stay persistent. If foregoing sugar and treats were easy, we would be living in a world of slender people. 😉 Your “get up and go” will come back, and when it does, that’s when to take advantage, be active, be mindful of intake. Everything comes in cycles it seems.
    @dvw – Good luck fasting today!
    @i-hate-lettuce – I’m hoping to go to a local nursery this weekend to start finding spring tubers and the “stuff” for garden prep. We are expecting frost on Tuesday. Our average last frost is around the middle of May. It has been known to snow in the last half of April, commonly in the old days before climate change, so planting anything now is asking for possible heartbreak. I envy you your greenhouse. And your more temperate climate. The gardener in me shall live vicariously through you and your gardening descriptions.
    @basyjames and @snowflake56 – I think eating the same thing for FDs is smart. Do what works! I will try ADF next week starting on Monday. I might give it a go for two weeks, just to give it a good chance. Thanks for your advice!
    @stitchincarol – I hope everything works out well for you to have a smooth and fun trip!

    Best of luck to everyone!

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