small steps are best!!!!!!

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small steps are best!!!!!!

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  • i started my adventure with fasting almost 2 months ago and I’ve changed lots of my eating habits.

    first i cut sugar in my caffeinated drinks so i can still have them on my fast day
    (one tea spoon= 15 kcal)

    then i had to cut down on by beloved coffee and tea, allowing myself to drink in till about midday, as i could sleep otherwise 🙂

    i use to drink a lot of alcohol, but i find it gives me horrible hungovers if i drink more then 2 glasses, so i treat myself very occasionally. Im actually pretty happy without it, and can stop on one glass of wine, when before i would have a whole bottle no problem. i stopped buying wine as it sits open for too long and i have to use it for cooking instead which i see as a waste 😀

    i also find that fasting reduced my portion sizes, and cravings for wrong things massively- it wasnt conscious decision just a ‘site effect’ of diet 😀

    now is time to stop having milk in in my drinks….

    with 3-4 coffees/ teas a day it adds up to 150 kcal a day. Not much you say? well it’s 54000 kcal a year. so i’m loosing 15,5 pounds a year just by doing that.

    my advice to fellow people who want to loose weight/ have health benefits for life. Make a small changes, one step a time. you will soon notice the difference. most of people go ‘on diet’ say NO to everything at once, feel deprived and drop it altogether. Secret is in small changes you can keep going for life. even if you cut one biscuit a day, it all ads up. making conscious healthy choices, one by one you will get there at some point. It may be months or years but it will last! And don’t forget to treat yourself time to time. I had expensive (kcal free!) haircut last week… all that money i save on not having wine allowed me to do it without feeling bad about the cost! 🙂

    good luck everybody! xxx

    Thank you Issu!

    loved your post and its positivity!! and its all so true!!

    hear hear for tiny steps! 🙂

    I’m going to add to the list of small steps:

    I’m enjoying drinking water again! 🙂 still have to remind myself, but don’t need anything flavored anymore.

    Got use to coffee and tea without milk, and actually like them! Something i thought will be much more challenging it actually was!

    started jogging

    remember to take my fish oil everyday

    @angie what are yours?:) xxx

    I so agree with you! If you do everything at the same time it will be hard to keep up. I made also small and steady changes, albeit some of them being harder than others. I went from two/three cans of full sugar Coke and coffee with milk and 2 1/2 spoons of sugar to tea and water only, without any sugar. This I did from one day to the next! I have been a coke “clean” for 5 months now.

    I also started to change my diet from eating everything and anything, to as much as possible clean, meaning as little as possible processed food, no more or hardly ever white rice, pasta, no more pizza and burgers and hot dogs – fast food in general and as many veggies per day as possible.

    Anyhow, nearly down to my ideal weight now, 900 g missing…
    Best of luck

    well done Stef! 900 g not much at all 🙂 (dancing with you!)

    I agree eating clean is the way, the new way. The trouble now is that we take what it meant to be a treat as every day food. So I remind myself that crisps/ cakes/ sweets are meant to be eaten time to time! I also stay away (or try my best) from pasta, rice, even fruit. Veg are my new friends, I always ate lots of them, but now if I feel peckish I reach for veg first and have a glass of water. If I still look for something then I treat myself 🙂 80% of the time it works, I don’t even think about it 🙂

    I still have a 5-6 kg left. lost 11 of them 🙂

    is going slowly now, but is still going down so I just enjoy it when it does!

    good luck everybody!

    Great advice Issu, I think I will come back and read this post more than once 🙂



    Thanks Kits!

    one step at a time 🙂

    let me know what are yours 🙂

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